SYTYCD–and then there were 4—by Sammi T

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance, The Results! Tonight two more dancers will say goodbye—and leave one week shy of next week’s finals.

The show opens with Cat wearing a green dress that reminds me of Christmas. Not my style, but somehow Cat pulls it off.

The group dance this week is to Send In The Clowns. While the choreography is fabulous, the clown costumes are a bit creepy. But then again, I hate clowns, so it could be me. Tyce deserves a pat on the back for another job well done.


We get a recap of last night’s dances and some commercials before it is revealed that Jeanine will be the first female in this season’s finals. Girl is in shock, it is so cute to see actually because you can tell how much it truly means to her. She gets some words of congratulations from the judges before we move on to the boys. (Just as an aside, it as been driving me crazy all season trying to figure out who Melissa reminds me of. I finally figured it out—the girl who plays Danielle on Desperate Housewives. I don’t know if it is her look or her voice or what, but something abut her just reminds me of her.)


Jessica and Will are back to reprise their EMMY NOMINATED dance. They are just as incredible and gorgeous as ever, I have no clue what Mia was complaining about last season. And Will with his shirt off? That is just icing on the cake baby!


The boys are called to the stage and for some reason Ade has a comb stuck in his hair, Not sure what THAT is all about. We get more recaps of last night and find out that Brandon will be joining Jeanine in the top four! I’m so happy, I’ve loved him since his very first audition. I love his family’s reaction…so sweet! I also love how genuinely happy Ade and Evan are for him. Mary gives her scream of approval. Next season, I’m going to tally how many times she screams.


Twitch and Katee return with their own EMMY NOMINATED routine. I’d forgotten how hot and sexy this one was, and I must give props to Mia on such an amazing routine!

Melissa and Ade do their final solos, proving they deserve to stay in the competition. It is going to be a tough call tonight.

America’s Next Best Dance Crew performs, and I have to say it is creepy, yet I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from it. It just draws me in.


Mark and Chelsie reprise their Bleeding Love routine and it is one dance I can watch all day and never get tired of seeing. It is just that good.


Kayla and Evan each perform their solos and it this point, I have to say it is really anyone’s game.

Sean Paul sings and I have to admit, I’m not really into his music, but he really knows how to out on a show!

After another commercial break, it is revealed that Kayla will be in the finale, and Melissa will be going home. She is given a montage and a hug from Cat before she gives a beautiful exit speech and shout-out to her husband. She actually made me cry!

Nigel also has some very nice things to say.

Evan and Ade are the last two men standing. After a couple of suspenseful moments, Cat reveals that Evan will be dancing next week, causing his entire family to cheer, scream and show how proud they are of him. His mom’s reaction was priceless! LOVE her! Ade is given his own goodbye montage and hug before saying goodbye for the night.

The show ends with the final four running onstage to give their friends and co-dancers hugs and kisses.

Make sure to tune in next week for the season finale and to see the reveal of America’s Favorite Dancer! Goodnight!


SYTYCD Final 6 by Marie

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Good evening my fellow dance lovers, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6.  Cat introduces our dancers for this semi-final night, wearing a very cute purple sleeveless mini-dress.  She tells us that the girls picked their partners for this week out of a hat, then also pulled two dance styles from one as well.

Our judges for tonight are Nigel, Mary, and Lil’C.  Cat asks their thoughts, and Lil’C says he thinks the results from last Thursday are appropriate for what the public wants.  (I myself am not too sure about that…because I talked to a lot of SYTYCD fans since the results show, and every single one of them is angry that Janette got sent home.)  Mary admits that it was tough watching Janette leave, and since it’s getting down to the wire the voters really have to take into consideration all of the performances from the season, not just what happens on one particular night.  Nigel believes the dancers really have to bring their personalities out now, and is thrilled about the high standard of dancing this season.

We start out with the Top 3 guys Contemporary group number, choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  She sees so much potential in the 3 of them.  She calls this routine “Willy Wonka-esque”…weird, dark, abstract, and strong.  The guys wind up having to lift each other, and do have some struggles along the way.  They perform to “True Romance” by She Wants Revenge, and when the stage is dark, you can sure notice the day-glo yellow accents on the costumes.  It’s a solid routine, in sync with awesome flips.

Lil’C says he is living through Sonya, because he has been wanting to see Brandon and Ade dance together all season.  He loves how dedicated Brandon is, and says Ade still proves to him that he belongs there.  He also commends Evan for staying very visible and not getting caught between the other 2 guys.  Mary loves it, and calls it phenomenal.  Nigel believes Evan stood out, because we’ve never seen him attempt stuff like this before.  He tells the group it was terrific.

Our first couple to dance tonight is Jeanine and Ade, and they have a Samba choreographed by Louis Van Amstel.  The pair are glad to be dancing together, because they have fun and both bring good energy to the dance.  Louis created a hot routine, which was slightly adjusted but still classy.  They dance to “Love Game” by Lady Gaga, and keep it very sharp and sexy, with great hip action.

Mary thinks the first 15 seconds were incredible, but that it started to fall apart after that.  She calls their Samba rolls novice.  Lil’C thinks Jeanine looks amazing, and he was really excited about this partnership…but it fell short for him.  Nigel says Ade needs to adjust more with the different styles, but Jeanine does everything with confidence.  He also tells them that with Louis, they got to experience working with one of the greatest Latin/American choreographers.

The first solo is a Contemporary routine from Kayla, dancing to “You Found Me” by The Fray.  She shows us her strong, sharp movements and beautiful lines.

The next couple is Melissa and Evan, who have Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  Evan thinks Melissa compliments everyone that she is partnered with, and Melissa is excited to work with him as well.  Tyce wants to bring out the flashy Evan in this number, about a bride trying to make sure her groom is ready on time for their wedding.  They perform to “Get Me to the Church on Time” from My Fair Lady.  They do a great job with the bride and groom characters, and I love those facial expressions!

Lil’C says he was excited about this partnership too, but Evan didn’t take the helm.  He believes the dancing was good…but not excellent.  Mary tells them it should be Get Me to the Finale on Time, saying they came to life and were very entertaining.  Nigel says that Melissa has inspired a lot of ballerinas to try out for Season 6, and she has adapted to every kind of routine she was given.  He believes Melissa and Evan really brought it.

Ade performs his Contemporary solo to “18th Floor Balcony” by Blue October, showing off some really incredible spins and giving us plenty of emotion.

Kayla and Brandon are the third pair, with a Contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey.  Kayla loves how strong Brandon is, and he says she is a beautiful dancer…and he hopes she can get him on the Hot Tamale Train!  This number is about a mistress trying to leave her married lover, and they learn just how much they have to be actors for this dance.  Stacey gives them no time to breathe, wanting them to get everything right.  They dance to “All I Want” by Ahn Trio, and you can really see the emotional character struggle and intensity.  I really love those lifts!

Lil’C calls it really intense and beyond amazing.  He believes Kayla and Brandon are equally matched.  Mary says they are definitely on the Hot Tamale Train, and riding first class!  She tells them it was exquisite perfection.  Nigel thanks Stacey not only for being so great on SYTYCD Canada, but also for bringing her best to SYTYCD US as well.  He wished this couple could have started dancing together sooner, and loves their brilliant technique.

