DYAO Semifinals with Marie!

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Dance Your Ass Off Semifinals.  This week our final 4 contestants will take on the Cha-Cha and the Viennese Waltz, plus get their makeovers!

We are taken behind the scenes for the makeovers, and everyone looks stunning.  I love Alicia’s new haircut and Ruben looks wonderful in his new suit.  Both Shayla and Pinky are in hot red dresses, and Pinky is thrilled to find out that her dress size is now an 8!!!  The contestants also do a photo shoot and interview for Life & Style Magazine, and Alicia tells how when she was younger everyone always said she was too fat to dance…and it’s ironic that she’s losing weight on a dance show!

The final 4 also get a surprise visit from professional dancer Nick Kosovich, who helps them with all of their ballroom steps this week.  They all really appreciate Nick’s help and learned a lot from him.

In the first round, the dancers will be called at random, and in the second round, we will get to the bottom 2 as usual.  One person will go home just one week shy of the finale.

Shayla is first with her Cha-Cha.  She is in awe of her physical transformation and loves being able to see the fruits of her labor.  Her back used to hurt because “the girls” were so heavy…but her bra size has gone from 38H to 36DDD!  Her back is feeling much better, and her self-confidence is back.  Shayla and Mario dance to “Gimme More”, with Shayla in a hot animal print dress.  They are full of attitude, and show off sharp, sexy moves.

Mayte says it was a really sexy number, but Shayla needs to let go more and bend her knees.  Lisa Ann disagrees slightly, saying that you should have straighter legs in the Cha-Cha, and she loves it.  Danny calls it amazing, and says that it’s as if the ball and chain have been cut from her to let her dance more freely.  He also loves the light and shade of the dance.  The judges score Shayla 9-10-10, for an average of 9.7.

Alicia is next with the Viennese Waltz.  Since she is going through a lot of changes in her life, she talks to Dr. H about them.  He gives her a pep talk when she says she doesn’t recognize the person in the mirror.  She is becoming the person she always wanted to be. Alicia and Italo perform to “The Trouble With Love Is”, and it’s powerful and emotional, with great turns.

Mayte can see the change in Alicia’s face, and calls her gorgeous.  She does say she would have liked to see more traveling across the floor, but also tells Alicia that she is special and beautiful no matter what size she is wearing.  Lisa Ann tells them there was not enough time in dance hold.  Danny calls it a beautiful number, but sees a lack of her usual confidence.  Alicia’s scores are 7-7-7, so her average is 7.

Ruben performs his Cha-Cha next.  He is very proud of the fact that he is 43 years old and hung in with the young kids.  He says that with age comes experience, and I agree…especially because I am the same age.  You inspire me Ruben!  He is also proud that he is totally committed to this process and is succeeding.  Ruben and Hilary dance to “Waiting For Tonight”, and they have crisp Cha-Cha moves and great Latin attitude.

Mayte tells Ruben that she gets flustered when she watches him dance.  She loves the energy, but would like to see more work with the toes.  Lisa Ann likes the passion and partnering, but says the dance took a little while to get into.  Danny praises the great hip action and presentation, and says he loved it.  Ruben’s scores are 9-8-9, for an average of 8.7.

The final dance of the first round comes from Pinky, who is doing her Viennese Waltz.  She says she’s never lost so much weight in her life, and loves that she now has more muscle.  She used to hide her shape in big clothes, but now she’s wearing things that are more form-fitting.  She is more confident and becoming a better version of Pinky!  She and Mr. Lucky perform to “I’ll Be”, and their dance is joyful, elegant, and smooth.

Mayte loves the movement, connection, and Pinky’s smile.  Lisa Ann thanks them for starting right off in proper dance hold, praising their unity and calling the dance beautiful.  Danny loves that it was simple and to the point, calling it beautiful, controlled, and elegant.  Pinky’s scores are 9-10-10, for an average of 9.7.

This is also Green Week on the show, so nutritionist Meg talks about ways to help the environment.  She gives each of the contestants a green reusable grocery bag with the DYAO logo on it.  The costume designer also recycles this week…she is using parts of past costumes and fabrics to make this week’s costumes.

Round 2 starts off with Alicia, performing the Cha-Cha.  She is glad she is taking control of her life, and really wants to be in the finale.  Alicia and Italo dance to “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, and the routine is sassy and sexy, filled with awesome moves.

Mayte says Alicia really took control of the routine, and it was really hot.  She loves the footwork and turns.  Lisa Ann tells Alicia she IS the Cha-Cha, calling it fun and sexy.  Danny calls her the comeback queen and says she has the passion they are looking for.  He really likes their character and connection.  Alicia’s scores are 9-10-10, for an average of 9.7.  This gives her an overall dance score of 8.4.  Alicia lost 3.5 pounds for a percentage of 1.62, and her total score is 10.02.

Ruben is next with his Viennese Waltz, which means Shayla and Pinky are the bottom 2.  Ruben says at first it wasn’t about winning the money, it was about accomplishing something.  Now, however, his partner John’s medical situation and insurance have changed, and they really need the money to help John.  Ruben and Hilary perform to “Ordinary Day”, and this is no ordinary V-Waltz.  It’s a bit quicker, yet very smooth and elegant.

Mayte loves the choreography and movement.  Lisa Ann loves that they are really committed and praises their dance hold, but would have liked bigger movements.  Danny loves their great poise and finesse.  Ruben’s scores are 10-9-10, for an average of 9.7.  His overall dance average is 9.2. Ruben lost an amazing amount again…7.1 pounds, for a percentage of 2.79.  His overall total is 11.99, and he is in the finale for sure!!!

Pinky and Shayla are the bottom 2, but Alicia is also in danger of going home.  Pinky is next with the Cha-Cha.  She says the pressure is on and she needs to keep her focus.  She and Mr. Lucky dance to “Just Fine”, and it starts off with a solo from Pinky.  The routine is strong with great attitude, and Pinky has awesome arms.

