SYTYCD Auditions by Marie

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Hello dance fans, and welcome to the New Orleans Auditions of So You Think You Can Dance.  Nigel is in England receiving his honorary doctorate from the University of Bedfordshire, so our judges for this city are Mary, Adam Shankman, and Lil’C.  Let’s see what kind of talent The Big Easy has to show us!

Day 1 starts with Shelby, who goes by the nickname of Skip.  He is performing a local style of Hip-Hop called New Orleans Bounce.  He even teaches Cat some of the moves while he’s waiting for his turn on stage.  Skip’s solo is strong and high energy, and I love the unique style.  Mary says that even though she’s never seen anything like it before, she loves it.  Adam is amazed by his drive and determination.  Lil’C calls it Bucc, and is glad that this show has opened up avenues for so many new styles of dance.  The judges tease that Skip is not moving on to choreography…he’s moving straight on to Vegas!

Jonathan is next, ready to show us his Ballet and Jazz training combined with acrobatics.  His routine is so expressive, I can feel it right through my television screen.  He has great moves and awesome flips.  Adam believes that this is one of the best solos he’s ever seen.  Mary praises his strength and control and calls it breathtaking.  Lil’C calls it the perfect blend of weight, energy, space, and time.  Jonathan is going to Vegas!

There is so much talent here in New Orleans, and we get to see a lot of it.  Among those going to Vegas are Alison, Calvin, and Edward…who all amazed the judges with their technique and showed us the great joy they have for dance.

After all of the beauty and grace, we have Eric, who admits to downing 6 energy drinks before his audition.  He demonstrates his ability to do many sound effects for his fellow dancers, and he is more than ready to show off his Hip-Hop routine.  The judges are quite amused by his frantic performance, and they can’t stop laughing.  He is continuously spinning around on the floor.  The judges think Eric showed passion and is a fun guy, so they send him to the choreography round.

Justin is our next dancer, and he is grateful to be dancing at all.  On his way to a Hip-Hop show, the van he and the other dancers were riding in flipped over several times.  He had severe head trauma, but was back dancing in 3 weeks.  His audition just wows me…with strong moves and incredible spins, it shows just how you can come back from the tragedies in your life.  The judges love his power moves and think he took it to a whole new level.  Justin is sent to the choreography round to see what else he can do.

In Pasha and Anya’s choreography round, the judges decide that Eric is not moving on, but love the effort he put into his performance and want him to come back again.  Justin is going to Vegas, along with 12 other dancers.

On Day 2, we begin with Kimalee, who along with her partner, is trained in Ballroom and Theater Arts.  Her partner is not auditioning; he just wants to help Kimalee make it on the show.  They start the number with a beautiful split lift, and the routine is passionate and romantic.  The judges are amazed by all of their lifts.  They call it graceful and stunning, and ask if she is trained in any other styles.  She responds that she is trained in ballet, but can do most other styles as well.  They deliberate whether to send her to the choreography round, but decide that Kimalee is going straight to Vegas!

Micah is next, and he has no formal dance training.  He grew up poor and hungry, and wound up rebelling and getting into a lot of trouble.  Learning dance from people on the streets was the only good thing in his life, and he completely turned his life around.  His Hip-Hop routine is very energetic, with quite a bit of popping and locking.  The judges call him fresh and admire his strong core.  Lil’C makes me cry when he tells Micah to never be ashamed of his struggle…it only makes the victory sweeter.  Micah is sent to the choreography round.

We get to see several awful and strange auditions, prompting Mary to come up with Rules For What Not To Do In Your Audition.  1. Don’t wear your hat over your eyes.  2. Do not keep reaching out to nowhere.  3. Stop rubbing yourself all over your body.  4. Men should not be constantly shaking their booties.  Adam demonstrates what not to do as Mary gives the dancers the rules, and it it hilarious to watch!

After the demonstration, Jakob comes out to dance.  He gives a powerful, emotional Contemporary performance.  Mary is screaming already, saying he lit up New Orleans.  All of the judges think he rocked it and was phenomenal.  Jakob is going to Vegas!

Our final solo is from Diana, who left for the auditions with her grandfather very ill.  The day before her solo, she called home to find out he had passed away.  Her family told her to stay and dance…that’s what her gradfather would want.  She is very upset, but thinks that now her song choice is perfect for honoring him.  Her Contemporary routine is passionate, and she seems to be dancing on air.  When she finishes, she is crying but happy to be dancing.  The judges love her honest, beautiful quality.  Adam tells her how sorry they are about her grandfather, and says she is a very strong person…he doesn’t know if he would have been able to do what she did.  They send Diana to the choreography round.

In the choreography round, the judges tell Micah no for now, but to keep it up and get some training before he comes back next time.  Diana is going to Vegas, and so are 17 more dancers.

Tune in next week for our final auditions in Salt Lake City.  Then we move on to Vegas Week!  Good night everyone, and always keep dancing!

DWTS Week 2 Results with Sammi T

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Hello and welcome to Dancing With The Stars—The RESULTS for week two! Tonight one more couple will say goodbye to the ballroom and the trophy. Who will it be? Let’s find out!

The show opens with a recap of last night and confessions from the stars. Dmitry falling was priceless!  The encore this week goes to Mya and Dmitry. The only thing that would make it better is if she actually took his shirt off! He is KNOWN for being topless. Seriously though, that dance was incredible! Side note:  do dances seem shorter this season?


We get more score recaps before getting to some results. Donny and Kim are safe, along with Mya and Dmitry and Aaron and Karina. (Um, DUH!)


Joss Stone performs her new single “Free Me” with Jeremy and Hudson and Mallory Esquibel dancing.  The dancing was incredible and the song fit it perfectly.


We get some insight on the pros and the colors of the rooms that they train in. They talk about working together and bonding.  I usually don’t like these things, but this one is actually really cute. I love the bantering and spying on each other, yet how they are having so much fun together.


More results! Mark and Lacey are safe, along with Natalie and Alec. Debi and Maks are in jeopardy. (This does not mean they are in the bottom two—YET!)


Selena Gomez and The Scene perform next. Derek and Karina dance to her song and I love them together.  That was a great dance and even better chemistry.