Before the next round starts, Melissa performs her Contemporary/Jazz solo to “I Put a Spell on You” by Nina Simone. It’s classic, flowing and smooth.

Jeanine and Ade do their second dance, a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  The dancers were asked what making next week’s final would mean to them, and Jeanine says since she auditioned on a whim, it would mean unanticipated success.  Ade says it would mean the world to him.  This number is about 2 friends who are moving because they were evicted from their apartment.  They perform to “Move (If You Wanna)” by Mims, and they have good sync, especially with the moving boxes as their props.  I love seeing the anger portrayed, and they dance with the boxes on their feet, ending with boxes on their heads…with sad faces drawn on them.

Lil’C says they were way better than he thought they would be, and he loves Ade’s earthy groove..and it was Bucc!  Mary wants to say something she forgot to earlier…that she loved Jeanine in the Samba.  She then says that they brought it down with this number, and that there will be no eviction notice after that performance.  Nigel thinks they got down, and it was absolutely fantastic.

Brandon dances his Contemporary solo to “O’Fortuna” from Carmina Burana, in nothing but dance shorts.  He shows us all his great strength and power.  The judges give him a standing ovation, and Nigel says that was one of the best solos ever on the show.

Melissa and Evan’s second number is a Quick Step choreographed by Louis Van Amstel.  Melissa feels like the underdog, because at 29 she is the oldest dancer on the show and a ballerina…this is so unbelievable to her.  Evan says the finale is in everyone’s grasp, and he really has to bring it.  Louis makes some adjustments in the dance because Melissa is taller than Evan, and really gets on Evan’s case because the Quick Step is hard.  They dance to “As Long As I’m Singin'” by the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and their steps are great.  It looks very smooth and classy.

Lil’C commends Evan for dancing bigger than ever, but it still wasn’t powerful enough for him.  He says Melissa is fabulous.  Mary tells Louis that he created 2 unbelievable routines this week.  She says it’s a tough dance and they brough it to life in the beginning, but it fell apart toward the end.  Nigel tells Melissa that 29 isn’t that old…it’s not like she’s Cloris Leachman on DWTS!  He says they are extremely talented, but the one part he thought was weak was the Lindy Hop section in the middle of the routine.

Jeanine performs her Contemporary solo to “Feedback” by Janet Jackson, with really great spins and strength.  Evan’s solo is danced to “Lady is a Tramp” by Sammy Davis Jr., and he does what Evan does best…Broadway style and great personality.

Kayla and Brandon have the final couples’ number of the night, performing Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez.  Brandon says making the finals would mean he has proven to himself that he’s an awesome dancer, and he knows he has grown during this competition.  Kayla says it would be absolutely everything to her, and she really wants this.  This Disco is full of fun and energy, but with Doriana working them so hard it feels more like a circus.  They perform to “Dance (Disco Heat)” by Sylvester, and it’s fast and furious…high energy, filled with incredible lifts and spins.

Lil’C says when you’re out of your comfort zone, you have to step out of the darkness and befriend the challenge…and there was no darkness in this routine!  He loves the groove and says they make each other better.  Mary tells them they hit a home run tonight, and screams.  She says they are still on the Hot Tamale Train, and tells Brandon to always believe in himself because he is awesome.  Nigel stays calm, mumbling something about it being easy to excite with this kind of dance…then he jumps around and screams!  He tells them that this is what the show is all about.

The Top 3 girls close us out with their Contemporary group number, also choreographed by Sonya Tayeh.  Sonya has always imagined what it would be like to be a superhero, so the 3 girls are transformed into Superwomen.  Sonya says they all have the same great lines but different strengths, so she is playing to that.  The girls say this feels like running a marathon.  They perform to “Kick It (Superhero Remix)” by Nina Martine, and they are all strong with amazing kicks…all in sync.

Lil’C commends Sonya for being the best instructor at the Superhero High School for Girls.  He says they danced amazingly, but thought they should have gone for more gusto.  Mary calls them the epitomy of strong, beautiful, versatile dancers…and thinks Kayla stood out because she had a couple of extra moves.  Nigel loves their chemistry, and thinks they were all equallly fantastic.

Cat reminds us to vote while we see the recap of the dances, and we end with her and all 6 contestants dancing together on stage.  Who will make it to next week’s finale?  We’ll find out tomorrow…good night everyone!

DYAO with Marie!

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Good evening everybody, and welcome to Week 5 of Dance Your Ass Off!  The seven remaining contestants are performing tonight to songs from the movies.  Marissa drops by the loft so they can each pick their song and dance style out of the bucket.  Each song has a specific dance style attached to it, and each person will be doing a different type of dance.  They are all nervous about the styles they got, and everyone struggles this week learning their routines.

Our first dancer is Shayla, and she is still pushing through the injury to her ankle.  She is getting stronger, but still has some limitations, which gets frustrating.  Shayla knows she really has to focus on her diet this week, so nutritionist Meg shows her how to adapt her dad’s Coconut Arroz Con Pollo recipe to save a lot of fat and calories.  Shayla and Mario perform Hip-Hop to “Low” from Step Up 2.  I love the energy and good moves, and also the character of the dance.

Mayte calls it funky, and likes that Shayla still dances to the fullest even though she is injured.  Lisa Ann says they left it all on the dance floor and calls her a star.  Danny loves that Shayla went out of her comfort zone, saying she delivers every time.  The judges score her 8-9-8 for an average of 8.3.  Shayla lost 5.0 pounds for a percentage of 2.60, giving her an overall score of 10.90.

Pinky is next to dance, and she is frustrated trying to figure out how to lose more weight each week so she doesn’t keep ending up in the bottom 2.  Meg looks at her food journal and sees way too much peanut butter and jelly…and not enough fruits and veggies.  (I have the peanut butter problem too Pinky!)  She makes sure to write absolutely everything down and follow Meg’s instructions.  Pinky and Mr. Lucky perform a Tap routine to “Shout” from Animal House, which they start seated on the steps, but quickly pick up the energy and stay in constant motion – all the way over to the judges!

Mayte says the routine was OK, and she didn’t see the connection between the partners.  Lisa Ann totally disagrees with Mayte, but does warn Pinky not to revert back to the Latin body stance when doing another style.  Danny tells them they gave it a great shot and they had a lot of energy.  Pinky’s scores are 6-7-7 for an average of 6.7.  She lost 4.2 pounds for a percentage of 2.35.  Her overall score is 9.05.

Miles is called on after Pinky, and he is really nervous about his Jazz routine this week.  He is determined to stay focused and really watch his portion sizes.  He and Michelle dance to “Fame”, from the movie of the same name, and it was fun with an awesome lift…but it seemed Michelle did a lot more of the work.

Mayte thinks it felt like a dance recital and she did not enjoy it.  Lisa Ann says this was not her favorite style from them.  Danny tells Miles that he likes him, but absolutely hated the perfomance with a passion.  The scores for Miles are 5-5-6, for an average of 5.3.  Miles has lost 6.0 pounds for a percentage of 2.48, giving him an overall score of 7.78.