Mayte notices that Pinky is doing much better dancing in heels, and wonders if she’s been sleeping in them.  She loves the arms and their lines.  Lisa Ann agrees, and really enjoyed the energy and the hip action.  Danny says he’s been a fan of Pinky’s since the beginning, and loves her massive improvement so much that he now thinks she could win the whole competition.  Pinky lost 1.9 pounds, for a percentage of 1.17.

Finally we have Shayla with the Viennese Waltz.  She pictures herself winning every day to keep herself motivated, and she’s finally become the woman she’s always wanted to be.  Shayla and Mario perform to “Fallin'”, and it’s classic, smooth, and gentle.

Mayte says her arms have improved, and the dance was really beautiful but not complete for her.  Lisa Ann tells them she’s happy about the good proper dance hold, but agrees with Mayte.  She also calls them an elegantly matched set.  Danny calls it great, but wanted more passion and control.  Shayla lost 2.1 pounds, for a percentage of 1.19.

One of the 3 remaining ladies is going home tonight.  Shayla’s V-Waltz scores are 8-9-9, for an average of 8.7.  Her overall dance average is 9.2.  The total score is 10.39, and Shayla is in the finale!  Pinky needs an overall dance score of at least 8.9 to go to the finale.  Her Cha-Cha scores are 9-9-10, for an average of 9.3.  Her overall dance score is 9.5, and her total score is 10.67.  Pinky is in the finale, and Alicia is going home.  She thanks everyone from the bottom of her heart for the great experience.

Our final 3 will have 2 more dances next week for the finale.  We see a preview, and wonder if Pinky’s foot will be OK for her to dance.  Who will win the $100,000…Pinky, Ruben, or Shayla?  Tune in next week to find out…and go out and dance YOUR ass off!!!

Several DWTS Pairs Leaked

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Mya and Dmitry
Tom and Cheryl

Aaron and Karina
Donny and Kym
Ashley and Edyta
Debi and Maks

Also, Alec announced on facebook that he is with Natalie.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

DWTS Bios Part 2 From Sammi

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The host of Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” plans to waltz his way through the competition this season. Mark is also a trained martial artist and an actor. He has appeared in several feature films such as “Brotherhood of the Wolf;” “Only the Strong;” “Cradle to the Grave,” “Only the Brave;” “Nomad;” and “The Lost Medallion.”


This singing sensation is best known for her his single  “I Try,” which went to No. 1 on the music charts, along with its album “On How Life Is”. She has sold over  20 million albums worldwide and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and six MTV Video Music Awards, winning three times.


The son of DWTS alum George Hamilton, Ashley is known for his short marriages to Shannen Doherty and Angie Everhart.  He also wrote Robbie Williams’s hit “Come Undone” and had a role on “Sunset Beach.” In addition, Ashley also has a career as a stand up comedian.


This actress, who began acting at age four, is best known for starring in “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina The Teenage Witch.”  She also has starred in movies such as “Drive Me Crazy,” “Holiday in Handcuffs” (with DWTS alum Mario Lopez) and “My Fake Fiance” (with season three’s Joey Lawrence) In addition to running production company Hartbreak Films, Melissa is also a wife to Mark Wilkerson and mom to sons Mason (3) and Braydon (17 months)


The former supermodel hopes to tango with the best of them this season on DWTS.  She is now known for her fashion line and Christian and conservative values.  Her company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, is worth 1.4 billion dollars. She is also an active charity worker, supporting (among others) Feed The Children and Alliance for Christian Education.


The former Dallas Cowboy won three Super Bowls and is known as one third of The Triplets, along with DWTS season three winner Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman. The 2005 Ring of Honor winner has hosted “4th and Long” and has a radio show on ESPN.


The Grammy winning singer is known for hit singles such as “Ghetto Superstar” and “Lady Marmalade,” which she sang along with DWTS alum Lil’ Kim, Pink and Christina Aguilera. She has also appeared in the movie “Chicago” and founded  the “Mya Arts & Tech Foundation,” which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing disadvantaged youth growth and opportunity through arts & technology education.


Brother to Marie, who placed third in season five, Donny is known for being the most famous of the Osmond brothers. He starred on Donny and Marie, performed on Las Vegas, hosted the game show Pyramid and has a long career in the music business. A little known fact? In addition to his acting, hosting  and music careers, he is also a champion race car driver. T

DWTS Bios Part 1 from Marie

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Aaron Carter, 21, is the younger brother of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, but also a singer in his own right.  His latest single is called “Let Go”, and can be found on his MySpace page.  He starred along with his siblings on the E! reality show House of Carters.  He is a gymnast and has choreographed some of his own stage moves.  Aaron has made several guest appearances on TV shows and had a few movie roles.

Chuck Liddell, 39, is a former Ultimate Fighting Championship light heavyweight champion.  He also was a coach on the reality show The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV. He retired from fighting earlier this year, and has had many television and film appearances.

Debi Mazar, 45, is an actress and former Hip-Hop dancer.  She plays the role of Shauna Roberts on the hit television show Entourage on HBO.  Debi is married and has two young daughters.

Joanne Krupa, 30, is a model and actress who was born in Poland.  She has been on the covers of several magazines including Maxim, which named her Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World.  She just recently competed on the reality show Superstars, where she was partnered with football star Terrell Owens.

Kelly Osbourne, 24, is the daughter of Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon, who is a judge on the show America’s Got Talent.  Kelly and her family starred in the MTV reality show The Osbournes, and she is an actress and a singer.  She stayed for a while at Promises in Malibu for a painkiller addiction.  She is engaged to model Luke Worrall.

Louie Vito, 21, is a professional snowboarder who has competed in several events, including the Winter X Games.  He grew up in Ohio but moved to Vermont to train, and his specialty is the halfpipe.  Louie now resides in Salt Lake City.

Natalie Coughlin, 26, is a US swimmer who competed in the 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics.  In 2008 she was the first female athlete to win 6 medals in one Olympics, and also the first woman ever to win back to back gold in the 100m backstroke.  She recently married Ethan Hall.

