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Good evening everyone, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14.  We have seven couples left to perform tonight, and we are getting ever so close to the Top 10.  Cat comes out in a stunning liquid silver dress and introduces our dancers and judges.  Since each dancer this week was asked about his or her childhood, Cat shows us pictures of Nigel, Mary, and Adam as kids too!

Our first couple tonight is Ashleigh and Jakob with Hip-Hop, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  Ashleigh told us when she was a little girl, she had a lot of energy and loved to entertain.  Jakob says he was always into the arts, and dancing helped him lose weight as a pre-teen.  This routine is about a couple who are in love, but the woman finds out her guy has been cheating on her.  They dance to “Whatcha Say” by Jason Derulo, really showing off strong moves and emotions.  Ashleigh’s angry portrayal was excellent.

Nigel calls it a great routine, saying that Jakob is always challenged every week but surpasses the challenge and adds to it.  He tells Ashleigh that she has grown faster than he ever could have imagined.  Mary says she was drawn to Ashleigh and calls her a star.  She tells Jakob he was tight and hit it hard.  Adam loves that Jakob crushed it and praises Ashleigh, saying he was one of the people who didn’t believe in her before, but now he thinks she is a contender for the Top 10.

Karen and Kevin are next with Broadway, choreographed by Spencer Liff.  Karen grew up in Venezuela, and was always quiet and did was she was told.  Kevin is the oldest of six kids and was always in charge, and began dancing at age 17.  This number consists of Karen attempting to cheer Kevin up, and they are shocked at how difficult some of the choreography is.  They perform to “If My Friends Could See Me Now” by Christina Applegate, from the show Sweet Charity.  They looked happy and light on their feet, but something seemed like it was missing.

Nigel welcomes Spencer to the show, and then tells them that they did not bring the humor and personality to the number that it needed.  Mary agrees, saying Karen was better than Kevin but they needed to do so much more and work on their transitions.  Adam likes it but calls it challenging.

We have a Foxtrot next from Noelle and Russell, choreographed by Eddie Simon.  Russell grew up singing and was very outgoing.  Noelle says she was wild, and never afraid to do anything.  They drew Foxtrot the first week, but because Noelle was injured, Russell had to dance it with Melanie.  The routine Eddie put together is about balance in a partnership. They perform to “Baby You’ve Got What It Takes” by Michael Buble, and it is joyous and elegant with great lifts.

Nigel says Russell has vastly improved, and Noelle is becoming successful in coming out from behind Russell’s shadow.  Mary calls it effortless, flowing, and elegant.  Adam says they exuded joy and confidence and stepped up their game.

Channing and Victor are dancing Jazz, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Channing tells us she was adventurous and hyper, and dance helped her with that.  Victor says he was a brat.  Tyce’s routine is about two curious blackbirds who feed off of each other.  They perform to the classic “Blackbird”, only it’s the quirky Bobby McFerrin version.  They give off happy energy and keep their bird characters well.

Nigel could tell that Channing was really enjoying herself, and he enjoyed the performance.  He says that Victor has grown as a person, but now needs to grow more as a dancer.  Mary loves how they brought the concept to life.  She tells Victor he is consistently good, and loves that Channing finally just let go.  Adam says Victor is always great and Channing is finding her way to the top.

Kathryn and Legacy are performing the Paso Doble, choreographed by Tony Meredith.  Kathryn was a very shy kid, and learning at her mom’s dance studio helped her get over that.  Legacy says he was rebellious and followed his passions, and he is thankful to his dad for getting him to dance.  Tony says the Paso must be passionate, powerful, and provocative, and he created what he calls the Paso from Hell.  Legacy is a Navy Admiral who comes back to see his lover.  They dance to “Pursuit” from Cirque du Soleil, and it has a warrior feel, from Legacy dancing shirtless to the intensity they both showed. What a hot dance!

Nigel says this week Kathryn danced with maturity, and he is very proud of Legacy for his growth and dedication.  Mary tells Kathryn that she played the vixen just right and Legacy showed the fire of his character.  Adam thinks Kathryn was beautiful and she killed it, and Legacy is a total inspiration.

