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Yesenia Adame and Paul Barris copyright Ballroom Dance Channel

Yesenia Adame and Paul Barris copyright Ballroom Dance Channel

Ballroom Dance Channel is proud to bring you an exclusive interview today with Yesenia Adame, one of our instructors here at BDC. Yesenia teaches salsa for us, and is becoming quite a star in her own right. She partners professionally and in our online and mobile lessons with Paul Barris.

BDC: How did you get involved in dancing?

Yesenia: I was always a very active kid. Whether I was dancing around or playing a sport, I just couldn’t sit still. My Mother was the vice principal of the L.A. county High School for the Arts and I would attend the Graduations every year at the Dorothy Chandler. Every time I would watch the Dance department perform I would say “when I’m old enough to be in High School I want to go there and do that.” So sure enough I auditioned and I did! So compared to most dancers who start at the age of 5 or so, I kinda had a late start starting at the age of 13.

BDC: Has it always been salsa dancing for you, or were there other disciplines you studied as well?

Yesenia: At the H.S of Performing Arts I learned Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, & Contact. I always had a passion for Salsa but didn’t really focus on it till my last year of High School. Once I began training in it though it quickly became my FAVORITE!

BDC: How old were you when you began training in salsa dancing?

Yesenia: I must have been around 17.

BDC: What projects are you working on right now? What have you just completed?

Yesenia: I just finished working on “Angels & Demons” (sequel to the “Da Vinci Code) & an action film called “1,000 Bullets”. I played the role of the reporter in “Angels & Demons” & the leading lady in “1,000 Bullets”. Previously I hosted “Wild on” for the E! Channel where I got to travel to many beautiful locations around the world!

Currently I am shooting a new Salsa show that Mario Lopez is Directing and starring in! It’s an awesome and very ideal show for me because I get to do what I love. SALSA DANCE & show America what I’m about! So the show’s main focus is the salsa world but it also introduces the lives and characters on the show. It’s a great cast and you will be able to see it soon on the Lifetime network.

BDC: Tell us a little about your life growing up.

Yesenia: What I didn’t mention earlier was that I started Gymnastics at the age of 9. So I would go to school then rush over to gymnastics 3 1/2 hrs a day, 6 days a week. I took gymnastics very seriously and quickly became a competitive gymnast. I feel that it helped me out in dance a lot because it gave me strength, flexibility, and Coordination. So I incorporated it a lot into my dance. Particularly salsa! However dance muscles are WAY different than gymnastics muscles. So I had to completely re-learn how to use my muscles in a different way. Wasn’t easy!

BDC: How did you and Paul meet and become partners?

Yesenia: We shared mutual friends. He needed a partner for a show one day so I agreed to do it with him. Then we both thought to ourselves “Hey, we go well together! Let’s make this a partnership.” So we did.

BDC: What is the best thing about your partnership with Paul?

Yesenia: Aside from him being a total package dance partner (meaning he was undoubtedly very talented, tall, handsome, etc,) he also became a good friend.

BDC: What is your favorite thing about dance?

Yesenia: It’s a form of expression that I feel blessed to be able to do! The feeling varies from person to person and it means something a little different to each person and I think that is beautiful. For me it changes all the time. I go through different phases and emotions with it. it grows and changes as I grow and change. So to put it in words is so hard. But I can definitely say that it’s fun and good for you!!! And I hope to do it till I’m old and gray. (Socially at least)

BDC: Describe what it felt like to win your championship.

Yesenia: It’s what your train your butt off for! It feels incredibly rewarding!

BDC: Do you have any advice for a beginning student?

Yesenia: It’s not a piece of cake in the beginning, but if you have a love for it, oh boy is it fun! You just have to stay focused and try your best. Don’t let other more advanced people put you down because you too can be just as good one day. They had to start off at the same place too.

BDC: What kind of music do you enjoy in your down time?

Yesenia: I like to listen to just about everything. My favorites are Salsa,
(surprise, surprise!) rock, r&b… I’m very open when it comes to music. If it has a good beat, I like it!

BDC: What are your hobbies away from the dance floor?
Yesenia: I strongly pursue acting and hosting. It’s work but still enjoyable enough to call a hobby in my opinion. I also love beach Volleyball!

BDC Social would like to thank Yesenia for taking time out of her hectic schedule to talk to us today. We hope you have enjoyed this interview. Be sure to check back frequently, because you never know who we will interview next! Remember, you can find the lovely Yesenia, along with her handsome partner Paul, both in our FIRST I Tunes app and in our online salsa lessons.

Keep Dancing!
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