Tom DeLay, 62, was the Republican House Majority Leader from 2003 until 2005.  He was under indictment for violating campaign finance laws and resigned from his position.  The case has never gone before a jury.  Tom is married and has one daughter.

DYAO! by Marie

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Hello dancers and dance fans, and welcome to Week 8 of Dance Your Ass Off.  We have 4 contestants remaining for tonight’s performances, and they will each do an 80’s style dance plus the Foxtrot.  We will also see what happens when some of their family members drop by for a surprise visit.  Marissa, in a very stylish brown dress with gray and tan accents, announces that since the first week of the show our contestants have lost over 135 pounds.

Everyone will be called on randomly in the first round, and then we will take it down to the bottom 2 in the second round.  Each contestant will weigh in after his or her Foxtrot.  Also…their family members are in the audience tonight!

Pinky is up first in the 80’s round.  She is shocked and very emotional when her 2 brothers pop in on her dance rehearsal.  She is very tight with them and always wanted to be a part of their dance crew, but her weight always held her back.  She says seeing them here has brought her back to life.  Pinky and Mr. Lucky dance to “Holiday”, in perfect sync and having fun.  They have a great lift at the end of the routine.

Mayte says it was a great, fun performance, and she loves the outfits.  Lisa Ann can tell that Pinky’s face looks different and she is more streamlined, and tells her she locked it down.  Danny says he was concerned when he heard about the 80’s music, because he was afraid it would become too cheesy.  He likes what they did with the routine and loves the fun steps.  Pinky’s scores are 9-9-9, for an average of 9. (Of course!)

Ruben is next, and he couldn’t believe it was real when he saw his brother and his life partner John come into the rehearsal studio.  They were all crying, including his dance partner Hilary.  Ruben says he really needed this visit, and John can see that the old Ruben is coming back!  Ruben and Hilary perform to “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and their routine is strong, sharp, and full of 80’s attitude.

Mayte tells them it was really exciting, and even though Ruben was a little flustered at the beginning overall the number was fun.  Lisa Ann likes the routine, but thought they were a little too careful.  Danny agrees, but says that was only at the beginning and then they went all out…and he loves everything that Ruben and Hilary do.  The judges score Ruben 9-8-9, for an average of 8.7.

Alicia is our third dancer tonight.  She’s really been missing her family, and says the phone call home helped.  When she is surprised at practice by her mom and sister, she breaks down, saying they are her biggest supporters.  Her mom gives her a wonderful pep talk, and she even dances with Italo and shows off some moves of her own!  Alicia and Italo dance to “Mickey”, and of course they are in cheerleading outfits.  The routine is fun and high energy, with really great kicks.

Mayte loves the jazz run in the middle of the performance, and says Alicia is getting much stronger.  Lisa Ann tells them it was really fun to watch, and Alicia now moves like she is springloaded, instead of struggling with the moves.  Danny wishes he could have seen more steps, but really liked it.  (I just have to say…how cute is Alicia’s mom?  I love her!)  Her scores are 10-8-8, for an average of 8.7.

Shayla is the last to dance her 80’s number.  She really misses her mom and dad, and she constantly hears her dad’s words in her head, telling her that she can do anything.  When her dad and boyfriend show up, she screams and jumps into their arms.  Seeing them here makes her more determined than ever.  Shayla and Mario perform to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, showing off their strong moves and sassy attitude.

Mayte can tell that Shayla is really focused and having a good time.  Lisa Ann loves seeing her face light up and says she gives 100% every time.  Danny calls this number the best of the 80’s, and the drag runs really took him back in time.  Shayla’s scores are 10-9-9, for an average of 9.3.  Shayla thanks her dad for everything he has done for her.

Before the Foxtrot round, we see all of the contestants and their families get together for lunch at the lofts.  Everyone is excited to meet each other’s relatives, and each contestant makes a special healthy recipe for this lunch.  Marissa surprises them during the meal so she can meet the families too, and jokes around with everyone…especially Alicia’s mom!  Shayla says that you can understand more of where someone is coming from in life when you get to meet their family members.

Shayla is #1 after the first round, but this could all change after the Foxtrot and weigh-in.  We will now follow the usual pattern of getting to the bottom 2.

Alicia is up first for the Foxtrot.  She has her mom and sister meet with Meg the nutritionist, because Alicia says that all of the foods in the Cheat cabinet are in her mom’s house.  Her mom feels responsible for Alicia’s weight problem, but Alicia is just happy that she can now inspire her mom and family to eat better.  Alicia and Italo perform to “Rehab”, and the routine is smooth, with great kicks and beautiful arms.

Mayte loves her carriage, arms, and great leg extensions.  Lisa Ann says they made a beautiful, elegant picture, and Alicia’s posture is much improved.  Danny asks her if she feels as pretty as she looks…and Alicia says she does, and has never felt like this before.  Danny goes on to say that although he would have liked to have seen more continuous glide, the routine was really great.  The judges score Alicia 8-10-8, for a Foxtrot average of 8.7, and also an overall average of 8.7.  She lost an awesome 5.9 pounds for a percentage of 2.66, and her total score is 11.36.

I want to add in here (after being reminded by the commerical!) that you can go to http://dyao.oxygen.com/dyao/extras/fan-favorite and vote for your favorite DYAO contestant, and the winner will be announced on the reunion special, which will air on September 7th.  You can also submit questions to be asked of the contestants at the reunion.  (And don’t forget to order your DYAO/Crunch workout DVD!)

Shayla is our next dancer, which means that Pinky and Ruben are the bottom 2.  Shayla’s boyfriend is an athlete and eats 6,000 calories a day, and now Shayla eats about 25% of that, so they meet with Meg so she can help Shayla cope with this situation when she is at home.  She and Mario perform to “Back to Black”, and they keep in character well, showing great emotion.  Those lifts are beautiful!

