Dance Your A$$ Off With Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to Week 1 of Dance Your Ass Off.  I have really been looking forward to this first full episode to see more of what our 12 inspiring contestants can do.  Marissa tells us that this show will prove that you don’t have to starve to lose weight, and you can have fun as the weight comes off.

We start off with a brief look at our dancers as they all meet up at the DYAO house.  Alicia comes in first, and immediately notices two cabinets filled with food.  One is labeled EAT and contains the healthy foods that everyone should be eating.  The other one is labeled CHEAT and is filled with junk food.  Alicia says she has struggled with weight her entire life.  Trice also grew up heavy, and wants to prove that a size 18 can move like a size 2.  She loves to shop and wants to be able to fit into the fashions that she loves.

Miles joins the ladies as we find out that his father died when he was 9.  He doesn’t want to die young like his dad.  Pinky is a street dancer just like her brothers, but she needs to get in shape to be able to join their dance group and keep up with everyone.  Brandon is a Type II diabetic, and he almost was not allowed to fly out to the show because his blood sugar was so high.  He also takes a peek into the EAT and CHEAT cabinets, and eats something out of the CHEAT cabinet as a last hurrah before he starts the program.

Karla wants to be able to have a loving relationship, and she’s tired of being ignored because of her weight.  Angela was thin 2 years ago and used to be a model.  She’s gained 55 pounds since then.  Ruben was once a professional dancer.  His life partner of 17 years is battling cancer, but Ruben went forward with the show because his partner wants him to have the opportunity to get healthy.  Mara and her mother are both diabetic, and her brother died from the disease.

Tara’s main priority is being a mom, but that means that she hasn’t been taking care of herself.  She fondly looks at old pictures of her thin self at 18 years old.  Shayla grew up thin and was a cheerleader and homecoming queen.  She’d like to get back to that size.  Finally we meet Warren, who wants to get healthy for his wife and 2 daughters, so he can set a good example for them.

The 12 contestants are dancing in the kitchen when Marissa walks in to meet them.  They are all excited to see her…she is a role model for them (and the rest of us!) because she’s a plus-size girl who made it, and doesn’t let her weight stop her from her dreams.  Marissa tells the group that they are about to change their lives.  There will be no more feeling bad about yourself; it’s time to start feeling good!  She also fills them in on the people who will be helping them on this journey…everyone from medical professionals like Dr. H to costume designers who will make them look great for their performances.  Our contestants will dance in front of a live audience and the 3 judges, with their dance scores and weight loss being combined to determine who goes home each week.  The winner at the end of the competition will win $100,000.

Dr. H, who also works with the Biggest Loser contestants, meets with the 12 after checking them all out.  He mentions several health problems that they are dealing with, and says if they work hard and lose the weight some of those problems will go away.  A few in the group are scared, but they are all looking forward to getting started.

Now we are back in front of the audience where Marissa announces that our judges, Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walter and Danny Teeson, will give each dancer a score from 1 to 10.  The judges scores will be averaged to arrive at one number.  The official weigh-in is before the show, so that we know ahead of time who will be in the bottom 2:  those two people will dance last.  After each performance, the contestants will weigh-in on stage where their weights from earlier in the day will come up.  The number for the percentage of weight loss will be added to the judges’ average score to determine the order in which they finish for the week.

The first 10 people announced will dance and be scored until we get to the bottom 2.  Marissa tells Alicia she will be dancing first.  Her starting weight is 257.6.  She meets with Meg, the nutritionist, who instructs her to eat a wide variety of foods, especially fruits and vegetables.  Alicia meets her professional dance partner, Italio, who gives her a fun dance workout.  She really feels good in the costume she is wearing this week.  They perform a Latin routine, and she moves really well, showing off her personality.

Mayte calls it amazing, praising her awesome splits and steps.  Lisa Ann loves the great musicality.  Danny says she attacked the routine and had great energy.  The judges score her 6-7-6, for an average of 6.3.  Alicia lost 7.5 pounds for a percentage of 2.91, so her overall score is 9.21.

Ruben is up next, and his starting weight is 314.3.  A light bulb has gone off in his head after seeing this number on the scale.  He loves the great support and information he’s getting from the show, and just has to work on getting his body to cooperate with the steps.  He and his professional partner Hilary dance a wonderful routine filled with great lifts and a lot of attitude.

Mayte loves the expression on his face and the lifts, but mentions that he needs to work on timing.  Lisa Ann likes his jazz hands and his facial expressions.  Danny disagrees, calling the look on Ruben’s face deadpan.  The judges scores are 6-7-5, for an average of 6.0.  Ruben has lost 13.9 pounds, for a percentage of 4.2.  His overall score is 10.42.

Shayla is our third dancer tonight.  She starts out at 206.5 pounds, and realizes this experience is real when she meets her partner Mario.  She is exhausted by all of the hard work, hoping that soon she’ll be able to do all of the things she used to do at 130 pounds.  They get to perform a Tina Turner style routine to “Proud Mary”, with great attitude and energy..and even cartwheels!

Mayte loves that Shayla danced in such high heels and tells her she just needs to work on her turns.  Lisa Ann calls it fantastic, loving the cartwheels and high energy.  Danny tells her that she moves like she is still only 130 pounds, and he is thoroughly entertained.  Judges scored Shayla 7-7-7, for an average of 7.0.  She gets on the scale and has lost 4.9 pounds for a percentage of 2.37, which makes her overall score 9.37.

Marissa calls on Warren to dance next.  He weighs 357.6 to start.  He really wants to change his life and see his kids grow up.  Meg tells him he needs to avoid white starches, which is a real challenge for him.  The food he misses the most this week is bacon.  Sarah helps him learn his moves, which is also challenging because he has no dance experience.  They perform a Hip-Hop number, which is strong and full of attitude.

Mayte loves his “running man” moves, but would like him to connect more to his partner.  Lisa Ann says she loves what she calls his “scissorface”, because it resembles the faces her kids make when they are using scissors.  Danny is impressed that Warren didn’t miss a beat.  The judges’ scores are 5-5-6, for an average of 5.3.  Warren has lost 11.6 pounds for a percentage of 3.24.  That makes his overall score 8.54.

