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Dance Your Ass Off – Week 1 Recap


Yesterday at 12:32am

Hello my friends, and welcome to the first week of competition for Dance Your
Ass Off – Season 2. We start out seeing the contestants all meet at the house 7
days before show night. Corey teases everyone with the foods in the cheat
cabinet. Latoya finds her comfort zone, and it’s not anything in the cabinet.
It’s the ballet barre…she used to take ballet when she was a girl and she
already feels right at home. At dinner, each person has a covered plate in
front of them. They lift the lids to find their “dream meals” consisting of
their favorite foods. This is the last meal they will eat like this before the
competition offically starts. At the end of dinner, they look underneath their
plates to find how many calories were in those meals. The average was about
1500, but some meals had as many as 3200 calories! So much for dream
meals…sounds more like a nightmare to me!

The next day is the first weigh-in with Dr. Geller. Many of the contestants are
shocked at the numbers on the scale. They knew it would be high, but not quite
this high. The day after the weigh-in they all start dance rehearsals with
Tiana. Mel B is there also, and points out cards with dance styles written on
them that are taped to the mirror. Tiana gives a brief demonstration of each
style, and then Mel gives them 10 seconds to run up and grab the card with the
style they would each like to perform. There are 6 dance styles, so there are
two of each kind on the mirror. Once they all choose, Mel tells them that since
there are no professional partners the first week, they are partnering up
according to the styles they picked. Tiana will teach them the routines.

During rehearsals, we find out that Katie really wants to perform the lead in a
Broadway musical. I love it, because that’s a dream of mine as well! Some
dancers struggle with the moves, and some have trouble with other things. I
feel badly for Michael, who can’t handle all of the mirrors surrounding him in
the studio. He finds every way possible to keep from looking at himself in the
mirror because it hurts too much for him.

They also meet with nutritionist Rachel Beller, who says she’s also known as the
Health Police. I like her sugggestion that each person should consume 1 1/2 to
2 cups of veggies for every lunch AND dinner. We all need to get more of those
nutrients in us, and you stay full longer. The next day is the first gym
workout with trainer Lee Wall. He works everyone really hard, and they all have
to retrain their muscles to do what they haven’t done in a long time. Mel B
surprises them back at the house…it turns out that the pairs are not partners,
they are competing head to head against each other. The winner from each pair
will have immunity for this week, and the others will be up for elimination.
Briana has to go to the physical therapist have she hears a pop while doing the
splits. She has injured her hamstring, and can’t dance until the actual

With that, we are now at show night. Our first match is Kiki vs. Briana,
performing Body Cranking to “Boom Boom Pow”. The judges (Danny Teeson, Lisa Ann
Walter, Dave Scott) love their energy and natural feel for the music, but Lisa
Ann would like to see more booty shakin’. Kiki scores 8-6-8, with an average of
7.3. Briana scores 7-7-9, for an average of 7.7. Briana wins the match.

Next it’s Michael vs. Latoya performing Pop-Jazz to “Tik Tok”. The judges think
they both have great potential and Dave loves their solos. They are really
amazed by Latoya. She scores 8-8-8, and Michael scores 6-6-6. Latoya wins the
match 8-6.

Our third match-up is Erica vs. Katie performing Fierce Wacking to
“Day-n-Night”. The judges were most impressed with Katie. She scores 7-6-7,
for an average of 6.7. Erica scores 6-7-6, for an average of 6.3. Katie takes
her place on the winners’ bench as Erica goes to the elimination bench.

Match four is Stephanie vs. Caleb, and they perform Thrashing to “Dance Dance”.
The judges keep watching Stephanie, and tell Caleb he needs to loosen up more.
Caleb scores 4-5-4 for an average of 4.3. Stephanie scores 7-7-6 for an average
of 6.7, and she moves to the winners’ bench.

Now we have Meredith vs. Sarah performing Dirty Jazz to “Whatever You Like”.
All of the judges agree the they were the best duo at staying in sync. Sarah
scores 7-8-7 for an average of 7.3, and Meredith scores 6-7-6 for an average of
6.3. Sarah is safe for this week.

Our final pair is Adamme vs. Corey, performing Old Skool to “Whoop There It Is”.
Dave gives them a standing ovation, and the judges love how they got the
audience into it. Corey scores 8-8-7 for an average of 7.7, and Adamme scores
10-9-9 for an average of 9.3. (First 10 of the season already!) Adamme wins
this match.

Mel calls on the winners’ bench to weigh in first, and tells them that the
person with the highest score among them will have immunity for next week. Here
are their numbers, with the total score equalling dance average plus percentage
of weight loss:

Starting Weight Current Weight Pounds Lost Total Score

Stephanie 207.0 196.1 10.9 12.0
Briana 289.6 275.3 14.3 12.6
Katie 215.9 207.3 8.6 10.7
Sarah 218.7 208.9 9.8 11.8
Latoya 217.0 207.2 9.8 12.5
Adamme 301.8 289.5 12.3 13.4

Adamme wins immunity for next week. Now the six contestants on the elimination
bench weigh in, and the one with the lowest total score will go home.

Starting Weight Current Weight Pounds Lost Total Score

Meredith 214.5 205.6 8.9 10.4
Corey 325.9 310.7 15.2 12.4
Kiki 220.4 212.0 8.4 11.1
Erica 232.7 224.8 7.9 9.7
Michael 285.6 272.1 13.5 10.7
Caleb 297.0 282.6 14.4 9.1

Caleb goes home, but first he thanks everyone at the show for their support and
says he will take what he learned with him to get healthier. Tune in next week
when the 11 remaining contestants meet their professional dance partners, and a
romance begins to blossom. Good night everyone!

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