An interview with Charlotte Jorgensen

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Turning to Dancing With the Stars

Q: I read the following: John O’Hurley regards you with the highest esteem and speaks for the American dance community when he states that it was you, Charlotte, who showed him the true beauty of the dance, who taught him that he actually could dance and that in dancing there is the supreme release of the spirit. What was that experience like for you?

Charlotte: DWTS was a wonderful experience. I was given a stellar partner and John and I had an absolute blast. Initially I am not sure John actually realized how much we were going to have to work. He would give me 2 days a week for 2 hours a day to rehearse, which would have been impossible. I thought, that the only way I would get him to commit more of his time, was if I made him fall in love with dancing, the way I had always been. So that became my “mission”, and I believed that I succeeded in that. We worked really hard and John really committed himself to the process and he trusted me, which is such an important part of dancing. That I was able to communicate the true purpose of dancing to him, was an added benefit and only possible because John recognized what supreme release of the spirit is!


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Pavlo Barsuk and Anna Trebunskya split

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I’m hearing from several reliable sources that professional ballroom couple Pavlo Barsuk and Anna Trebunskya have ended their partnership, effective following this weekend’s Monaco Dance Festival.  There is speculation that Anna’s mother is opening a studio in the Los Angeles area, and that she may also want to return to Dancing with the Stars.  Best of luck to both Pavlo and Anna, whatever the future may bring them.  Here is a video of the couple dancing:

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2008 Ohio Star Ball – Novice Smooth Tango

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2008 National Collegiate Ballroom Competition – Zac…I found this on Youtube and thought you all might enjoy some competition footage. This is the same Ball that they film America’s Ballroom Challenge from, so you know it is a quality competition!

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Learn the Swing – on Vimeo

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Learn to dance like the professionals! The Ballroom Dance Channel has assembled some of the world’s best dancers to teach you the Swing! Learn from the comfort of your home! Take a private lesson from world dance champions Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko!

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A Thanksgiving message from Tony Dovolani!

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Ballroom Dance Channel’s own Tony Dovolani has posted a new audio blog for Thanksgiving, which you can hear by following the link below.  Don’t forget to stop by Ballroom Dance Channel to take your free salsa lesson. It sure is an interesting alternative to burn off that holiday turkey!

Tony’s Audio Blog

Brooke’s model form wins ‘Dancing With the Stars’-AP

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Brooke and Derek win the finale over Warren and Kym and Lance and Lacey.
By Sarah Rogers 
November 27, 2008
In contrast to Season 6 of “Dancing With the Stars,” it seemed that any of the Season 7 finalists could win Tuesday, depending on how the audience voted and how the mysterious vote weighting worked. 

Brooke Burke was technically strong and very consistent, and her and Derek Hough’s routines were often more ambitious than those of the other contestants. Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer displayed stage presence and technical skills; their choreography balanced personality and adherence to the rules. Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson consistently wowed the live audience with their exuberance, and Sapp got high marks for degree of personal difficulty, given that he’s a 300-pound ex-NFL player. 

In the end, though, Brooke’s skills won out, with Warren coming in second, and Lance third. 


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DWTS At Blvd 3 in Hollywood-Part 1

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Sorry they are out of order, here is that first video, many thanks to for their hard work!

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Learn the Salsa – on Vimeo

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A teaser of our upcoming “Learn the Salsa” lesson featuring professional dance instructors Yesenia Adame and Paul Barris. This lesson, along with many other ballroom favorites, will be available shortly on The Ballroom Dance

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Dancing with the Stars After Party coverage

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Thanks to for this footage!  

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