Before our next couple dances, we get an update on the Dizzy Feet Foundation.  Nine young dancers have already received scholarships, and DFF is working on development of inner city community programs.  On November 29th, the first Celebration Of Dance benefit will be held at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.  For more information please go to

Ellenore and Ryan have Contemporary, choreographed by Travis Wall.  Ellenore says she was a sassy little girl, and her first dance recital did not go well at all.  Ryan was a natural, dancing at four years old, and his grandparents were professional ballroom dancers.  This number is about a couple who broke up, but are reunited 10 years later.  He is glad to see her, but she has moved on.  They perform to “Your Ex-Lover’s Dead” by Stars, and its very physical and emotional.  They have some really great lifts.

Nigel thinks they have cemented their place with this routine after last week’s rough dance.  He says Ellenore is brilliant and Ryan is the best ballroom dancer he’s ever seen do Contemporary.  Mary thinks Travis is growing as a choreographer, calling Ellenore and Ryan magical perfection.  Adam says this dance was the moment this season that finally made him catch his breath and brought him to tears.

Our final dance is from Mollee and Nathan, performing Pop Jazz choreographed by LaurieAnn Gibson.  Nathan says he was the baby of the family and a brat, but his brothers taught him about dance.  Mollee tells us she was a tiny diva, always all decked out and trying to act older.  They are nervous about working with LaurieAnn because they’ve seen how tough she can be.  They dance to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, showing complete passion and emotion.

Nigel compliments them both on digging deeper this week, saying they are both very talented and have the potential to go far.  Mary says the dream team is back and loves the intensity.  Adam agrees, and coaches them on strategy:  They need to show more shadings in their chemistry, but they are really strong and have good sync.

Cat reminds us to vote as we see a recap of all of the dances.  The bottom three couples will dance for their lives tomorrow night, and the judges will send one more guy and one more girl home.  Good night everybody!

SYTYCD by Marie

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Top 16 episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  Cat, wearing a classy black and gray dress, introduces our dancers, then dances her way through them to introduce our judges:  Nigel, Mary, and Adam.  For the first time this season, America votes and tomorrow night the bottom 3 couples will have to dance for their lives.

Our Season 5 dancers are in the audience tonight, taking a break from the tour.  They will also be performing at the Dizzy Feet Foundation event on November 29th, along with dancers from Dancing With The Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew, and the Step Up movies.  If you would like more information on this event, please go to

Our first couple tonight is Karen and Kevin.  All of the dancers were asked to tell something to America that we would not know about them.  Karen’s revelation is a shocker:  She and her husband Matt, who also auditioned for this season, have decided to divorce.  Kevin tells us something much happier:  He has performed all over the world, including London, Italy, and the Great Wall of China.  They are dancing the Hustle, choreographed by Maria Torres.  This routine is all about the girl asking the boy to dance.  They perform to “Come to Me” by France Joli, starting off slowly and building to the fast disco pace.  They show off their great kicks and lifts.

Adam says they made it work for them and it was amazing.  Kevin stood out more for him, and they made him breathe their dance.  Mary calls Karen the Hustle Queen and loves Kevin’s attitude and performance.  They are both still on the Hot Tamale Train.  Nigel likes Kevin’s beautiful lines and is delighted in his growth.  He praises Maria for her choreography and tells Karen that she will go a long way in this competition.

Next up are Ashleigh and Jakob, dancing Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore.  Ashleigh reveals that she is a big nerd who took Political Science and History in college, and was even a Congressional intern.  Jakob tells us that one of his best friends is our winner from last season, Jeanine Mason.  Mandy tells them that they have a third dancer in this number…a cane that is to be treated like another person.  Jakob is excited, but they realize that their timing must be perfect.  They perform to “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, showing great interaction with the cane.  This dance is hot, sharp, and fierce!

Cat gives them props for their work with props.  (Ha Ha Cat!!!)  Adam tells Ashleigh that she truly belongs on this show, and he loves Jakob’s great flexibility, strength, and control.  He also likes that they are starting to breathe and experience the dance together.  Mary agrees that they are the perfect partnership, calling Ashleigh a chameleon and Jakob passionate.  Nigel praises Mandy for the routine, stating that for him it equals the standard she set with the table routine a few seasons ago.  He tells Ashleigh that she gets better every single week, and likens Jakob to Joel Grey.

