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Hi friends, and welcome to Latin Week on Dance Your Ass Off.  Mel B shows off a little Salsa dancing with Paul, and then informs the contestants that they will be competing in quartets…two players plus their respective partners.  Both players will receive the same score, so the weight loss will really be important in determining who stays and who goes.  They picked their partners quickly, and Mel announces a little dance off…an “Ass-a-Thon”!  Tiana teaches them all a short Salsa combo, and they are all to dance it at the same time.  When she sees someone miss a step, Tiana will call them out.  The last one standing will receive one extra point to add to his or her total score for the week.  It comes down to Latoya and Katie.  The other players see Latoya miss a step, but she is not called out.  They cheer on Katie and Latoya just gives up.  Katie wins the extra point, and Latoya argues with the others back at the house.  Since Katie and Latoya are partners this week, they work to move past the dance off and get on with rehearsals.

Adamme winds up feeling sick and very weak.  He goes to see Dr. Geller, who puts him in the hospital to stay for a blood transfusion.  He has been bleeding from his stomach and lost a lot of blood.  He gets back to the house the day of the show…not at 100 percent, but he’s given the go ahead to dance.  Of course, he’s only had one rehearsal!

Our judges for the show are Danny, Lisa Ann, and Jordi Caballero, who has worked with Cher and Madonna.  Mel B knows him very well, since he also worked with the Spice Girls!  Our first group is Stephanie/Michael, dancing Rumba to “Rhythm Divine”.  Danny enjoys it and likes the great sync.  Lisa Ann says the energy was infectious.  Jordi loves the great action.  All three judges give them an 8.

Corey/Erica dance Salsa to “Whine Up”.  Lisa Ann thinks they worked really well together and gives them a 7.  Jordi says it was good overall but felt more like a tango.  He gives them a 6.  Danny says all of the ingredients were there, but they went a little too big.  He score them a 7, and their average is 6.7.

Latoya/Katie dance Cha-Cha to “Hey Mama”.  (They are both also crushing on Corey!)  Jordi thinks they captured the playfulness and gives them an 8.  Danny likes Katie’s great lines and Latoya moved up another notch for him.  He scores them an 8.  Lisa Ann says it looked like an elegant lady smackdown, and wasn’t sexy enough.  She gives them a 7, and their dance average is 7.7.

Kiki/Sarah dance Samba to “Brazilian Party”.  Danny says it was full of vibe and performnce and gives them a 7.  Lisa Ann thinks their hips were not moving enough and gives them a 6.  Jordi calls it technically messy and says they need more passion.  He score them a 6, and their average is 6.3.

Finally we have Adamme/Briana, dancing Salsa to “Rhythm of the Night”.  Lisa Ann calls them the group of the night and gives them a 9.  Jordi says they were absolutely fantanstic and gives them a 10!  Danny says he felt the teamwork, and Adamme is a true pro after being in the hospital.  He gives them a 9, and their average is 9.3.

We see a clip of Rachel giving the contestants a nutrition lesson on drinks.  She shows them healthier versions to make, and everyone thinks they actually taste better than the originals.  I’m going to have to check those out!

It’s time for the scale, and Mel B tells everyone that whoever has the highest overall score tonight will have immunity for next week.  Here are the pounds lost and total scores for all 10 players:

Briana             -5.7                  11.4
Adamme             -0.5                   9.5
Erica              -6.8                   9.8
Corey              -9.3                   9.8
Michael            -9.1                  11.5
Stephanie          -6.3                  11.3
Latoya             -8.4                  11.8
Katie              -6.4 +1 dance off pt. 11.9
Sarah              -3.6                   8.0
Kiki               -4.7                   8.6

Adamme, of course was in the hospital most of the week, so that’s why his weight loss is so low.  Katie beats out Latoya for immunity next week…that dance off point made the difference!  Sarah has the lowest score and is going home.  She tells everyone that she loves them all and had so much fun.

Tune in next Monday for Hip-Hop Week and guest judge/choreographer Lil’C.  Good night everybody!

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Good evening my friends, and welcome to the Top 10 performance show of So You Think You Can Dance.  All of the camera problems are worked out this week and we get a good view of our 10 dancers opening the show.  Cat steps out in a white sheath dress with feathers at the neck and hem, and she introduces Nigel, Mia, and Adam.  Immediately after last week’s results show, the contestants picked a name out of a hat to determine which All-Star they would dance with tonight.  As each of them pulled a name, the partner would announce which dance style they would be performing.  There are 12 All-Stars, so since Neil and Twitch did not get chosen they had this week off. This time the dancers were asked to tell us something about their childhood.

Cristina tells us she was very shy as a little girl.  In her first performance, she was dressed as a flower and her costume ripped…she ran offstage crying because she didn’t want anyone to see her underwear.  Aww…I would have done the same!  She and Pasha have Paso Doble this week, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France.  Cristina is playing the role of a gypsy, and some of the lifts really scare her.  They dance to “Ira Deorum/Sanctus” by James Dooley, giving a strong and passionate performance.  Nigel loves the great choreography and says she brought all of the elements of the dance to life.  Mia tells her it was the whole package and they had the perfect partnership.  Adam calls it mucho caliente, praising her confidence and commitment to her character.

Adechike’s dad was a dancer, and influenced his style growing up.  He and Allison are dancing Contemporary, choreographed by Mandy Moore.  There is no specific stroyline to this routine, instead it is all about emotions.  They perform to a version of “Listen to Your Heart” by DHT and EDME, and it’s so beautiful and romantic.  Nigel sees a major improvement since last week, but does warn Adechike not to let his steps interrupt the emotion.  Mia would like him to tap into his joy even more, saying dancing is not only an art form, it’s a heart form.  Adam says he is so good technically, but is still dancing too much from his head instead of his heart.

