So You Think You Can Dance 5-WriterMarie426’s Recap

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Hey Everyone,

WriterMarie426 is back in action tonight with a recap for SYTYCD’s Top 20 reveal. Enjoy!

Good evening everyone, this is WriterMarie426, and it’s great to be back tonight to recap Vegas Week – Part 2. Thank you to Tink for taking care of this for me last night as I recover from my minor surgery.

After taking 172 contestants down to only 32, we are back at Planet Hollywood to find out who made the Top 20. There are 16 men and 16 women left at this point, and the judges must cut 6 from each group to reach our Top 20. Once again the panel making these decisions consists of Nigel, Mary, Mia, Lil C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen.

Our 32 dancers sit backstage in the holding room as they wait to be called to the stage one by one. The first dancer to take that long walk over to the judges is Janette. She’s had a rough 2 weeks before coming to Las Vegas. She was in a car accident, and her boyfriend of 4 years broke up with her. Janette’s luck is changing for the better though…because the judges tell her she is in the Top 20!

Next to the stage is Diana, who has her lucky monkey waiting for her in the holding room. The judges tell her she is not moving on, but she has really improved and they would like to see her back next season.

Our first guy to walk out to the judges is Vittolio, who is originally from Haiti. He is told that he should bring more of his personality out…but he is in the Top 20!

For the next 30 minutes, the judges cut dancer after dancer. Then comes Kayla, who is supported by her grandparents in her dancing. She is told that she has moved every single one of the judges, and she’s in the Top 20!

After Kuponoh’i shows us his to do list for the day, he comes out to the stage. The judges appreciate that he has cut his hair and has improved so much since they saw him in Seattle. Kupo is in the Top 20…and he checks that accomplishment off his list.

We are shown that 5 more dancers have made it to the Top 20: Paris, Jeanine, Ade, Karla, and Jonathan.

Brandon walks out to the judges next. Mia tells him she is annoyed by him and doesn’t like his attitude. Debbie loves to watch him soar. Lil C is not impressed, and Mary is sick of listening to Brandon being torn down because he’s a wonderful dancer. 4 out of the 6 judges are for Brandon, so he is in the Top 20.

Tony waits backstage, thinking about his brother who is fighting in Afghanistan. When he comes out and finds that he has made the Top 20, he says his brother would be very proud of him.

We find out about 4 more dancers that have made it: Maksim, Caitlyn, Melissa, and Jason.

Next up is Ashley, who is audtioning for the 4th time for this show. The judges say she has emerged and become a fighter…and she’s in the Top 20!

Randi comes to the stage, and she is so nervous that she can hardly speak. The judges say she is uncertain but the power is there…so they are moving her into the Top 20. She is so thankful to all of them!

Alex, who is a member of the Miami Ballet Company, comes to see the judges. Nigel wanted to see if Alex could be let out of his contract with the Ballet, but they said no…so Alex cannot be on SYTYCD this season. He is crushed; he really wants to express himself with different styles of dance besides ballet. Nigel tells him to please come back after his contract is up.

Next is Phillip, who was sick last season and couldn’t perform in Vegas. The judges tell him he is in the Top 20!

We are down to 4 people in the holding room…2 girls and 2 guys. There is only one spot left for female dancers and one left for males. The judges have Deanna and Asuka come to the stage together, and they walk out holding hands to support each other. Asuka is the one who makes it into the Top 20.

Finally we are down to brothers Ryan and Evan. They also walk out to the judges together, and Evan is told that he is in the Top 20. Ryan says he is there to support his brother no matter what.

Tune in next week when the Top 20 dance for America’s votes. Good night everybody!

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SYTYCD: Welcome to the top TWENTY! Sammi T’s recap

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance: The Top Twenty Revealed! Tonight twenty dancers will have their dreams come true as they get the chance to compete for a monetary prize and the title of America’s Favorite Dancer.

Nigel, Mary, Lil’ C., Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels and Debbie Allen are the judges to make the final decision.

The first dancer to be told she is in the top twenty is Janette, the dancer from Miami. She says this is the good news she needed after a string of bad luck.

Diana Barden, who brought her stuffed monkey for luck, finds out that she is not in the top twenty, but is told to improve and come back next year.

Vitolio is also on his way to the top twenty, although he is told to bring out more of his personality. He tearfully shares his news with people backstage.