Samantha interviews Natalie and Donny backstage, and she and Kym get into a ‘My hair is bigger than yours’ contest.  Donny admits that no one breathes backstage and Natalie says it is too close to call at this point. Tom quips that Samantha and Kym look like sexy Chia pets!

Joanna and Derek are safe, as are Michael and Anna.  Chuck and Anna are also safe, along with Melissa and Mark and Kelly and Louis. Louie and Chelsie are in jeopardy, but not necessarily the bottom two.


There is another segment on breaking bad habits. Melissa has trouble focusing, Debi can’t be quiet and Mark just wants to play—to name a few.


“Stomp The Yard” choreographed a fantastic dance with the USC marching band. It is done to an instrumental version of “Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band. This is hands down, one of the BEST results show performances Stars of Dance has ever done. I highly doubt this can be topped.  It is just that good.


Joss Stone takes the stage again with “Son of a Preacher Man.” Cheryl, Louis, Anna and Dmitry dance.  They are fantastic as well, but really, was anyone expecting anything less from them? These dancers are incredible and make me even more excited about learning to dance properly.


Samantha interviews Michael and Anna, Kelly and Joanna and Derek. Kelly thanks the fans, Michael thinks they can go as far as the voters and prayer take them.  Joanna admits she was worried and Derek gives her a flower.


Tom and Cheryl find out they are safe, while Kathy and Tony are in jeopardy.

Tom reveals that Louie and Chelsie are SAFE! YES! I love these two, there is just something so cute and sweet about them.  This leaves Debi and Maks and Kathy and Tom are in the bottom two. I love how Tony and Maks high five each other, like YEAH, we are here together!

After some words from Carrie Ann, we find out that Kathy and Tony are going home.  Kathy says there is nothing she will change about it. She reveals that “Katony” means bad donkey couple.  (clean version!)

Kathy and Tony dance and say goodbye to the remaining couples and get hugs and kisses as they leave the ballroom behind. Kelly and Anna T. look particularly sad to see them go.

Tune in next week for the samba and rumba! Goodnight America!

DWTS Week 2 by Sammi T.

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Hello and welcome to Dancing With The Stars, week two! Last week, we bid adieu to Ashley and Edyta and Macy and Jonathan. This week our fourteen remaining dancers will take on the tango, the jive and the quickstep.

As the descend down the stairs, I am at a loss as to why Aaron Carter is dressed like a leprechaun and fall in love with Kelly’s dress. Tony Dovolani is too adorable and it is pretty obvious that Melissa and Mark have the jive this week.

Tom introduces our guest judge Baz Luhrmann, who choreographed Moulin Rouge and Romeo and Juliet. He even helped out with the movie Strictly Ballroom, which helped inspire DWTS.

The first couple to dance is Joanna and Derek. They have the jive this week and while he thinks it is the perfect dance, she seems to be struggling. However, she is determined to bring it all to the floor.

I like how they look all rock and roll for the dance. It is an edgy, sexy version of the dance with nice tricks and decent footwork. If she made it a bit cleaner it would have been much better. What a nice way to start the evening.

Carrie Ann loves the energy and comments on her feet and lack of control.

Bruno wants her to keep it clean but not hold back.

Baz wants to see them connect more, but overall thought it was good.

Scores: 6-7-7=20 out of 30

Natalie and Alec are up next with their quickstep.  He wants her to work on breathing more and she wants to prove she can be elegant and have a good time.

It is quite elegant for a quickstep, but she has fabulous footwork and they just have this classy vibe about them. I love how it has the prefect blend of technique and artistry.

Bruno wants her to relax a bit more. He says everything is there otherwise.

Baz thinks she just lights up the room but also wants her to stop thinking so much.

Carrie Ann loves her but wants her to think of Alec as an extension of her.

Scores: 7-7-7 for a 21 out of 30.

Chuck and Anna T. take on the tango this week. She adds some of his fighting moves into it to make him more comfortable. She tells him to look at the judges like he wants to ‘rip their hearts out.’

The dance itself is….HOLY COW! Tough, edgy, fabulously executed…….OH……MY………GOSH! I seriously cannot take my eyes off them.  That was amazing and got a well-deserved standing ovation.

Baz thinks it was fantastic!

Carrie Ann says she was frightened but loved the impact it head. Sexy and scary—in her words!

Bruno compliments his work ethic

Scores: 6-7-6=19 out of 30.

Melissa and Mark are next with—you guessed it, the jive. They are fun and giggly during practice and she says he pushes her to the limit.

The dance is fun, bouncy and cute, but her footwork is a bit off. Everything else is there; she just needs to make the steps a bit crisper.

Carrie Ann squeals over how great it was.

Bruno calls her the flickering ladybug but wants her to watch her feet.

Baz thinks it was great but wants her to work on her feet more.

Scores: 7-6-6=19 out of 30.

The next couple to dance is Michael and Anna D. They have the quickstep this week and he seems a bit frustrated. However, he sticks with it until he gets it right.

As for their dance—it is a bit slow for a quickstep in my opinion but the footwork is much better and he seems to be more confident and relaxed this week.
Bruno thinks he improved this week.

Baz says he enjoyed it as well.

Carrie Ann says it was a touchdown.

Scores: 7-7-6=20 out of 30.

Debi and Maks have the tango and seem to be fighting this week. She thinks he treats her like an idiot and he feels bad for hurting her feelings. AW! HUG!

I am amused by how they dance to Roxanne by Moulin Rouge.  It is hot, sexy and shows the love/hate relationship the way the tango should. Pair that with some great footwork and you got one heck of a dance!

Baz thinks it was fantastic.

Carrie Ann calls her the drama queen and thinks it was very beautiful.

Bruno likes it but mentions that parts of it were shaky.

Scores: 7-7-7 for a 21 out of 30.

Louie and Chelsie’s jive is next after the commercial break. He thinks they can nail it because they are so young and energetic.

I loved that flip in them beginning! I think this dance is right up his alley. He began a bit slow, but as he got into it, the dance only got better. He is too adorable!!!!

Carrie Ann loves his energy but thinks he got lost a bit.

Bruno thinks he can do it and he has the potential do more!!

Baz loves his joy and thinks they are a great couple.