Alex started out as a tapper when he was 7, and ballet bored him when he first began.  How things have changed!  He and Lauren are performing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Tyce describes this piece as his take on the Fosse style, and Alex does his homework by watching old tapes of Bob Fosse in action.  They dance to the classic “Summertime”, as sung by Sylvester.  I love their great sync and those wonderful high kicks.  Nigel says he is technically there, but should bring a little more power to the performance.  Mia tells him that Fosse is so internal that you really have to bring the style out from within.  Adam says he has the ability, and it’s all about versatility and growth.  He would like to see less flash and more smolder.

Ashley’s mom always dressed her in very girly clothes, and she fist competed when she was 4.  She and Mark have Jazz this week with Travis Wall.  The story is about a girl that breaks up with her guy but then wants him back.  They dance to “Wonderful” by Annie Lennox, and I’m impressed with their amazing flexibility.  Nigel thinks this was choreographed more as Contemporary than Jazz, and we need to separate the two.  (I can see what he means…but even so I loved the choreography.)  He does say what they did was beautiful and he loves the dive lift.  Mia likes the beginning walk and says Ashley is one of her favorite girls, but she should always be aware of the transitions.  Adam agrees with Nigel, but says the routine was very challenging and they delivered.

Billy tells us he was really big as a baby, and his first performance ever was Hip-Hop.  He and Comfort have Krump with Lil’C.  It’s challenging for Billy to act tough, so C gives him an alter ego…”Billy B Buck”!  They perform to “So You Think You Can Krump” by Tha J-Squad, dancing off of a graffiti covered picnic table and stayed in perfect sync.  Nigel hates the music, with Cat telling him he’s not young enough to appreciate it.  He believes this is the most alien dance style for Billy, and although he didn’t quite nail it he gave it everything he had.  Mia says instead of taking on the warrior, he knocked on his door, and it was a little strange for her.  Comfort comes to Billy’s defense, saying she thought he was bucc.  Adam says it was like a failed experiment, but he tried so hard and is one of the best dancers.

Robert says he was a crazy kid, always dancing and jumping around.  He and Anya are dancing Argentine Tango, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France.  There’s a lot of passion to this routine, and Robert finds himself getting used to all of the direction changes.  They perform to Libertango” by Bond Quartet, and this number is sexy, sharp, and hot!  Nigel calls it magnificent and likes the way Robert played his role.  Mia likes it, but wanted more power.  Adam praises his beautiful footwork, but thinks he looked stressed out.  He also reminds Robert to strech out his steps.

Melinda tells us she was quirky and her whole family was into the arts, but that shaped her into the performer she is today.  She and Ade (sounds so much like MELISSA and Ade!) are performing Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey.  Stacey has a very special message to send in this number…Melinda is Mother Earth and Ade is Mankind, and we should make sure we take good care of our planet before we waste it.  They dance to “Squander” by Skunk Anansie, and it’s extremely emotional and compelling.  I find I’ve been holding my breath throughout the performance.  Nigel loves Stacey’s idea and tells Meilnda she has fantastic lines for a tapper.  Mia agrees that she really likes the concept and the gorgeous lines.  Adam simply calls it fantastic.

Jose was athletic and into martial arts growing up.  He and Kathryn have Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajan, and this piece is about a genie in a bottle.  Jose knows almost nothing about this style, and works hard to get the finger movements down.  They dance to “Marjaani Marjaani Kasame” from Billu Barber, and I love the fun and energy of this piece.  It even ends with genie Kathryn putting Jose in the bottle!  Nigel asys the performance was good but he needs consistency.  Mia likes that he made us all smile, and it was so wrong yet so right.  Adam says he is the brightest light and fantastic to watch.

Lauren says she was very hyper and talkative as a child.  She and Dominic are performing Lyrical Hip-Hop, choreographed by Tessandra Chavez.  This routine makes another strong statement…how a woman must deal with being in an abusive relationship.  They dance to “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce, and I can feel all of the power and emotion pouring through both of them.  Lauren is crying after the performance, because she is still feeling the emotions.  Nigel says he believed the performance and thanks Tessandra for the amazing piece.  Mia calls it outstanding, and says she really felt it.  Adam says she is technically adept, and she took his notes from last week and made improvements.  He also tells her that he sees that she is still in that raw and emotional place, and she should celebrate that.

Kent says he had a huge head as a kid and was always acting crazy.  He and Courtney are performing Jazz, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  This story is about a couple who keep breaking apart and coming back together.  Kent knows this is a real stretch for him.  They dance to “Amy Amy Amy” by Amy Winehouse, showing off strong moves and lifts around the table.  I think Kent made improvements in being sexy this week!  Nigel tells him his journey seems to be moving very fast, and he enjoyed it.  Mia says there were great moments, but he really needs to transform himself.  Courtney responds that she thought Kent was good at being sexy.  Adam says it’s about finding the connection, and it was a fantastic performance.

We see a recap of the performances as Cat reminds us to vote.  Who will go home tomorrow, as the Top 10 become the Top 9?  Tune in to find out…good night everybody!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our first results show of the season for So You Think You Can Dance.  We start off with a performance from the Top 11 to “Acapella” by Kelis, choreographed by Tessandra Chavez.  Cat comes out dressed in shiny red plaid, and I’m thinking it must be Christmas in June…she looks ready for a holiday party!  After she introduces the judges, Nigel tells us about something special happening on July 31st.  That day will be National Dance Day, and the idea is for everyone around the country to dance and have fun whether they are “dancers” or not.  Tabitha and Napoleon have created a special dance to learn for this day, and you can watch and learn at www.dizzyfeetfoundation.org.  I went over there to sneak a peek at it and it’s going to be a blast!

