DWTS Week 2 Results

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Hello and welcome to the first Dancing With The Stars Results Show for Season Ten! Tonight the first couple of the season will be sent home, saying goodbye to their chance at the mirror ball trophy.


We get to the results right away. Buzz and Ashly are safe. I love how Nicole gave him a hug and kiss. What a sweet, genuine woman!

Pamela and Damien are in the bottom two. You can hear a pin drop—that is how shocked everyone is. Anna’s jaw dropped to the ground and I know mine did too. All I can say is WHAT?!?!?! I thought Pam was one of the better dancers so far. But this is why we need to vote kiddies!


Len gives his recap of last night— the good, the bad and the ugly—and wishes them all luck this season.

Nicole and Derek get the encore, to the shock of, um, nobody! In all seriousness though, they really and truly deserved it. They are incredible—they have chemistry, good dancing and the artistry to go along with it.

Michael Jackson’s choreographers put together a pro dance. The bright lights and spinning makes me a bit dizzy but it is overall a very good performance. But Maks with an open shirt makes every performance good—that man can read the phone book in Pig Latin and rip off his shirt and girls will scream!


Adam Carolla gives a performance. He tallies six moon shirts for Buzz and wants more emotion from Chad.

He thinks Damien and Pam are all insane and Len can’t count.

He also says Edyta may have some daddy issues since she keeps accidently beating up her partners.

He also makes a comment about Bruno and Elton Johns sexuality.


Aiden and Edyta—SAFE!

Nicey and Louis—SAFE! And she got an ass slap from Maks!


Pam says it was an oops to be in the bottom two while Damien says it is nerve racking.

Buzz thinks his fans appreciated his patriotism.


Melissa Rycroft is the female celebrity for the performance and this week we vote on the males, which include Cody Linely, Cameron Mathison, Joey Fatone. Warren Sapp, Lance Bass. Joey Lawrence and Maurice Greene.


They sing a medley of their greatest hits while Ashly, Anna, Cheryl, Louis, Damien and Maks dance.


I. Thou shalt not kill … time. (Or in layman’s terms: no stripping, kissing or giving flowers.)

II. Thou shalt not take the judges’ name in vain. (or in Edyta’s case, curse at them?)

III. Thou shalt not steal … dance moves.

IV. Thou shalt not interrupt me.

V. Thou shalt not do lifts.

VI. Thou shalt have rhinestones. Many rhinestones.

VII. Thou may honor the judges with gifts. (Maybe Jake should’ve given him a rose!)

Next week’s challenge needs to tell a story—minus gimmicks. It has to be shown through the dance.


Evan and Anna are SAFE!

Jake and Chelsie are SAFE!

Nicole and Derek are SAFE!


A man whose son died during the earthquake talks about the nightmare he has faced and how dancing makes him look to the future in a positive way. This poor man, my heart just breaks for him.

The dance tribute is wonderful and is very upbeat. We are told where to help the victims of Haiti.


Brooke talks to the celebrities and she shows us a day in the life of a DWTS episode. So it is basically more filler.


Erin and Maks—SAFE!

Chad and Cheryl—SAFE!

Kate and Tony—SAFE!

Shannen and Mark–Bottom two.

Eliminated: Shannen and Mark.

Shannen admits dancing isn’t her thing, but she is glad she got to dance with her dad. Mark says he hurt his knee—he pulled a muscle off his knee and was unable to dance anyway. Had Shannen stayed, she would have needed another partner, namely Corky Ballas. They are given a tribute before everyone gives them hugs and kisses goodbye.

Mark, get well soon! America, tune in next week and goodnight!

DWTS Season 10 Premiere!!

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Hello, and welcome to Dancing With The Stars—season TEN! Tonight, eleven new dancers will take to the dance floor to prove that that they are worthy of that mirror ball trophy. Can you believe the show has been on for five years already?

After Tom welcomes Brooke Burke as his new co-host, we see the stars descend down the stairs. Poor Pam almost fell! I love Chelsie and Nicole’s dresses. Welcome back Ashly!

Brooke will be in the new skybox with the stars as they wait and watch the performances.


Their first dance is the cha cha cha. Cheryl says he is very serious about learning and he seems to want to learn and make her proud.

The dance itself is fast, fun and flirty, but he is a bit stiff. However, it is his first time dancing live and he is the first dancer up, so it is understandable. I will say, however, that he has great rhythm!

LEN: He takes his hat off to him and thinks he attacked it. He does, however, wants to see more polish.

BRUNO: He thinks Chad has a huge talent but he is a bit rough.

CARRIE ANN: She thinks there is a raw something that will take him far. She wants to see a bit more extending and for him to hit it harder. (Resisting urge to make this into a That’s What She Said joke)

SCORES: 6-6-6=18 out of 30. (Cue booing from audience)

Tom quips that the audience’s booing gets a 7!


Shannen says she is doing the show for her dad, who recently suffered a massive stroke and wanted to see her on the show. She is terrified to dance in front of a live audience. Mark jokes that he will keep antihistamine in his pocket for her.

Their Viennese Waltz is beautiful, nice flowy and has a lot of amazing technical moves in it. However, the best part was seeing her daddy in the audience cheering for her.

BRUNO: He makes a couple of comments on how she can improve—but thinks she can get better.

CARRIE ANN: She is impressed with her ambitious routine. She points out a couple of stumbles but thinks something is coming.