Score: 6-7-6 for a total of 19 out of 30.

Aaron and Karina have the quickstep this week. She wants to get the best out of him and admits she sometimes forgets how new this is to him.

I am way too amused by the fact that they have the theme to the Muppet Show. It didn’t only have amazing footwork, but the entire thing was just incredible.  I loved the Muppets and the whole thing was just great!

Bruno compares him to Fred Astaire and screams over how spectacular it was. He warns him about setting the bar so early on in the competition.

Baz also loved it!

Carrie Ann also screams over how great it was.

Scores: triple 9s for a 27 out of 30.

Kelly and Louis are up next and she is scared of not living up to last week’s successful dance. However, Louis calms her down and she begins to enjoy herself again.

Their tango was edgy and sexy, but there were a lot of mistakes in it. I think it was more nerves than anything else because it started out good, and then it was as if she got lost and it all fell apart from there. Poor thing was almost crying.

Baz calls her a self-revelation and thinks something fantastic was going on.

Carrie Ann likes what she is seeing.

Bruno thinks there were too many mistakes in it but thinks she can be amazing.

Scores: 6-7-6 for a 19 out of 30.

Kathy and Tony hope to impress with the quickstep this week. He thinks this dance is more her cup of tea. She is determined to bring it this week.

They are dancing to The King And I’s Shall We Dance. It is slow, but still very elegant and more Kathy.  However, she needs to bring it a bit more.

Carrie Ann wants her to stop being so careful.

Bruno wants her to express herself more.

Baz wants her to attack it more and make it more exciting.

Scores: 6-6-6 for an 18 out of 30.

Mark and Lacey have the quickstep this week and he is excited to tackle it.

She begins the dance by jumping over his head and they just have all this energy, great moves and excitement. I think it was one of the better ones of the night. He does slip a bit, but recovers so well it can almost be overlooked.

Bruno loves it, but makes some comments on how to improve.

Baz thinks he has the potential to be a great dancer.

Carrie Ann points out his slip and recovery and wants him to relax more. However, she likes it a lot!

Scores: 7-7-7 for a 21 out of 30.

Mya and Dmitry dance the jive this week. Dmitry wants to make sure it is something the judges approve of and she wants it to be the best it can be,

The song is a spoken one with a beat and just has all this edginess, sexiness and so wonderfully executed. They OWNED this!

Baz thinks it was fantastic.

Carrie Ann thinks it was great.

Bruno practically jumps over the table in excitement over how wonderful it was.

Scores: triple 9s for a 27 out of 30.

Tom and Cheryl have the tango this week. He seems to be having fun with it despite his struggling.  He discovers he as a pre stress fracture, but is still willing to dance.

OK, I have to hand it to this man, not only is his excitement endearing, but he is actually quite the dancer. That was GOOD! Except, for him almost dropping her.

Carrie Ann says she liked it and thinks they were well matched.

Bruno calls him distinguished and determined and appreciates him trying to do a proper tango.

Baz thinks it was dignified and graceful—except for the end.

Scores: 6-6-6 for an 18 out of 30.

The last dance of the night is Donny and Kym’s jive. I think it is right up his alley since it is fun and exciting—like him.

The dance is done to Secret Agent Man, which is hysterical in itself. The dance is cute, fun and has a lot of great moves in it! Yes, Donny, this is your dance!

Bruno calls it mission accomplished—played just right.

Baz thinks it was accurate and fantastic.

Carrie Ann says it was an amazing performance and compliments Kym’s outfit.

Scores: 8-9-8=25 out of 30.

The show ends with recaps of the dance and the reminder to vote to keep your favorite in the competition.

Tune in tomorrow for Selena Gomez, Stomp the Yard and more eliminations! Goodnight!

SYTYCD Auditions with Marie!

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Good evening dance fans, and welcome to the Boston Auditions of So You Think You Can Dance.  We start off the night with Cat learning how to speak with a Boston accent from the dancers waiting in line.  She actually does a pretty good job with it!

Our judges for this New England round of auditions are Nigel, Mary, and Tyce Diorio.  They are really hoping to see some great talent shine through on the stage for the next 2 days.

Day 1 starts with Teddy, who ordered his wild and crazy pants from a golf catalog.  He tops off his eccentric look with a bow tie, saying he’s dressed to impress. His routine is quite whimsical and emotional.  The judges think he gave a great performance and showed off many subtleties.  Mary calls him “crazy-brilliant”.  They all love how clever and unique he is, so Teddy is going to Vegas!  He is crazy…but in a cute kind of way.

Jean is up next, and he is very confident in his moves.  He does Hip-Hop, showing off great spins and gymnastics.  He has strong arms and awesome balance.  The judges don’t even say anything…they just all stand up and show Jean his ticket to Vegas!

Several guys do well this first day, including Kimara, who shows off his flying moves and is also going to Vegas.

Channing just turned 18, and is so happy that she can finally audition for SYTYCD.  She works in an ice cream shop.  Her routine is powerful, emotional, and beautiful…I am so impressed by her wonderful extensions.  The judges really love her strength and technique, telling her she has a great face.  Tyce would like her to be even more passionate in her dance.  Channing is sent to the choreography round.

Our next dancer is Ryan, and he stands 6′ 8″.  He shows the judges his tap skills, which are pretty good for being so tall.  Nigel thinks that even though Ryan sometimes looks ungainly, he has good feet.  All of the judges enjoyed his unique performance, and send him to the choreography round.

Russell is next with Krump.  I really love this performance…he is both powerful and emotional.  Nigel decides to quote Lil’C and tell him that he’s “bucc”, but also says that Krump is best when several people play off of each other.  He thinks that a Krump solo is one-dimensional.  The judges ask if he is trained in different styles, and he names several.  Nigel asks if he’s ever done Krump and Tap together and says Krump + Tap = Krap… I really should have seen that coming!  Russell is sent to the choreography round to show what else he can do.

Finally we have Fabrizio, whose nickname is Breeze.  His moves are a robotic type of Hip-Hop, and he even fell while tripping over his own feet.  The judges cannot stop laughing.  Nigel does tell him that he covered his fall well, but he could probably use more training.  Breeze is also sent to the choreography round.

