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Hi friends, and welcome to Latin Week on Dance Your Ass Off.  Mel B shows off a little Salsa dancing with Paul, and then informs the contestants that they will be competing in quartets…two players plus their respective partners.  Both players will receive the same score, so the weight loss will really be important in determining who stays and who goes.  They picked their partners quickly, and Mel announces a little dance off…an “Ass-a-Thon”!  Tiana teaches them all a short Salsa combo, and they are all to dance it at the same time.  When she sees someone miss a step, Tiana will call them out.  The last one standing will receive one extra point to add to his or her total score for the week.  It comes down to Latoya and Katie.  The other players see Latoya miss a step, but she is not called out.  They cheer on Katie and Latoya just gives up.  Katie wins the extra point, and Latoya argues with the others back at the house.  Since Katie and Latoya are partners this week, they work to move past the dance off and get on with rehearsals.

Adamme winds up feeling sick and very weak.  He goes to see Dr. Geller, who puts him in the hospital to stay for a blood transfusion.  He has been bleeding from his stomach and lost a lot of blood.  He gets back to the house the day of the show…not at 100 percent, but he’s given the go ahead to dance.  Of course, he’s only had one rehearsal!

Our judges for the show are Danny, Lisa Ann, and Jordi Caballero, who has worked with Cher and Madonna.  Mel B knows him very well, since he also worked with the Spice Girls!  Our first group is Stephanie/Michael, dancing Rumba to “Rhythm Divine”.  Danny enjoys it and likes the great sync.  Lisa Ann says the energy was infectious.  Jordi loves the great action.  All three judges give them an 8.

Corey/Erica dance Salsa to “Whine Up”.  Lisa Ann thinks they worked really well together and gives them a 7.  Jordi says it was good overall but felt more like a tango.  He gives them a 6.  Danny says all of the ingredients were there, but they went a little too big.  He score them a 7, and their average is 6.7.

Latoya/Katie dance Cha-Cha to “Hey Mama”.  (They are both also crushing on Corey!)  Jordi thinks they captured the playfulness and gives them an 8.  Danny likes Katie’s great lines and Latoya moved up another notch for him.  He scores them an 8.  Lisa Ann says it looked like an elegant lady smackdown, and wasn’t sexy enough.  She gives them a 7, and their dance average is 7.7.

Kiki/Sarah dance Samba to “Brazilian Party”.  Danny says it was full of vibe and performnce and gives them a 7.  Lisa Ann thinks their hips were not moving enough and gives them a 6.  Jordi calls it technically messy and says they need more passion.  He score them a 6, and their average is 6.3.

Finally we have Adamme/Briana, dancing Salsa to “Rhythm of the Night”.  Lisa Ann calls them the group of the night and gives them a 9.  Jordi says they were absolutely fantanstic and gives them a 10!  Danny says he felt the teamwork, and Adamme is a true pro after being in the hospital.  He gives them a 9, and their average is 9.3.

We see a clip of Rachel giving the contestants a nutrition lesson on drinks.  She shows them healthier versions to make, and everyone thinks they actually taste better than the originals.  I’m going to have to check those out!

It’s time for the scale, and Mel B tells everyone that whoever has the highest overall score tonight will have immunity for next week.  Here are the pounds lost and total scores for all 10 players:

Briana             -5.7                  11.4
Adamme             -0.5                   9.5
Erica              -6.8                   9.8
Corey              -9.3                   9.8
Michael            -9.1                  11.5
Stephanie          -6.3                  11.3
Latoya             -8.4                  11.8
Katie              -6.4 +1 dance off pt. 11.9
Sarah              -3.6                   8.0
Kiki               -4.7                   8.6

Adamme, of course was in the hospital most of the week, so that’s why his weight loss is so low.  Katie beats out Latoya for immunity next week…that dance off point made the difference!  Sarah has the lowest score and is going home.  She tells everyone that she loves them all and had so much fun.

Tune in next Monday for Hip-Hop Week and guest judge/choreographer Lil’C.  Good night everybody!

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