Mara is so happy to be next up to dance.  She says she will persevere through it all, in honor of her brother who died of Type 2 Diabetes.  Mara came to the show with the disease as well, and Dr. H tells her this is totally preventable.  She has done so well that she does not need to take her Diabetes medications anymore!  Mara and Paul perform a Tango to “You Spin Me Round” from American Psycho.  I love the beautiful tango moves and the seriousness of their characters.

Mayte likes the whole thing, especially their connection and vibe.  She does mention that Mara needs to work on her toes.  Lisa Ann appreciates the Flamenco and Paso Doble elements in the routine, calling it genius.  Danny tells them he loves what they did with it.  Mara’s scores are 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7.  She lost 5.0 pounds for a percentage of 2.03, which gives her an overall score of 9.73.

Ruben is the last dancer before the bottom 2.  He feels good that he finally put himself first and started taking care of himself.  It’s hard for him to be away from his partner John, but John is glad that Ruben is doing this.  Ruben realizes that when he would go out to eat before, he would eat 3 days’ worth of calories at that one meal.  His body feels better now, and he’s not hungry all the time.  Ruben and Hilary dance a Foxtrot to “Old Time Rock & Roll” from Risky Business, and it’s full of fun and energy…and more of a funky Foxtrot.

Mayte says she can tell that Ruben loves to dance.  Lisa Ann is disappointed in the lack of Foxtrot steps, and also would have liked to see more power and passion.  Danny says that this song and the Foxtrot go together about as well as Paris Hilton and a singing career…and thankfully both were over in about a minute!  He does also say that in spite of the song, he really liked the routine.  The scores for Ruben are 8-6-8, for an average of 7.3.  He lost an absolutely incredible 10.3 pounds this week, for a percentage of 3.64.  His overall score is 10.94, and he has lost 48.1 pounds so far on the show!

Our bottom 2 are Trice and Alicia, and Miles is also in danger of going home.  Trice dances first, and sometimes she feels pushed to the limit.  She is doing Fosse style Broadway this week, and learning the posture is difficult, so Jesus ties her arms back to help her learn the proper posture.  They dance to “And All That Jazz” from Chicago, and Trice’s character portrayal is sassy and right on.  I think this girl may have a future on Broadway!

Mayte tells Jesus he did a good job training her, especially since learning Fosse is so hard.  She loves the choreography and Trice’s facial expressions.  Lisa Ann says it is all about the posture, and loves that Trice maintained her joy.  Danny tells her to watch her shoulders and feet, but also says she made up for that in performance and style.  Trice lost 3.9 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.55.

Alicia dances last, and she’s been told to work on her core.  She draws the Jive this week, which is all about the core!  Lee, the personal trainer, gives her new exercises to help her strengthen that area.  Alicia and Italo perform to “Maniac” from Flashdance, and the routine is fierce and intense, with great kicks.

Mayte says she did a good job on her core and she can see the difference.  She does also say to work more on rhythm.  Lisa Ann loves it, espeically the happiness Alicia shows, but tells them that some of the moves were not as complete as they could have been.  Danny tells her that no one ever said this would be easy, and there were were not enough Jive moves for him.  Alicia lost 4.2 pounds for a percentage of 1.76.

Alicia’s dance scores are 7-7-6, for an average of 6.7.  Her overall score is 8.46, and she is safe.  Trice needs at least 6.3 to go ahead of Miles.  Her scores are 7-8-6, for an average of 7.  Her overall score is 8.55 and she is safe…Miles is going home.  He is very emotional when he says how much he will miss his fellow contestants, and tells them to keep on dancing!

We see a preview of next week’s show, where our 6 remaining contestants will be Swing Dancing.  Good night everyone!

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Hello and welcome to the 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance, which will feature guest appearances from talented stars such as Katie Holmes and Ellen DeGeneres.

The show opens with a group routine choreographed by Mia Michaels to the song One from A Chorus Line. I love it. Despite my personal opinions on Mia’s judging, I have to say, she is an incredible choreographer.

We see SYTYCD alumni and of course a highlight reel of the show’s best moments. I only began watching last season, thanks to my friend Sharon, but it is nice to see these moments.


Melissa is safe.

Kayla is in the bottom two.

Janette is in the bottom two.

Jeanine is safe.

Jamie and Hok reprise their Emmy award wining routine, Hummingbird and the Flower. This is my first time seeing it, but I can see why it won an Emmy. FAB-U-LOUS! Wade Robson did a great job with this, I just wish he’d get more recognition for his work.


Ade and Evan are safe…..Jason and Brandon are in the bottom two……WHAT? Brandon? Seriously? Totally did not see that one coming.

Travis and Heidi dance their Bench Routine, which Mia choreographed. We are also treated to a group dance which includes Wade.

Katie Holmes dances and i have to say, the girl’s got talent. I hope people realize that and finally see her as more than Tom Cruise’s wife and Suri’s mommy.

Finally, finally, we get to who is going home….Janette and Jason. They get hugs, kisses and montages before saying goodbye.

Join us next week for more dancing, special guests and eliminations. Goodnight!