Pauline and Peter are dancing the dreaded Quickstep, choreographed by JT and Tomas, who are new to the show.  Peter tells us that he works with special needs children, helping them put together talent shows.  Pauline says that she eats constantly.  There are worries about the Quickstep, because on SYTYCD it seems that it’s either really good or really bad.  Peter is portraying a Navy man, and Pauline is the hula girl that he falls for.  They perform to “Hey Baby” by Big Kahuna & The Copa Cat Pack, and I love their footwork and lifts.

Adam thinks it’s an adorable routine, and says that a lot of story and great characters can get you past a few missteps.  He loves their charisma.  Mary says she always expects a train wreck with the Quickstep, but they pulled it off.  She likes the joy she saw in their performance.  Nigel says it was not technically perfect, but he doesn’t care because they gave a great performance and sold it with their personalities.

Now we have Kathryn and Legacy performing Broadway, choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler, who is also new to SYTYCD.  Kathryn goes on mission trips to Costa Rica, and her greatest joy is helping people.  Legacy loved soccer and had a scholarship, but he now puts that passion into his dancing.  This dance is a battle, with very fast choreography.  They dance to “I Wanna Be Like You” by Swingin’ Fireballs.  They do wonderful flips off of each other and keep character well, right down to a kiss behind Legacy’s hat.

Adam calls it a great routine.  He says that Kathryn is adorable, but should have shown more anger in this routine.  He loves that Legacy totally got it and is still growing.  Mary says that the 3 C’s of Broadway are character, choreography, and chemistry.  She thinks they were missing a little of the chemistry, but Legacy is growing by leaps and bounds.  Nigel is a little disappointed in Kathryn, calling her dancing juvenile.  He tells Legacy that he is an inspiration for the choreographers, and he has gone from street dancer to complete dancer!

Channing and Victor are dancing Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey.  Victor says he used to be a hard core gothic rocker, complete with spikes and chains.  Channing used to race lawn mowers when she was a little girl.  This number is about a toxic relationship that has been going on for a long time, and the couple is exhausted from trying so hard to make it work.  They perform to “Be Be Your Love” by Rachael Yamagata, showing the push and pull of being apart or together.  They are completely apart at the end, and the routine is strong and emotional.

Adam thinks this new partnership will reinvigorate both dancers, and he loves their sensitivity and quality of movement.  Mary agrees about the great new partnership and tells them they did a tremendous job.  Nigel says they had a difficult task and were expected to be good because this is their genre.  He thinks they danced well, but needed to show more emotion.

Ellenore and Ryan are next with Hip-Hop, choreographed by Lil’C.  I can’t tell you what secrets they reveal to us, because that was the moment the power went out on my TV.  It came back in time for me to see that this piece is about robbing a bank, and they need to show their swagger and get down & dirty.  They perform to “Lost Boiz Anthem” by Tha J Squad.  I thought they stayed in sync pretty well and had some strong moves.

Adam says that both of them are way too nice to dance Lil’C’s choreography, and Ryan is the most transformed dancer of the night.  Mary thinks it was good but not great, and a little bit sluggish.  Nigel does not think it was good at all, and their personalities don’t suit this style of dance.

Mollee and Nathan are dancing Salsa, choreographed by another new choreographer to the show, Gustavo Vargas.  Mollee is deaf in her left ear, and refused a hearing aid because it threw off her balance when dancing, so she only hears out of her right ear.  Nathan loves to go jet skiing.  Gustavo is trying to get them to be suave and sexy for this Salsa.  They perform to “Quimbara” by Celia Cruz.  The dance is fast, and although they have a couple of problems there are still some good moves.

Adam tells them they got the bad luck of the draw, but every other week they’ve been amazing.  Mary says it wasn’t sexy enough and they looked uncomfortable.  Nigel says their weaknesses were exposed and it just didn’t go right for them.

Our last couple of the night is Noelle and Russell, who have African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman.  Noelle is from a big family, and she is inspired by her brother, who had a stroke and now only has the use of one hand.  Russell is an artist and does incredible drawings.  In this dance, Russell is a frog prince and Noelle is an African Princess…the frog is her spirit guide.  They perform to “Frog Dance” by Mickey Hart and Planet Drum.  They have powerful lifts and show great give and take.

Adam calls it a great number and loves the blend of techniques and the joy.  Mary says it was crazy good, dynamic and fierce.  Russell is on the Hot Tamale Train.  Nigel says this was the first Afro-Jazz piece on the show and he hopes there are more.  He tells Noelle she did a really good job and calls Russell a star.