Mayte says she looks beautiful and she could feel the emotion, but Shayla should follow through more on her extensions.  Lisa Ann thinks the song was kind of sad for a Foxtrot, and wanted them to connect and cover more of the floor.  Danny says that even with the sad song, the dance should still be driven and they should have more support in the hold.  He does say that it was still really good.  Shayla’s scores are 9-8-8, for a Foxtrot average of 8.3.  Her overall dance score is 8.8, and her total score is 11.28.

Pinky is the first of the bottom 2 to dance.  She took her brothers to the gym, and they had some trouble with trainer Lee’s routines.  Pinky even smoked her brother on the treadmill!  She and Mr. Lucky dance to “Isn’t She Lovely”, and it’s very smooth and sweet with beautiful turns.

Mayte tells Pinky she looks lovely tonight, and says she loved the arms and really enjoyed the performance.  Lisa Ann says she looks like she is at her own personal coming out party…Pinky’s Debutante Ball.  She tells her the steps were a little too careful, but her smile was perfect.  Danny loves her amazing transformation and calls the routine lovely.  Pinky lost 3.7 pounds for a percentage of 2.22.

Ruben is the last to perform the Foxtrot.  He loves having John and his brother here, but they are almost becoming a distraction, because he is worried about how John is feeling.  Ruben and Hilary dance to “Bubbly”, and it’s classy, smooth, and elegant, with a gorgeous lift.

Mayte calls it just beautiful, and loves the lines, hands, angles, and fluidity in the dance.  Lisa Ann says they are truly the picture of elegance, and praises them for having proper dance hold.  Danny tells them it was magic, and says the only thing wrong was that the routine was too short…he would like to see more!  Ruben lost 5.4 pounds for a percentage of 2.08.  He is very emotional, saying that whether he wins the $100,00 or not, he and John will be strong and get through John’s cancer together. (There was not a dry eye in the house…or at my house either.)

Alicia is currently at the top of the board, so she is safe and will dance in the semifinals next week.  Everyone else is in danger of going home.  Ruben needs an average of at least 9.7 for his Foxtrot to stay in the competition.  He receives scores of 10-10-10, so his Foxtrot average is high enough and his overall dance average is 9.4.  His total score is 11.48, and that puts him in first place now…he is safe.

Pinky needs an overall dance average of 9.2 to stay and send Shayla home.  Mayte gives her a 7, and Danny gives her an 8.  It’s up to Lisa Ann, who is crying and says that they don’t want anyone to go home, especially in front of their families…so they’re not!  She holds up a blank scorecard for Pinky, but for the record her total score for the night is 10.42.  Nobody is going home tonight…they are all moving on to the semifinals!!!

Tune in next week, when our 4 contestants take on the Viennese Waltz and the Cha-Cha, and get some help from a special guest choreographer.  They are also getting makeovers and doing a photo shoot for Life & Style magazine.  Good night everyone…make sure you go out and dance your ass off!!!

DYAO With Marie!

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Hi there everyone, and welcome to Week 7 of Dance Your Ass Off.  Marissa is in a very cute navy and white dress, excited for our dances tonight.  The 5 contestants are performing 2 dances, Hip-Hop and Tango.  During the Hip-Hop round, the names are called at random, and each dancer receives his or her dance scores.  In the Tango round, Marissa will call on people in the usual way, until we get to the bottom 2.  Everyone will weigh in after their Tango.

At the lofts, Alicia walks into the kitchen and finds a note.  She calls out to the rest of her housemates so they can read it together.  This is how they find out about the 2 dances this week.  Everyone is a little nervous about double the dance training, but also excited to see how they will do.  Some of our contestants master the Tango, while others struggle.  They all meet together with Madonna Grimes, who is a well-known Crunch fitness instructor, to learn Hip-Hop.  She really works their abs and legs, and they find they are burning a lot of calories while having fun!

Our first Hip-Hop routine of the night comes from Mara.  She tells us that her relationship with her dance partner, Paul, has gotten much better…to the point where they are even making up choreography together.  They dance to “Get Ur Freak On”, showing their great energy and attitude.  Love those splits!

Mayte calls it funky and exciting, telling Mara that she could step into a music video shoot and be right at home.  Danny loves the moves and calls it entertaining.  Lisa Ann is gratified to see how far Mara has come on her journey, and says the moves were all there.  The judges score Mara 9-9-8, for an average of 8.7.

Pinky is next, and she is very frustrated because she’s putting the work in but not seeing the results on the scale.  Meg increases her daily calories by 50 in order to give her more energy for her workouts.  Pinky and Mr. Lucky perform to “1,2 Step”, and the moves are sharp and strong.  Pinky’s Hip-Hop background really shines through here.

Lisa Ann loves how she just throws herself into the routine, but would like to see more use of the floor.  Danny says he noticed a timing mistake, but thinks they did a great job.  Mayte could tell Pinky was thinking a lot about the choreography, but likes how after the mistake she got back and hit harder.  Pinky’s scores are 8-8-9, for an average of 8.3.

Shayla is dancing third, and she says it feels like everyone else just goes away when she is on the floor with Mario.  She is 100% at ease with him, and he stablizes her, which helps her take it to another level.  They perform to “Temperature”, with wonderful facial expressions and sexy moves.

Danny likes their great use of the floor and believes that Shayla could dance any style.  Lisa Ann calls the routine powerful and sexy.  Mayte says Shayla is a powerhouse and hits her moves hard.  Her scores are 10-10-9, for an average of 9.7.

Now we see Alicia, who is thrilled that she went from the bottom 2 one week to the top of the board the next.  She’s at a weight now that she hasn’t seen since 8th grade, and she feels strong…like she can do anything!  Alicia and Italo dance to “Closer”, showing off great character and moves, along with a tough attitude.

Mayte says she really enjoyed the performance, but felt it was a little off the beat.  Lisa Ann calls it adorable like a scene from a dance movie and likes the overall effect.  Danny tells her that she doesn’t have natural groove, but she makes up for it with hard work and personality.  Alicia’s scores are 8-8-8, for the easy-to-figure-out average of 8.