In Pasha and Anya’s choreography round, Breeze quits, since he is having trouble with the turns after his fall.  I thought it was actually sweet of him to say that he didn’t want to mess up his partner’s chances, and that’s why he stopped.  Ryan is not moving on, but Channing and Russell are going to Vegas…along with 8 more dancers.

We begin Day 2 with a married couple, Karen and Matthew.  They are Ballroom dancers, and perform a very hot and sexy Latin number together.  I love their energy and crisp moves.  The judges love their solid technique, and Mary thinks Karen is one Hot Tamale.  Karen and Matthew are both going to Vegas!

We have another Latin Ballroom dancer next.  Gene loves to perform, and it’s also clear that he really loves himself.  His routine is good, with quick moves and great hip action.  He does do this weird thing with his eyebrows though.  Mary calls him a hottie, so he rips his shirt open to reveal more of his chest.  The judges all see potential, but are worried about his facial expressions, saying the eyebrows make him look desperate.  Gene is sent off to the choreography round.

Up next is Paul, who gives the strangest audition ever.  He acted out the whole song word by word, even singing along with it.  The judges are stunned.  Nigel is at a loss for words, but finally tells Paul that if he wants an honest opinion, it looked like he was just having fun to the music and not really dancing.  Paul is not moving on to the next round.

It seems that Paul was the first in a series of really awful auditions.  Finally Tyce can take no more.  He loses it and turns into his Dr. Evil persona.  He does not hold back at all…telling all of them just how bad they were!

Finally Kevin comes out to dance, and he goes by the nickname of K-Bez.  He auditioned back in Season 3, and has been training all of this time in order to come back now.  His Hip-Hop number is passionate and full of energy.  The judges still don’t know what to do with him, saying he was good but not great.  Tyce says Kevin should have shown them something new that he learned from his training.  Kevin is sent to the choreography round.

In the choreography round, both Kevin and Gene move on to Vegas, along with 21 more dancers from the second day.  Tune in next week when the auditions are in Atlanta.  Good night everyone…and keep on dancing!

DWTS Results with Sammi T

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Hello and welcome to night three of  the Dancing With The Stars Season Nine Premiere Week! Tonight, one man and one woman are sent home after only one week of competition.

Kelly and Louis reprise their Viennese Waltz, which is, if possible, even better than it was last night. She is definitely a contender this season. I’m so glad she gets another standing ovation and that we get to see another side of her.

After a recap of the previous nights dances, we finally get to the men results. Louie and Chelsie and Aaron and Karina are safe.

Sean Kingston performs one of his new singles before we get to a clip featuring previous first eliminated contestants. It is actually quite funny to see some of the moments relived.  Penn, Kenny and Jeff tell the first eliminated to be proud and there is  place for them in their club.

The next couples to be called safe are Mark and Lacey and Chuck and Anna and Donny and Kim.

Samantha interviews Chuck and Louie. Louie is glad the waiting it is over and Chelsie says she is proud of him. Chuck enjoys the adreniline rush.

We finally get to the last of the men’s results. Tom and Cheryl are safe as are Michael and Anna, which means Ashley and Edyta are leaving the competition.  Awww, George is so sad!  Edyta wishes everyone luck and says there are going to be a lot of surprises.

We get a sneak peek at Miley Cyrus’s new music video, which is cute, but the song is already overplayed.

Women’s results! Natalie and Alec and Mya and Dmitry are safe.

Adam Carolla gives the men a serious pep talk. He tries to make it like a boot camp/football camp.  It is odd but funny. They are determined to have a man win again.

Lion King on Broadway performs next and I must say it is incredible.  Tom quips that it was heartwarming to see Tom Delay smile during it. I picture it being really cute.

More results. Melissa and Mark, Joanna and Derek and Debi and Maks are safe.

Samantha interviews Natalie and Mya. Natalie is proud and Mya is happy to learn that her old Moulin Rouge director is going to guest judge.

The Patrick Swayze tribute is next with Dmitry and Chelsie dancing to ‘She’s Like The Wind,’ (from Dirty Dancing) Anna and Jonathan dancing to ‘Unchained Melody’ (from Ghost) and Tony and Cheryl reprising their ‘Time of My Life’ dance from season two.   I love how the other pros join them at the end.

The women’s results continue with Kelly and Louis and Kathy and Tony being safe. Macy and Jonathan are now eliminated.  She jokes ballroom isn’t her calling and Jonathan tells everyone how proud he is of her.

The show ends with both couples final dances and everyone saying goodbye. I loved how Debi told Macy how much she was going to miss her and how bad she felt.  What a classy woman!

Tune in next week for more dances, guest judges and more sequins, fringe and fun! Goodnight!

DWTS Ladies Night by Sammi T

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Hello and welcome to Ladies Night on Dancing With The Stars! Tonight is part two of the competition where our remaining eight couples dance.

The show opens with a ladies dance. It is so incredible—I wish I could move like that…..perhaps once I finally begin my ballroom lessons I can. It also inspires me to get myself to the gym!

As the couples descend down the stairs,  I can see the excitement oozing from everyone. Melissa looks like a princess in her dress and Kelly is just too adorable. And Holy cow–how did I go four months without seeing the sexiness that is Dmitry, Maks, Mark, Alec, Tony, Louis, Derek and Jonathan? WOW, have I missed them!

First up is Debi Mazar and Maks Chmerkovskiy. They take on the salsa and she says he does not scare her. She is funny, but has a lot of  ‘oooh, shiny’ moments, or as a dear friend calls them, ‘Sammi moments.’

Their dance is good—a fun way to start the night. She seems to move well and I love how she adds her personality to it.

Len thinks she is missing her hip and leg action. However, he sees potential.

Bruno thinks she can work those ‘bazooms’ (at which Maks covers her ears) but loses her timing.

Carrie Ann thinks she has a lot of guts, but needs to connect things more.

Score 6-5-5= 16 out of 30.

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas are up next.  Her kids are too cute!  I love how he greets her in a suit—what a classy man!  They are doing the Viennese waltz and she is determined to conquer it.

They dance to David Cook’s Time of My Life, which is one of my favorite songs ever. They look so gorgeous together, just so classy and elegant. I love them so much together! The ending is a bit sloppy, but overall a decent job. Nice standing ovation!