SYTYCD–Top 8 by Marie

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Good evening dance friends, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8. Cat, dressed in a stunning liquid gold halter dress, introduces our dancers and judges. In addition to Nigel, Mary, and Mia we have a special guest judge – Ellen DeGeneres. She’s been wanting to attend a live show for a while and was invited to judge as well. Nigel thanks the University of Befordshire for his honorary doctorate in the arts. Ellen is a hoot, telling Cat that she learned her dancing on the streets…of her gated community! Mary is so excited that this group of dancers just gets better every week. Mia is asked by Cat if it’s hard to outdo her own choreography, and Mia says it’s both a blessing and a curse…but if she didn’t still feel nervous and challenged it would be time for her to quit! Our entire group of 8 dancers performs together first, doing a number choreographed by Travis Wall. He likens this routine to a Rave Party in the year 2300, and combined styles to create this unique dance. The group does a great job with “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf/Lil’Wayne, with very futuristic costumes that light up. Their leaps and acrobatics are amazing! Nigel says Travis did a fantastic job, calling it very Lady Gaga. Ellen teases Travis about how she helped him with the costumes…and told him that the regular light bulbs wouldn’t work. Mary says the costumes and choreography were great, and she can’t pick on anyone because they all did a wonderful job. Mia tells Travis she is “beyond proud” of him, and she really enjoyed the routine. Cat reminds us that the winner of SYTYCD will receive $250,000, be on the cover of Dance Spirit Magazine, and earn the title of America’s Favorite Dancer. She also mentions that tomorrow’s show will be the 100th episode, and we will be revisting past routines, especially the Emmy winners. Katie Holmes will be performing a special tribute to Judy Garland. The guys draw a name out of the hat this week to see which girl will be their partner, and Evan gets to dance with Janette. Each couple will be doing two dances tonight, and their first number is a Jazz routine choregraphed by Sonya Tayeh. In this number they are angry with each other and are trying to keep each other quiet. They perform to “Move” by CSS, and they do a great job with the dramatic characters and awesome lifts. Nigel calls them 2 little stars and says their personalities are coming out more. He likes that Evan is finally giving it more, and Janette is always great. Ellen compares them to the wine she had earlier tonight…and also tells them they are amazing. Mary thinks they did a really good job, and their sync and athleticism were spot on. Mia says Evan made a step in the right direction emotionally, and Janette is her favorite dancer this season. Our first solo tonight is from Kayla – a Contemporary routine performed to “The Moment I Said It” by Imogen Heap. She shows us the beautiful lines that have brought her this far, and I have to say seeing her grandpa in the audience crying was so sweet. Our next couple are Jeanine and Brandon, performing a Waltz choreographed by Hunter Johnson. He says they have to be both soft and powerful, and they feel out of their comfort zones with the steps. They dance to “May It Be” by Hayley Westerna, and keep it smooth and romantic. The music is kind of slow, even for a Waltz. Nigel is a little disappointed – he didn’t like the slowness of the music and says that made the routine even tougher for them. Ellen jokes that she can do that, but also disagrees with Nigel, calling it fantastic. Mary believes this was the slowest Waltz ever on the show, which takes unbelievable control. She does say they did a respectable job. Mia tells them she expected the length, space, and breadth to be magical, but there were too many stuck moments for her. Jason performs his Contemporary solo to “Slowdance on the Inside” by Taking Back Sunday, showing off some tremendous leaps! Melissa and Ade wind up paired together again, and they are really happy to be partners once more. Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin choreograph an International Style Cha-Cha for them, and Melissa finds it technically challenging, especially getting her hips to move like they should. They perform to “Yeah” by Chino Espinoza, and I love the sexy, sharp moves. Nigel thinks it was a great routine where they showed off their hot moves. He tells Melissa to watch so she doesn’t turn out so much, and says Ade has great stature. Ellen asks them if they are carpenters…because they nailed it! Cat says that Ellen is starting to get the hang of judging. Mary says they nailed the execution of the material, but Ade needs to drop his bum a little more and Melissa was trying so hard that she overdid it. Mia tells Ade that this was his worst performance this season and he was all over the place. She says that Melissa did an excellent job of overcoming the ballerina mentality and getting the right hip action. Janette performs a Contemporary solo to “Seduces Me” by Celine Dion, and gives us plenty of emotion and power. The final dance of the first round is from Kayla and Jason. They are doing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Jason is a man caught up in the music, while Kayla is the temptress that tries to pull him away. They perform to “Mr. Monotony” from Jerome Robbins Broadway, sung by Jane Lanier. It’s very classic Broadway with a playful feel, and Kayla just floors me with her leg extensions. Nigel says this style of dance will go on and on, and it was beautiful to watch. He tells Jason his feet were terrific, and likens his work with the stool to that of Gene Kelly. He also says Kayla has the ability to do anything that is thrown at her. Ellen wants them to come over and hang pictures because they are good nailers…but Cat says she’ll have to try harder on the next one! Mary tells Tyce that he came up with a fabulous number that really flowed, and likes the way Kayla and Jason played off each other. She pulls out a huge wooden train whistle and blows into it, saying they are on the Hot Tamale Train. Mia is starting to get scared that she’s the only sane one on the judges’ panel tonight. She loves the piece and the style fusion, but also tells Jason that he should still work on his upper body. She askes Kayla if she can also sing and act…Kayla says she can. Mia then calls her the perfect girl star, and says she would take Broadway by storm! Ade performs his solo next…a Contemporary number to “Hater” for Various Productions Artists by Kandle. He never fails to amaze with those incredible leaps and flips. Our second round of couples’ dances begin with Janette and Evan, who are doing a Rumba choreographed by Tony and Melanie. It’s the dance of passion, so Janette is trying to help Evan find his “Inner Latino”. They perform to “Heartless”…normally by Kanye West, but this is the Kris Allen version, which is more suited to the Rumba. It’s very smooth and hot, and gets stronger as the dance goes on. Nigel loves the choreography but says it is an exceptionally hard style to help you get votes, because it’s so smooth. He believes Janette had it down pat, but Evan didn’t show enough emotion in his face. Ellen tells Evan that she loves his face, especially his unique eyes, and there is a special essence about him. She says Janette is just amazing. Mary says they did a really good job with such tough choreography… they were well-connected and kept their time and balance well. She tells Janette she is a hot tamale: fire and spice. Mia agrees with Ellen…we are all perfect the way God has made us, and she is celebrating who Evan is, and he is awesome. She tells Janette that she can tackle anything. Melissa performs her solo, which has a little Ballet to it but is more Contemporary. She dances to “Heads Will Roll” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and gives us a very strong performance. Jeanine and Brandon are next with a Contemporary routine choreographed by Laurieann Gibson. She tells them not to think, but to feel, and really drives them with tough love. They dance to “Battlefield” by Jordin Sparks, and their number is powerful, passionate, and warrior-like. Nigel says they gave us exactly what we want, and the routine was strong and fantastic. Ellen just tells them they are unbelievable. Mary calls it powerful and dynamic…and then she screams. She blows the whistle and says they are on the Hot Tamale Train. Mia says that Laurieann won’t do anything unless it comes from her soul, and this was more than a dance. She tells Brandon he is a powerhouse and all she can say to Jeanine is wow! Evan does his solo to “Old Devil Moon” by Jamie Cullum, and it’s a Jazz/Broadway style that shows off his classic style. Jeanine performs her Contemporary solo to “Let The Drummer Kick” by Citizen Kope, and it’s very smooth…but the poor thing is winded because she barely had time to catch her breath after her number with Brandon! Melissa and Ade are dancing a Contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Tyce has a good friend who is battling breast cancer, and he created this number for her and about her struggle. The couple hope they can be strong and powerful, and portray the message well. They dance an extremely emotional routine to “This Woman’s Work” by Maxwell, and I know I can really feel the pain of the dance. I’ve lost my mom, cousin, and 2 aunts to breast cancer, and I’ve had a few scares myself, so this one really hit home for me. I couldn’t stop the tears running down my face, nor did I even try. The entire panel of judges is crying, as well as most of the audience. Nigel is so overcome with emotion that he finds it hard to speak, but is finally able to say that this is why he loves dance so much… because you can express so many emotions without using words. He tells Tyce that he is a strong person to create this routine, and Tyce is crying too. Nigel also says that this routine deserves to be nominated for an Emmy next year. Ellen tells Melissa and Ade that she is so privileged to be able to witness this, and it’s the most beautiful thing she’s even seen. Mary is very emotional too, saying that this took her back to a scary place. She tells them it was well done – full of love, compassion, and hope. Mia calls it an important piece of work, and breaks down, saying that she wishes she could have been as strong for her dad as Ade was for Melissa in this routine. Good thing there’s a commercial break, because it would be hard for anyone to directly follow that number. When we come back, Brandon dances his solo to “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” by Robert Randolph and the Family Band. He gives a powerful performance and shows us his strong back flips. Our final dance of the night is a Hip-Hop routine from Kayla and Jason, choreographed by Shane Sparks. Jason is a zombie who is trying to transform Kayla into his zombie mistress. They perform to “They’re Everywhere” by Izza Kizza, and are totally sharp and in sync. They keep up their zombie act as they walk over to Cat. Nigel likes that it was Michael Jackson inspired, and that Shane really brought something out in the two of them. Ellen loves it, calling them amazing. Mary says they hit it hard and gave us clear pictures…and then screams. Mia tells Shane this is her favorite piece of his and it was disturbingly hot. After the recap and the reminder to vote, Cat thanks Ellen for joining the judges tonight. She also reminds us that tomorrow’s special 100th episode will feature favorite past dances and a performance by Katie Holmes. Good night everyone!