Trice is our next dancer, and she starts out at 274.9 pounds.  Her partner, Jesus, is amazed at how well she is doing for being an untrained dancer.  She is a little scared when she winds up wheezing, and also has to ice her ankle a bit.  She is missing cheesecake this week.  (I can sure understand that!) She loves the dance outfit she gets to wear this week, and I have to say the costumes are awesome for this show.  Everyone looks great and the outfits are made to flatter whatever size each contestant is.  Their performance is sassy and fun, and Trice moves really well too.

Mayte says the performance is really good, but Trice should work on her arms and carriage.  Lisa Ann loves Trice’s back flexibility and says all she needs to do is tighten up her routine.  Danny likes the booty shake and attack, telling her to just learn to contain the dance a little more.  Judges’ scores are 6-6-6, for an average of 6.0.  Trice lost 11.4 pounds for a percentage of 4.15, making her overall score 10.15.

Marissa calls on Angela to come out and dance.  She starts out at 185.9. Her weight bothers her, making her feel ugly.  Now, I know what it feels like to think that when you’ve gained a lot of weight, but Angela is still very beautiful.  She would like to be the person she was 2 years ago, and she likes dances where she gets to shake her junk!  Her partner Kenny designs a Jive-like routine for her, and they do a good job, with just a little trouble on their cartwheel.

Mayte tells her to work on her shoulders, which will help with the cartwheels.  Lisa Ann likes it, but tells Angela that she needs to relax.  Danny says it was OK, but he can see tht rhythm does not comes naturally to her.  They score her 6-5-5, for an average of 5.3.  Angela has lost 3.5 pounds for a percentage of 1.8, giving her an overall score of 7.18.

It’s at this point in the show that I see the only thing that disturbs me…and it has nothing to do with the show itself.  It’s the new Pizza Hut commercial for their Big Eats, Tiny Price menu.  Now really, is that nice to do to people who are watching this show so they can be inspired to lose weight?  Talk about trying to play on people’s weaknesses!

Back to the show, and Mara is up next.  Her starting weight is 261.9.  She is disappointed that people cannot see past her weight for the person she really is…and again, I can relate!  She loves to dance, no matter what the style.  Paul choreographs a Hip-Hop number for her, and they show off tremendous energy and great kicks.

Mayte says they are amazing, and she loves that Mara remembered to point her toes.  Lisa Ann loves it, especially the floorwork.  Danny really loves that she enjoyed it while still maintaining focus and control.  The scores are 7-7-8, for an average of 7.3.  Mara has lost 6.6 pounds, for a percentage of 2.52.  This gives her an overall score of 9.82.

Tara is our next performer, and she weighs in at 237.4 to start.  She decides to just say that this is where she is at right now and just has to take it from there.  She wants to be able to teach her kids to make good choices in life.  She’s glad her partner Michael is so patient with her, and is so excited about the super sexy outfit she gets to wear.  They really rock out on the dance floor, and Tara shows off her great moves and attitude.

Mayte says it was a good performance, but Tara needs to connect more to her partner.  Lisa Ann wants her to finish her lines and give it her all.  Danny thinks it was a good start and Tara has potential.  They score her 6-5-6, for an average of 5.7.  Tara lost 4.5 pounds for a percentage of 1.9, giving her an overall score of 7.60.

Now we get to see Karla, who starts out at 174.9 pounds.  She is sure that her weight hinders relationships, and that guys just see her as the funny girl.  Jull is her partner, and he keeps her constantly moving during practice.  They dance a Hip-Hop routine full of attitude and high energy…and Karla even does “the snake”!

Mayte loves their connection and energy, and the fact that they just kept going.  Lisa Ann says she threw herself into it…and threw Jull around like cheap lawn furniture.  Danny calls it very entertaining and loves the great moves.  The judges’ scores are 7-7-7, for an average of 7.0.  Karla lost 9.5 pounds this week, for a percentage of 5.43.  This makes her overall score 12.43.  Wow!

Miles is the next to dance, which means the bottom 2 are Brandon and Pinky.  Miles weighs in at 260.8 to start off, and he’s worried because he’s only 29 and has high blood pressure.  He feels like a ticking time bomb, and since his dad died so young he doesn’t want his mom to have to bury him too.  He tells his partner Michelle how much he loves Swing, and she’s impressed with how he nails her choreography.  They perform with great energy, showing off wonderful footwork and an awesome flip!  He’s so pumped afterward that he even picks Marissa up!

Mayte loves the awesome footwork and posture, and the fact that he really let it go.  Lisa Ann calls him Swing Daddy and says they burned up the floor.  Danny likes the attack, but tells Miles not to look down so much.  The scores are 7-8-7, for an average of 7.3.  Miles has lost 6.9 pounds for a percentage of 2.65, giving him an overall score of 9.95.

Since Brandon and Pinky are in the bottom 2, they are up for elimination.  Angela is also in danger, because if the other 2 score well enough for their dances she would be going home.  The last 2 dancers will perform and weigh-in, but the judges will not tell their scores until the end of the show.

Brandon is first, and his starting weight is 230.4.  He’s not pleased with the way he’s been living, and knows he has to really watch portions.  The only time he ever had a girlfriend was when he was in 8th grade.  His partner Yesenia choreographs a rocking number, and they really get the crowd into it.

Mayte likes the good energy, but tells Brandon to work on his arms.  Lisa Ann says they had a choppy beginning but it got better, and she loved it.  Danny likes the natural groove and style, but says they need to kick it into 5th gear.  Brandon has lost 3.6 pounds for a percentage of 1.56.

Pinky dances now, and her starting weight is 186.9.  She says she’s eaten too much of her grandma’s great cooking, and she really wants to be a part of her brothers’ street dance crew.  Her partner is Mr. Lucky, and Pinky loves how they mesh together…and her great costume.  Their street routine has awesome energy and attitude.

Mayte loves the energy but wants her to hit it harder.  Lisa Ann could tell that Pinky is determined and says she is beautiful, she would just like her to complete her lines.  Danny loves it, saying that she gave it everything she had.  Pinky lost 2.4 pounds for a percentage of 1.28.

Now Marissa announces the judges’ scores, which were already recorded as each pair danced.  Pinky receives 7-7-8 for an average of 7.3.  Her overall score is 8.58, so she is safe.  Brandon receives 6-7-7 for an average of 6.7.  This makes his overall score 8.26, so he is also safe.  Angela falls below both of them, and she is going home.  She says she was really hoping to stay around longer to show people more of what she could do.