Ruben is the last to do his Hip-Hop.  He was a little upset that he didn’t win the phone call home last week, but he can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  His partner Hilary likes that he is focused and works so hard.  Ruben and Hilary perform to “Right Now (Na Na Na)”, bringing a fun energy to the dance and keeping in character well.

Lisa Ann says it was a pleasure to watch and they have the best sync so far tonight.  Mayte tells Ruben she knows this is not his element, but she enjoyed his face and effort.  Danny says the routine was safe and did not wow him.  Ruben’s scores are 8-9-8, for an average of 8.3.

Shayla is at the top after the first round of dances, but there is still more dancing to come, along with the weight loss results.

Marissa calls on Alicia to do her Tango first.  Alicia realizes that after last week she is a force to be reckoned with.  She and Italo dance to “Maneater”, and it’s fierce with great hip and leg movements.

Mayte says it was good, but she needs to be more precise.  Lisa Ann loves the choreography and execution, but would like to see better dance posture.  Danny tells her he missed the classic Tango head moves, but the passion was there.  Alicia scores 6-8-8, for an average of 7.3.  Her overall dance average is 7.7.  She lost 6.4 pounds for a percentage of 2.80, giving her a total score of 10.50.

Ruben is the next to dance.  He believes that his biggest competition is Shayla, but also knows that everyone else is stepping it up and has a chance.  He and Hilary perform to “Buttons (Remix)”, and all of the moves are sharp…as is their attitude!

Mayte loves how Ruben led Hilary and says they were passionate and strong.  Lisa Ann calls the flicks insane and tells Ruben this is his dance.  Danny says they had the right emotion and took it to another level.  Ruben’s scores are 10-10-10, which is the first perfect score of the season and is obviously an average of 10.  His overall dance average is 9.2.  Ruben lost 6.4 pounds also, but his percentage of weight loss is 2.40, which gives him a total score of 11.60.

Pinky dances after Ruben, which means Mara and Shayla are the bottom 2.  Pinky thinks Shayla is tough competition because of her power, but she will do whatever it takes to win.  She and Mr. Lucky dance to “Hot-n-Cold”, and show their great acting and sexy moves.  What an awesome lift!

Mayte says she saw some partnering struggles, but overall she enjoyed it.  Lisa Ann loves the great dance hold, but there was not enough techincal Tango for her.  Danny says it was an unconventional Tango and he prefers traditional, but he really loved it.  The judges score Pinky 7-7-9, for an average of 7.7.  Her overall dance average is 8.0.  She lost 6.4 pounds also (should we all play that number in the lottery?), but for Pinky this is a huge accomplishment, since she’s been struggling with weight loss so far this season.  She is very emotional upon learning of that great number on the scale.  Her percentage of weight loss is 3.70, and this makes her total score 11.70 and puts her in first place.

Once again we see the commercial for the new DYAO/Crunch workout DVD, and I really am looking forward to it.  If you are interested in the DVD, you can order at http://shop.oxygen.com/.  By the way, you can do this workout without a partner.

Mara is up to dance after the break.  She believes that Alicia and Ruben are the biggest threats to her, but also knows she is strong and can compete with them.  Mara and Paul perform to “Hey Sexy Lady”, starting the dance coming down the stairs and showing off intense moves.  A lot of it feels more like Paso Doble to me.

Mayte loves the passion and anger they brought to the dance.  Lisa Ann likes the Paso elements and Spanish hands, calling it impressive.  Danny likes her great arms and says it was really good.  Mara lost 2.9 pounds for an a percentage of 1.21.

Shayla dances last, and says that people are really starting to notice her weight loss now.  She and Mario perform to “Poker Face”, with a sexy intensity, beautiful leg work and splits.

Mayte tells them this is exactly what Tango is…passion and elegance.  Lisa Ann thinks it was so hot and romantic.  Danny likes the snappiness and subtle sexiness, but really loves that Shayla’s quiet confidence shows through when she dances.  Shayla lost 2.4 pounds for a percentage of 1.31.

Along with Mara and Shayla, Alicia is also in danger of going home.  Shayla’s Tango scores are 9-8-10, for an average of 9.  Her overall dance average is 9.4, so her total score is 10.71 and she is safe.  Mara needs a dance average of 9.3 to go ahead of Alicia.  Her Tango scores are 10-8-8, for an average of 8.7.  Her overall dance average is also 8.7, making her total score 9.91.  Alicia is safe, and Mara is going home.  Mara thanks everyone, and tells her “Charlie’s Angels” that she loves them.  Pinky is at the top for this week!

Marissa and the contestants dance us out as we see a preview of next week’s show.  The 4 remaining contestants will be getting surprise visits from their families. They also will have 2 dances again…this time 80’s music and Foxtrot.  Good night everybody…go out there and dance your ass off!!!

SYTYCD Finale Part 2 by Sammi T

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Hello and welcome to the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance.  Tonight, we finally find out who is America’s Favorite Dancer this season.

We start off with the Brand New Day group dance, along with some highlights of favorite moments throughout the season. It is really nice to take this trip down memory lane.

The judges also allow the dancers to reprise several of the routines from this season, each choosing a favorite.

Adam: Philip and Jeanine’s hip hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.
Nigel: Jeanette and Brandon’s tango.

Debbie: Asuka and Vitolio’s waltz choreographed by Louis.

Mary: Jason and Jeanine’s routine choreographed by Travis.

Mia: Kayla and Max’s samba.

After a break, we see the final four get surprised with an early premiere of FAME, which stars last year’s top ten dancer Kherington Payne and judge Debbie Allen. They of course get to meet Kherington, which is awesome because she was one of my favorite female dancers last year.

This leads to Debbie introducing the top sixteen group routine, which Dmitri, Napoleon and Tabitha choreographed, followed by a guest appearance by the winner of the Australian version of the show. She reprises a routine of her own, which was chroeograhed by Sonya. I have to say Sonya is probably the most brilliant choreographer there is and there is no mistaking her work for anybody else’s. Hers just screams SONYA!