SYAO With Marie~

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Hi folks, sorry it took so long, got called into work early and I’m not allowed to use internet there. Here you go!

Hi there dance fans, and welcome to Week 4 of Dance Your Ass Off.  Our 9 contestants will be performing Latin dances styles for us this evening.  Marissa comes to the contestants’ lofts to make an announcement.  Everyone knows it will either be really good news or really bad news.  Marissa tells them that this week will be a double elimination – 2 of the 9 dancers will be going home.  Miles and Ruben start to talk about how well they have been doing so far and that they know neither one of them have to worry.  The ladies in the house are a little nervous…and not happy with the cocky attitude from the guys.

Miles is our first dancer tonight, and he tells us that he keeps watching the video footage of his rehearsals over and over, so he can learn where he needs to improve.  He and Michelle perform a Samba/Salsa to “La Bamba”, and I love the fun and energy of it, plus the wonderful lifts.

Mayte says the partnering was good, but she would like to see more strength.  Lisa Ann thinks they did a great job and likes the ambitious routine.  Danny believes they were both in their own little world, but they had some really good stuff.  The judges score Miles 6-7-6 for an average of 6.3.  Miles lost 4.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.75, which gives him an overall score of 8.05.

Trice is up next, and she is determined not to be in the bottom 2 this week.  Meg, who is the show’s nutritionist, starts Trice on lactose-free shakes to help her with energy and weight loss.  She is working out 4 times a day to stay away from the double elimination.  Trice and Jesus perform a Samba/Salsa to “Suavemente”, showing off a fun, sexy attitude and great rhythm.

Mayte tells them she noticed a little mix-up in the steps, but likes that they recovered from it and kept going.  She loves that Trice is getting stronger.  Lisa Ann likes that she has become more serious about the competition, and says they locked it down.  Danny would like to see more hip isolation, but loves their great use of the floor and the fact that Trice stepped out of her comfort zone.  Trice’s scores are 6-7-7 for an average of 6.7.  She has lost an awesome 5.9 pounds this week for a percentage of 2.29.  This gives her an overall score of 8.99.

Marissa calls on Alicia to dance.  Alicia is so excited that it’s Latin Week, letting us know that she is half Chilean and half Italian.  She is so happy that her partner believes in her so much.  Alicia and Italo dance a Cha-Cha to “Let’s Get Loud”, and it’s hot and sassy.  I love the beautiful arms!

Mayte calls it “Caliente!”(HOT!) and loves the sensual facial expressions, but would like Alicia to work more on footwork.  Lisa Ann thinks her hips were great, but she should extend herself more to appear taller and help with movement.  Danny likes the spirit of the dance and says she has made great progress.  Her scores are 6-6-7 for an average of 6.3.  Alicia lost an amazing 6.4 pounds for a percentage of 2.61.  Her overall score is 8.91.

Ruben is our next dancer, and he is proud that he’s lost the most weight of all of the contestants so far.  He is dancing 2 to 3 hours a day, and keeping good records of his food intake.  He and Hilary performa a Cha-Cha to “Sway”, and it has a smooth quality with great footwork.

Mayte says it’s Hot, Hot, Hot!  She also says their partnering was on.  Lisa Ann loves it, calling Ruben a good, strong Latino lead.  Danny like the great use of the floor and their great feeling.  Ruben’s scores are 8-9-9, for an average of 8.7.  He has lost 4.7 pounds for a percentage of 1.63, giving him an overall score of 10.33.

Now we get to see Shayla dance.  She says that hearing about the double elimination brought out her killer instinct.  She sprained her ankle during rehearsal, and Dr. H tells her she cannot dance on it; she has to just walk through her routine.  Shayla and Mario dance a Salsa to “Bailamos”, and I can’t even tell her ankle is bothering her, which is something she was hoping for.  It’s a very sexy routine.

Mayte yells Fuego! (FIRE!), saying she couldn’t tell the ankle hurt until Shayla limped over to Marissa.  Lisa Ann loves everything about this number.  Danny tells them they had the perfect amount of lifts and Latin content.  The judges score Shayla 8-9-9, for an average of 8.7.  Shayla lost 4.3 pounds for a percentage of 2.19.  Her overall score is 10.89.  Marissa announces that finally someone has moved ahead of Ruben, causing him to stare down Shayla.

Mara dances next, and she feels that her partner Paul is too much of a drill sergeant.  She has a talk with him about being more respectful, and he says he is just trying to get her to be her best.  They perform a Cha-Cha to “Black Magic Woman”, and it’s full of attitude and hip action.

Mayte thinks their connection wasn’t as strong as it should have been, and they need to work on their footwork.  Lisa Ann tells Mara that on the dance floor the man is the boss, and she doesn’t always have to fight it.  Danny completely disagrees with them, and says he was really into the tension they brought to the dance.  Mara’s scores are 6-5-7, for an average of 6.  She lost 3.5 pounds for a percentage of 1.40, giving her an overall score of 7.40.

Our last dancer before the bottom 2 is Tara.  She says keeping the food journal is really working for her.  She started the show in size 18 jeans, and has several pairs of jeans lined up in the closet in various sizes…all the way down to size 8.  She shows us how she is halfway there already!  Tara hates missing out on her son’s baseball games, but knows that she is missing them for an important reason…to get healthy.  She and Michael perform a Salsa to “Livin’ La Vida Loca”, and even though they had a rough time with the steps the performance is fun and sassy.

Mayte says the technique was not there and they were not in sync.  Lisa Ann thinks Tara is more of a rocker chick than salsa dancer.  Danny tells Tara it was rough because she needs to believe in herself more.  The judges score Tara 4-5-4 for an average of 4.3.  She lost 4.2 pounds for a percentage of 1.85, so her overall score is 6.15.

Before Pinky and Brandon, who are the bottom 2, get to dance, we see a sneak preview of the new movie “The Ugly Truth”, starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl.  This movie looks like fun, and I wouldn’t mind going to see it at all!

We also learn more about the DYAO Fit Club on their website, where you can share stories and ideas with others who are trying to lose weight.  Please go to for more details.

Pinky is up to dance first, and she wants to do everything she can to stay on the show.  Meg drops her daily calories to 951 in an effort to help her with her weight loss.  Pinky feels pretty confident about her dance for Latin Week.  She and Mr. Lucky perform a Salsa to “Pon De Replay”, and they give it a fun feel.  I’m really impressed with her back bends tonight.

Mayte thinks Pinky looked heavy-footed, most likely due to the fact that she is still getting used to dancing in heels.  Lisa Ann says the beginning was smooth, but then things started to fall apart.  Danny thinks the routine was great.  Pinky lost 1.4 pounds for a percentage of .78.

Finally Brandon dances, and he is training hard and cutting back on the starchy carbs in order to keep himself in the competition.  Brandon and Yesenia perform a Salsa/Cha-Cha to “Conga”, keeping it fun and showing us a great ending lift.