After a montage of people being rejected and getting hugs and kisses backstage from Cat and other dancers, Kayla (the girl who came with her grandparents) finds out that she is in the top twenty, after getting a beautiful speech from Mia. I think she is this season’s Courtney.

Kupono is also in the top twenty, along with Paris, Jeanine, Ada, Karla and Jonathan.

Brandon is told he is fabulous by Mary (although Lil’ C. and Mia disagree) and that he is going into the top twenty.

Tony, who has a brother in Afghanistan fighting for our country, (which I thank him for) is also in the top twenty, although Nigel wants to see more from him.

Maksim is also in the top twenty, along with Caitlyn, Melissa, Jason and Ashley.

Randi is in the top twenty as well, but Alex is cut due to his contract with the Miami Ballet Company. (Although he is told to come back when his contract expires.)

After more dancers are cut (this always kills me to see them cry, I feel so bad and could only imagine how hard they all worked.)

The next dancer to be told he will be in the top twenty is Phillip, who is shocked by how far he has come.

The last two girls standing are Deanna and Asuka. Debbie informs Asuka that she is in the top twenty, which means Deanna will be going home.

The last two dancers standing are brothers Ryan and Evan. Nigel says that it is Ryan’s choreography that got Evan into the top twenty. Nigel tells Ryan to come back next year. I was really hoping they would just make a top twenty-one because I loved them both, but it is what it is.

Congratulations to the top twenty! Goodnight America!

So You Think You Can Dance 5-Vegas Week Night One-Tinkcrzy1972

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Hey Everyone,

Thankfully, the nasty weather has cleared out and I’m able to live blog SYTYCD’s Vegas Callbacks, night 1 for you! We have 172 contestants battling it out for only 20 slots, and it will be the best 10 of each gender that survive. This is going to be BRUTAL! Let’s get started, shall we?

In the first segment, we have Nigel, Mary, Mia, Lil C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen. Our first dancer tonight is Alex Wong, from Miami, FL. The hardest part of this show for me is remembering if they are doing something differently than they have in previous seasons. In this case, I don’t remember seeing solos before we saw group choreography last time, but I don’t know if it is new or not. We end up losing 45 dancers just after the solos!

Tabitha and Napoleon are choreographing and teaching the first routine, a hip hop. All told, we lose 37 more dancers in the hip hop round! We’re down to just 97, and only through one round of choreography! I told you Vegas was brutal.

Day 2 dawns with ballroom! Whoo hoo, I’m a happy girl. Choreography for the ballroom round is by Jean Marc Genereux, a waltz. 16 more dancers are victims of the waltz….

Next up is jazz, choreographed by Sonya. Unbelievably, we lose Natalie in this round. For those of you that don’t remember, Natalie and Katee from last season were the last two for the top 10 ladies, and they chose Katee. I’m heartbroken, but my only consolation is that maybe we’ll see her for the fall season, and she will learn and grow in this time. For now, we still have Brandon, who was with Natalie at the Denver auditions. One thing I don’t understand is how, if Sonya was so happy with them while they were learning this same routine, how the judges could be so unimpressed with Natalie as to cut her, and so unhappy with Brandon that they singled him out to tell him they expected more? At what point is the choreographer letting the dancers down? I ask this because I usually end up asking this same question several times throughout the season. We always end up losing people, or hearing that the judges didn’t like this or that routine, when the dancers don’t get to choreograph for themselves.

This is a twist…remember Gabi, our very first audition? She’s made it through so far, but with a lot of faltering. They have asked her to dance for her life at this stage to decide if she should stay. To continue, she will need at least 3 of 6 judges to agree to keep her. They are unanimous in their decision to keep her, but she HAS to be able to pick up more choreography, Nigel tells her. She’s on her last chance now, and I hope she makes the most of it, because she is AMAZING in her solos. I’ve never seen anything like what she can do.

Well, the poor dancers thought they were done for the night after the jazz round, but instead, they get to stay up all night and work on a group routine, to be danced tomorrow morning for the judges. This is going to get UGLY, mark my words. There were only a couple of really stand out groups, but for the most part, the routines we saw were lackluster. I guess this is where you find out who really has the stuff it takes.

Oh boy, Mia is choreographing the contemporary piece, and she’s been more than a bit contentious so far tonight. That was brutal for me, we’re getting down to people I really love. 54 are left, and we have to somehow get to 20. Sometimes I hate this show!