At the end of the show, all of the couples come out to dance and we see a preview for next Monday, which is Disco Week.  Since this show is shown after it is taped, a brief tribute to Michael Jackson appears on the screen before we fade out for the night.  Tune in next week for more motivation and inspiration…good night everybody!

SYTYCD Results by Sammi T

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance: The Results. Tonight sixteen becomes fourteen as two more dancers are cut.

After the group dance, Nigel gives a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Ed McMahon. It is very touching and beautiful, especially about Michael Jackson. Nigel decides to celebrate him by playing ‘Thriller’ This not only brings back memories of us trying to do it in college, but of Drew and Cheryl’s paso doble during DWTS season 2.


Short and sweet:

Asuka and Vitolio are…IN THE BOTTOM 3!

Janette and Brandon are dancing another week.

Randi and Evan will join them, along with……Jeanine and Phillip and Melissa and Ada.

Karla and Jonathan are in danger, as are Caitlin and Jason, which means……Kayla and Kopono are SAFE! YES! My cousin’s wife and I love her and Evan and root for them every week.

After a hip hop dance number, we get to the solos.

Asuka: She is a very beautiful dancer with some amazing lines, but she is better at partner dancing than solo dancing.

Vitolio: Those leaps, my goodness!  Yeah, why is he in the bottom three again?

Karla: She does a great job as always, and adds some nice spins to her routine. She kind of reminds me of that Lizzie McGuire episode where she does rhythmic gymnastics. I have no idea why  I think that or why I just admitted to being a fan of that show.

Jonathan: Another incredible routine. Seriously, NONE of these people deserve bottom three!

Caitlin: She shows so much joy when she dances, which, coupled with her amazing routines, makes her have the whole package.

Jason: He nailed it too, this is going to be so hard tonight! No clue who is going home.

The judges deliberate, the Veronica’s sing, and finally we find out who is going home…..Asuka and Jonathan, which means Karla and Vitolio will dance together next week.

After montages, hugs and kisses, we find out American Idol will replay their Michael Jackson week episode in his honor.

Tune in next week for your final fourteen! Goodnight!

SYTYCD Recap by Marie

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Good evening dance friends, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Week 3. We have 16 performers left, who will compete as 8 couples tonight. Since Max and Ashley went home last week, their partners are now dancing together. Let’s see how Kayla and Kupono pair up this week!

Cat introduces our dancers and judges, and I’m liking her dress much better this week. In fact, where can I order one of these? She looks very beautiful and classy. Our judges are Nigel and Mary, along with Toni Basil, who is a great singer/dancer/choreographer in her own right. We find out that Toni will be receiving the Living Legend of Hip-Hop Award, and she is proud to represent the genre of street dancing.

Our first couple tonight is Karla and Jonathan. This week the contestants are asked what they would want to do with their lives if they weren’t dancing. Karla is interested in journalism while Jonathan would like to be an acrobat. They are dancing Hip-Hop choreographed by Dave Scott. He’s looking for them to do a gangsta-type love story, with a smooth criminal feel. They perform to “By My Side” by Jadakiss/Ne-Yo; it is very smooth, starting out slowly but coming more to life toward the end.

Nigel says the problem with Smooth Hip-Hop is that there’s no real excitement, likening the routine to a Sunday School picnic. He also says the chemistry was not there this week. Mary agrees with Nigel, saying she wasn’t feeling it and they were not in sync. Toni (who could rival Lil’C in the language department) tells them that street dance needs groove and funk, which they did not have, and also that they did not work as a unit.

Before our next pair comes out, Cat reminds everyone that Season 6 auditions will be this Friday in Phoenix, and if you are interested in trying out for the show please go to

Now we see Asuka and Vitolio with a Jazz number choreographed by Mandy Moore. Asuka says besides dancing she likes to make jewelry (a girl after my own heart). Vitolio would like to be the lead singer in a band. Mandy calls the style she’s created for them “Thrash-Rocker Jazz”. The pair are overwhelmed at times learning the different counts for this routine. They perform a strong, passionate routine to “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benetar, showing us some incredible lifts.

Nigel calls it fantastic, saying they did the work they needed to to get it right. Mary says this one is not up to last week’s level, but it was still really good. She also praises their growing partnership. Toni believes they have the potential to be an extremely powerful couple, just don’t let the technique get in the way of the emotion so you can take it to the next level.

Our first Ballroom dance of the night is by Melissa and Ade. Melissa would like to have her own Pilates studio one day, and help people prevent injuries through the discipline. Ade is interested in becoming a sound engineer. Tony Meredith choreographs their Rumba, which is International style and very sensual. It takes a lot of practice to get the routine down. They perform to “Emotion” by Destiny’s Child, which is the old 1970’s song by Samantha Sang, done in more of a slow-jam style. It’s hot and sexy, filled with awesome hip movements.

Nigel loves Melissa’s hips, legs, and back, and says Ade is strong and incredible. He praises the job Tony did with the choreography. Mary tells them she’s buying what they’re selling, and loves how believable it was…then she screams. Toni fans herself, saying it was beautifully done. She gives the credit for the hotness factor to Tony and his partner Melanie.

The second Hip-Hop dance of the night is from Janette and Brandon. Brandon is really interested in set lighting and design, while Janette is close to having her degree in banking so she can be a loan processor. Dave Scott choreographs for them also, merging Rock and Hip-Hop together. Janette will be showing Brandon Rock, while he will be showing her Hip-Hop, and by the end of the number they will be fusing the two styles together. They dance to “What a World” by Common, giving us a wild, powerful performance.

Nigel likes how the choreographers are inspired by the dancers they get to work with, and calls this routine a mix of 50 Cent and Cher. He also loves how the pair really worked their new elements. Mary says they really hit it, then she screams. Toni likes the strategic moves planned by Dave, and says the couple nailed their connection.

Our new pairing of Kayla and Kupono is up next. Kayla says she has now learned to never take anything for granted. She has done some modeling, and would like to continue to pursue that. Kupono really likes to do costume design. They are doing a Viennese waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc and France Genereaux. Their toughest challenge during practice is getting the posture right. They perform a sweet, romantic V-Waltz to “Sweet Dreams for You” by Jewel.

Nigel enjoys the flow of movement, caliing it very beautiful and elegant. Mary says it was totally believable and endearing…then she tells them they are on the Hot Tamale Train. She also says she’s never said that about a waltz before, and she screams. Toni really loves it, but is curious about them not wearing shoes in a waltz. She tells Kayla she is something else, and loves that she’s always alive and in the moment…and now they have a great new partnership.