Mayte says it was good overall, but they need to go harder.  Lisa Ann likes that Brandon showed off.  Danny thought it was OK, but didn’t get the impression that Brandon was dancing for his life.  Brandon lost 1.7 pounds for a percentage of .77.

Tara is the lowest on the board, so she is in danger of going home.  Pinky needs to get more than an average of 6.7 for her dance to go ahead of Tara.  Pinky receives scores of 7-8-8 for an average of 7.7.  Her overall score is 8.48, and this means Tara is going home.

Brandon amd Mara are now at the bottom, and he also needs an average of 6.7 to go ahead of Mara.  Brandon’s scores are 6-6-6, for an obvious average of 6.  His overall score is 6.77, so Mara is safe and Brandon is going home.  Marissa knows where Tara and Brandon have been, and she is very encouraging to them…and tells them to keep dancing!

Next week our remaining 7 contestants will be dancing to songs from the movies.  Tune in to see who has the right moves and the best numbers on the scale.  Good night everyone!

SYTYCD Results by Sammi T.

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance: The Results. Tonight, ten become eight as two more dancers are sent home–with no opportunity for the judges to save them.

The show opens with a group dance to Janet Jackson’s So Much Betta. I didn’t catch who choreographed it, but it was awesome. Cat lets us know that Mia, Tabitha and Napoleon, Tyce and Dmitry were nominated for Emmys.  In case anyone is interested:

Bleeding Love • Tabitha D’umo and Napoleon D’umo (Danced by Chelsie and Mark)

Mercy • Mia Michaels,  (Danced by Katee and Twitch)

Adam and Eve / Silence • Tyce Diorio (Danced by Jessica and Will)

A Los Amigos • Dmitry Chaplin (Danced by Chelsie and Joshua)

I’m surprised Tabitha and Napoleon’s No Air routine  (danced by Katee and Joshua) didn’t get nominated, but I loved Bleeding Love too! Congratulations to everyone!

Nigel also got an honorary Doctorate! Congratulations!

We get recaps from last night before we officially get down to business.


Top Five Girls:
Janette: SAFE!
Randi: Bottom 2.
Jeanine: SAFE!
Kayla: SAFE!
Melissa: Bottom 2

We get some season six previews and I’ve got to say, I see some potential top twenty dancers already!


Top Five Guys:
Jason: SAFE!
Evan: SAFE!
Kupono: Bottom 2
Ade: Bottom 2
Brandon: SAFE!

Next week’s guest include Ellen DeGeneres and some past dancers. YAY!

Since this week the solos are to give everyone one last chance to dance and not to save them, I won’t get into them too much, except that there is no way Melissa or Ade belonged in the bottom tonight. (Not that Randi and Kupono did, but the other two really brought their A-game tonight)

The Black Eyed Peas perform while the judges deliberate and to be honest, as much as I love them, I wish these shows would bring lesser known bands or older ones–I’d love someone to bring Fleetwood Mac or have a boy band reunion just for the fun of it. It would be a cool change of pace and probably bring back lots of cool memories for people.


Randi and Kupono are going home. They are given hugs, kisses and montages before they have to say goodbye. Best of luck to them.

Tune in next week for more dancing, cool guests and eliminations. Goodnight!

SYTYCD Top 10 by Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Top 10 performance show of So You Think You Can Dance.  We have a lot going on here tonight…first of all, the couples have been broken up and switched around, so everyone has to get used to a new partner.  The Top 5 guys will dance as a group, and so will the Top 5 girls.  To completely keep all of the dancers on their toes, they will each perform a solo as well!

Cat, looking lovely in emerald green, introduces our dancers and our judges.  Tonight we have Nigel, Mary, and Debbie Allen giving their comments, but only America will decide who stays on for next week.  The guy and girl with the lowest number of votes from tonight will automatically go home tomorrow, and the judges do not get a say in it.  Also, tonight we start voting for individual dancers instead of couples.  Nigel thinks this makes sense, since we are trying to determine America’s Favorite Dancer.  Mary states that any change for the dancers will be extremely difficult, especially learning to trust their new partners and develop chemistry in such a short amount of time.  Debbie is happy that her favorite 3 guys and favorite 3 girls are in the Top 10.  She also reminds the viewers at home that you are not necessarily voting on who is the best, but also who makes the biggest impression on you.

We begin our evening with the girls’ group number, which is Bollywood choregraphed by Nakul Dev Mahajan.  The girls are all using Indian water pots as props, and Nakul has nicknamed the group “Bollywood Bombshells”.  They perform to “Dholna” by Pyar Ke Geet, and make great use of their props.  When the girls turn around, they are dancing with masks on the backs of their heads.  The routine is joyful and full of energy, especially when the music gets even faster.

Nigel says Nakul is cool, and this is the most beautiful Top 5 group of girls ever.  He loves that they lacked nothing and worked so well together as a group…and he decides to put them on his “Hot Bangers and Mash Train”!  Mary calls it Bolly-Wow!, and likes how Nakul made this number young, hip, and fresh.  Debbie agrees, saying this was an amazing cultural fusion that was articulated well by the dancers.

Our ladies pulled names out of a hat to see who they would dance with this week, and Kayla is dancing with Evan.  They are both very excited to work together, but wonder how it will work with her being the tallest girl and him being the shortest guy.  Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin are choreographing a Viennese Waltz for them.  They admit that the height difference is challenging, but have the couple dance in each other’s shoes just to see how it goes.  Evan says he has a newfound respect for ladies having to dance in high heels!  They perform to “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal, and the number has a sweet, flowing quality with beautiful lifts and awesome turning kicks from Kayla.

Nigel is a little shocked to see that they look about the same height now, so Kayla and Evan show us the trick to that…his heels have been raised and she danced practically barefoot.  Nigel thinks their V-Waltz looked more like a regular fast Waltz, but still loves the lines and lifts.  Mary says the song is about power, pleasure, and pain.  She states that they got 2 out of the 3 right, and that Evan lacked power.  She still believes the lifts looked effortless and the routine was elegant.  Debbie calls it a wonderful, unexpected surprise, and thinks Evan handled Kayla well even though she is so much taller than him.

Brandon does a Contemporary solo to “In Your Eyes” by Jeffrey Gaines, which is emotional and very powerful.

Next we have Janette and Ade, who are also happy to work togther but worried about their height difference, since he is the tallest guy and she is the shortest girl.  They are dancing Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  In this routine, Ade is to hypnotize Janette in order to bring out her funky side.  They say this is actually true to life for them!  Janette feels the pressure to adapt to this style as well as she has to all of the others.  They dance to “Love Sex Magic” by Ciara with Justin Timberlake, and they do a great job with the hypnosis and staying in character.  Janette picked up the funk very well, and at the end of the routine she stays “hypnotized” until Ade snaps her out of it.

Nigel loves the great choreography and says they both have the funk and danced well.  Mary likes that it was funky, fun, and pure entertainment.  She calls Janette a spicy hot tamale.  Debbie says the routine wore her out, and she really wanted to come up there and dance with them.  She calls them amazing and mesmerizing.