We see the recap of all of the dances, and Cat reminds us to vote.  Tomorrow the bottom 3 couples will dance for their lives, and from there the judges will decide who goes home.  Good night everybody…never stop dancing!

SYTYCD with Marie

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – The Top 18.  We have 9 couples left to perform for you tonight, and once again the judges will send one guy and one girl home at the end of the night.  Next week will be back to normal and America will vote, since the World Series will be done.

Cat introduces our dancers,  and our judges:  Nigel, Mary and Adam.  Cat’s dress is very cute, but what is up with those shoes?  It looks like the designer sewed the puffy things you use in the shower to the backs of them!

Nigel makes two very important announcements.  First, Billy Bell will be allowed to move right to the Top 100 in Vegas for next season, since he fell ill and had to withdraw from this season.  Secondly, Brandon Dumlao, who had taken Billy’s place on such short notice and was sent home last week, will be allowed to audition again for next season.  This is wonderful news, and I am so happy for these two gentlemen!

Our first couple to dance tonight is Noelle and Russell.  Everyone was asked what the best and worst things are about their partners.  Noelle loves Russell’s voice, but doesn’t like that he is always wearing his sunglasses.  Russell loves how funny Noelle is, but hopes she can stop being injured so she can dance.  They have Hip-Hop this week with Jamal Sims, who has choreographed the Step Up movies and worked with Miley Cyrus.  He has designed this dance as a tennis death match, complete with racquets.  Noelle and Russell have some struggles with the props and the fast movements.  They perform to “Move Shake Drop Remix” by DJ Laz, showing us a very energetic routine and great sync.  Being a tennis player myself, I loved seeing the tennis moves incorporated into the dance!

Adam says he is so happy to have Jamal on the show, but he thinks the dance overwhelmed the dancers.  Mary thinks Russell won the match, but Noelle did a good job coming back from her injury.  Nigel says the routine was so fast that he believes the dancers didn’t get hold of it, and since the standard has been set so high this season, he doesn’t know if this dance was strong enough.

Next up are Ashleigh and Jakob.  Jakob says he isn’t crazy about Ashleigh’s hair, but he loves that she gets as sweaty as he does.  Ashleigh actually doesn’t like the sweatiness, but enjoys when Jakob does his impressions of bad dancing.  This week they have a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Tony and Melanie.  It’s a newly married couple’s first dance at their wedding, and Jakob feels strange pretending to marry a woman who’s already married!  They dance to “At Last” by Etta James, and this is a very sweet and elegant number.  I just love those beautiful lifts and spins!

Adam thinks they can do no wrong and he is madly in love with them.  The only thing he wishes was that they would have used more of the stage.  Mary loves the lift sequence, but was hoping for the dancing to be more powerful.  Nigel calls them a beautiful couple with great lines, and says that Ashleigh is proving herself to America.

Bianca and Victor are performing Broadway, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  This is a number set in a Southern Church, with the two of them being moved by the Spirit.  Bianca is right at home with this, but Victor had never attended this kind of church service and struggles a little.  They dance to “Maybe God Is Trying To Tell You Something” from The Color Purple.  I wish I had the energy they show, dancing in their Southern Sunday best and praising the Lord.

Adam says it’s very important to study the dancing that has come before you…in this case Alvin Ailey, and the show Fiddler On The Roof.  He thinks they danced well, but didn’t lose themselves in the feeling enough.  Mary says it was really good, but agrees with Adam that they needed to dance with wild abandon.  Nigel also agrees and says he was a little disappointed.

Mollee and Nathan dance Bollywood next.  Nathan loves that Mollee’s bright personality brings him out of his shell, but gets tired of her always having to go to the bathroom.  Mollee says that Nathan is very attractive, but he is too easily distracted.  They are being choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan, who sets the story as a warrior prince going off to battle, with his princess being upset that he is leaving.  They perform to “Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah from Jodha Akbar, keeping in character with the dance and showing off amazing spins.  This is just breathtaking.

Adam calls them an exciting couple and says that Mollee is really maturing before our eyes.  Mary SCREAMS, saying she loves their new energy and she adores them.  Nigel calls it tremendous and praises their great control.