Cat then gets right down to business and brings the dancers out in groups to let them know their fate.  Alex, Robert, Lauren, and Kent are all safe.  Melinda is in the bottom 3.  Billy and Ashley are safe, and Alexie is in the bottom 3.  Jose and Adechike are safe…Cristina is in the bottom 3.  The three girls go off to get ready for their solos.

We are treated to an incredible performance from the show Come Fly Away, which was created by Twyla Tharp. I was mesmerized watching them.   Karine Plantadit and Keith Roberts are amazing!  Such a powerful performance…I would love to go see the entire show.  WOW!!!

The three solos come after this performance, and it’s an impossible act to follow.  Still, these girls have to dance for their lives now.  Melinda dances to “I Got The Feelin'” by James Brown, showing off the tapping that got her here in the first place.  Alexie sweetly dances to “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long” by Otis Redding.  Cristina dances to “La Guaracha” by Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, and it’s easy to get caught up in her hot Salsa!

As the judges go off to discuss which of the three girls will be going home, Usher sings his new song “OMG”.  He and all of his dancers are very impressive.  Then he introduces the world premiere of his video with Justin Bieber, “Somebody to Love”.  The video is very creative, but I certainly like Usher’s part better than Justin’s.  Of course, I’m sure all of the teen and pre-teen girls enjoyed it.  The two come off as a very odd couple to me.

Finally it’s that time.  Nigel announces that the judges are unanimous in their decision, and Alexie is sent home.  Along with a montage and goodbyes from her friends, the judges remind her that she is wonderful and she will still go far as a dancer.  Tune in on Wednesday as the Top 10 perform for our votes.  Good night everybody!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Top 11 show of So You Think You Can Dance.  Cat comes out looking like a Grecian goddess in blue and gold and introduces our Top 11.  Our judges are Nigel, Mia and Adam.  Each of the contestants pulled a name out of a hat to determine which All-Star they would be partnered with for the week.  The question posed to each of them was…What is something that America doesn’t know about you yet?

Billy loves to work on do-it-yourself projects with his dad.  He is performing Broadway with Lauren, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  He admits that he is not used to dancing so insanely fast.  They dance to “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins, and it’s a high energy routine dancing off of lockers and each other.  Nigel says the longer movements Tyce created really suit Billy and he had good chemistry with Lauren.  Mia is proud of him for doing so well with something so different for him, and she is ready for the boy to become a man.  Adam loves that dancing comes naturally for him, but would like to see him inhabit his character the entire time.

Cristina once auditioned for a singing competition in Mexico that was similiar to American Idol, but she was cut.  Her partner is Mark, and they are performing Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  This number is about a snake going after its prey, and Sonya really wants to bring the fire out.  They dance to “Starstruck” by Santigold, giving a powerful and intense performance.  Nigel calls Cristina absolutely tremendous, and says she filled the whole routine with substance.  Mia tells her she was partnered with the best, and she captured the essence of the dance.  Adam is stunned…like Mia he didn’t think it would work but he’s very happy to admit that he was wrong! He saw no trace of a salsa dancer, which is the ultimate compliment for someone who is out of her element.

Jose practices yoga to stay flexible and keep a clear head.  He and Comfort are performing Hip-Hop, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  NappyTabs tell us that this is not your traditional Hip-Hop routine, and both dancers are portraying predators determining which one will ultimately be the prey.  They dance to “Beautiful Monster” by Ne-Yo, showing off sharp moves and Jose’s head spin.  He winds up being the prey!  Nigel says he didn’t anticipate this going so well since Jose is normally a B-Boy, but he thought it was outstanding.  Mia tells him that he was solid on the floorwork, and just needs to bring more of that to his feet.  She also says he is really special and has already grown so much.  Adam loves that he made a very successful leap ahead since last week, and reminds him to go to his power moves more often.

Adechike attended the “Fame” school in New York, and found out that Tyce Diorio did as well.  He and one of the teachers have a laugh about Tyce’s grades not being so great…good thing Tyce isn’t choreographing him this week!  Adechike is paired with Kathryn, and they are performing Jazz choreographed by Travis Wall.  He is an office worker daydreaming at his desk, and Kathryn is his fantasy come to life.  The dance to the Florence and the Machine version of “Addicted to Love”, and do some great lifts and work with the desk and chair.  Nigel calls him “Ade-cheeky” (ha ha!) and says while he did the steps well, he didn’t quite believe the fantasy.  Mia praises the great piece from Travis, but says the chemistry wasn’t there and it wound up being just empty technique.  Adam says he is a great technical partner, but needs to bring that extra something to the dance.

Melinda is an actress, and she played Zoey on As The World Turns.  She is dancing the Jive with Pasha, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin.  This number is all about being in love, and Melinda says it’s easy to get into character because Pasha is hot!  They perform to “L.O.V.E.” by V.V. Brown, and it’s filled with fun and great energy.  Nigel says she is vivacious, but the style didn’t suit her. Mia agrees with Nigel, saying the performance is there but she needs to work on straightening her legs.  Adam tells her that when she watches this performance back she will learn a lot from it, and she should work on her hands.