Randi performs a Contemporary solo to “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn, and it’s very slow but sweet.  Kupono performs his Hip-Hop solo to “Marina Gasolina” by Bonde do Role, and his routine is serious and powerful.

Jeanine is now dancing with Jason, and they really can’t wait to dance together because they’ve already become really good friends.  Travis Wall from SYTYCD Season 2 is choreographing his first routine for the show, and it’s a Contemporary number about 2 childhood friends who are debating whether to cross the line over to lovers.  The couple are exhuasted by all of lifts, but they work hard all week.  They dance to “If It Kills Me” by Jason Mraz, and this number is breathtakingly emotional.  They keep passing or tossing a heart on a chain back and forth, and the intensity leads to Jeanine’s dress being ripped and ends with a kiss.  It feels kind of like we are witnessing this moment for real…of this couple’s friendship crossing over into something more.

Jeanine and Jason receive a standing ovation from the audince and all 3 judges.  Nigel praises Travis’ first number, saying it was only bettered by the 2 people who danced it. Mary starts off at a loss for words, but then screams…saying how proud she is of Travis.  She begins to cry as she speaks to him.  She tells Jason he has gone to a new level with his strength and power, and Jeanine has become brighter every week.  She puts them on the Hot Tamale Train!  Debbie mentions that Travis, whom she’s known since he was 14, was very nervous about this piece…but he did a brilliant job.  She loves how the dance community is now connected around the world and calls Jeanine and Jason a magical pairing.

Melissa performs her Ballet solo to “Gabriel” by Lamb, and once again she shows off her gorgeous lines and leaps.  Evan dances his Broadway solo to “Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart” by Rufus Wainwright, and it’s classic Broadway with Evan keeping his character fun.  Kayla performs her solo to “Rock Your Soul” by Elisa, and it’s an awesome Contemporary number showing her wonderful extensions and emotion.

Randi and Kupono are next with the Paso Doble, also choreograophed by Tony and Melanie.  They are both nervous about how much there is to learn in the Paso.  They have a rough week of practice with a lot of work.  They perform to “Dies Irae” by Karl Jenkins, with Randi in a long, dark-haired wig and a lot of intensity on their faces.

Nigel says the choreography was good, but he’s not sure the dancing lived up to it.  He does say there were some good moves, but there was not enough passion.  Mary thinks they are falling below the standard…they were too cautious and she didn’t believe the chemistry.  Debbie says it’s hard not to agree, but she chalks it up to this being a new partnership that hasn’t developed trust yet.  She tells them that they did execute many things well.

Ade performs his Contemporary solo shirtless to “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers showing his strength and gorgeous flips.  Jeanine’s Contemporary solo is performed to “Violento!” by Bailongo, and she gives it a passionate, Latin feel.  Jason’s solo is performed to “Train Fare Home” by Muddy Waters, and I love the soulful Broadway style.  He’s got some great moves!

Melissa and Brandon are the final couple tonight.  They each think the other is amazing, but Melissa is concerned because she is taller than Brandon.  They are doing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio, and they get to know each other really fast…due to the wild, tangled positions they wind up in!  They perform to “Aquarius” from Hair, which is one of my favorite songs.  It has a Contemporary feel, and they do a wonderful job with the groovy 60’s vibe. They have gorgeous lines and lifts.

Nigel love the way Tyce tackles all of the styles, even though he’s too young to have lived through them.  He says they did a great job and brought back a lot of memories for him.  Mary calls it unbelievably groovy…and screams.  Debbie thinks they really evoked the harmony of the dance, calling it seamless and a joy to watch.

Our final solo is from Janette, who performs Salsa to “This Is Miami” by Sander Kleinenberg.  She shows off her hot, spicy Latin moves.

We close out our dances with the Top 5 guys group number, which is African choreographed by Jeffrey Page.  There is a lot of complicated movement, but Jeffrey wants to show their masculinity.  They are all supposed to be showing off and competing for a woman’s attention.  Evan is a little nervous, since as he says, “If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m not African.”  All five of the guys struggle with the moves.  They perform to “Balant Funk” by Ayanda Clarke and Shawn Kelly, and the routine is filled with fast, wild non-stop movement.

Nigel loves African dance and welcomes Jeffrey to SYTYCD.  He calls this one of the toughest routines ever on the show and says they all worked well together.  Mary adores the dance, and likes the exciting energy.  She is happy that Evan held his own.  Debbie reminds us that African dance is the origin of Hip-Hop, Jazz, and several other styles, and is proud of Jeffrey and the dancers for making it pure and authentic.

Cat reminds us to vote as we see the recap of all of the couple and solo dances.  Remember that you are voting on individual dancers now, and the judges have no say in who stays and who goes home.  We will have a performance tomorrow night from the Black Eyed Peas.  Good night everybody!

DYAO Week With Marie!

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Hi there dance fans…welcome to Week 3 of Dance Your Ass Off.  Tonight our 10 remaining contestants will try their dance skills on the stripper pole, which many of them are nervous about.  Marissa announces that in the first two weeks, our dancers have lost a combined total of 117 pounds, which is awesome!

We take a little trip with our contestants to Crunch Gym in West Hollywood, where instructor Christina Fuentes teaches them some of the basic moves on the pole.  Tara is especially worried about having her kids watch her perform this time.  Everyone mentions just how sore all of the muscles in their bodies are when working with the pole, but they are having fun doing the moves.

Our first dancer tonight is Shayla.  She was pre-diabetic when she started on the show, but after meeting with Dr. H again she finds out that her diabetic tendencies have been reversed.  He does remind her that if she goes back to old habits she could become pre-diabetic again, so she makes sure to incorporate lots of fruits, veggies, and protein into her diet.  Shayla and Mario dance to “Don’t Cha”, and it’s a very sexy routine with great moves on the pole.

Mayte calls it a sexy tease and says the performance was great.  Lisa Ann says it was beautiful and sexy.  Danny says he was worried about the pole dancing this week, but Shayla has changed his mind.  The judges’ scores are 8-7-8 for an average of 7.7.  Shayla lost 2.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.16, making her overall score 8.86.

Ruben is up next, and he’s ready to work the pole, since he’s starting to feel better and a lot sexier.  He believes this is a big step for him.  He and Hilary perform to “I’m a Slave 4 U”, and they stay in intense character and have some great moves, including a very nice lift.

Mayte says they made it work.  Lisa Ann likes the interesting story that was told and calls it entertaining.  Danny likes the charcters, but says Ruben did not use enough of his upper body strength.  The judges scores are 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7, just like Shayla.  Ruben has lost an incredible 7.8 pounds for a percentage of 2.64.  This gives him an overall score of 10.34.

Trice is our third dancer tonight, and she really would like to see better losses on the scale.  She is still craving cheesecake, so the nutritionist tells her to have a couple of chocolate covered strawberries when she wants something sweet.  This is a great tip…I have the same problem with sweets!  Trice is noticing a difference in her energy level since she started eating better foods.  She and Jesus dance to “Milkshake”, and Trice really does shake it!  They also have some great floorwork.