Tyce is doing the choreography for Broadway, which has been split into a men’s piece and a women’s piece. The ladies are up first, and West Side Story is what both groups are working from. By the time they are done with the ladies, we are down to just 16 of them. Of those 16, we still have to lose 6! One of the ladies we lost, I think it was a real mistake by the judges. The tap artist, she deserved to stay. She says she won’t be back again, but I pray she changes her mind!

The afternoon is all about the boys, again with Tyce doing the choreography. This is even harder, because all of the guys I had been rooting for out of this last group made it, and I know that some are going to get cut. Join us tomorrow when we’ll learn right along with you who made our top 20, and which ones get the cruelest cut of all!

So You Think You Can Dance 5: Miami and Memphis Auditions by WriterMarie 426

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Hey Everyone,

Marie has written us another fabulous audition recap tonight, enjoy!

Good evening everyone, and welcome to the second night of auditions for So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5. Tonight’s audition cities are Southern style…Miami and Memphis.

Our judges for the Miami auditions are Nigel, Mary, and Tyce, who was a contestant in Season 3. First up on Day 1 is Tony, who calls his rubber band type movements “Tony style”. He says that anything goes in dancing. He does his routine to “Footloose”, with a lot of sliding on the floor and a cartwheel, which he falls on. Tyce looks bored throughout the routine. Nigel says the only compliment he can give is that when Tony fell, he picked himself up and kept on making a fool of himself. Mary thinks he just looks like a goofy guy. Tyce says it’s quirky, but in a bad way. Tony is not moving on to the next round.

Our next dancer is Priscilla, who’s been dancing since she was 3 but had to deal with an injury at 15. She does a modern ballet number that is meant to celebrate life. Nigel likes it, saying that she proved she is a dancer. Mary says she was over the top wonderful and captivating. Tyce calls her stunningly beautiful, and says watching her makes him happy to be a dancer. Priscilla is going to Vegas!

Tony, who was having trouble breathing after his routine, is now able to leave after being fed a banana and some water.

Janette and Romulo are next. She made it almost to the end last season, but he did not make it. They both came back this season to audition again. They have a great ballroom style, filled with lots of tricks. Nigel says he’s been waiting for some spicy salsa in Miami…and he finally got it. Mary calls them sexy and strong, giving one of her famous screams. Tyce believes they are both amazing. Both Janette and Romulo are going to Vegas!

We now have a set of twins named Jennifer and Jessica, who have created their own style of hip-hop. During their routine, Mary gets nervous when one sister almost kicks the other in the head. Nigel calls it a nightmare. The girls tell him they made up their routine in one day…he says, “That long?” Mary says she’s finally seen something she’s never seen before. Tyce thinks it was fun but tragic. Neither twin is going on to the next round.

The afternoon drags with one bad dancer after another. Tyce reaches his breaking point, and starts being brutally honest with all of the contestants.

After this we see Joseph, who says he needs to go with the flow. He does a wonderful modern/hip-hop number. Nigel loves his humor and footwork. Mary calls him a great entertainer. Tyce says the comedy is good, but he is only half impressed. Joseph is sent to the choreography round.

Lauren choreographs for the group round once again, and Joseph makes it through to Vegas!

On Day 2 in Miami, we start with a lady named Wislande, who feels like she swallowed a bunch of butterflies. She winds up performing a very strange routine. Mary says she was not exactly sure what Wislande was doing up there. Nigel does not see any personality, likening her dancing to that of a little girl just starting out. Tyce says he was shocked and it was not good. Wislande is not moving on to the next round. She calls it a reality check.

We now see a whole group of bad dancers who get their own reality checks. All of the judges have now gone over to the brutally honest side.

Thankfully Erik is next, and his nickname is “Silky”. He says he is bringing tap back. He does his tap/hip-hop routine to “Thriller”, throwing in some Michael Jackson moves. Nigel says he just cleaned up and it was a great performance. Mary loves him, saying she didn’t want it to end. Tyce calls him totally inspiring and likes that he came prepared. Erik is going to Vegas!

Now we meet Paris, who is a former Miss Washington. She knows she really has to bring it. Her routine is ballet with a modern twist. Nigel says it kept him interested and she was fabulous. Mary praises her beautiful lines and great personality. Tyce really likes her, but tells her not to focus too much on her feet, and focus more on her personality. Paris is going to Vegas!