Now Randi and Evan are dancing Contemporary, choreographed by Mia Michaels. Randi is studying to be an elementary special education teacher, and Evan would like to have his own custom car shop. Mia designs this dance to be all about Randi’s booty, and Evan being hypnotized by it. The couple work long and hard on the unique movements of the dance. They perform to “Koop Island Blues” by Koop/Ane Brun, and it’s very sassy, quirky, and entertaining.

Nigel, after making the requisite number of butt jokes, praises their ability to follow through from beginning to end, saying it was beautifully danced and this number will be remembered. Mary screams, tells them it was terrific and calls Evan a leading man now. Toni says any dancer should hope to be choreographed by Mia, and they lived up to her incredible routine.

Our next Ballroom number comes from Caitlyn and Jason, who are dancing the Paso Doble. Caitlyn is interested in braodcast journalism, and Jason’s other love is soccer. This one is also choreographed by Jean-Marc and France, who make them do a lot of work to get the steps right and act like they hate each other. They dance to “O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana, keeping it powerful and passionate to go along with their warrior-like costumes.

Nigel says Caityn’s flow and lines are perfect, but Jason should have danced more to his partner than the audience. He still believes this dance was exceptionally good. Mary calls it a strong performance, with just a slight loss of posture. Toni loves that even though this was not their style, they didn’t let it get in the way of the perfomance. She believes they lived with the music.

Jeanine and Phillip are the final couple of the evening, and they are doing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Phillip wants to be an inventor and help the world. Jeanine has done some acting and would like to continue with it. She loves that with this Broadway number she can mesh acting and dancing, while Phillip is nervous about the part where he has to jump over the couch…the long way. They perform to “Moses” from Singin’ in the Rain, which is very classic and animated. Phillip clears the couch with no problems, and we even end the routine with a good old-fashioned pillow fight. As the couple walk over to the judges, we discover that Phillip has ripped his pants down the backside during the dance.

Nigel tells Phillip he’s in good step with so many vaudeville performers that came before him in ripping his pants. He also says that they needed to bring the essence of Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly…Jeanine brought the personality but Phillip needs to bring that out even more. Mary says the character was great in the beginning for him and was a lot of fun. She tells Jeanine that she could step on any Broadway stage right now. Toni calls it adorable, but they need to bring it to the next level. She does also say it was better than their routine last week.

Cat gives us our recap of the dances and reminds everyone to vote. She also announces that The Veronicas will be performing on tomorrow nights’ results show. Will we have any shocking eliminations this time? Tune in tomorrow…good night everybody!

SYTYCD top 18 results by Sammi T.

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Hello, and welcome to this week’s results show for So You Think You Can Dance.  Tonight the cast will trim down to 16 as two more dancers are sent home, saying goodbye the show and their dream of being America’s Favorite Dancer.

The show opens with a Mia Michaels group dance and I must admit, as much as I disagree with her sometimes she is an incredible choreographer. That dance was awesome.

The results are as follows: I’ll cut to the chase because I know it is what everyone came to see.

Melissa & Ade  are safe

Jason & Caitlin are in the bottom three,

Phillip & Jeanine  are safe.

Janette & Brandon will dance another week.

Karla & Jonathan are safe as well.

Ashley & Kupono will be joining Jason and Caitlin in the bottom three.

Randi & Evan  are safe.

Asuka & Vitolio safe……leaving……….

Kayla & Max IN THE BOTTOM THREE. I AM SO SHOCKED, I LOVE THEM BOTH! If you feel like picturing it, I’m yelling at my TV the way football fans do during the Superbowl and the opposing team gets a touchdown. I’m so upset over this!

These six will dance for their lives and a chance to still be America’s favorite dancer. My assessment:

Caitlin – She has a decent routine and she has lovely lines, she kind of reminds me of Kherington last season.

Jason – Another good routine, I love how he always puts his all into everything. Why is he in the bottom three again?

Ashley – She also does a beautiful job and I love her costume and the joy she expresses as she dances.

Kupono – He also does a decent job, and shows how much he wants to be there with his style, hard work and determination.



We get a performance by Krystina DeBarge, who sings the song with the ‘na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goodbye’ in it. I always heard that song and liked it but had no clue who it was, so thank you SYTYCD!

RESULTS! After some deliberation, Ashley and Max are sent home, the latter especially breaking my heart. I loved him and he was my pick for the finals. Best of luck to the both of them.

They both get hugs, kisses and montages before it is time to say goodbye.

Join us next week for our top 16! Goodnight!

SYTYCD Top 18 by Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Week 2. Paris and Tony left us last week, leaving the Top 18 to perform tonight. Cat introduces the 18 dancers, who will keep their same partners from last week to dance again this week. Tonight’s judges are Lil’C, Mary, and Nigel. We get to hear the judges’ views on the competition, and Lil’C believes this is going to be a roller coaster season. I have to agree…all of our dancers are such strong performers.

First up are Randi and Evan, who are doing the Jive. (Each couple draws a dance style randomly out of a hat to determine what they will perform each week.) This week each dancer is telling us something they have learned about his or her partner, so Evan tells us how Randi treats her dog like a child, even over the phone. Randi mentions that Evan is a gearhead and he built his own car from scratch. Louis Van Amstel is choreographing their Jive, and he says that this is his favorite Ballroom dance because the dancers get to show so much personality. We see a fast and furious routine, performed to “Shake A Tail Feather” by Ray Charles. Their spins and lifts are awesome!

Lil’C says they came out of the box like a bang, but tells Evan to bust out a little more. He says Randi is a firecracker. Mary believes the two of them were built for the Jive, and even though they are powerhouses it fell a little short for her. Nigel congratulates Louis on a great routine and is glad to have him on the show this season. He agrees with Mary, telling Evan to use less jazz style on this dance, but calls them a tremendous couple.

Cat reminds us that auditions for Season 6 are currently being held across the country. If you are interested in trying out for the show, please go to for more details.

Our second dance tonight comes from Melissa and Ade. Ade lets us know that Melissa has been married for 4 years, and that she and her sister are married to brothers. Melissa gives us Ade’s full name…I only caught his full first name, Adetokunbo. They are performing Jazz choreographed by Sonya. The routine is about a woman playing hard to get, and the man does not want to lose. They dance to “24 Hours” by Terry Poison, and give us a very aggessive and powerful performance.

