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Hey everyone,

Did you know we have a fan page on Facebook? Here’s a link, we hope you’ll connect with us!

Ballroom Dance Channel

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Ballroom Dance Channel Offers All Access Dance Lessons with Video Powered by Ooyala: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

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We thought you might want to read the latest on Ballroom Dance Channel!

Ballroom Dance Channel Offers All Access Dance Lessons with Video Powered by Ooyala: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance.

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Learn to Dance with your Sweetie this Valentine’s Day!

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Another view of the DWTS Tour

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Hey Everyone,

My favorite guest blogger, Sammi T, was lucky enough to attend last night’s Dancing with the Stars tour stop, and has been gracious enough to agree to tell our readers all about it. From the texts I got last night, it sure sounds like she had a blast, but I’m going to let her fill you in! Enjoy the time with Sammi, my friends, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a video I really want to share with you all! If you need more of a dance fix after reading her story, please visit us at Ballroom Dance Channel, or for lessons on the go, visit us in the ITunes App Store.

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

Hello Dancing With The Stars fans! I recently returned from the tour in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and I must say, it was truly one of the best shows I have seen in a long time!


My night began with my mom, sister and I being shown our VIP seats—which were front row center—we were INCHES from everyone! That in itself was worth the hours I spent in the office paying for my tickets! However, the night only got better!


Before the show began, we got to meet the sweet and talented Fabian Sanchez, whom I interviewed a couple of months ago for TV Grapevine. Since the interview, he and I became good friends, so we agreed to try and meet up. He came over to our table to chat with us a bit and then left to go get ready. However, he told us to meet him at intermission….which ended up being one of the most amazing moments of my sister’s life. But more on that later.


The show opened with a pre-show that featured local ballroom dancers who were competing for their own version of the mirrorball trophy and Samsung Touch phones. Seven couples danced the cha cha cha and I must admit, they were all very good. It was hard to tell who was going to move on to the next round. However, judge Kym Johnson decided couples 1,3,4,7 and 9 would stay. After they completed their jive, (To the song ‘That’s Not My Name’ by the Ting Tings) Kym eliminated three more couples, leaving only one and four to compete in the final round after intermission.


The celebrities and professionals were introduced, coming down the stairs just like they do on the show. (The pros who did not have celebrity partners walked down together in pairs) There were many familiar faces, including Edyta, Mark and Derek and some new ones, such as Genya and Alonia. The men were in tuxedos and the ladies wore beautiful black and white dresses with plenty of sparkles.

After everyone was introduced, they performed a beautiful foxtrot that ended with Lance taking the microphone and welcoming Pennsylvania to the show. He was sporting a Mohawk, which he pulled off surprisingly well. He compared the tour to the ones he did with NSYNC and mentioned how he loved being on the road again. Of course, he had to break out into ‘Bye, Bye, Bye,’ which made every girl of Generation Boy Band go crazy. (Myself included, I felt like I was a fifteen-year-old fan girl again.)


We were then treated to an encore of Maurice and Cheryl’s jive to ‘Rock Around The Clock,’ which was just as good, if not better than it was on TV. They joked about how he was a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and she was a two-time DWTS winner, yet they could not win together. Maurice quipped that they may have had a better chance is Cheryl would have let him add his own moves, which he then demonstrated. He called ‘The Mo Greene Groove’ which was a fun freestyle to Baby Got Back.


The pros, including Lacey, Mark, Edyta, Derek, Alec and some company dancers did a beautiful waltz that almost had me in tears. There is just something about the waltz that just moves me.


Marlee and Fabian reprised their quickstep, and watching them just blew me away. She is an inspiration to everyone—not to mention she is just about the sweetest woman ever. Their chemistry is amazing and you can just tell that they truly like each other and have fun together.

After their dance, we were introduced to her interpreter Jack Jason. Although we was there to translate, Marlee also spoke to the audience. She and Fabian (along with Jack) bantered back and forth about working together, how she can only hear on Tusedays, who can say Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania faster and how Fabian is like Ricky Ricardo. They were too cute to watch!


Following a jive number by the pros, Lance and Lacey redo their mambo. I’d forgotten about how much fun these two were. At one point, part of Lacey’s extensions fell out, but she went right on dancing, making a joke about it afterward.

At this point, Lance talks about his time on the show and makes a confession—he fell in love! Who is the lucky one you ask? None other than the funny and legendary Cloris Leachman! We are shown a montage of the two of them together to ‘God Must Have Spend A Little More Time On You.’ (Insert another fan girl squeal here. This was one of my favorites from their early days!) So what do we call this couple? Clonce? Laris?