Alex loves to sing and play the piano.  And I have to say…he has a beautiful voice!  He and Allison are performing Contemporary, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  This routine is all about trying to find peace and salvation, and Alex finds that he really connects with that.  They dance to “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley, and it’s so emotional and breathtakingly beautiful…WOW.  They receive a standing ovation and the judges are all crying, as am I at home on my couch.  Nigel says they just set a new standard for SYTYCD, portraying the poetry of dance and being everything he had hoped for.  Mia calls it the best piece to date, telling Sonya she really has outdone herself.  She is shaking because it was so brilliant.  Adam says it was incredible, and that Sonya and Alex both helped each other up their games.

Alexie was on Star Search as a little girl in 1991, dancing with the Hip Hop Kids.  One of her judges was Adam Shankman…oh my!  Look at Adam 19 years ago!!!  She is paired with Twitch, and they are performing Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  This one is about a boyfriend sneaking in through the girl’s window.  They dance to “Butterfly” by Jason Mraz, and have great snyc and nice moves around the window shade.  Nigel thinks Alexie was too cutesy.  Mia says there was no groove,she danced like a young girl and needs to step it up.  Adam tells her she got by on pure charisma, and she needs to learn from Tabitha how to dance with the sensuality of a woman and the power of a man. (And Nigel & Mia threaten to bring that old picture of Adam out again tomorrow!)

Lauren has a passion for working with Kindergartners, and they bring her a lot of joy as they learn from her.  She is dancing Jazz with Ade, choreographed by Mandy Moore.  The routine is supposed to be flat out sexy.  They perform to “Oh Yeah” by Yello, and there are some great moves with the couch that show her flexibility.  It wasn’t as sexy as I thought it would be though.  Nigel says it was well choreographed but there was no chemistry.  Mia tells her the technique was flawless, but she needs to work on filling in the other spaces of the dance.  Adam is concerned about her, wanting her to look deeper into who she is to form that connection with the dance.

Kent was the Homecoming King of his high school class…but he admits there were only 14 other guys in his class.  (That’s OK Kent, you still earned it!)  He is paired with Anya, and they are performing the Cha-Cha choreographed by Tony and Melanie.  It’s a sexy routine, and they want Kent to show he is ready to step up and be a leader.  Kent and Anya dance to “Lady Marmalade”, the version by Diva Invasion.  It’s very sharp and has great lifts…and I’m impressed that Kent pulled off sexy pretty well!  Nigel says he could tell that Kent really enjoyed himself, and likens him to a young Paul Newman.  He is very proud of him.  Mia is happy that he committed to everything, and he looked like a Ballroom boy even though he was doing weird things with his lips.  (Kent KNEW they were going to say something about that!)  Adam says he was so determined and it showed in how amazing he was.

Ashley can do a lot of crazy voices, her favorite being a robot.  She and Neil are performing Contemporary, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  The number is about the love connection, and what it’s like when you find that one person that you can’t live without.  They dance to “For All We Know” by Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway (showing my age…but I’ve always adored them), and it’s powerful, romantic, and gorgeous.  Nigel praises Tyce’s beautiful choreography and tells Ashley that she is a beautiful dancer.  Mia says she felt what Ashley was feeling in a way, and that she brings a special innocence to the show.  Adam tells her she is technically there and just needs to open herself up more.

Finally we have Robert, and he always wanted to be a professional baseball player.  He is dancing African Jazz with Courtney, choreographed by Sean Cheesman. They are two mythical creatures who comes together once a year to become human.  They perform to “Norweg” from the Cirque du Soleil Saltimbanco soundtrack, and the dance is strong with a wonderful lyrical quality to it.  Nigel tells Sean he did a fabulous job, and he loves the way Robert danced it so well.  Mia loves that he is athletic, fun, technical, and quirky.  She wants him to delve into that even more.  Adam calls him one of the best contestants they’ve ever had on the show!

The evening ends with a recap of the dances and a reminder to vote.  Tomorrow night Usher will sing, and we will have a performance from Twyla Tharp’s “Come Fly Away”.  The top 11 will also become 10 as one dancer is sent home.  Good night everybody!

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Dance Your Ass Off – Week 1 Recap


Yesterday at 12:32am

Hello my friends, and welcome to the first week of competition for Dance Your
Ass Off – Season 2. We start out seeing the contestants all meet at the house 7
days before show night. Corey teases everyone with the foods in the cheat
cabinet. Latoya finds her comfort zone, and it’s not anything in the cabinet.
It’s the ballet barre…she used to take ballet when she was a girl and she
already feels right at home. At dinner, each person has a covered plate in
front of them. They lift the lids to find their “dream meals” consisting of
their favorite foods. This is the last meal they will eat like this before the
competition offically starts. At the end of dinner, they look underneath their
plates to find how many calories were in those meals. The average was about
1500, but some meals had as many as 3200 calories! So much for dream
meals…sounds more like a nightmare to me!

The next day is the first weigh-in with Dr. Geller. Many of the contestants are
shocked at the numbers on the scale. They knew it would be high, but not quite
this high. The day after the weigh-in they all start dance rehearsals with
Tiana. Mel B is there also, and points out cards with dance styles written on
them that are taped to the mirror. Tiana gives a brief demonstration of each
style, and then Mel gives them 10 seconds to run up and grab the card with the
style they would each like to perform. There are 6 dance styles, so there are
two of each kind on the mirror. Once they all choose, Mel tells them that since
there are no professional partners the first week, they are partnering up
according to the styles they picked. Tiana will teach them the routines.

During rehearsals, we find out that Katie really wants to perform the lead in a
Broadway musical. I love it, because that’s a dream of mine as well! Some
dancers struggle with the moves, and some have trouble with other things. I
feel badly for Michael, who can’t handle all of the mirrors surrounding him in
the studio. He finds every way possible to keep from looking at himself in the
mirror because it hurts too much for him.