Mayte says it was really good, but she’d like to see more pole work.  Lisa Ann tells her she is built for comfort, not speed, and should work on having more long, languid moves.  Danny also wants to see more with the pole, and he says that would also burn more calories.  Trice’s scores are 7-6-6, for an average of 6.3.  She has lost 2.9 pounds for a percentage of 1.11.  Her overall score is 7.41.

I do have to interject here that most of the commercials being run this week are much better for those of us that are trying to lose weight…Dannon yogurt and Cheerios are a big improvement over the Pizza Hut ads!  I do however, prefer Greek yogurt, because it doesn’t have all of the sugar and fills you up more.

Marissa calls on Miles to dance for us next.  He is disappointed in his weight loss from last week, so he is being more strict with himself and pushing harder.  He says one of his friends told him he already dances like a stripper!  Miles and Michelle perform to “I’m Too Sexy”, and they work the pole…with Miles ripping open his shirt and stripping down to American flag boxers…very cool!

Mayte loves the outfit, but would like them to hit harder.  Lisa Ann thinks they did well with the pole and couldn’t take her eyes off off Miles.  Danny is glad that Miles is not looking down anymore, and likes their great use of the pole.  They score him 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7.  Miles lost 4.6 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.83.  This makes his overall score 9.53.

Pinky is happy to be dancing next.  She knows she has to be more feminine and sexy, and feels very uncomfortable with the pole.  She thinks she is out of her element, so she comes up with an alter ego for the pole…Cosa Rosa, which is Spanish for Pink Stuff.  Pinky and Mr. Lucky dance to “Lady Marmalade”, and she really struts her stuff.  I love her back bends; I sure wish I could bend like that!

Mayte says it was really good, but she would like to see more work with the pole.  Lisa Ann tells them she got chills, and wants to cry because she loves how Pinky has bloomed before our eyes.  Danny loves it, but advises her to tighten her core some more.  Her scores are 7-9-8, for an average of 8.  Pinky lost 2 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.10.  Her overall score is 9.10.

Brandon is extremely thrilled that Marissa calls on him to dance now, because this means he’s finally not in the bottom 2.  He visits with Dr. H, who tells him he has high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver…Brandon needs to be here more than anyone else.  He vows to take his health more seriously.  Brandon and Yesenia perform to “Shake It”, and I love their awesome bends.

Mayte thinks the dancing was weak.  Lisa Ann says it was not sexy enough, and Brandon needs to find more within himself.  Danny says there was not enough pole work.  Brandon’s scores are 7-6-6, for an average of 6.3.  He lost 4.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.91, making his overall score 8.21.

Tara is our next dancer, and her knee is feeling much better now.  Dr. H tells her that the more she moves, the better it will feel.  She says her kids will not be watching this routine, but her husband will.  Tara and Michael dance to “Promiscuous”, with Tara being very sexy in her schoolgirl uniform costume and doing some great pole work.

Mayte says she really felt how sensual it was, and likes how much she trusted her partner.  Lisa Ann loves what she brought to the routine.  Danny likes how clever they were with the pole, and says she has improved every week.  Tara’s scores are 6-8-8, for an average of 7.3.  She has lost 2 pounds for a percentage of .87, which makes her overall score 8.17.

Alicia dances now, which means that Karla and Mara are the bottom 2 this week.  Alicia was upset about almost going home last week, so she is staying focused and working hard.  She and Italo dance to “I Know What Boys Like”, and there are really great back bends, pole work, and splits!

Mayte is very impressed with her sensuality.  Lisa Ann says she was fully into the dance.  Danny calls it a great comeback.  Alicia’s scores from the judges are 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7.  She lost 2.3 pounds for a percentage of .93.  Her overall score is 8.63.

Before our bottom 2 dance, we see a sneak preview of the next season of Biggest Loser.  One of the new contestants is the heaviest woman that’s ever been on the show, weighing in at 476 pounds.

Karla dances next, and she says it’s hard for her to be more serious since she is a comedienne.  She really steps it up in the gym to compensate for that.  She and Jull perform to “I Touch Myself”, and their pole work together is great.  They end the rountine with Karla kissing him as he hangs upside down on the pole.

Mayte says they had an iffy beginning, but it got better.  Lisa Ann says Karla doesn’t always have to be the funny girl…she should just be who she is.  Danny could tell that she doesn’t think she’s sexy, and she needs to believe in herself more.  Karla has lost one pound for a percentage of .62.

Mara is the last dancer tonight, and she is scared of the pole.  She works really hard to overcome it.  Mara and Paul dance to “Cherry Pie”, and she shows off her hot attitude and great moves, especially on the pole!

Mayte says she worked it…and rocked it!  Lisa Ann calls it really nice, and loves how Mara attacked the pole.  Danny believes that Mara is mad that she wound up in the bottom 2, and it came out in her dancing.  He says her hard work really paid off.  Mara lost 1.8 pounds for a percentage of .71.

Karla and Mara are in danger of going home, and so is Trice, since she is currently at the bottom of the board.  Mara’s scores are 9-8-8, for an average of 8.3.  Her overall score is 9.01 and she is safe.  Karla’s scores are 5-6-6 for an average of 5.6.  Her overall score is 6.22, which puts her below Trice.  Karla is going home, but she says she learned so much and had an exciting experience.  Marissa congratulates Ruben for being at the top for 2 weeks in a row.

We see a preview of next week’s show, where our 9 remaining contestants will tackle Latin Week.  And…TWO of our dancers will be going home next week!  Tune in to find out who they will be.  Good night everyone!

SYTYCD Results With Sammi T

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Hello and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance The Results. Tonight the dancers go from 12 to 10 as two more say goodbye to the dream of being America’s Favorite Dancer.

The show opens with a group dance that was choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon, so you know it is awesome. Cat announces that it is Nigel’s 60th birthday, so happy birthday to him! Nigel announces that the Michael Jackson tribute can no longer happen due to legal issues with the music. Mary says the judges will be stepping back next week. Tyce says this show is no vacation at Club Med.

RESULTS! (I’m liking how we get to it fast this season!)

Caitlin and Jason are in the bottom 3.
Janette and Brandon are safe.
Randi and Evan are safe.
Jeanine and Phillip are in the bottom 3.
Melissa and Ade are in the bottom 3.
Kayla and Kupono are safe and nearly shattered my eardrums with their excited screams!

We get some footage of next season’s audition footage.

Caitlin is up first and she has a lot of spins and flips in her dance. Very flowy and dramatic.

Jason is topless during his solo and he did incredible as usual. I love how he puts his personality into everything.

Jeanine does a fabulous contemporary routine with lots of spins.

Phillip pops and locks it and Cat is right–it would be a shame to lose him.

Melissa has gorgeous lines and is probably the best female of the bunch.

Ade is incredible, but what was with that music, it sounded like some kind of internet sounds in the beginning.

David Getter and Kelly Rowland sing their hit single ‘When Love Takes Over’  and I have to say I like it. It is not my usual type of song, but I enjoyed the performance.

After some deliberation,  Caitlin and Phillip are going home, but will still go on the tour. That is awesome. I just want to hug them both, they look so sad to go, but so happy with that news. They get montages, hugs and kisses before it is time to say goodbye.

Tune in next week for new partners, more dancing and more eliminations. Goodnight!

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