Channing and Phillip have Samba with Tony and Melanie.  Phillip loves Channing’s amazing eyes, but hates that she could probably beat him up.  Channing likes that Phillip always has a smile on his face, but thinks he talks way too much.  Tony and Melanie design a classic competition style Samba for them, and they have some trouble adjusting to the moves.  They perform to “Maracatu Funk” by The Samba Squad.  The routine is hot and wild, but they do struggle with some of the lifts.

Adam could see them struggling and says you have to make it work.  He did like their interaction and Channing’s great hip action.  Mary knows they were working hard, but the dance didn’t have the party feel to it that the Samba is supposed to have.  Nigel says their nerves were showing, and they need to get down into the floor when they dance.

Karen and Kevin are our next couple, and they have Hip-Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon.  Karen thinks Kevin is the sweetest person, but his hair takes him a long time to get ready.  Kevin loves that Karen is beautiful and dynamic, but when they dance together all eyes are on her and he feels like he disappears.  This number is about a mechanic who is working on a hot girl’s car.  They perform to “Ice Cream Paint Job” by Dorrough, and it’s sexy, hot, and in sync.  The ending has Karen sliding Kevin right off the stage and into the audience!

Adam says that for someone like Karen who is used to ballroom, she really tore it up.  He calls Kevin fantastic and likes that they really enjoyed their characters.  Mary puts them both on the Hot Tamale Train and calls it phenomenal.  She loves Karen’s confidence and says she has the “it” factor.  Nigel says Karen can move body parts that he didn’t even know could move, and he loves their personality.

Kathyrn and Legacy are performing Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey.  Kathryn is amazed that Legacy can speak several languages, but hates when he does his cricket whistle.  Legacy loves that he can relate to Kathryn, but does not enjoy when she keeps hitting him by accident during rehearsals.  This is a story about a woman struggling with fear, and Legacy plays the part of that fear.  They dance to “2 Steps Away” by Patti LaBelle, and it’s very emotional.  I can really identify with the intense struggle we have facing our fears, and they do a wonderful job portraying that.  At the end she is pushing down her fear, right into the ground…WOW!

Adam thanks Stacey for a wonderful dance, and says he is so proud of Legacy’s transformation.  Mary says they danced with the abandonment needed for this number and also loves the growth she sees in Legacy.  Nigel compliments Stacey as well, and calls it very beautiful.

Pauline and Peter are up next with Jazz, choreographed by Wade Robson.  They are a new couple, since both of them saw their partners go home last week.  Peter likes that Pauline takes pictures of everything, but says she is obsessed with sneakers.  Pauline loves that Peter treats all of the dancers like his family, but has trouble with the fact that he thinks he’s a chick magnet.  Wade’s vision for this dance is:  What if Van Gogh orginally painted Starry Night with people in it, then took them out?  Pauline and Peter represent these people and want to torment Van Gogh.  They perform to “Little Green Bag” by George Baker Selection, wearing costumes that make them look like they belong in the painting, which is their backdrop.  They show strong movements and great musicality.

Adam thinks this number may be controversial, but loves that the dancers were 1000% committed to it.  Mary loves the concept and thinks they danced it really well.  Nigel says this made a statement and Pauline danced to her full extent, but Peter needs to loosen up his shoulders more.

Our last couple tonight is Ellenore and Ryan.  She calls him her bodyguard, but thinks he eats way too many protein bars.  Ryan loves Ellenore’s quirky personality, but jokes that she might be an alien ready to abduct him.  They are performing a Tango choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo, and they are nervous about all of the lifts.  They dance to “Violentango” by Astor Piazzolla, and the routine is hot, sexy, and sharp.  Wow, such beautiful footwork and flicks!  And Ellenore danced most of it with her heel caught in her dress!

Adam loves how they went for it, espcecially with the heel problem.  He loves the maturity Ellenore showed and likes their laser-eye connection.  Mary calls it spot on and smoldering, then she SCREAMS.  Nigel says it was a difficult routine, but no one could have done it better.  He likens Ellenore to Cyd Charisse.

The judges have to put 4 dancers in danger, and they choose Noelle, Bianca, Phillip, and Victor.  Each of them performs a solo for the judges’ final decision.  Noelle and Victor have strong solos, but it’s hard to showcase a lot of Bianca’s and Phillip’s tap skills in such a short amount of time.  The judges decide to send Bianca and Phillip home.

Tune in next week, when America will finally get the chance to vote on these amazing dancers.  Good night everybody!

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