They also meet with nutritionist Rachel Beller, who says she’s also known as the
Health Police. I like her sugggestion that each person should consume 1 1/2 to
2 cups of veggies for every lunch AND dinner. We all need to get more of those
nutrients in us, and you stay full longer. The next day is the first gym
workout with trainer Lee Wall. He works everyone really hard, and they all have
to retrain their muscles to do what they haven’t done in a long time. Mel B
surprises them back at the house…it turns out that the pairs are not partners,
they are competing head to head against each other. The winner from each pair
will have immunity for this week, and the others will be up for elimination.
Briana has to go to the physical therapist have she hears a pop while doing the
splits. She has injured her hamstring, and can’t dance until the actual

With that, we are now at show night. Our first match is Kiki vs. Briana,
performing Body Cranking to “Boom Boom Pow”. The judges (Danny Teeson, Lisa Ann
Walter, Dave Scott) love their energy and natural feel for the music, but Lisa
Ann would like to see more booty shakin’. Kiki scores 8-6-8, with an average of
7.3. Briana scores 7-7-9, for an average of 7.7. Briana wins the match.

Next it’s Michael vs. Latoya performing Pop-Jazz to “Tik Tok”. The judges think
they both have great potential and Dave loves their solos. They are really
amazed by Latoya. She scores 8-8-8, and Michael scores 6-6-6. Latoya wins the
match 8-6.

Our third match-up is Erica vs. Katie performing Fierce Wacking to
“Day-n-Night”. The judges were most impressed with Katie. She scores 7-6-7,
for an average of 6.7. Erica scores 6-7-6, for an average of 6.3. Katie takes
her place on the winners’ bench as Erica goes to the elimination bench.

Match four is Stephanie vs. Caleb, and they perform Thrashing to “Dance Dance”.
The judges keep watching Stephanie, and tell Caleb he needs to loosen up more.
Caleb scores 4-5-4 for an average of 4.3. Stephanie scores 7-7-6 for an average
of 6.7, and she moves to the winners’ bench.

Now we have Meredith vs. Sarah performing Dirty Jazz to “Whatever You Like”.
All of the judges agree the they were the best duo at staying in sync. Sarah
scores 7-8-7 for an average of 7.3, and Meredith scores 6-7-6 for an average of
6.3. Sarah is safe for this week.

Our final pair is Adamme vs. Corey, performing Old Skool to “Whoop There It Is”.
Dave gives them a standing ovation, and the judges love how they got the
audience into it. Corey scores 8-8-7 for an average of 7.7, and Adamme scores
10-9-9 for an average of 9.3. (First 10 of the season already!) Adamme wins
this match.

Mel calls on the winners’ bench to weigh in first, and tells them that the
person with the highest score among them will have immunity for next week. Here
are their numbers, with the total score equalling dance average plus percentage
of weight loss:

Starting Weight Current Weight Pounds Lost Total Score

Stephanie 207.0 196.1 10.9 12.0
Briana 289.6 275.3 14.3 12.6
Katie 215.9 207.3 8.6 10.7
Sarah 218.7 208.9 9.8 11.8
Latoya 217.0 207.2 9.8 12.5
Adamme 301.8 289.5 12.3 13.4

Adamme wins immunity for next week. Now the six contestants on the elimination
bench weigh in, and the one with the lowest total score will go home.

Starting Weight Current Weight Pounds Lost Total Score

Meredith 214.5 205.6 8.9 10.4
Corey 325.9 310.7 15.2 12.4
Kiki 220.4 212.0 8.4 11.1
Erica 232.7 224.8 7.9 9.7
Michael 285.6 272.1 13.5 10.7
Caleb 297.0 282.6 14.4 9.1

Caleb goes home, but first he thanks everyone at the show for their support and
says he will take what he learned with him to get healthier. Tune in next week
when the 11 remaining contestants meet their professional dance partners, and a
romance begins to blossom. Good night everyone!

DWTS Week 2 Results

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Hello and welcome to the first Dancing With The Stars Results Show for Season Ten! Tonight the first couple of the season will be sent home, saying goodbye to their chance at the mirror ball trophy.


We get to the results right away. Buzz and Ashly are safe. I love how Nicole gave him a hug and kiss. What a sweet, genuine woman!

Pamela and Damien are in the bottom two. You can hear a pin drop—that is how shocked everyone is. Anna’s jaw dropped to the ground and I know mine did too. All I can say is WHAT?!?!?! I thought Pam was one of the better dancers so far. But this is why we need to vote kiddies!


Len gives his recap of last night— the good, the bad and the ugly—and wishes them all luck this season.

Nicole and Derek get the encore, to the shock of, um, nobody! In all seriousness though, they really and truly deserved it. They are incredible—they have chemistry, good dancing and the artistry to go along with it.

Michael Jackson’s choreographers put together a pro dance. The bright lights and spinning makes me a bit dizzy but it is overall a very good performance. But Maks with an open shirt makes every performance good—that man can read the phone book in Pig Latin and rip off his shirt and girls will scream!


Adam Carolla gives a performance. He tallies six moon shirts for Buzz and wants more emotion from Chad.

He thinks Damien and Pam are all insane and Len can’t count.

He also says Edyta may have some daddy issues since she keeps accidently beating up her partners.

He also makes a comment about Bruno and Elton Johns sexuality.


Aiden and Edyta—SAFE!

Nicey and Louis—SAFE! And she got an ass slap from Maks!


