final 6 SYTYCD by Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Top 6 Finals of So You Think You Can Dance.  Cat comes out in a stunning red toga style dress and introduces the judges.  We begin right away with the dances, as all nine of them are crammed into a one hour show.

Kathryn and Ryan are first with a Samba, performed to “Magalenha” by Sergio Mendes.  I really love their animal like, sharp moves.  Nigel calls it a great start to the show.  Mary loves it, especially the great control.  Adam is blown away by Kathryn and thinks Ryan is a fantastic partner.

Ellenore and Jakob perform Broadway to “I Gotcha” from Fosse.  This is a wow number, very powerful and sexy.  Nigel says they showcased their strengths.  Mary calls Ellenore smoldering and Jakob tremendous.  Adam says this made Broadway relevant and current.

Ashleigh and Russell perform Lyrical Jazz to “Angel Standing By” by Jewel.  The routine is beautiful and emotional, filled with amazing lifts.  Nigel calls it outstanding and inspirational.  Mary loves Ashleigh’s gorgeous lines and passion, and says Russell is just special.  Adam says Ashleigh portrayed the guardian angel well, and Russell kicked the dance’s..well..butt!

Ellenore and Ryan perform Jazz to “Kontact Me” by Boys Noize.  They have great sync in their futuristic, robotic moves.  Nigel says it was more Techno than Jazz, but they did what was asked of them.  Mary loves the uniqueness and dynamic moments.  Adam says it was the perfect routine for Ellenore, and Ryan did a great job.

Ashleigh and Jakob perform a Foxtrot to “Let The Good Times Roll” by Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy.  It’s classic and joyful, showing off old Hollywood glamour.  Nigel loves the outstanding chemistry.  Mary enjoys the beautiful quality of movement.  Adam says they showed each other off well.

Ellenore and Russell perform a Paso Doble to “Village Attack” from Blood Diamond, showing their strong moves and a hot quality.  Nigel thinks Russell was very good, but Ellenore was passionate and fiery.  Mary calls her a Spanish vixen and says Russell was passionate.  Adam calls it incredible and magnificent.

Kathryn and Jakob perform Contemporary to the Michael Buble version of “At This Moment”, and it’s powerful and passionate with incredible lifts.  Nigel says they just stopped the show. Mary calls it magical and one of the best performances she’s ever seen.  Adam says this one is a game changer, and shows how important dance is in our culture.

Ashleigh and Ryan finally get to dance together…a Contemporary number to “I’m There Too” by Michael Featherstone.  It is romantic, sweet, and beautiful, and they are both crying at the end and can’t stop.  Nigel says they both accounted for themselves very well this evening.  Mary says that as a married couple they just created a wonderful memory for themselves.  Adam loves their incredible tenderness.

Our last number is Hip-Hop by Kathryn and Russell, performed to “I Can Transform Ya” by Chris Brown.  They show off their power and great sync.  Nigel calls it tremendous.  Mary screams, and says they have her heart.  Adam thinks they tore up the dance floor and were so hot!

We see the recap of all of the dances as Cat reminds us to vote.  Tune in for the 2 hour finale tomorrow night, as America’s Favorite Dancer is crowned.  Good night everybody!

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