Lil’ C chooses Caitlin and Jason’s Bollywood piece. I love it, but at this point I am getting ansty—I just want to know who wins already!

Finally, finally, FINALLY after what seems like a lifetime (but really only a few minutes, can you tell I’m not a patient person?) the final four comes onstage to find out who is in fourth place…….Kayla!  She gets montages, hugs and kisses before she gives her exit speech. Best of luck to her in what I know will be a wonderful and bright future.

The next routine that is chosen is The infamous Butt Dance. Love it!

Mary chooses Brandon and Jeanine’s paso doble from last night–the one that proves America got it right by putting them in the finals.  And here I was thinking no one could top Apolo and Julianne’s paso doble.

Evan  called back on stage to join them and we find out that he is in third place.   He is also given a montage and love before he gives his own thank yous. Good luck to you Evan!

After a weird moment involving a Botox admission from Nigel about Mary, (I am trying to resist the urge to plug my skincare line here!) we get to another routine. This time, it is the routine Mia choreographed for Kayla and Kupono.

We are treated to a routine by Rage Boys Crew, which has to be some of the best dancing I have ever seen. Holy cow. That was just amazing.

Tyce chooses Doriana’s disco routine, which is danced by Brandon and Janette.

The last couples routine is Mia’s breast cancer routine that Tyce choreographed for Melissa and Ade in honor of his friend who is a breast cancer survivor. Afterward, he says his friend found out today that she is cancer free. Thank goodness. I am so happy to hear that. Christina Applegate is in the audience crying.

We are treated to the top eight dance before we FINALLY get to the results. I love the finales, but sometimes the filler is a bit much. But like I said, I’m not the most patient person in the world.

Jeanine and Brandon are called to the stage. They get a montage before it is announced that America’s Favorite Dancer is MISS JEANINE! Congratulations girl! Congratulations to Brandon too, who worked so hard for several seasons to get on. Jeanine thanks the Academy, her mom and says she loves everyone. Best of luck to these two in the future.

That is it America! Another season has come to a close. Join us in September for another season of SYTYCD. Goodnight!

SYTYCD Finale Part 1 by Marie!