Pam says it was an oops to be in the bottom two while Damien says it is nerve racking.

Buzz thinks his fans appreciated his patriotism.


Melissa Rycroft is the female celebrity for the performance and this week we vote on the males, which include Cody Linely, Cameron Mathison, Joey Fatone. Warren Sapp, Lance Bass. Joey Lawrence and Maurice Greene.


They sing a medley of their greatest hits while Ashly, Anna, Cheryl, Louis, Damien and Maks dance.


I. Thou shalt not kill … time. (Or in layman’s terms: no stripping, kissing or giving flowers.)

II. Thou shalt not take the judges’ name in vain. (or in Edyta’s case, curse at them?)

III. Thou shalt not steal … dance moves.

IV. Thou shalt not interrupt me.

V. Thou shalt not do lifts.

VI. Thou shalt have rhinestones. Many rhinestones.

VII. Thou may honor the judges with gifts. (Maybe Jake should’ve given him a rose!)

Next week’s challenge needs to tell a story—minus gimmicks. It has to be shown through the dance.


Evan and Anna are SAFE!

Jake and Chelsie are SAFE!

Nicole and Derek are SAFE!


A man whose son died during the earthquake talks about the nightmare he has faced and how dancing makes him look to the future in a positive way. This poor man, my heart just breaks for him.

The dance tribute is wonderful and is very upbeat. We are told where to help the victims of Haiti.


Brooke talks to the celebrities and she shows us a day in the life of a DWTS episode. So it is basically more filler.


Erin and Maks—SAFE!

Chad and Cheryl—SAFE!

Kate and Tony—SAFE!

Shannen and Mark–Bottom two.

Eliminated: Shannen and Mark.

Shannen admits dancing isn’t her thing, but she is glad she got to dance with her dad. Mark says he hurt his knee—he pulled a muscle off his knee and was unable to dance anyway. Had Shannen stayed, she would have needed another partner, namely Corky Ballas. They are given a tribute before everyone gives them hugs and kisses goodbye.

Mark, get well soon! America, tune in next week and goodnight!

DWTS Season 10 Premiere!!

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Hello, and welcome to Dancing With The Stars—season TEN! Tonight, eleven new dancers will take to the dance floor to prove that that they are worthy of that mirror ball trophy. Can you believe the show has been on for five years already?

After Tom welcomes Brooke Burke as his new co-host, we see the stars descend down the stairs. Poor Pam almost fell! I love Chelsie and Nicole’s dresses. Welcome back Ashly!

Brooke will be in the new skybox with the stars as they wait and watch the performances.


Their first dance is the cha cha cha. Cheryl says he is very serious about learning and he seems to want to learn and make her proud.

The dance itself is fast, fun and flirty, but he is a bit stiff. However, it is his first time dancing live and he is the first dancer up, so it is understandable. I will say, however, that he has great rhythm!

LEN: He takes his hat off to him and thinks he attacked it. He does, however, wants to see more polish.

BRUNO: He thinks Chad has a huge talent but he is a bit rough.

CARRIE ANN: She thinks there is a raw something that will take him far. She wants to see a bit more extending and for him to hit it harder. (Resisting urge to make this into a That’s What She Said joke)

SCORES: 6-6-6=18 out of 30. (Cue booing from audience)

Tom quips that the audience’s booing gets a 7!


Shannen says she is doing the show for her dad, who recently suffered a massive stroke and wanted to see her on the show. She is terrified to dance in front of a live audience. Mark jokes that he will keep antihistamine in his pocket for her.

Their Viennese Waltz is beautiful, nice flowy and has a lot of amazing technical moves in it. However, the best part was seeing her daddy in the audience cheering for her.

BRUNO: He makes a couple of comments on how she can improve—but thinks she can get better.

CARRIE ANN: She is impressed with her ambitious routine. She points out a couple of stumbles but thinks something is coming.

LEN: He saw ease and elegance in it and thinks she coped well with such a difficult routine. He just wants her to work on her footwork a bit.

Tom quips that the padded room is well overdue.

Shannen and her dad crying is making me cry!

SCORES: 6-6-6=18 out of 30.


Maks says everyone asks for him and Erin says that she requested Tony. BURN! I think I like her already. He pretends to walk out but then they get down to business. She is a bit of a perfectionist, but he tries to get her to stop thinking so much.

Their cha cha cha has a fun party vibe to it and her footwork is pretty good, but why, oh why did she borrow something from Big Bird?

CARRIE ANN: She likes their partnership but wants her to work on her arms and legs.

LEN: He likes the rhythm and the routine but wants her to work on her legwork.

BRUNO: He likes what he sees and wants to see her legs in the air more.

Both Erin and Maks grab Tom’s bum.

SCORES: 7-7-7=21 out of 30.


Aww, Vienna and Gia are in the audience! Luckily, we are spared a Mile High Club joke. He bought her a rose and she says they will NOT get married after this.  He is worried about being a good dancer but she tells him it is not just about who is best but also who improves.

Their Viennese Waltz is done to Kiss From A Rose….how cliché, but at least it isn’t On The Wings Of Love. He is stiff and kind of slow moving but it is not horrible. The ending was messy and had rose petals fall on top of them.

LEN: He likes it, but tells him to work on his hold and keeping his bum in.

BRUNO: He tells him not to Bachelor about and to keep his legs together.

CARRIE ANN: She appreciates how he worked romance into it and thought he had good lines. She does want him to work on his posture.

SCORES: 7-6-7=20 out of 30.


She is hysterical and seems like she is really into learning and having fun! I think I’m going to like her this season!