Bruno calls her out on her nervousness, and as much as he liked it, he wants her to meet up to her potential.

Carrie Ann thinks she created a few moments, but wants her to connect to the music more.

Len thinks it was too sweet and sickly, hated her footwork but liked everything else.

Scores: Triple 6s for a 21 out of 30.

Mya takes on the foxtrot after the commercial break with Dmitry Chaplin. She is a tap dancer, but never did ballroom before.  She is thrilled to have Dmitry but is worried about putting it all together.

The dance is well executed and sexy, and has the whole package. Either way, they are not going anywhere for awhile!

Carrie Ann thinks she set the bar.

Len  hates it and thinks Dmitry let her down.

Bruno screams so much I check my DVR to make sure I’m watching DWTS and not Jerry Springer.

Scores: 8-5-8=21 out of 30

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovloani are next. She wants to use the show as a way to get back in shape. She admits she is uncoordinated and worrys about keeping up with the music.

Their salsa is fun, but kind of timid. You can tell how nervous she is and once she calms down I am sure she will be fine.

Len wants her to sizzle now.

Bruno wants to see more sex on it.

Carrie Ann wants her to lossen up. (which leads to more dirty jokes)

Scores 6-5-5 for a total of 6 out of 30.

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo are up next with the salsa.  She is worried about facial expressions and she says it is sink or swim time.

Her salsa proves she has nothing to worry about. She is fun, flirty and everything was well excecuted.

Bruno likes it, but thinks she freezes too much.

Carrie Ann calls her a diamond in the rough.

Len wants her to be sexier.

Scores: 7-6-6 for a 19 out of 30.

Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts are next with the Viennese Waltz.  They travel a lot but still somehow pull off such a gorgeous dance.  For such a tall woman she sure is graceful! I am glad she got a standing ovation.

Carrie Ann finds it fascinating.

Len says if he were at home he would vote for her.

Bruno babbles but wants her to work on her technique more.

Scores: 6-4-5=15 out of 30.

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough are up with their salsa. She has a great work ethic which I think will translate well on the dance floor.  Ok, it is official, she is this season’s dark horse. She really knows how to move and has a natural grace about her.

Len calls it a  hot smoking salsa.

Bruno says it is what a salsa should be.

Carrie Ann also shares her delight with the dance.

Scores:  8-8-8 for a 24 out of 30.

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel are the last couple to take on the Viennese Waltz.   Him meeting her family is just priceless. I love her family anyway so it is just awesome to see them. She has problems becoming a lady, but she is willing to do what it takes to get there. She, by far has the best Viennese Waltz of the night. She just made me cry, especially when she hugged her family. I stand corrected, she is my dark horse.

Bruno gushes over how great it was.

Carrie Ann says her parents should be proud—put comments on her lift.

Len calls it the best of the night.

Aww, Ozzy  and Sharon are crying!

Scores: 7-8-8=23 out of 30.

Tom asks Ozzy and Sharon how they feel and they express how proud they are of her.

The foxtrot relay is next with all the salsa dancers.  Alec and Natalie start—I have to say I love her dress! There are so graceful and elegant out there. Kathy is a bit stiff, but much better than she was at the salsa. Derek and Joanna are very classy and execute it well. Debi is able to keep her sass and still execute a great dance.

Carrie Ann loves Joanna and Natalie, wants Debi to stop muscling and thinks Kathy acts like she is at the Oscars.

Len echoes Carrie Ann’s sentiments, adding Kathy needs to move more.

Bruno pretty much gushes over Joanna and glosses over everyone else.

4th—Kathy 3rd—Debi—2nd Natalie—1st –Joanna

The second relay of the night is the cha cha cha with the remaining couples. They OWN this relay. It is so hard to say who ‘wins’ it since they are all so good.

Len thinks Melissa did much better this time and thinks Kelly produced two first class dances.

Bruno loves Melissa’s fun loving style and is impressed with Mya and Kelly.

Carrie Ann wants Macy to work harder and thinks Melissa is the most improved. She is also impressed with Mya and Kelly.

4th—Macy 3rd—Melissa 2nd—Kelly 1st—Mya

After a recap of scores and dances, we are reminded to vote and tune into the results show tomorrow.  Goodnight!

DWTS Premiere by Sammi T.

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Hello America and welcome to the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars! Tonight kicks off the biggest and most exciting season ever—sixteen celebrities, dance offs, double eliminations and brand new dances! Without further ado, here we are LIVEEEEEEE!!!

The show opens with a male pro group dance and I am mesmerized my how incredible these men are! Aww, Tony got to dance with his wife!  How cute was that!  Yes, that was a very sexy routine indeed. I love that color Samantha is wearing.

The dancers descend down the stage, and I am reminded to get my butt to the gym after seeing everyone. Natalie looks so excited, as do Melissa and Tom. Kelly is just too cute!  Joanna looks like she is having a ball and Aaron is just as adorable as he was back in the day.  In all honesty, everyone looks so happy to be there.

Tonight is the men’s night to dance both a ballroom and a Latin dance.

Aaron Carter kicks off the night and seeing his pictures from 1999 makes me feel very old.  His first meeting with Karina Smirnoff is priceless—his back flip was just hysterical and awesome.  Tonight they will be doing the cha cha cha and the Viennese Waltz.  (Totally off topic, but I love Karina’s black and white flowy shirt—anyone know where she got it?)

The cha cha cha is NOT done to one of his songs as I had predicted, so that is one bet I lost. In all honesty, the dance is very good for his first time in the ballroom. It is fun, flirty and has some clean footwork and overall—very well executed.

Len says the dance is full of potential and a great start to the show.

Bruno drools over how sharp and edgy it is—it is actually a bit creepy. He wants him to keep it down a bit though.

Carrie Ann says little Aaron Carter is all grown up and thinks he has potential as well.

Scores: 7-8-7 for a total of 22.

After a commercial break, Chuck Liddell takes the floor with Anna Trebunskya.  She was a bit scared at first, but once they began learning the foxtrot, she was able to see a whole other side to him.  I think he is going to be one to watch this season.