Lil’C calls Ade everybody’s competition and is very impressed. He likes the way Sonya makes her dancers search inside of themselves, and tells Melissa she did a great job. Mary is going to give them tough love…it’s tough for her to find anything she didn’t love! She praises their style and technique, calling the routine quirky and cool. Nigel says they are fabulous, and likes how Melissa equaled Ade’s strength; if he didn’t know she was a ballerina already he never would have been able to tell tonight.

Caitlyn and Jason perform our first Hip-Hop number of the evening. Caitlyn tells us that Jason was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a kid. Jason is getting used to Caitlyn using baby voices and also her Velociraptor impression. Shane Sparks is choreographing their routine, where they need to act like they’re in love and show their chemistry. They perform a sexy, playful dance to “Missin You” by Trey Songz.

Lil’C says he did not love it and the routine left him feeling perplexed. Mary tells them they were not in sync and the chemistry didn’t work. Nigel disagrees with the other two judges, saying that Hip-Hop has evolved and Shane created a style that would make them look good… and they looked very good.

Next we have a Disco number from Janette and Brandon. Brandon finds out that Janette had the worst teeth when she was young, but says she is beautiful now. Janette marvels that Brandon has never worked out a day in his life; he has never pumped iron but his body is in great shape. Doriana Sanchez choreographs this dance, and she says it’s the fastest dance she’s ever done on this show. They perform a super high energy routine to “Loving Is Really My Game” by Brainstorm. I’m amazed by their incredible lifts and splits!

Lil’C sees the birth of progression in two amazing dancers and loves that they never broke character. Mary says that Doriana did a great job with the choreography, and she was blown away by the couple’s flexibilty and strength…then she screams. Nigel admits that if he could scream like Mary right now he would. It’s the best disco routine he’s ever seen and tells them they are brilliant.

Asuka and Vitolio are up now with a Waltz. Asuka finds out that Vitolio loves motorcycles, and Vitolio learns that Asuka can blow spit bubbles. They both say that they never want to experience the bottom 3 again. Louis Van Amstel choreographs this Waltz, making it lyrical and spiritual while having Vitolio use the pain of growing up as an orphan to show the beauty of where he comes from. I was told a couple of days ago that I would need to have the Kleenex ready for this dance…and that was very true. It was so beautiful, danced to “Dreams Are More Precious” by Enya. Their facial expressions and emotions absolutely had me crying.

Mary finds it hard to compose herself…she is crying as well, finally saying that it was painfully beautiful and she loved the honest performance. She praises Louis for taking the pair to another level. Lil’C loves the sincere emotion and how they were not afraid to be vulnerable. Nigel says anyone who was not touched by that performance must be heartless and loves the way this couple is growing. He tells Louis what a great asset he is to the show.

Our next Jazz number is from Kayla and Max. Kayla sees that Max is the “house dad”…he cooks and takes care of everyone. Max discovers that Kayla loves to text, and she is extremely fast at it. They feel the pressure this week to perform up to last week’s level. This number is choreographed by Brian Friedman, and he designs this as Kayla being a princess and Max trying to steal her throne. They dance to “Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh. Kayla starts off on her throne, they dance together in a strong, quirky way, then Max does end up stealing the throne.

Lil’C says they did an amazing job picking up Brian’s choreography, which is not easy to do. Mary calls it quite a surprise, then screams. She tells them they are still on the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel is so happy Brian’s back with the show. He tells Kayla that she is a front runner and that Max kept up with her well. He likens Max to a Kevin Spacey character.

Our only Comtemporary routine of the evening is by Karla and Jonathan. Jonathan is amazed that Kayla is an awesome Hip-Hop dancer. Karla finds out that Jonathan loves to sing, but he is not good at it. This number is choreographed by Stacey Tookey, who works with SYTYCD Canada. This number is about a couple of strangers who meet accidentally and have to deal with temptation. They struggle during practice with the numerous lifts. Their song is “Falling Slowly” by The Frames. I love the romantic interaction, and they do a wonderful job with the lifts after all of that practice.

Mary says she has never said this in 5 seasons…but Jonathan did this style better than he does his own. She was spellbound by the couple. Nigel cannot believe it, but there were no false moves. He also says they have really shone. Lil’C praises their beautiful, perfect balance.

Our next dance is the Tango from Jeanine and Phillip. Jeanine finds that Phillip is a super nerd, and he collected reptiles when he was growing up. Phillip sees that Jeanine carries Spanky, her teddy bear, around everywhere. This Tango is choreographed by Tony Meredith, who is surprised by the couple’s lack of Ballroom knowledge. They dance to “Violento” by Bailango!, and they have trouble keeping their holds. They do keep the charcter throughout the dance.

Mary gives them an A+ for attitude, but a C- for technique. Lil’C says Jeanine was hot, but Phillip’s lack of confidence came through in the dance. Nigel says it was a tough routine, and reminds Phillip that when he lifts a lady the strain of lifting her should not come across in his face. He also calls this a learning process and says it was great entertainment.

Our final couple tonight is Ashley and Kupono with Hip-Hop. Ashley discovers that Kupono is obsessive-compulsive, and everything has to stay in order. Kupono learns that on Ashley’s first day of first grade, she vomited all over her classmates. Shane Sparks choreographs this one, making Ashley into Kupono’s shadow in the dance. They perform to “Imma Be” by The Black Eyed Peas. They have good unison except for a couple of breaks, and at one point the shadow steps out to dance on her own.

Mary says it was OK, but not memorable. Lil’C could tell that Kupono struggled, which made it hard for Ashley to mirror him as a shadow. Nigel says the routine stopped at the point that he started to enjoy it and he was underwhelmed.

Cat reminds the viewers to vote as we see a recap of tonight’s dances. Krystina DeBarge will be one of the special guests on tomorrow night’s results show. Who will be going home? Tune in tomorrow…good night everybody!

DYAO with Marie!

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Hello dance fans, and welcome to the Casting Special for Dance Your Ass Off on the Oxygen Channel. I have to say I’m especially excited for this show. I love DWTS and SYTYCD so much, but I also love The Biggest Loser, so I’m really enjoying that this show combines all of that into one.

I’ve also been a fan of our hostess, Marissa Jaret Winokur, for quite a long time. I think it’s fitting that this charming lady is hosting the show. After all, she is a Tony Award winner for her portrayal of Tracy Turnblad in “Hairspray” on Broadway – a girl who showed the world that you can dance for your dreams at any size. Marissa also displayed that same determination and positive attitude on Dancing With The Stars, where she showed us her moves and told us, “Shake what your Mama gave you!”