LEN: He saw ease and elegance in it and thinks she coped well with such a difficult routine. He just wants her to work on her footwork a bit.

Tom quips that the padded room is well overdue.

Shannen and her dad crying is making me cry!

SCORES: 6-6-6=18 out of 30.


Maks says everyone asks for him and Erin says that she requested Tony. BURN! I think I like her already. He pretends to walk out but then they get down to business. She is a bit of a perfectionist, but he tries to get her to stop thinking so much.

Their cha cha cha has a fun party vibe to it and her footwork is pretty good, but why, oh why did she borrow something from Big Bird?

CARRIE ANN: She likes their partnership but wants her to work on her arms and legs.

LEN: He likes the rhythm and the routine but wants her to work on her legwork.

BRUNO: He likes what he sees and wants to see her legs in the air more.

Both Erin and Maks grab Tom’s bum.

SCORES: 7-7-7=21 out of 30.


Aww, Vienna and Gia are in the audience! Luckily, we are spared a Mile High Club joke. He bought her a rose and she says they will NOT get married after this.  He is worried about being a good dancer but she tells him it is not just about who is best but also who improves.

Their Viennese Waltz is done to Kiss From A Rose….how cliché, but at least it isn’t On The Wings Of Love. He is stiff and kind of slow moving but it is not horrible. The ending was messy and had rose petals fall on top of them.

LEN: He likes it, but tells him to work on his hold and keeping his bum in.

BRUNO: He tells him not to Bachelor about and to keep his legs together.

CARRIE ANN: She appreciates how he worked romance into it and thought he had good lines. She does want him to work on his posture.

SCORES: 7-6-7=20 out of 30.


She is hysterical and seems like she is really into learning and having fun! I think I’m going to like her this season!

Their cha cha cha is my favorite one so far, Not only does she put her personality into it, but she also seems to have the footwork down pat. They also got the biggest cheer so far!

BRUNO: He says she went from sexy to virginal and wants to see more sass.

CARRIE ANN: She loves it!

LEN: Clean, clear, precise—but uneventful.

SCORES: 7-5-6=18


Evan admits he was always a huge fan of hers and felt a connection with her. He is a bit clutzy in practice, but hopes to make it the best yet.

Their Viennese Waltz is pretty fast and he almost trips her toward the end, but overall it was a nice, solid routine.

CARRIE ANN: She thinks he is good and has gorgeous lines. She wants him to point his toes and connect with the audience more.

LEN: He likes his artistry and posture, but adds that he has clumsy feet and no chemistry with Anna.

BRUNO: He thinks he is graceful but wants to see more of a connection between them.

SCORES:  8-7-8=23 out of 30.


Awww, the International Space Station wishes him luck! His wife says this is just another risk for him.  When they meet, he shows her some of the stuff from his career. He quips that it takes 20 times for him to remember things now!

Their cha cha cha starts off slow, but picks up pace as it goes on. I think it is amazing that he is trying so hard and having fun!

LEN:  He commends him on his bravery, but isn’t happy with the dance.

BRUNO: He says it was a cha cha cha but looks like he still had his moon boots on.

CARRIE ANN: She liked his ‘cute little moonwalk’ and calls him inspirational.

SCORES: 5-4-5=14 out of 30.


They have fun practicing together and instantly have a good, bantering relationship.

First off, her dress is gorgeous! Their Viennese Waltz is almost flawless, nice lines, amazing artistry and footwork—WOW!

BRUNO: He pretty much screams over how wonderful it was.

CARRIE ANN: She never saw a routine out of the gate like this EVER!

LEN: He didn’t like the footwork and thinks it lacked musicality.

SCORES-9-7-9=25 out of 30.


He loves to challenge himself by jumping out of planes and bungee jumping. He brings her a huge bouquet of flowers and presents. She jokes that teaching him to dance is like a mom teaching a kid how to walk.

Their cha cha cha is fun, but it seems like she is doing more dancing than he is. He is moving, but it is almost like he forgot some of the moves. AWWW, David and Amanda from AMC are in the audience.

CARRIE ANN: She liked the approach but calls it disjointed.

LEN: He calls it wobbly but wishes him luck in next week’s foxtrot.

BRUNO: He thinks it was Kenny Maynes all over again.

SCORES: Triple 5s for a 15 out of 30.


She is scared to death of the dancing and wonders what she has done. She says this dance is for all the moms out there.

Their Viennese Waltz was very careful and solid, it was okay, but almost like she put too much thought into it.

LEN: He thinks she looked too nervous and needs to get over it.

BRUNO: He compares it to someone pushing a shopping cart.

CARRIE ANN: She was impressed by the sweetness of the performance.

SCORES: 6-5-5=16 out of 30.


She is doing the show for her Auntie Vie. He thinks he is the luckiest man in the world. Damien thinks she has potential but wants her to be more confident.

Their cha cha cha is very sexy and has a lot of great footwork in it. The best part though is when she rips his shirt open! HOT!

BRUNO: He squeals over the sexiness of it all.

CARRIE ANN: She was excited to see her and says she did not disappoint.

LEN: He calls it a mess but a good mess.

SCORES: 7-6-8=21 out of 30 (Carrie Ann and Bruno’s score giving was PRICELESS!!!)

After a recap of scores and dances, Brooke and Tom remind us to vote and tune in NEXT WEEK for more dances and results. Goodnight America!

Tell us at BDC: Do you like Brooke as co-host? Who are your early favorites? Who will we say goodbye to first? Let us know!

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