His foxtrot is a bit stiff but he is light on his feet and just lights up the entire room when he dances. You can tell just by looking at his face how much he loves this.  What a standing ovation! Holy cow!

Bruno calls the dance rough, and nitpicks on just about everything.

Carrie Ann says he is smooth and charming and that he does need to work on his footwork. She reminds him to dance for the audience.

Len tells him to be a bit more graceful but he made him smile the whole way through.

Scores: 6-5-5 for a total of 16.

Based on the way the audience reacted, I think there are going to be a ton of fans voting!

Tom quips that Anna can hurt people too.

We get some previews of practice before we get to some more commercials, all which lead up to Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer’s dance.   They seem to hit it off right away and he seems more than happy to learn.

Their cha cha cha is done to Kung Foo Fighting and incorporates a lot of Mark’s martial arts background into it. Holy cow, is it GOOD It is the prefect mix of martial arts and ballroom.

Carrie Ann sees the potential but wants him to watch his arms a bit.

Len doesn’t like the gimmicks but liked the rhythm.

Bruno wants him to watch his timing a bit.

Scores: 7-7-7 for a total of 21.

Ashley Hamilton, son of George Hamilton from season 2 is up next with Edyta Sliwinska. I think it is cute they both got to dance with her. He was in a motorcycle accident and was told eh might never walk again. I love how gentle she is with him. She is a doll!

Their foxtrot is sexy, smooth and has a nice Hollywood feel to it. He too is a bit stiff, but for someone who was told he might never walk again—what an inspiration! He almost has me crying!  Aww, George and Alana are in the audience beaming!

Len liked his footwork and but wants a bit more finesse.

Bruno though it was dead—he wants him to sell it. Alana was ready to go after him!

Carrie Ann wants him to set himself apart a bit more.

Score: 5-6-4 for a total of 15.

Edyta says how proud she is of him and Tom quips that Bruno might be in a wheelchair if Alana has something to do with it.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson are up next and he is determined to beat Marie. As soon as she greets him, I am reminded as to why she reminds me of my sister. She just has that same sweetness and kindness toward her students, yet knows how to be firm without being mean. It is a special gift both Kym and my sister have.

Their foxtrot is done to All That Jazz from Chicago. Holy Hollywood, they have got something special.  Nice footwork, nice drama, and they know how to sell it! They were awesome and have the audience on their feet SCREAMING!  Aww, he gives his wife a kiss.

Bruno gushes, but tells him to watch his shoulders.

Carrie Ann loves him but wants more content.

Len wants less theatrics and more ballroom.

Score 7-6-7 for a 20.

Donny admits he got too caught up in the moment.

Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower are up next.  He has no clue what he is in for. He jokes that he is glad his partner is shorter than him.  He hopes he can bring some grace to the ballroom.

Their foxtrot was technically good on his part and with Chelsie’s artistic side it was the perfect blend of both.  Very well done for someone who never danced before.
Carrie Ann says he really respected the ballroom and she liked that.

Len makes a joke about his hair and says he loves the technical side of his dance.

Bruno loves the cuteness of the dance.

Score 6-7-6 for a 19 out of 30.

Mike Irvin and Anna Demidova take on the cha cha cha next. He is ready to prove he is as good as the football players before him.  He is by far the best football dancer the show has had so far—charisma wise. Dance wise, not so much.

Len hates it and wants Anna to add more content.

Bruno likes his presence, but wants more dance in it.

Carrie Ann likes his charisma but not the content.

Aww, he got a hug from Aaron!

Score: 5-4-4=13 out of 30.

Tom Delay and Cheryl Burke are the last couple to take on the cha cha cha. Although he is a bit rough during practice, he is actually very good. WOW I am impressed!

Bruno screams and says something about Sarah Palin and I have no clue what he is talking about.

Carrie Ann feels it was surreal.

Len makes some comments but overall says it was a job well done.

Score: 6-5-5 for a total of 16 out of 30.

The relay dances are next.  Each couple will get points added depending on how well they do. 4th place will get four points, 3rd place 6, 2nd place 8 and 1st place 10.

The first one is Ashley and Edyta, Louie and Chelsie, Donny and Kym and Chuck and Anna.  They will be doing the salsa. Out of all of them, I would have to say Louie is the best of the bunch with Donny a very close second.

Carrie Ann says Donny smoked them and complimented Louie and Chuck as well.

Len also loved Donny.

Bruno screeches over Donny and Chuck.

Ranking: 4th Ashley 3rd Chuck, 2nd Louie 1st Donny.

The second relay is the Viennese Waltz with Aaron and Karina, Mark and Lacey, Michael and Anna and Tom and Cheryl. It is a tough call to say who is the best, but Mark is way up there.

Len loves Mark and tells Tom he is too stiff.

Bruno compliments Aaron.

Carrie Ann thinks this was Michael and Anna’s moment to shine.

Rankings: 4th Tom 3rd: Michael 2nd Mark 1st Aaron.

The show ends with recaps of each dance and the final scores.

Aaron and Karina : 32 (after the relay)
Donny and Kym: 30 (after relay)
Mark and Lacey 29 (after relay)
Louie and Chelsie: 27 (after relay)
Chuck and Anna T: 22 (after relay)
Tom and Cheryl: 20 (after relay)
Ashley and Edyta: 19 (after relay)
Michael and Anna D: 19 (after relay)

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see our ladies dance! Goodnight everybody!

SYTYCD Pheonix Auditions With Marie

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Phoenix Auditions.  Our judges for this Southwestern city are Nigel, Mary, and Mia Michaels.  Let’s see what kind of talent we have in Arizona!

Day 1 starts out with a pair of friends, Brandon and Demetrio, who go by the nicknames of Shorty and Biggie.  They can’t wait to show off their fun, energetic moves.  They do a Breakdance/Hip-Hop routine, which is very clever and has the judges laughing.  Nigel asks them how they met, and they tell him that Brandon dated Demetrio’s sister.  The judges all really enjoyed it, thinking that Brandon is the technically stronger of the two but together they make a great act.  Brandon and Demetrio are sent to the choreography round.