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Good evening dance lovers, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Top 4 Finale Performances. Cat, in a glittery gold mini-dress, introduces our dancers vying for the title: Brandon, Evan, Jeanine, and Kayla. Our judges tonight are Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman. Adam says that some of the dancers tonight he thought would be in the Top 4, and some he didn’t…but they all worked really hard to get to this night. Mary can tell there is great energy coming from the 3000 fans in the Kodak Theater tonight, and dancers feed off of that energy. Nigel says that the dancers have to leave all excuses at the sides of the stage and go all out to earn the prize. The entire group dances together in a Wade and Amanda Robson Contemporary Jazz number. This routine is about 2 jocks looking to hook up with 2 cheerleaders. The dance is so fast, they have to be right on so they don’t make any mistakes. The group performs to “Boys Boys Boys” by Lady Gaga, beginning with the girls sitting on a picnic bench and the guys dancing for their attention. The girls do some cheer moves and then dance with the guys…with the girls turning into the aggressors. It’s a very cute and entertaining number. Before the first couple dances, we see a sneak peek of Season 6 of SYTYCD…which will start in September! Jeanine and Evan are the first pairing of the night, dancing Contemporary Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Evan portrays a guy who desperately wants to keep his girlfriend, but Jeanine wants to run away from him. Evan is a little nervous about Jeanine’s “violent side” coming out. They dance to “Heartbreaker” by MSTRKRFT/John Legend, and show great emotion throughout this powerful, strong routine. Adam calls it really great. He tells both Jeanine and Evan that he never saw either one of them coming, but Jeanine has dominated every week, and the show just wouldn’t be the same without Evan. He also praises Sonya for choreographing to their strengths. Mary says she thought they would have a great partnership, and she was right! She thinks Jeanine stood out a little more, but Evan held his own. Nigel likes that they used the enormous stage of the Kodak and took it to the next level. He tells Jeanine she is feisty and strong, and says that Evan did some really great things but still needs to step it up. Our first solo tonight is from Brandon. Cat sat down to talk to each of the Top 4, and Brandon says he learned so much,even though it was really tough he loves being here! He misses Janette, and his favorite dance was his Argentine Tango with her. He was kind of nervous about Mia, but knows she was giving him tough love. He was in shock when Mia finally called him amazing and very proud that he made her feel that way. He says the main thing he has to do right now is stay focused and be himself. Brandon performs a Contemporary solo to “Dies Irae” by Karl Jenkins, showing us his amazing intensity and power. Adam says, “Now THAT is competing!” He tells Brandon that he is a super athlete, and he really threw it down – taking no prisoners. Mary has goosebumps. She tells him he was born to dance and defies gravity. She is crying as she says it is an honor and a privilege to watch him dance. Nigel says he agrees with Mia…Brandon is amazing! He also thinks Brandon wiped out the competition. Brandon regroups to dance next with Kayla, and they are doing Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Tyce is taking them to a showier place, and he wants them to go full force and be very theatrical. They perform to “Bye Bye Love” from All That Jazz, complete with great spins and lifts, and really incredible hopping pirouettes, along with some dancing on the table. Adam stands up and yells that this was unreal, and he is so stoked for them. They are the 2 dancers he expected to see in this finale. He tells Kayla that there’s nothing she can’t do, and Brandon is an animal. Mary calls them rock stars and front runners, and says they never disappoint…as she screams. Nigel says they have shown why they are in the Top 4, and they filled the stage with great entertainment value. He also tells Tyce that he did a wonderful job this season. Our next solo is from Jeanine. She started dancing when she was 3. Her mom always wanted to be a dancer, and she really pushed Jeanine even when she didn’t feel like dancing anymore. She is glad now that her mom pushed her so hard. She and her family were not crazy about the Russian Folk routine, but her favorite dance was the Travis Wall Contemporary number with Jason. She loves what she’s doing and is determined to do all she can to win. Jeanine perfoms her solo to “Por Una Cabeza” by The Tango Project, and this Contemporary routine definitely has the Tango feel to it. It’s elegant yet powerful, as she dances with a rose in her teeth. Adam is thinking…are you kidding? He is amazed by by number of pirouettes and says this was a risky solo, but he’s proud of her because she just killed it. Mary says Jeanine has always been a standout for her and she is peaking at the right time. Nigel calls it a brave solo that she really pulled off, and as far as he’s concerned she’s one of the Top 2. Our 2 guys, Evan and Brandon, dance a Pop/Jazz number together, choreographed by Laurieann Gibson. She’s excited to work with the 2 of them and wants to push them to the place of no return. This routine is meant to show a battle and expose their passion and emotion. They perform to “Nasty” by Janet Jackson, and show off strong, sharp battle and dance moves. Adam says they are at a crossroads…Evan has too much sweetness about him for this number but Brandon got nasty and dirty like he needed to. Mary asks Evan what is the nastiest thing he’s ever done, and some people in the audience cover his grandparents’ ears so he can answer. He tells her he’s not sure, the list is so long! She says Evan is just so lovable and Brandon was a little sharper for this number. Nigel tells Evan he is brilliant and has an incredible work ethic, but there’s just not a nasty bone in his body. He believes Brandon outdanced Evan. Now it’s time for our 2 girls, Kayla and Jeanine, to dance together. They are doing a Contemporary number choreographed by Mia Michaels. Mia sets this up as the journey they’ve been on with this show, and as they move from stage left to stage right they will keep shedding layers of clothing. They perform to “The Four Sections” by Steve Reich, showing all of the emotion of this journey as they keep removing layers from their skirts. With every layer shed, they move more freely. Adam loves Mia’s special concept piece, and compares the girls to 2 thoroughbreds racing. He loves both of them and calls them absolutely beautiful. Mary says this was a relevant concept showing what you go through on this show. She tells them they laid their hearts and souls out there, and they are the 2 strongest women that have ever been in the finale. Nigel likens this to a face-off, and says he enjoyed the routine so much that it was not long enough for him. He also thinks Jeanine has peaked at the right time. Now we see Evan’s solo. Evan originally thought he wouldn’t audition this season, but at school the head of the theater department talked him into it. His brother Ryan is his best friend, and it was like a dagger to his heart when he made it and Ryan was cut. He believes people like him because he offers something different, and his favorite number was the “butt” routine with Randi, choreographed by Mia. Evan performs Broadway to “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Michael Buble, and it’s classic Evan with his awesome character portrayal. Adam says this is really interesting, since this is a variation on his audition piece. It was a calculated risk, and he thought Evan was unbelievably great. Mary calls him unique, and loves that Evan is keeping this style of dance alive, making young people fall in love with Broadway. Nigel likes his Boradway style and tells him he is something special, but doesn’t think Evan has grown enough. We switch partners around again, so Kayla and Evan get to do the Jive, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Tony and Melanie are giving them a lot of fast footwork, and don’t want them to hold anything back. They perform to “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” by Travis Tritt, with Kayla in cowboy boots and Evan in a western shirt. I love their flips and they have some great leg work. Adam is not sure this was a “finale-type” routine. He likes their musicality and thinks Evan gave a strong showing. Mary says both of them are so well-loved. She loves the country routine and thinks the choreography was phenomenal. She also says that Evan was not strong enough and Kayla stole the show. Nigel thinks they came out with guns blazing and brought their personalities out. He calls it a great Country & Western Jive. Now Kayla regroups to do her solo. She says she wanted to dance when she was 2 years old and saw “Singing In The Rain”. Her mom put her in lessons right after that. She says she loves how proud her grandparents are of her, and really likes her new nickname “White Lightning”. Her favorite dance was the addiction routine with Kupono thta was choreographed by Mia, because it touched and inspired a lot of people. Kayla performs Contemporary to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by The Eurythmics, showing off her powerful, crisp moves. Adam thinks the solo was fine but doesn’t show who Kayla really is. He says she is one of the best dancers that’s ever been on the show. Mary calls her gifted and says she must have been touched by an angel. She loves the lines and quality movement of the solo. Nigel says it’s sometimes difficult on a dancer when the judges and choreographers praise them from the beginning, because then the voters start to root for other dancers. He is glad Kayla made it to the Top 4, because she justly deserves it. Jeanine and Brandon are our final pairing of the night, doing a Paso Doble choreographed by Louis Van Amstel. Louis thinks this is perfect, because he’s worked with the 2 of them together already. He says that Jeanine has no fear, and Brandon always takes on challenges well. During practice, Jeanine says they both became good friends with the floor! They perform to “Tetsujin” by The Matrix Revolutions, and it is incredibly passionate, powerful and intense. The judges and audience give Jeanine and Brandon a standing ovation. Adam points out that they do what makes people champions…they had great transitions and intensity, and the movement never ended. He tells them they shredded it! Mary screams, then she says Louis is such a good friend of hers and she is happy he’s having this great moment. She calls it a phenomenal, spot-on Paso…then she screams again, even louder and longer! Nigel says this was a great dance to finish off the competition with, and the 2 of them edge out Evan and Kayla in his opinion. Cat reminds us that every vote counts as we see the recap of the dances. She decides to ask the judges who they think will win. Adam says he’s not even going to try to predict that. Cat asks Mary if she can be more of a man than Adam and give her an answer. Mary says she absolutely cannot, and is glad the decision is out of her hands. Nigel praises all 4 of the dancers, but believes Brandon or Jeanine will be the winner. Cat wishes all 4 of them good luck and reminds us that tomorrow’s season finale will be 2 hours long, showing some of the best routines and a few surprises. Who will follow Nick, Benji, Sabra, and Joshua as America’s Favorite Dancer? Tune in tommorow night as the winner is crowned. Good night everybody!

DYAO with Marie!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Week 6 of Dance Your Ass Off.  We have 6 contestants remaining to tackle Swing Dancing tonight.  Marissa is in a gorgeous one-shoulder red dress and black belt…I would love to wear that!  She announces that so far the total weight loss on the show is 227 pounds!