Their cha cha cha is my favorite one so far, Not only does she put her personality into it, but she also seems to have the footwork down pat. They also got the biggest cheer so far!

BRUNO: He says she went from sexy to virginal and wants to see more sass.

CARRIE ANN: She loves it!

LEN: Clean, clear, precise—but uneventful.

SCORES: 7-5-6=18


Evan admits he was always a huge fan of hers and felt a connection with her. He is a bit clutzy in practice, but hopes to make it the best yet.

Their Viennese Waltz is pretty fast and he almost trips her toward the end, but overall it was a nice, solid routine.

CARRIE ANN: She thinks he is good and has gorgeous lines. She wants him to point his toes and connect with the audience more.

LEN: He likes his artistry and posture, but adds that he has clumsy feet and no chemistry with Anna.

BRUNO: He thinks he is graceful but wants to see more of a connection between them.

SCORES:  8-7-8=23 out of 30.


Awww, the International Space Station wishes him luck! His wife says this is just another risk for him.  When they meet, he shows her some of the stuff from his career. He quips that it takes 20 times for him to remember things now!

Their cha cha cha starts off slow, but picks up pace as it goes on. I think it is amazing that he is trying so hard and having fun!

LEN:  He commends him on his bravery, but isn’t happy with the dance.

BRUNO: He says it was a cha cha cha but looks like he still had his moon boots on.

CARRIE ANN: She liked his ‘cute little moonwalk’ and calls him inspirational.

SCORES: 5-4-5=14 out of 30.


They have fun practicing together and instantly have a good, bantering relationship.

First off, her dress is gorgeous! Their Viennese Waltz is almost flawless, nice lines, amazing artistry and footwork—WOW!

BRUNO: He pretty much screams over how wonderful it was.

CARRIE ANN: She never saw a routine out of the gate like this EVER!

LEN: He didn’t like the footwork and thinks it lacked musicality.

SCORES-9-7-9=25 out of 30.


He loves to challenge himself by jumping out of planes and bungee jumping. He brings her a huge bouquet of flowers and presents. She jokes that teaching him to dance is like a mom teaching a kid how to walk.

Their cha cha cha is fun, but it seems like she is doing more dancing than he is. He is moving, but it is almost like he forgot some of the moves. AWWW, David and Amanda from AMC are in the audience.

CARRIE ANN: She liked the approach but calls it disjointed.

LEN: He calls it wobbly but wishes him luck in next week’s foxtrot.

BRUNO: He thinks it was Kenny Maynes all over again.

SCORES: Triple 5s for a 15 out of 30.


She is scared to death of the dancing and wonders what she has done. She says this dance is for all the moms out there.

Their Viennese Waltz was very careful and solid, it was okay, but almost like she put too much thought into it.

LEN: He thinks she looked too nervous and needs to get over it.

BRUNO: He compares it to someone pushing a shopping cart.

CARRIE ANN: She was impressed by the sweetness of the performance.

SCORES: 6-5-5=16 out of 30.


She is doing the show for her Auntie Vie. He thinks he is the luckiest man in the world. Damien thinks she has potential but wants her to be more confident.

Their cha cha cha is very sexy and has a lot of great footwork in it. The best part though is when she rips his shirt open! HOT!

BRUNO: He squeals over the sexiness of it all.

CARRIE ANN: She was excited to see her and says she did not disappoint.

LEN: He calls it a mess but a good mess.

SCORES: 7-6-8=21 out of 30 (Carrie Ann and Bruno’s score giving was PRICELESS!!!)

After a recap of scores and dances, Brooke and Tom remind us to vote and tune in NEXT WEEK for more dances and results. Goodnight America!

Tell us at BDC: Do you like Brooke as co-host? Who are your early favorites? Who will we say goodbye to first? Let us know!

SYTYCD finale by Marie

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Season 6 Finale of So You Think You Can Dance.  We start the night off with a high energy performance by our Top 20, to “Scared of Me” by Fedde Le Grand.  Cat comes out in her silver sequins to introduce all 6 judges for the night:  Lil’C, Tyce Diorio, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe.  Who will win the grand prize of $250,000 and be on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine?

After a shout out to all of the choreographers and a recap of last night’s performances, Cat informs us that Season 7 auditions start next month in Miami and New York.  Please go to www.fox.com/dance for more details.

The judges pick their favorite routines of the season for us to watch again.  Lil’C picks the Hip-Hop number by Kevin, Legacy, and Russell…WOW is all I can say!  Adam chooses Sonya’s piece choreographed for Ellenore and Jakob, and it’s even more powerful than the first time they performed it.  Nigel picks the Tap routine by Bianca, Peter, and Phillip.  Mary does something different…she chooses to see married couple Ashleigh and Ryan perform a brand new Jive, danced to “Straight To Number One” by Touch and Go.  It really was great to see them dance their own style together!

Leona Lewis comes out to perform the title track for the new movie “Avatar.  The song is “I See You”, a really gorgeous number that shows off Leona’s incredible voice.  After that, we have a dance performance by The Groovaloos, and their street style is incredible!

Nigel picks another performance, Kathryn and Jakob’s Contemporary from last night.  Tyce decides on Mollee and Nathan’s Bollywood routine, and I really am intrigued by this style.  I would love to learn it!

The Top 6 come out with a slight delay, due to the fact that Russell hurt his knee and is in extreme pain.  He leans on Ryan to come out on stage with everyone.  Cat announces that the dancer in 6th place is Ryan.

Adam Lambert performs next, and I really love his vocals on “What Do You Want From Me”.  Thankfully, he behaved himself on stage…nothing controversial in this performance!