The next segment was a medley of dances that are on the show, including the cha cha cha, samba, rumba and jive. The best part was when Mark took his shirt off and threw it in the audience! Seriously though, I liked seeing all the dances together. This show seems to be more about the pros rather than the celebrities. It’s nice though, because as much as I like the celebrities, I like to see the pros shine.

After the how to lesson, we were treated to bloopers on the show. There was a lot of falling, hitting, attempts to try and get moves right and of course a lot of laughter. I really wish these segments were showed on the results shows. If nothing else, it would ease the tension.

This next dance is probably one of my favorite of the night that the pros did. It was an airplane themed dance to the song “Come Fly With Me” by Frank Sinatra. Maks was the captain, the female pros were flight attendants and Genya was a passenger with a tabloid newspaper that revealed the Lance and Cloris love affair. It was just one of those feel good dances that just made me smile.

Marlee Matlin got her chance to shine in this number. She was dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and the male pros, including Fabian, Mark and Derek were dancing around her, trying to win her affections. The song, dance and story behind it really gave Marlee a chance to show off her dance skills and personality. Watching her is so inspirational.

After a couple more pro numbers, including a quickstep to ‘Dirty Boogie’ and a jive, Lance and the female pros dance. Well, more accurately, the ladies are dancing around Lance, who is sitting on a chair. I guess it is the male equivalent of Marlee’s dance. It’s fun to watch though and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Toni Braxton finally takes the stage. Instead of dancing, she dazzles us with her phenomenal singing her hit song ‘Unbreak My Heart’ which immediately brings me back to middle school (when the song came out) and every school dance where it played. She is ten times better in person than she is on the radio. She absolutely glows when she sings and it is obvious how much she loves it. She interacted with the audience as well, going over to people to shake hands, give hugs and kisses, etc. Then she goes back and begins singing the remix version of the song, where everyone comes out and freestyles. Marlee goes out in the audience to mingle. This ends act one and we get a twenty minute intermission before we get back to the show.


Remember how I mentioned before how Fabian wanted to see us at intermission? Well, there was a reason for that. For those of you who don’t know, my sister is studying to be a sign language interpreter. She loves Marlee Matlin so this show was a real treat for her. Fabian was kind enough to introduce us and let my sister, mom and I talk with her for a little while, take pictures and get some autographs. Marlee is incredibly sweet as well and very interested in my sister’s love for signing. Fabian also happily gave us autographs, took pictures and gave us hugs. Fabian and Marlee, if you are reading this THANK YOU SO MUCH, you truly made my sister happy!

The second act began with the finalists from the pre-show coming out to dance one last time. The first couple (4) did a cha cha cha and the second (7) did the jive. Both did very well, so it was hard to tell who was going to win. In a very close text vote (the audience was told to text after the dances) of 52% (couple one) to 48% (couple two) couple one was awarded the mirror ball trophy and two Samsung Touch phones. Congratulations!

The pros show off their paso doble and tango skills, with one dance going right into the next. Again, I am positively mesmerized by how well they dance and more importantly, how happy they look.

Lance and Lacey reprise their tango to ‘Disturbia’ by Rhianna and seeing it live was so much better than seeing it on TV. I loved it when they first performed it, but it is one of those dances you need to see live in order to truly appreciate how great Lacey’s choreography is. The girl is truly brilliant—she not only brings something fresh, but she makes you remember why you love watching dance in the first place.

After another fun Latin number by the pros, (where Derek came out still putting his belt on) Maks comes out to thank everyone for coming out to the show and talks about the experience. Someone in the audience screams how much he loves him, and he says although he loves her, he is taken and she is worth it. Awwww! (Congratulations to Maks and Karina on their engagement by the way!)

Maks, Fabian and Kym do a fun mambo routine that is basically they two guys fighting over Kym. It is really cute to watch and it is awesome to see the mambo king (Fabian) do his favorite dance.

The mambo action doesn’t stop there though. Maks and Kym leave and Marlee joins Fabian on the stage, where they do the routine they did together on the show. He is another one who knows how to choreograph and truly bring out the best in his partner. I loved to watch him and Marlee because they have amazing chemistry, great, precise footwork and just have fun. This is what makes them one of my favorite show pairings of all time.


Maurice and Cheryl take the stage again and perform their samba. Both of them look as if they are having the time of their lives. They did awesome on the show together, but this time they look very relaxed and like they are truly having fun. Sitting as close as I was, I can see why Cheryl won this show twice and always does so well with her partners. She somehow creates routines that play up her partners strengths, yet adds pizzazz to keep you watching.