Tonight we see the audition process to find out which 12 people will do just that every week on Dance Your Ass Off, to compete for the $100,000 grand prize. Thousands of people applied for the show, sending in videos of themselves showing their dance moves and baring their souls to the world. We heard many heartfelt pleas from all over the country from people determined to lose weight and change their lives for the better.

Thirty people were picked from all of those submissions to come and audition for the judges and the show choreographer, Lisa Ligon, who has choreographed for the Country Music Awards, as well as many other televison shows. We find out even more about the lives of these thirty hopefuls. Some of them are diabetic, and many of them have been heavy all of their lives. All of them love to dance. There are some who used to be fit, even having danced professionally. Now stuck behind the scenes making other people look good, they think it’s time to be out on the stage again!

Lisa watches what they can do, then she puts them through their paces with a tryout routine. She watches to see how well each of them can pick up the choreography, and admits that she is shocked to see how many in the group have incredible rhythm. She also is impressed with the showmanship that comes across in a few of our contestants. It was great to see Lisa being pleasantly surprised by this…it shows that your size does not determine whether you can dance or not.

Next we get to meet the three people who will be judging the dance routines of our contestants. Each week the dance scores will be combined with weight loss to determine who stays and who goes home. Our first judge is Mayte Garcia, who has choreographed six world tours for Prince and also worked with Britney Spears. She says she will be looking closely at the technique and showmanship of each dancer.

Our second judge is Lisa Ann Walter, who also created this show. She is an actress who was one of the stars of the movie “Shall We Dance?”, and dances competitively herself. She can empathize with the contestants, since she used dance to get back in shape after having a baby. I must also say, I empathize with these wonderful people as well…I grew up gaining weight and lost it all, only to gain it all back and then some. Dancing is one of my favorite things, and I can picture myself up there doing what they are doing on DYAO. I am inspired by the people I see here, putting themselves out there in front of America and going for their dreams. Lisa Ann is looking for that spark from them, wanting to see 100% effort all the time.

The third judge is Danny Teeson, who choreographs for Kylie Minogue, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson, among others. He is going to be tough on the dancing, but he also knows that this show is going to change people’s lives, and probably even save a few.

Our Top 12 are being selected by Lisa Ligon, Lisa Ann Walter and Dr. Huizenga, who also works with the contestants on The Biggest Loser. Dr. H is very helpful to the two Lisas, letting them know if certain contestants have been cleared for the show medically and even lobbying for one of the contestants, saying that he needs to be on the show to improve his health.

Marissa announces our Top 12. They are Alicia, Angela, Brandon, Karla, Mara, Miles, Pinky, Ruben, Shayla, Tara, Trice, and Warren. If you would like to find out more about each of the 12 contestants, please check them out at I’ve been over to the DYAO channel, and I’m already addicted to it. There is a lot of information there, including some dances you can learn. (Also remember, if you would like to learn Ballroom, there are lessons available on I-Tunes from Ballroom Dance Channel!)

Our evening ends with a sneak peek at our contestants working out and learning dances from the professional partners they will have on the show. This season promises to be inspiring and exciting…so tune in on Monday, June 29th at 10:00 PM Eastern Time for the first full episode of Dance Your Ass Off! Good night everyone!

SYTYCD Results–Sammi-T Style

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Good evening and welcome to the results show for So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight the top twenty will become the top eighteen, meaning that two dancers will have to say goodbye to the chance at being America’s Favorite Dancer. Personally, I think this is the hardest elimination in the show’s history, since everyone was just that good last night. Cat must agree, since she is already prepared with tissues. I love her, she is definitely one of my favorite TV hosts, she has such a sweet mom personality.

After a stellar group dance done to the Black Eyed Peas latest single and choreographed by Shane Sparks, we get montages of the first meetings between the partners. It is actually very cute and we get to learn a lot about each dancer, such as who is married, who thinks who is hot, you know the usual. I don’t know if there will be any romances this season between the pairs, but we’ll see!

Finally, we get to some results. (I’m impatient!) I’m going to skip through the commentary and just get to the results. Kayla and Max, Randi and Evan, Jeanine and Phillip are safe, along with Caitlin and Jason, Melissa and Ade, Jannette and Brandon and Ashley and Kupono. This means that the bottom three couples are Askua and Vitolio, Paris and Tony and Karla and Jonathan. All of them will have to dance for their lives by completing a solo.

Paris: Her solo is great and has a lot of cool spins in it. Why must choosing who should be eliminated be so hard?

Tony: He looks like he is having so much fun out there and best of all, he is proving why he was chosen for the top twenty

After a performance by Sean Kingston, who seems to have been everywhere today—I heard him not only tonight but TWICE on my commute to work, we finally see more solos.

Askua: Good, solid performance, I’m particularly impressed since she is a ballroom dancer and it is hard for them to dance solos sometimes.

Vitolio: All I am going to say is that if they send him home, I will probably lose my mind—yeah, he was really that good.

Karla: This girl can really work it. Not only is she an incredible dancer, but she can really sell her performances. She is another one who has no business in the bottom three. No siree.

Jonathan: He can really dance—and work an audience. Someone tell me why he is in the bottom three? Anyone?

After the judges deliberate, we find out that Paris and Tony are going home. They are given hugs, kisses and memories of their time on the show before they say goodbye.

Tune in next week for more performances, drama and musical guests. Goodnight!

SYTYCD Top 20 Performance!

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Good evening dance fans…this is WriterMarie426, and before I start the recap of tonight’s show I must pass along the sad news that our beloved Tink (aka Sharon Balik) passed away suddenly yesterday. I will always be grateful for her support and everything she has taught me here, and also for the wonderful friendship we had developed. I wish I’d had more time with her, but I’m thankful to God for bringing us together for the amount of time we did have. Many of you have known her or read her work a lot longer than I have, and I know you will all join me in a prayer for Sharon and her family, friends, and colleagues. Sammi and I will carry on, but always be thinking of Sharon. She would have absolutely loved tonight’s show, and I know she is watching it from a much better place.

Now I will carry on with the recap…Sharon would want us to show our passion for the dance and get the job done. This first week the Top 20 are paired off into 10 couples, who will dance for votes as a couple. The bottom three couples will need to all perform solos on tomorrow’s show to decide who will be saved and who will go home. One male and one female dancer will go home tomorrow night.