We look back at the highs and lows of the entire season, and the remaining 5 are on stage, with Russell sitting on a stool.  Cat announces that the dancer in 5th place is Ashleigh.

Adam chooses another dance as well…Ellenore and Legacy’s dramatic “War of the Roses” type routine over the giant table.  He also believes that Travis Wall may be nominated for an Emmy for this one!  Debbie picks Noelle and Russell’s African Jazz, and since Russell is injured we see the tape of the original performance.  The Top 4 come back out, and Ellenore comes out in 4th place.

Lil’C chooses a number from the beginning of the season…”Crying” by Ariana, Channing, Jakob, and Nathan.  Mary decides on Kathryn and Russell’s Hip-Hop from last night, and again we see a tape of the original performance.

Mary J. Blige sings her hit “I Am”, flanked by 4 dancers representing mannequins on pedestals.  Nigel chooses one more routine, and it’s the Wade and Amanda Robson number for the Top 20 from the first week.  We find out that Kathryn is in 3rd place after last night’s votes.

Jennifer Lopez is on stage in a giant silver and red shoe, to perform her new song “Louboutins”.  Dancing with her are several girls from this season and past seasons of SYTYCD, with the number choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.

We are down to Jakob and Russell…one of them is about to be crowned America’s Favorite Dancer.  Cat makes the announcement and the winner is…Russell!  Even though he is in pain, he gets down on his knees to thank God, and then thanks everyone else who helped him get to this moment.  This concludes another exiting season of So You Think You Can Dance.  Good night everybody!

final 6 SYTYCD by Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Top 6 Finals of So You Think You Can Dance.  Cat comes out in a stunning red toga style dress and introduces the judges.  We begin right away with the dances, as all nine of them are crammed into a one hour show.

Kathryn and Ryan are first with a Samba, performed to “Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes.  I really love their animal like, sharp moves.  Nigel calls it a great start to the show.  Mary loves it, especially the great control.  Adam is blown away by Kathryn and thinks Ryan is a fantastic partner.

Ellenore and Jakob perform Broadway to “I Gotcha” from Fosse.  This is a wow number, very powerful and sexy.  Nigel says they showcased their strengths.  Mary calls Ellenore smoldering and Jakob tremendous.  Adam says this made Broadway relevant and current.

Ashleigh and Russell perform Lyrical Jazz to “Angel Standing By” by Jewel.  The routine is beautiful and emotional, filled with amazing lifts.  Nigel calls it outstanding and inspirational.  Mary loves Ashleigh’s gorgeous lines and passion, and says Russell is just special.  Adam says Ashleigh portrayed the guardian angel well, and Russell kicked the dance’s..well..butt!

Ellenore and Ryan perform Jazz to “Kontact Me” by Boys Noize.  They have great sync in their futuristic, robotic moves.  Nigel says it was more Techno than Jazz, but they did what was asked of them.  Mary loves the uniqueness and dynamic moments.  Adam says it was the perfect routine for Ellenore, and Ryan did a great job.

Ashleigh and Jakob perform a Foxtrot to “Let The Good Times Roll” by Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy.  It’s classic and joyful, showing off old Hollywood glamour.  Nigel loves the outstanding chemistry.  Mary enjoys the beautiful quality of movement.  Adam says they showed each other off well.

Ellenore and Russell perform a Paso Doble to “Village Attack” from Blood Diamond, showing their strong moves and a hot quality.  Nigel thinks Russell was very good, but Ellenore was passionate and fiery.  Mary calls her a Spanish vixen and says Russell was passionate.  Adam calls it incredible and magnificent.

Kathryn and Jakob perform Contemporary to the Michael Buble version of “At This Moment”, and it’s powerful and passionate with incredible lifts.  Nigel says they just stopped the show. Mary calls it magical and one of the best performances she’s ever seen.  Adam says this one is a game changer, and shows how important dance is in our culture.

Ashleigh and Ryan finally get to dance together…a Contemporary number to “I’m There Too” by Michael Featherstone.  It is romantic, sweet, and beautiful, and they are both crying at the end and can’t stop.  Nigel says they both accounted for themselves very well this evening.  Mary says that as a married couple they just created a wonderful memory for themselves.  Adam loves their incredible tenderness.

Our last number is Hip-Hop by Kathryn and Russell, performed to “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown.  They show off their power and great sync.  Nigel calls it tremendous.  Mary screams, and says they have her heart.  Adam thinks they tore up the dance floor and were so hot!

We see the recap of all of the dances as Cat reminds us to vote.  Tune in for the 2 hour finale tomorrow night, as America’s Favorite Dancer is crowned.  Good night everybody!

SYTYCD results by Marie

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Hello everyone, here are the results for So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10.  We open the show with our 10 dancers performing to “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me” by Billy Joel, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  The routine has a great street feel, fun and sexy.

Cat reveals that the bottom 2 girls are Noelle and Kathryn.  The bottom 2 guys and Ryan and Nathan.

We have a performance by the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, dancing to “Yellow” by Vitamin String Quartet.  They perform a mix of Hip-Hop and Contemporary to this classical piece, and it works very well.  They prove they really are extraordinary dancers!

The bottom 4 perform their solos, which don’t count for votes now but show off why they are in the Top 10.  All perform their solos from last night, except for Nathan, who performs a new one.

After a performance from Snoop Dogg with America’s Best Dance Crew winners Quest, Cat reveals that Noelle and Nathan are going home tonight.  Both are very thankful for their time on the show, and they will get to perform on the SYTYCD Top 10 tour.  Good night everybody!

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