The next routine was another pro freestyle routine, but this time they had a drummer on stage and they interacted with the audience. Derek ran out and randomly stole candy from someone and kindly shared it with Kym as he went back to continue dancing. He also ran in the audience to give out high fives. Maks stole some water from another table and Mark came out to our section and gave me a hug and kiss. I was completely caught off guard but of course I gave him hugs and kisses as well. I felt like a princess at that moment.

Maks and Genya also took their shirts off, which made the ladies in the audience go CRAZY. (Yes, they look even hotter in person!) Overall, the routine was awesome, but it was the audience interaction that truly made it special.


Toni came out once again to sing her hit song ‘Breathe Again’ which Alec and Edyta danced too. I swear, I don’t think there is any couple in the world that can do a rumba like these two. They have such incredible chemistry and always look so in love. Anyone that watches them can tell how much they truly love each other. They amaze me.

After they leave the stage, Toni goes around to shake hands with people (including myself and my sister) and goes to a couple asking them if the seven year itch is true or not. (it isn’t) She then tells the audience about her six-year-old son who has autism—and how he is now in school and speaking. I was choked up when she said this. How truly wonderful for the Braxton family!

After Toni’s performance, Mark, Derek and Lacey come out in masks and do a hip hop routine that has to be one of the best I have ever seen. It has freestyle, it has robotic moves, it has a little bit of everything in it! I absolutely loved it!

The final dance of the night was a jive and disco routine that had Queen’s ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ and ABBA’s Dancing Queen. It featured all of the dancers and was the perfect way to end such an incredible evening. I loved every minute of it.

So there you have it, the 2009 tour! Congratulations to all the dancers and celebrities for such a successful show and to Maks for putting it all together. I hope whoever else saw it enjoyed it as much as I did! Goodnight everybody!

Ballroom News and Notes, February 3rd

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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to another edition of Ballroom Dance Channel’s news and notes. As always, if there is something we should be covering but missed, please let us know in the comments. Most of our news this week is from the world of dance on television. This is the last week of the Dancing with the Stars tour, and the cast announcement is due to happen this Sunday, February 8th, during prime time programs Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters. I’m sure that our east coast friends will be helping out those of us on the west coast and filling us in as the announcements happen!

I’ll be speculating on the new season’s cast on the Barnaby and Friends radio program Thursday morning at 8:12 Grand Rapids time. Barnaby and his crew have been kind enough to invite me to come back next week to analyze our new competitors, and I’ll be on throughout the season as well. If you are local to Grand Rapids, Michigan, I hope you’ll tune in. For those of you who are not locals, you can stream the show live on your computer at this link: WLHT.com. This crew is a lot of fun, and I’m thrilled to be working with them again this season.

Just in case you haven’t heard, our two biggest things around the show this week are the “confirmation” by Ashton Kutcher that Lawrence Taylor will be on the show, and the successful knee surgery of the recently engaged Karina Smirnoff. E News had pieces on both items. Kutcher apparently outed LT as a contestant via his Twitter feed, but I have to wonder if we are being punked, or if perhaps Ashton himself could be appearing. Karina had surgery on her knee to fix a torn meniscus, and is expected to be recovered and ready to tutor her celebrity by February 10th.

Moving on to So You Think You Can Dance, I’m hearing that the talented Shane Sparks will be returning to the show in the upcoming season, both as a judge and choreographer. While this information has me really excited, I hope that doesn’t mean we won’t have the talented duo of Tabitha and Napoleon from last season. Each of them really brings something unique to the competition, and I hope that producer Nigel Hawthorne sees the strength and value in their differences.

Our final piece of news today concerns Ballroom Dance Channel. We are proud to announce that we have just released an “all access pass”, allowing you to learn from any of our instructors and choose any of our dances for just $9.95 per month. Simply click on the link in this paragraph to head straight to this valuable new tool! If you’d rather take your lessons on the go, please visit us at the ITunes App Store.

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

Our readers have had this scoop since Christmas!

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Hey Everyone,

Our readers know all about our mobile apps, but we thought you might want to read the official press release. We’ll see you tonight for coverage of the finale of Superstars of Dance, and throughout the week we will discuss what went wrong with this promising show.


Learn to Dance from Pros like Tony Dovolani with Lessons in the Palm of Your Hand

LOS ANGELES, January 26, 2009 – Ballroom Dance Channel, the premiere online and mobile destination for ballroom dancing lessons, announces today the world’s first mobile application that teaches users how to ballroom dance like the pros. Available now for download on the Apple iPhone, the ballroom dancing application features the industry’s biggest names from shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” teaching the basic steps of the most popular dances.