Cat welcomes us to Hollywood as our 20 dancers are introduced, showing off a few of their moves. After that opening, she introduces the judges: Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman. We also find out just what a busy man Adam is…while judging SYTYCD he is also producing three movies. One of these is Step Up 3D, which will feature a few of the dancers from past seasons of this show.

After a montage from our audition cities, our first couple performs. Jeanine says when she started dancing as a little girl she was a hot mess, but her passion for dancing brought her through. Phillip invented and practiced his moves in his bedroom. They are being choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon, who create a routine about a couple that needs to resolve some issues before they go to sleep for the night. They act out the parts well, performing a beautiful routine to “Mad” by Ne-Yo.

Adam calls it “unfreakin’ real”, praising Jeanine for stepping it up when she has had no previous Hip-Hop experience. He also likes that Phillip is always generous and present for his partners. Mary says she hates to disagree with Adam…so she’s not! She loves that Tabitha and Napoleon made it work for the couple, and says they gave us a chemistry lesson. Nigel calls Jeanine fantastic and says she’s made her mark, while Phillip is so good and has a huge following.

Next up are Asuka and Vitolio. Asuka grew up in San Francisco learning ballet, but discovered Latin Ballroom while she was at college and fell in love with it. Vitolio grew up in an orphanage when his mother died giving birth to his sister. Tyce is choreographing this number as a silent film set with Asuka as an actress and Vitolio as the director. It was a cute, funny routine done to “Hot Honey Rag” from Chicago.

Adam says it was hard because they followed an extremely emotional performance, but for him it seemed artificial even though the routine was clean and good. Mary is a little disappointed, feeling that they played it safe and needed to bring more energy to the performance. Nigel believes their lines were beautiful, but they need to put their personalities into it.

Our first ballroom routine of the night is by Karla and Jonathan. Karla has been testing the waters in her dance career, even touring with the show Wicked, but she likes the challenge of this show. Jonathan says he started dancing because of Season 1 of SYTYCD. Tony Meredith choreographs a flirty Cha-Cha for them. They do a very hot and sexy routine to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”.

Adam says it was awesome and technically beautiful. The only thing he thinks Jonathan needs to work on is more flexibility in his back. Mary screams, calling it rough and fun. Nigel believes this pair has been under the radar up until tonight, praising their chemistry.

Randi and Evan are our next pair. This was Randi’s 3rd audition for the show. Actually being on the show is surreal for her, since she was raised a country girl. Evan says it’s bittersweet that he moved on without his brother Ryan. They perform a jazz number choreographed by Tyce, which is physically and emotionally demanding. It is a sensuous and strong performance to “I Only Have Eyes For You” by Jamie Cullum.

Adam calls them slightly vertically challenged, but says they did everything the piece required and more. Mary says the two of them moved ahead in the pack for her…and screams. Nigel calls them absolutely fantastic, saying that people will be talking about the two of them.

We are back to Hip-Hop from Paris and Tony. Paris was in a car accident that left her left leg numb from the knee down. She thought it would be the end of her dancing, but she kept with it. Tony grew up doing sports and dance, even being offered a college scholarship for lacrosse, but decided to go with dancing. Tabitha and Napoleon choreograph a hard-core Hip-Hop routine for them to “Let the Beat Rock” by the Black Eyed Peas. They stayed tough and in character throughout the dance.

Adam says it was really good, but they needed more rebound after their attacks. Mary doesn’t think it was memorable. Nigel agrees with Mary, saying they need a lot of growth.

Our next number comes from Caitlyn and Jason. Caitlyn started off as a gymnast in Annapolis, Maryland. Jason is from Fresno and always did sports…he never thought he’d be a dancer. They are doing a Bollywood number choreographed by Nikule, and they have to get used to using more hand and finger muscles. They give us a strong, energetic performance to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire.

Adam says they rocked, praising their superb handwork and ability to make it look effortless. Mary is glad Bollywood came to Hollywood, and loves the costumes and charisma. She also praises Caitlyn’s handstand. Nigel says they brought it tonight, and it was a special routine right from the beginning.

Our next ballroom routine is a Foxtrot from Janette and Brandon. Janette was scared to audition. She is Cuban and learned her dancing at home, and is nervous about learning a new style. Brandon says what Mia and Lil C said about him hit him hard, and he’s going to prove them wrong. Louis Van Amstel choreographs a Fred and Ginger type routine for them. They perform a smooth Foxtrot to “Come Fly With Me” by Michael Buble, with a lot of great lifts.

Adam says he was worried about a Foxtrot coming right off of the Bollywood number, but it worked. He praises their character and performance. Cat asks Mary for an eyebrow…and Mary says she can’t because of Botox! Mary then praises Janette for being able to go from Miami fire and spice to an elegant Foxtrot. She calls Brandon a powerhouse, and says anyone who doesn’t think he has talent is crazy. Nigel loves their beautiful grace and framework.

Our seventh couple of the night is Ashley and Kupono. Ashley finally made it to the Top 20 in her 4th audition, and says she learned to never give up. Kupono currently is a teacher and tries to make ends meet by also working with his dad’s cleaning business. They perform a jazz number choreographed by Wade Robson, who created this as two crash test dummies, one worn out and the other brand new. The number is definitely an original done to “Felt Mountain” by Goldfrapp, and the pair stay in character, even after the dance is over.

Adam says people will either love or hate a number like this. He praises their exquisite technique. Mary buys it 100% and calls it entertaining. Nigel loves the memorable choreography by Wade, calling him a true genius. He enjoys how they adhered to the characters and took us to a completely different world.

The next routine is from Melissa and Ade. Melissa has been a ballerina since she was 5, and is now 29. She calls herself the most seasoned dancer of the group. Ade studies music and sound engineering at Chapman University. Mandy Moore choreographs a contemporary number for them about two people first falling in love. It is a romantic number with beautiful lifts, performed to “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx.

Adam is crying, telling them how special it was. He says Melissa proves she is getting better with age, and he likes Ade’s profound quiet power. Mary screams, praising their quality of movement and believability from the beginning. Nigel loves the fact that this is such a great Top 20 this season, and says there is a lot to look forward to from this pair.