Right after last week’s show, Marissa called all of the contestants backstage to reveal a surprise for this week…whoever is in the Number One spot will get to make a phone call home.  They all get emotional thinking about who they would call if they win the prize, and all are determined to do whatever it takes to be in first place.

Our first dancer tonight is Trice, who would really like to call her mom.  She says her mom is her inspiration and has made her a stronger person.  She works hard to perfect her Swing footwork and strengthen her core.  Trice and Jesus perform West Coast Swing to “Spotlight”, and the routine is very smooth with great footwork.  I love those under-arm turns!

Mayte likes the passes and tricks, and says she really enjoyed it.  Lisa Ann tells Trice that she looks more beautiful every week.  She also says that she shouldn’t lead with her head so much and needs to keep her posture.  Danny appreciates the amount of content in this dance and loves their great steps.  Trice’s scores are 7-6-7, for an average of 6.7.  She lost 4.2 pounds for a percentage of 1.69, giving her an overall score of 8.39.

Alicia is next, and she never wants to be in the bottom 2 again.  She meets with Meg, who warns her not to slip back into old food habits.  She would like to call her mom and dad, because her nephew is supposed to be born this week.  Alicia and Italo perform Jive/Swing to “Pump It”, and she shows off her strong attitude and great energy.  Their footwork is just awesome.

Mayte says her hard work is showing in her body, and the footwork and posture were on.  Lisa Ann tells them they locked it down, loving the rock and roll energy.  Danny thinks that after being in the bottom 2 last week Alicia has come back like fire, and he likes how the routine was full of content.  The judges score Alicia 8-9-9, for an average of 8.7.  She lost an incredible 6 pounds for a percentage of 2.56.  Her overall score is 11.26.

Marissa calls on Shayla next, and she tells us that her ankle is feeling much better.  She also says this show has taught her that she is a sexy woman.  She would really like to call her dad, because she feels she’s taken him for granted and wants to tell him that he is the most important person in her life.  Shayla and Mario perform Lindy Hop/West Coast Swing to “One Step at a Time” and not only have great footwork, they do some awesome flips!

Mayte likes that they were connected and had clean choreography.  She calls it a fun performance.  Lisa Ann says it was beautiful and she loves the musicality.  Danny wasn’t crazy about the style but tells Shayla that she was fantastic.  He also mentions that Shayla is a perfect example of how when you lose weight and your body tightens up you can do the moves better.  Shayla’s scores are 10-8-9, for an average of 9.  She lost 3.4 pounds for a percentage of 1.82, and her overall score is 10.82.

Ruben is the fourth dancer, so that means Mara and Pinky are in the bottom 2.  Ruben’s partner of 20 years, John, is recovering from cancer and has to go into the hospital this week.  He would really like to call him to help him through, and he is dedicating this week’s performance to John.  Ruben and Hilary perform West Coast Swing/Jive to “S.O.S”, showing off really great footwork and high energy moves.

Mayte loves Ruben’s arms and says it was a really good performance.  Lisa Ann tells him that he’s always amazing and fun to watch, but she would have liked to have seen bolder movements.  Danny says he couldn’t disagree more, and he loves the showmanship and how Ruben gets better every single week.  The judges score Ruben 9-7-10, for an average of 8.7.  He lost an awesome 6.2 pounds for a percentage of 2.28, making his overall score 10.98.  This puts him below Alicia, so he knows he won’t be getting the phone call home.

Mara is the first lady of our bottom 2 to dance.  In a group exercise session, she injured her knee coming down the mountain.  Dr. H gives her anti-inflammatory medication to take, and limits her exercise to the bike, elliptical and some dancing.  She is happy to report that she and her dance partner Paul are getting along much better.  They perform Jive/West Coast Swing to “Womanizer”, and Mara has the right sassy attitude for the song.  They show off some really great footwork and facial expressions.

Mayte likes that they used more of the stage and really enjoyed it.  She does say she would have liked more bounce, but she realizes tht with the knee injury that was probably difficult.  Lisa Ann thinks the dance was true to form.  She says the start was tentative, but it was wonderful after that.  Danny says he really liked it, and Mara got her spark back.  Mara lost 3 pounds for a percentage of 1.24.

During the commercial break, we find out that a Dance Your Ass Off workout DVD is coming out!  You can preorder now at http://shop.oxygen.com/ and the DVD’s will ship on September 15th.

Pinky is our last dancer of the evening, and it breaks her heart to hear Ruben talk about John.  She decides that if she wins the phone calls home she will give it to Ruben so he can call John.  She doubles her cardio for the week and eats more green veggies, hoping to win that phone call for Ruben.   Pinky and Mr. Lucky perform Lindy Hop/Jive to “I Kissed a Girl”, and they have wonderful energy and expressions along with the great footwork.

Mayte says the choreography was tight and she really enjoyed it, but noticed a little mistake.  Lisa Ann tells them she really enjoyed the fun of it, but she wanted to see more side by side Jive.  Danny compares her to a cat with 9 lives, and hopes she can keep on surviving.  Pinky lost 1.3 pounds for a percentage of .75.

Along with Mara and Pinky, Trice is in danger of going home.  Mara needs a dance score of at least 7.3 to stay on the show.  Her scores are 9-8-8, for an average of 8.3.  Her overall score is 9.54, and she is safe.  Pinky needs at least 7.7 to stay.  Her scores are 8-7-9 for an average of 8.  Her overall score is 8.75, and she is also safe.  Trice is going home tonight, having lost 31 pounds while on the show.  She says the whole experience was amazing and she loves all of her castmates!

Alicia wins the phone call home, and talks to her mom.  She finds out that she has a brand new 8 pound nephew!

We see a preview of next week, in which each couple will perform 2 dances.  They will each have to do Hip-Hop and Tango.  Everyone comes up on stage and dances us off the air.  Tune in next week to see how everyone does with double the dance load.  Good night everybody!

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