“We have seen an amazing resurgence in the popularity of ballroom dance, and wanted to take advantage of the unique platform that the iPhone provides to reach fans all over the world,” said Scott Flacks, COO Ballroom Dance Channel. “Building on the success of our Web site, we are excited to offer the world’s only ballroom dance mobile application. iPhone users can practice basic steps anytime, anywhere on their mobile phones for less than a dollar.”

The mobile application will teach users the beginning step for four of the most popular dances: the Rumba, Salsa, Waltz and Samba. The cost to download the first step is $.99 and users can download the entire lesson for $4.99 at the Web site, http://www.ballroomdancechannel.com. The mobile application features instruction from some of the hottest names in ballroom dance and television from “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” including Emmy nominated Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko teaching the Rumba, World Salsa champions Yesenia Adame and Paul Barris teaching the Salsa, Nick and Lena Kosovich teaching the Waltz and Snow Urbin and Artem Chigvintsev teaching the Samba.

“Dancing is my passion and through Ballroom Dance Channel I’ve been able to share that passion with the world,” said Tony Dovolani, Two-time Open Rhythm World Champion and “Dancing with the Stars” Pro. “There are so many people that want to learn to dance but might not have the time or money for professional lessons. With this iPhone application, anyone can learn the basic steps of some of the most popular dances with lessons right in the palm of their hands.”

Users can select from two different high-quality interactive video styles either dancing “with” a male or female partner or watching the steps and following along. The professional dancer will show the basic step for each dance with the full lesson available online. Additional lessons for new dances including Swing, Foxtrot, Bolero, Tango, Mambo and Cha-Cha will be available in the coming weeks. The application is available for download at the Ballroom Dance Channel iPhone App Store.

About Ballroom Dance Channel
Ballroom Dance Channel.com (BDC) is a groundbreaking online and mobile destination for anyone seeking to learn exciting ballroom dances. Veteran television executive and creator of the Food Network, Jack Clifford and “Dancing with the Stars,” Tony Dovolani have joined forces to bring intricate ballroom steps to the masses. BDC provides on-demand, step-by-step instructional video lessons for popular dances including the Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa, Tango, Waltz and more! Users have the ability to stream dance lessons taught by award-winning, professional dance instructors who have participated on several of the current dance television shows. BDC also provides the latest dance news and event information and gives users an opportunity to share their personal experiences and interact with famous dancers and instructors through the site’s online social networking feature, BDC Social.

We’re proud to announce the samba for IPhone!

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Hey everyone,

We are very happy to let you know that the samba has joined the lineup of dances for your Ipod touch/Iphone at the app store. Also available are the rumba, the waltz, and the salsa. With well known instructors like Paul Barris, Yesenia Adame, Tony Dovolani, Elena Grinenko, Snow Urbin, Artem Chigvintsev, and Nick Kosovich, combined with the ability to take your lessons on the go, you can’t go wrong! If you’re curious what your lesson will look like, just check out the video below!

Nick and Lena Kosovich Interview: Lenique on Vimeo

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In this exclusive interview with the Ballroom Dance Channel, Nick and Lena Kosovich discuss Lenique, their costume design company.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Nick and Lena Kosovich Interview: Len…", posted with vodpod

Have you seen the new waltz lesson in the Itunes app store? The rumba and salsa are available as well, and the samba is coming soon. No Ipod/IPhone? Just visit Ballroom Dance Channel for your chance to learn from Nick, Lena, Tony Dovolani, Elena Grinenko, Paul Barris, and Yesenia Adame!

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

Behind the scenes photos-Rumba

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Hey Everyone,

Hopefully you have had a chance to try the rumba by now, either in the Itunes or at Ballroom Dance Channel. We thought you might enjoy a look at some behind the scenes photos of Tony and Elena as they filmed the lesson for this intimate dance!

Remember that the waltz and salsa are also available in the app store and at Ballroom Dance Channel online. The Ballroom Dance Channel was designed with you in mind, so take a chance and learn to dance from quality instructors like Tony Dovolani, Elena Grinenko, Nick Kosovich, Yesenia Adame, and Paul Barris.

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

Who will win Superstars of Dance?

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Please take a minute to take our poll and tell us what you think!

To get your dance fix, why not try the rumba, salsa, or waltz for your IPod touch or IPhone? Don’t have one of those devices yet? That’s okay, you have even more choices at our main website!

Keep Dancing,
Ballroom Dance Channel

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