Our last couple tonight are Kayla and Max with the Samba. Kayla is so grateful for her grandparents’ support from Aurora, Colorado. Max is originally from Moscow, but came to the United States at 13. His younger brother died in a car accident 5 years ago. They are being choreographed by Louis Van Amstel, which was a lucky draw for Max because Louis has known him since he was 14. They perform a hot, fast routine to “Jum Bah Day” by House of Gypsies. Their Samba rolls are beautiful!

Adam believes it was so good that he can’t even really contain himself. He says that routine proves there is a God. Mary…screams! (while Nigel puts on his headphones) Then she tells them they are on the hot tamale train! Nigel calls it truly sensational, saying they topped off a brilliant night.

After we see the recap of the couples and are reminded to vote, Cat tells us that the special guest for tomorrow night show is Sean Kingston. Good night everyone…tune in tomorrow!

So You Think You Can Dance 5-WriterMarie426’s Recap

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Hey Everyone,

WriterMarie426 is back in action tonight with a recap for SYTYCD’s Top 20 reveal. Enjoy!

Good evening everyone, this is WriterMarie426, and it’s great to be back tonight to recap Vegas Week – Part 2. Thank you to Tink for taking care of this for me last night as I recover from my minor surgery.

After taking 172 contestants down to only 32, we are back at Planet Hollywood to find out who made the Top 20. There are 16 men and 16 women left at this point, and the judges must cut 6 from each group to reach our Top 20. Once again the panel making these decisions consists of Nigel, Mary, Mia, Lil C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen.

Our 32 dancers sit backstage in the holding room as they wait to be called to the stage one by one. The first dancer to take that long walk over to the judges is Janette. She’s had a rough 2 weeks before coming to Las Vegas. She was in a car accident, and her boyfriend of 4 years broke up with her. Janette’s luck is changing for the better though…because the judges tell her she is in the Top 20!

Next to the stage is Diana, who has her lucky monkey waiting for her in the holding room. The judges tell her she is not moving on, but she has really improved and they would like to see her back next season.

Our first guy to walk out to the judges is Vittolio, who is originally from Haiti. He is told that he should bring more of his personality out…but he is in the Top 20!

For the next 30 minutes, the judges cut dancer after dancer. Then comes Kayla, who is supported by her grandparents in her dancing. She is told that she has moved every single one of the judges, and she’s in the Top 20!

After Kuponoh’i shows us his to do list for the day, he comes out to the stage. The judges appreciate that he has cut his hair and has improved so much since they saw him in Seattle. Kupo is in the Top 20…and he checks that accomplishment off his list.

We are shown that 5 more dancers have made it to the Top 20: Paris, Jeanine, Ade, Karla, and Jonathan.

Brandon walks out to the judges next. Mia tells him she is annoyed by him and doesn’t like his attitude. Debbie loves to watch him soar. Lil C is not impressed, and Mary is sick of listening to Brandon being torn down because he’s a wonderful dancer. 4 out of the 6 judges are for Brandon, so he is in the Top 20.

Tony waits backstage, thinking about his brother who is fighting in Afghanistan. When he comes out and finds that he has made the Top 20, he says his brother would be very proud of him.

We find out about 4 more dancers that have made it: Maksim, Caitlyn, Melissa, and Jason.

Next up is Ashley, who is audtioning for the 4th time for this show. The judges say she has emerged and become a fighter…and she’s in the Top 20!

Randi comes to the stage, and she is so nervous that she can hardly speak. The judges say she is uncertain but the power is there…so they are moving her into the Top 20. She is so thankful to all of them!

Alex, who is a member of the Miami Ballet Company, comes to see the judges. Nigel wanted to see if Alex could be let out of his contract with the Ballet, but they said no…so Alex cannot be on SYTYCD this season. He is crushed; he really wants to express himself with different styles of dance besides ballet. Nigel tells him to please come back after his contract is up.

Next is Phillip, who was sick last season and couldn’t perform in Vegas. The judges tell him he is in the Top 20!

We are down to 4 people in the holding room…2 girls and 2 guys. There is only one spot left for female dancers and one left for males. The judges have Deanna and Asuka come to the stage together, and they walk out holding hands to support each other. Asuka is the one who makes it into the Top 20.

Finally we are down to brothers Ryan and Evan. They also walk out to the judges together, and Evan is told that he is in the Top 20. Ryan says he is there to support his brother no matter what.

Tune in next week when the Top 20 dance for America’s votes. Good night everybody!

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

SYTYCD: Welcome to the top TWENTY! Sammi T’s recap

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Twenty Revealed! Tonight twenty dancers will have their dreams come true as they get the chance to compete for a monetary prize and the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

Nigel, Mary, Lil’ C., Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels and Debbie Allen are the judges to make the final decision.

The first dancer to be told she is in the top twenty is Janette, the dancer from Miami. She says this is the good news she needed after a string of bad luck.

Diana Barden, who brought her stuffed monkey for luck, finds out that she is not in the top twenty, but is told to improve and come back next year.

Vitolio is also on his way to the top twenty, although he is told to bring out more of his personality. He tearfully shares his news with people backstage.

After a montage of people being rejected and getting hugs and kisses backstage from Cat and other dancers, Kayla (the girl who came with her grandparents) finds out that she is in the top twenty, after getting a beautiful speech from Mia. I think she is this season’s Courtney.

Kupono is also in the top twenty, along with Paris, Jeanine, Ada, Karla and Jonathan.

Brandon is told he is fabulous by Mary (although Lil’ C. and Mia disagree) and that he is going into the top twenty.

Tony, who has a brother in Afghanistan fighting for our country, (which I thank him for) is also in the top twenty, although Nigel wants to see more from him.

Maksim is also in the top twenty, along with Caitlyn, Melissa, Jason and Ashley.

Randi is in the top twenty as well, but Alex is cut due to his contract with the Miami Ballet Company. (Although he is told to come back when his contract expires.)

After more dancers are cut (this always kills me to see them cry, I feel so bad and could only imagine how hard they all worked.)

The next dancer to be told he will be in the top twenty is Phillip, who is shocked by how far he has come.

The last two girls standing are Deanna and Asuka. Debbie informs Asuka that she is in the top twenty, which means Deanna will be going home.

The last two dancers standing are brothers Ryan and Evan. Nigel says that it is Ryan’s choreography that got Evan into the top twenty. Nigel tells Ryan to come back next year. I was really hoping they would just make a top twenty-one because I loved them both, but it is what it is.

Congratulations to the top twenty! Goodnight America!

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