Next up is Sasha, who is very emotional because her whole family came to support her and she loves them so much.  She performs her routine with a folding chair, showing her true emotions and balletic moves.  The judges love her strong technical solo and say she is just beautiful.  Sasha is going to Vegas!

After Sasha we see two more girls that are superb dancers.  The judges love their personalities and technical abilities.  Katie and Ellie are both going to Vegas!

Allison is our next dancer, and she had Spinal Meningitis when she was 16 months old, which left her deaf.  She dances by feeling the rhythm and vibration of the music, and says you should never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something…just prove them wrong!  She performs a beautiful Contemporary routine filled with amazing moves.  Nigel tries to sign…then asks if Allison can read lips.  She can, so he tells her that if it wasn’t in his notes that she was hearing impaired, he never would have guessed it.  The judges love her face and eyes, and Mary is moved because Mary’s cousin had the same impairment and dreams of dancing and gave up…and she is also no longer with us.  Mary says that even though she is crying, Allison made her very happy.  Allison is sent to the choreography round to see how she does with a different number.

A pair of same sex dancers, Jacob and Willem, are up next.  They have won the U.S. title in same sex amateur ballroom.  Their routine is very dramatic and emotional and they dance well together and in sync.  The judges praise their great lines, strong passion, and great technique.  They decide to send them to the choreography round just to see how they dance with the girls, since they would have to do that if they made the Top 20.

Jonathan comes out to do his number, a fun routine with plenty of props.  The judges think he is entertaining, but not right for the show.  Jonathan is not moving on to the next round.

In Pasha and Anya’s choreography round, Demetrio finds that he cannot handle the ballroom moves and decides to quit.  After everyone else dances, Brandon is not moving on, but Allison, Jacob, and Willem are all going to Vegas…along with 12 other dancers.

We start Day 2 with Jarvis, who is really full of energy and EXTREMELY excited!  He does Hip-Hop with some popping and locking thrown in, and his routine is wild and fast.  The judges call it frantic but love his personality.  Mia especially loves how he danced right out of his shoes and smacked his own butt.  Jarvis is sent to the choreography round.

Following Jarvis, we see a great number of strange routines, causing the judges to think there is something weird in the Phoenix water system.  Then Kelsey comes out to dance, performing a strong Contemporary number.  Nigel decides to ask her if she’s ever been abducted by aliens…and she says just once!  Nigel loses it and walks off stage, leaving Mary and Mia to critique the performance.  They love her, and hear Nigel yelling from backstage that he’d like to see her go to choreography…so Kelsey is moving to the choreography round.

Nigel comes back to the judges’ table in time to see Jonathan, whose nickname is Legacy.  He learned to dance on the streets at age 15.  He shows off some super fast breaking and street dancing, even walking on his hands!  The judges think it was exciting and they love his personality and confidence.  Jonathan is going to Vegas!

In the choreography round, Jarvis collapses and the paramedics have to come to the stage.  He has an asthma attack and has to be helped off the stage, but is happy he made it as far as he did.  Once the rest of them dance, the judges decide that Kelsey is not moving on, but she was really close and should come back to audition next season.  5 of the dancers move on to Vegas.

Tune in next week when we get to see the Boston auditions.  Good night everybody..and keep on dancing!!!

SYTYCD Season 6 Premiere with Marie!

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Good evening dance fans, and welcome to Season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. It seems like we just ended Season 5…well, I guess we did!  This new season has auditions in 6 cities, and we start tonight with the Los Angeles auditions.  Our judges for this evening are Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman.  They are looking for people who are even more talented than last season, so the bar has been set extremely high.

The first dancer to audition on Day 1 is Cole, who prides himself on being distinctive and unique.  Nigel is waiting for the music to start, when he finally realizes that Cole is going to be performing without any music.  As he dances, he spits out various words and phrases, most of which make no sense with his dancing.  As he stops, the other dancers in the audience are silent…none of them know what to make of this.  The judges tell Cole that he was certainly unusual, but he will not be going to Vegas.

Next we meet Mollee from Utah.  She has been a principal dancer in High School Musicals 1, 2, and 3.  Her mom is her best friend, and she is so grateful that her mom worked 3 jobs in order to take care of Mollee and her brothers and support her dancing.  She performs a strong, beautiful Contemporary number, and her audience reaction is the complete opposite of Cole’s – Mollee receives a standing ovation!  All 3 of the judges adore her, and Nigel would like to see more of her personality along with the technical ability.  Mollee is going to Vegas!

We see short clips of 3 more incredible dancers that are all going to Vegas:  David, Amanda, and Brandon.

Up next are Ryan and Bianca, who auditioned last season and didn’t make the Top 20.  It was down to Ryan and his brother Evan, and the judges took Evan.  When Bianca was cut in Vegas, she said she would not be auditioning again, but changed her mind and decided to keep at her dreams.

Ryan performed his tap routine while speaking beautifully…to me it seemed like poetry in motion.  Adam stands, telling Ryan he is not just a dancer, he is an artist.  He also says it was the most perfect and special audition he’s ever seen.  The judges like how Ryan has grown in himself, and he is going to Vegas!

When Bianca comes out, Nigel asks her if she’s ever performed a “tap battle”.  She says she has, and would like to do one with Ryan.  Ryan comes back out to join her, and informs Nigel that tappers don’t call it a battle, they call it trading.  They are both awesome, with Bianca showing off some smooth tap moves of her own.  The 2 of them perform well together, showing great give and take between them.  Adam is speechless…then finally says he has the best job in the world, being able to watch this.  Bianca is also going to Vegas!

Our final audition of Day 1 is Christopher, who would someday like to produce a film called “Drum Song”.  He wants to embody the spirits of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  The judges are all in stitches as he gives a manic performance, trying to simulate “All That Jazz”.  Adam believes that it looks very awkward when a male dancer is trying to perform a piece meant for a female, but Christopher says that is the idea behind his movie.  The judges also tell him that he is technically weak and needs more training.  He is not going through to the next round, but they want him to keep learning and come back again next season.

In the choreography round styled by Pasha and Anya, 9 more dancers make it through to Vegas.