After we see clips from a few great contemporary auditions, we see Geo, who performs an African dance. He scares Mary when he almost jumps onto the judges’ table. Mary calls it entertaining. Tyce says he was scared, but Geo did a good job. Nigel says he is good but needs choreography. Geo is sent to the choreography round.

Finally we meet Talia, who got married when she was 18, but tragically lost her husband when he died in a motorcycle accident. Her dancing gives her a little joy, and helps her take a step forward. She realizes that no one can take life for granted. She does a great hip-hop/jazz routine. Nigel says there was not enough there and she should watch her lips. Mary calls her fiery and sees potential. Tyce says she was one with the music and there is definitely something there. Talia is sent to the choreography round.

In the choreography round, several dancers make it to Vegas, including Geo and Talia.

Our next set of auditions is in Memphis, and our judges are Nigel, Mary, and Lil C from Season 2. Our first dancer is a police officer named Marico, who performs a style called Memphis juking, which consists of rhythmic bounces and steps. Nigel really enjoys it. Lil C is impressed and calls it fundamentally sound. Mary likes the humor and says it’s a great performance. Marico is going to Vegas!

The second dancer up is Dustin, whose mom was a police officer. He also says his cousin is Howie D from the Backstreet Boys. His routine is funny but sloppy. Nigel calls him delusional if he thinks that was hip-hop. Mary says he has a strong body, but his moves are too feminine. Lil C says it was not good, but Dustin might want to consider tricking, which is a combination of fusion and martial arts. Dustin is not moving on to the next round.

Chris is next with a style he calls electric. He calls it performance art, but it looks mostly like a lot of jumping around. Nigel says it looks like Chris is having his own rave party, but it didn’t really show anything. Mary calls it fun, but also thinks it was too much jumping around. Lil C is ready to speak, but Chris doesn’t even want to hear it, because he says the judges are too critical. He walks off the stage.

We see a funny tutorial on The Guide to a Good Audition, which most of the contestants do not follow. They should start with their best moves, come dressed to impress, connect with the judges, and follow directions. We see quite a few people who do not follow this advice.

Next we see Caitlin, whose sister Megan auditioned in Miami and made it to Vegas. She has a gymnastic background but has only been dancing for 5 years. She has also been through hip reconstruction. She performs a beautiful modern ballet routine. Nigel praises her feet and great control. Mary says this is her destiny. Lil C calls her beautiful and captivating. Caitlin is going to join her sister in Vegas!

We see the choreography round, but none of our featured performers are in it. Some dancers do move on to Vegas.

Day 2 in Memphis begins with Anna, whose father committed suicide last year. Dancing is her outlet and her way of expressing herself. She does a very nice modern routine. Nigel says she is a lovely dancer, but she needs to calm the choreography down a bit. Mary says she is a diamond in the rough, but there was too much head bobbing going on. Lil C tells Anna that his father also committed suicide so he knows where she’s coming from, and that she needs to connect with her pain. Anna is sent to the choreography round.

Next up is Travis. His dad is a football coach, but he totally supports Travis in his dancing…he wants him to do what he loves. Travis performs an expressive contemporary number. Nigel says he could be a great dancer but he needs to strengthen his body. Mary believes he’ll have a great future if he can get stronger. Lil C agrees, saying he has great technique and is graceful for his height. Travis is sent to the choreograhoy round.

We meet Ryan and Evan, who are brothers. Evan made the top 40 last season but then was cut. Ryan choreographs for Evan and himself. We see Evan first, doing a classic jazz routine. Nigel says it’s a beautifully constructed routine, and Evan is superb. Mary calls him fabulous and is glad he’s back. Lil C says he is amazing. Evan is going to Vegas!

Before we watch Ryan, we see another set of twins…Lauren and Lydia. They do everything in unison, even talking. They perform a nice contemporary routine. Nigel says that Lydia shows the extremes, while Lauren embodies the performance. Mary calls them solid and adorable. Lil C says they both delivered the routine differently. Both girls are going to the choreography round.

Now we get to watch Ryan. He does a funny tap routine, using a whoopie cushion as a prop. Nigel calls it a terrific performance. Mary says it was clever and fun. Lil C loves the use of the prop. Ryan is also going to Vegas!

Finally we see the choreograohy round, and all four of our featured performers are going to Vegas: Anna, Travis, Lydia, and Lauren.

Tune in tomorrow night for the final two audition cities…Los Angeles and Seattle. Good night until tomorrow!

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