DWTS FINALE Results, Brought to you by Sammi-T!

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Hello, and welcome to Dancing With The Stars, the FINALE! Tonight, the winner of season eight will finally be crowned. Will it be Melissa and Tony (allowing Tony to win for the very first time), Gilles and Cheryl (giving her a THIRD trophy) or Shawn and Mark (giving him is second)?


The show opens with a performance by Lady GaGa. She sings ‘Just Dance,’ which if you remember, Holly Madison and Dmitry Chaplin danced their cha cha cha to. It is a great performance, but I wish some of the pros would have danced to it.


After a recap of last night, Len calls this the best season ever. Samantha interviews the celebrities backstage. They all chose their favorite dances—all of which received at least one ten.


We get favorite moments from the season, including Steve Wozniak’s worm, Steve-O’s foxtrot and Denise Richards saying how much her daughters love her dancing. This leads to the first three couples reprising their dances. Belinda Carlisle does her salsa, Denise Richards does her quickstep and Holly Madison does her samba. I must admit, all three did better this time around, I guess because there was no real pressure?

Tom and Samantha ask them about their favorite moments. Holly says her highlight was her awesome personal trainer. Denise loves the bond and support backstage. Belinda jokes about the nausea.

After some commercials, Steve Wozniak reprises his quickstep. I still find him so cute and endearing and he seems to be doing better as well. Tom asks him to do the worm, which he does with a cheering audience.

We get more recaps before we get to David Alan Grier’s Viennese Waltz. Was he always bald or am I just not remembering? He did great though, as did Steve-O with his fabulous foxtrot. He just melts my heart, I swear, LOVE HIM! Aww, he got a standing ovation! David calls the experience incredible and Steve-O quips that the trophy could have been his had he danced the way he did tonight.


Several past contestants talk abut the final three. Everyone has different opinions, but they are all excited to see who will win.

The champion of the pro competition is……Anna! Congratulations girl and good luck to Mayo! She reprises her quickstep with Maks from last week. It was just as fun and entertaining as the last one.


Lawrence Taylor reprises his jive, which has an awesome flip I’d forgotten about. Good job overall though. I like Edyta’s cross charm, anyone know where I can get one like it? LOL at Samantha reminding Edyta how happy her husband can make her.

We get more flashbacks from the season and then finally see Chuck Wick’s samba. The one where he stole Tim Allen’s pajamas from The Santa Clause. He did do a good job though, I have to hand it to him. I had to laugh at him admitting to wearing thongs…..TMI Chuck, TMI!


Jeff Ross returns to roast our finalists. He compares Tom to Ryan Seacrest and calls the judges Smokin’, Broken and Flamin.’ He says this is the first finale where he had to google the finalists because the well known stars got kicked off. He says Lil’ Kim was there for community service and asks if Steve W. took the bite out of the apple logo. I’m dying—Gilles has the largest part on Sex and The City—The Movie. He picks on Shawn’s height and says it would be ironic if Melissa came in second here too. I won’t even get into his comment about Holly, I felt like it was in VERY poor taste.


Lil’ Kim reprises her jive, which reminds me of why I’m such a Derek fan. This is definitely one of her best dancers and makes me wish she had gone a bit further, but then again, I love everyone in the top three so it would be too hard to choose who she would replace. She says she felt like she won because of how far she got and the family she joined. Ty and Chelsie do their Lindy hop one last time. I love him and am so proud of how much he accomplished. He says it was a lot of fun and tells his cowboy friends not to learn ballroom dancing and then says he lucked out with Chelsie as a partner.


After a small segment with the finalists comparing themselves to each other (I admit, I tuned out a bit here) we FINALLY get to the final three.

Shawn and Mark choose to reprise their cha cha cha, but not before we get a montage of their time on the show. It is a lot of fun and just as awesome as it was the last time.

Len says that tonight she came out and did it!

Bruno jumps up and screams over how much he liked it.

Carrie Ann admits they underestimated her.

Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Total: 88

Melissa and Tony are next with their samba. They also get a montage of their time on the show. It is just fantastic—you can tell they are going all out and having fun with it—just amazing!

Bruno wants more helpings of her samba.

Carrie Ann calls her a muse.

Len loves her presence on stage and her performance.

Score: 30 (10, 10, 10)

Total: 86

Gilles and Cheryl do their Argentine tango one last time after their montage. The only thing I have to say is that this dance is what made me fall in love with the Argentine tango.

Carrie Ann calls him their very special performer.

Len says he is the most pleasurable to watch.

Bruno calls it an Argentine triumph.

Score 30 (10, 10, 10)

Total: 88


After ANOTHER Lady Gaga performance, we find out that Melissa and Tony are in third place. She says some nice words about the viewers and her fellow competitiors before they go off to the sidelines.


With only less one percent difference between them, we find out that the winner is………..SHAWN AND MARK! They are both totally in shock! I think this is the single most awesome reaction I have ever seen on any reality show I’ve recapped since joining TV Grapevine. LOVED it and I LOVED Derek and Lacey running up to them and all the hugs and kisses everyone gave them. (I’m a sap, what can I say?)

That is it for this season folks! See you for more LIVE DWTS coverage in September. Until then, join me for America’s Got Talent and more of your favorite shows! Goodnight America!



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