Day 2 starts with Amber, who had to stop dancing for a while when she was 10.  Her mom had surgery and something went wrong, leaving her paralyzed.  Amber spent a lot of time taking care of her mom, who feels great joy when she watches Amber dance.  Her Contemprorary routine is powerful, with gorgeous lines.  The judges all agree that she is beautiful and light on her feet, and that she needs to show more of her great charisma.  Amber blew them away…and she’s going to Vegas!

We see clips of 2 more dancers that are going to Vegas.  Alexie and Paula both perform wonderful Contemporary routines.

Christina is up next, and she enlists a partner, Pepe, to help her perform the Salsa, with a Hip-Hop twist.  They are both sharp and strong.  Nigel thinks Pepe should be auditioning as well.  The judges are thrilled with Christina’s performance and marvel at her core strength.  Christina is going to Vegas!

After we see a series of really bad auditions, out comes Phillip.  He is a tapper, and was Ryan’s roommate when they toured with “Fosse!”…he tells some secrets about Ryan’s tattoo, which Cat wants to verify with Ryan.  Phillip’s audition is classic, old Hollywood style.  Nigel believes this is the year of the tappers.  All of the judges think he is superb and his tapping is effortless and clean.  Phillip is going to Vegas!

The choreography round from the second day produces 10 more dancers who are on their way to Vegas.  Tune in next week, when we will see the Phoenix auditions.  Good night everybody!

DYAO Reunion–with Marie!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Dance Your Ass Off Reunion Special.  Last week, Ruben was crowned the first ever DYAO champion, and this week we get to see how all of the contestants have been doing since that show was taped.  Marissa comes out to introduce the first 7 contestants, and she has had her hair straightened!  She her hair looks great curly or straight, and she is as beautiful as ever.

The seven contestants come out as Marissa announces how much weight they’ve lost:  Angela is down 36 pounds, Warren has lost 25, and Mara lost 44.  Karla and Brandon each lost 20 pounds.  Tara is down 52 and Trice has lost 69 pounds!  Trice tells us how much fun it is to go shopping now that she is down 10 dress sizes.  Tara says she made good use of her time during her kids’ baseball practices by jogging around the field.  (Now that’s what I should have been doing at my son’s practices…instead of reading a book!!!)  They all feel more confident and empowered after all of the workouts and everything they learned on the show.

We see clips from the entire season showing the struggles everyone has gone through.  They all agree that it was difficult but worth it, and everyone feels like they now have a second family.  All of the contestants also agree on one other thing…which one of them was the most emotional?  They all answer:  Alicia!!!

On that note, Alicia comes out to the stage, revealing her 90 pound weight loss…wow!  She agrees that she was the most emotional contestant, and says that being honest with her feelings really helped her get to where she is now.  She owns who she is – and she is now a size 9, having started on the show at size 20!

Miles is the next to reveal his transformation, and he also has lost an amazing 90 pounds.  He feels like a whole new person, and kept up with all of the healthy changes in order to transform his whole life.  He sold his car and now bikes everywhere.  He also quit his bartending job and leads hiking tours, so that even his job is healthier!  On top of this, he has inspired his 2 sisters to lose weight…one has lost over 80 pounds and the other lost over 50 pounds.  It’s been 20 years since their dad passed away, and they are finally able to put his death to rest and start living their lives.

Marissa asks about some of the changes the contestants had to make once they got home.  Tara says she plans her meals and grocery lists on Sundays, so that she isn’t tempted to stop for fast food.  Trice tells us how she cleaned out her entire refrigerator and replaced the junk with all healthy food.

Pinky comes out to show off her 32 pound loss, and tells us her foot is much better but she still has a little trouble with it.  She thanks Mr. Lucky for being such a great partner all season, and we see clips of everyone working with their partners as well.  They all crack up watching the clips, and are so grateful to their partners.  Mr. Lucky also reveals that while training Pinky…he lost 7 pounds himself!

Shayla has lost 50 pounds and feels amazing.  She says her old and new life are like night and day.  She now works as a dance teacher for kids, and it’s so cute to watch them learn from her and tell her how much they love her!  Her biggest change was her bra size, and she compares her old bra to a chest protector.  She also says she learned to change her perception of working out and of beauty.

Next we learn from Dr. H just how far all of the contestants have come on the health front.  They all had severe disease to deal with when they got to the show, but all have drastically improved over the course of the show.  Meg, the nutritionist, tells how eating the right foods helped everyone.  Dr. H is amazed at the transformations.

Ruben is the last to reveal his final transformation, and he has lost 90 pounds!  He says it was tough putting new habits into his old life when he got home, but he is now loving life.  He does say that his partner John is back in the hospital, but they are taking things one day at a time.

We learn that everyone was actually glad to have the Cheat Cabinet in the loft, because it helped teach them how to deal with those kinds of foods in their everyday lives.  Pinky announced that she is now dancing with her brothers.  Warren and his wife are expecting another son too!

Mayte, Lisa Ann, and Danny come out to discuss how the judging went this season.  Mayte is proud of everyone and says they all look happy and amazing.  Lisa Ann says they look way better than she had even dreamed.  Danny names his 3 favorite dances of the season:  Mara’s dance from Week 1, Shayla’s Salsa, and Ruben’s Paso Doble.  Mara tells the judges that she feels that she and Paul were robbed on their scores the week she went home.  The judges understand, but mention that they can only say what they see, and each judge brings his or her own tastes to the panel.  Ruben thinks that the criticism actually helped them become better dancers each week.  Marissa says that she can tell just by looking at them…they all really won!

We get to see some funny clips now, with Mayte always talking about pointed toes and Lisa Ann telling everyone to lock it down all the time.  All 3 judges continually talk about the core.  Then we are shown some outtakes and bloopers from the season.

On the Oxygen website, the audience had the chance to vote for their favorite contestant of the season.  Marissa announces that the fan favorite is Shayla.  In being chosen for this honor, Shayla will receive $5,000 and a free one year membership to Crunch Gym.

Everyone gives their final thoughts on the season.  They are all proud of their achievements and thrilled with the new friendships they have made.  Most of all, they are so thankful that DYAO saved all of their lives, and the lives of some of their family members.

This concludes the first season of Dance Your Ass Off.  If you are interested in applying for Season 2, please go to to sign up for more information.  In the meantime, let’s all go out there and dance our asses off!!!

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