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Good evening my friends, and welcome to the Top 10 performance show of So You Think You Can Dance.  All of the camera problems are worked out this week and we get a good view of our 10 dancers opening the show.  Cat steps out in a white sheath dress with feathers at the neck and hem, and she introduces Nigel, Mia, and Adam.  Immediately after last week’s results show, the contestants picked a name out of a hat to determine which All-Star they would dance with tonight.  As each of them pulled a name, the partner would announce which dance style they would be performing.  There are 12 All-Stars, so since Neil and Twitch did not get chosen they had this week off. This time the dancers were asked to tell us something about their childhood.

Cristina tells us she was very shy as a little girl.  In her first performance, she was dressed as a flower and her costume ripped…she ran offstage crying because she didn’t want anyone to see her underwear.  Aww…I would have done the same!  She and Pasha have Paso Doble this week, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France.  Cristina is playing the role of a gypsy, and some of the lifts really scare her.  They dance to “Ira Deorum/Sanctus” by James Dooley, giving a strong and passionate performance.  Nigel loves the great choreography and says she brought all of the elements of the dance to life.  Mia tells her it was the whole package and they had the perfect partnership.  Adam calls it mucho caliente, praising her confidence and commitment to her character.

Adechike’s dad was a dancer, and influenced his style growing up.  He and Allison are dancing Contemporary, choreographed by Mandy Moore.  There is no specific stroyline to this routine, instead it is all about emotions.  They perform to a version of “Listen to Your Heart” by DHT and EDME, and it’s so beautiful and romantic.  Nigel sees a major improvement since last week, but does warn Adechike not to let his steps interrupt the emotion.  Mia would like him to tap into his joy even more, saying dancing is not only an art form, it’s a heart form.  Adam says he is so good technically, but is still dancing too much from his head instead of his heart.

Alex started out as a tapper when he was 7, and ballet bored him when he first began.  How things have changed!  He and Lauren are performing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Tyce describes this piece as his take on the Fosse style, and Alex does his homework by watching old tapes of Bob Fosse in action.  They dance to the classic “Summertime”, as sung by Sylvester.  I love their great sync and those wonderful high kicks.  Nigel says he is technically there, but should bring a little more power to the performance.  Mia tells him that Fosse is so internal that you really have to bring the style out from within.  Adam says he has the ability, and it’s all about versatility and growth.  He would like to see less flash and more smolder.

Ashley’s mom always dressed her in very girly clothes, and she fist competed when she was 4.  She and Mark have Jazz this week with Travis Wall.  The story is about a girl that breaks up with her guy but then wants him back.  They dance to “Wonderful” by Annie Lennox, and I’m impressed with their amazing flexibility.  Nigel thinks this was choreographed more as Contemporary than Jazz, and we need to separate the two.  (I can see what he means…but even so I loved the choreography.)  He does say what they did was beautiful and he loves the dive lift.  Mia likes the beginning walk and says Ashley is one of her favorite girls, but she should always be aware of the transitions.  Adam agrees with Nigel, but says the routine was very challenging and they delivered.

Billy tells us he was really big as a baby, and his first performance ever was Hip-Hop.  He and Comfort have Krump with Lil’C.  It’s challenging for Billy to act tough, so C gives him an alter ego…”Billy B Buck”!  They perform to “So You Think You Can Krump” by Tha J-Squad, dancing off of a graffiti covered picnic table and stayed in perfect sync.  Nigel hates the music, with Cat telling him he’s not young enough to appreciate it.  He believes this is the most alien dance style for Billy, and although he didn’t quite nail it he gave it everything he had.  Mia says instead of taking on the warrior, he knocked on his door, and it was a little strange for her.  Comfort comes to Billy’s defense, saying she thought he was bucc.  Adam says it was like a failed experiment, but he tried so hard and is one of the best dancers.

Robert says he was a crazy kid, always dancing and jumping around.  He and Anya are dancing Argentine Tango, choreographed by Jean-Marc and France.  There’s a lot of passion to this routine, and Robert finds himself getting used to all of the direction changes.  They perform to Libertango” by Bond Quartet, and this number is sexy, sharp, and hot!  Nigel calls it magnificent and likes the way Robert played his role.  Mia likes it, but wanted more power.  Adam praises his beautiful footwork, but thinks he looked stressed out.  He also reminds Robert to strech out his steps.

Melinda tells us she was quirky and her whole family was into the arts, but that shaped her into the performer she is today.  She and Ade (sounds so much like MELISSA and Ade!) are performing Contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey.  Stacey has a very special message to send in this number…Melinda is Mother Earth and Ade is Mankind, and we should make sure we take good care of our planet before we waste it.  They dance to “Squander” by Skunk Anansie, and it’s extremely emotional and compelling.  I find I’ve been holding my breath throughout the performance.  Nigel loves Stacey’s idea and tells Meilnda she has fantastic lines for a tapper.  Mia agrees that she really likes the concept and the gorgeous lines.  Adam simply calls it fantastic.

Jose was athletic and into martial arts growing up.  He and Kathryn have Bollywood with Nakul Dev Mahajan, and this piece is about a genie in a bottle.  Jose knows almost nothing about this style, and works hard to get the finger movements down.  They dance to “Marjaani Marjaani Kasame” from Billu Barber, and I love the fun and energy of this piece.  It even ends with genie Kathryn putting Jose in the bottle!  Nigel asys the performance was good but he needs consistency.  Mia likes that he made us all smile, and it was so wrong yet so right.  Adam says he is the brightest light and fantastic to watch.

Lauren says she was very hyper and talkative as a child.  She and Dominic are performing Lyrical Hip-Hop, choreographed by Tessandra Chavez.  This routine makes another strong statement…how a woman must deal with being in an abusive relationship.  They dance to “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce, and I can feel all of the power and emotion pouring through both of them.  Lauren is crying after the performance, because she is still feeling the emotions.  Nigel says he believed the performance and thanks Tessandra for the amazing piece.  Mia calls it outstanding, and says she really felt it.  Adam says she is technically adept, and she took his notes from last week and made improvements.  He also tells her that he sees that she is still in that raw and emotional place, and she should celebrate that.

Kent says he had a huge head as a kid and was always acting crazy.  He and Courtney are performing Jazz, choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  This story is about a couple who keep breaking apart and coming back together.  Kent knows this is a real stretch for him.  They dance to “Amy Amy Amy” by Amy Winehouse, showing off strong moves and lifts around the table.  I think Kent made improvements in being sexy this week!  Nigel tells him his journey seems to be moving very fast, and he enjoyed it.  Mia says there were great moments, but he really needs to transform himself.  Courtney responds that she thought Kent was good at being sexy.  Adam says it’s about finding the connection, and it was a fantastic performance.

We see a recap of the performances as Cat reminds us to vote.  Who will go home tomorrow, as the Top 10 become the Top 9?  Tune in to find out…good night everybody!


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