So You Think You Can Dance 5: New York and Denver auditions

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Hey Everyone,

WriterMarie426 has been kind enough to write us an awesome recap for the first auditions for SYTYCD Season 5. Enjoy!

Hello dance fans, and welcome to the first audition show for Season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s see who has the personality, charisma, and talent to go on to Las Vegas!

Our first audition city is New York…Brooklyn to be exact. We see footage of Cat dancing with people waiting in the audition line, plus various moves from other dancers who are waiting for their turn to impress the judges. We find out that our judges for New York are Nigel, Mary, Tabitha and Napoleon.

We start Day 1 with Gabi, who was raised in a circus family and is inspired by her mom to be the best she can be, even though she has very painful Rheumatoid Arthritis. She does a beautiful modern routine, receiving a standing ovation from those in the audience. Nigel says it was one of the best auditions he’s ever seen, and he’d be surprised if she didn’t make it into the Top 20. Mary screams and tells her she loved it. Tabitha likens her to a bird, and says Gabi made their day. Gabi is going to Vegas!

Next we see a pair of friends who call themselves Storyboard and Hobgoblin. They call their style mutation and joint tortionism. They perform with a deathly green painted on their faces, shocking the judges with their unusual and double-jointed moves, finishing their routine on top of the judges’ table. Nigel calls it weird and says they would be perfect for “Dawn of the Dead – The Musical” if it ever came about. Mary says it was crazy and interesting. Napoleon thinks it was cool, and Tabitha calls it off the wall. The judges decide to send the two of them on to the choreography round later in the day.

Our next performance is by a girl who goes by the name Crazy Kate. She has her own very unique style of ballroom. The judges decide she is not good enough to move on.

Peter performs after Kate; he is from a large Italian family and was raised in Philadelphia. He does a sensational tap routine for the judges. Nigel likens him to a tap dancing boxer. Mary says she really enjoyed it. Tabitha states that she is looking forward to much more from him. Peter is going to Vegas!

After Peter we meet Tiffany, who was born with severe spinal problems which have stunted her growth and coordination. She only has three vertebrae in her spine instead of seven. The doctors thought she would die as a baby, but she is now 23 years old. She tells us how much it hurts when people laugh at her, and that she loves to prove everyone wrong when she’s told she can’t do something. She credits her mom with helping her become a fighter. She is absolutely beautiful when she dances. Nigel states that it’s not easy to critique her because of her situation, but he must point out that she has some trouble straightening her legs. He does say that her arms are lovely, and her bravery is stunning…people at home who sit on their butts and think they can’t do something should be inspired by her. Mary calls her a beautiful inspiration. The judges decide that although they love her, she is not right for this competition. Tiffany says she didn’t really expect to go to Vegas, but she came to audition mainly to make a point.

We see Maksim next, who borrows one of the SYTYCD past contestants to perform the Cha-Cha with him. Together they do a strong Cha-Cha. Nigel likes that there is no falseness in his face while he dances, saying he is first class. Mary tells him he has a really strong presence. The other two judges agree, and they send Maksim to the choreography round.

At this point we see various clips of other dancers’ auditions…some good and some not so good.

After these auditions we come to Nobuya, who calls his style funk jazz. He does a wonderful pop and lock routine. Nigel says he is good, but speeds through the popping and locking too much. Mary likes the comedy and says it was very entertaining. Napoleon and Tabitha say he did a great job, but they would like to see him do other styles. They send Nobuya to the choreography round.

The choreography for this next round is done by Lauren, who was on the show in Season 3. The dancers have 30 minutes to learn it before dancing in front of the judges again. Storyboard and Hobgoblin leave during this rehearsal, saying it was more than they bargained for and thanking everyone at the audition for the experience. The other dancers all perform together, and Maksim and Nobuya are among those who move on to Vegas.

We start Day 2 in New York with Arielle, who tried out in Season 3. She made it to Vegas, but she knows she wasn’t really ready yet and comes back to try again now. She performs a very expressive dance with great turns. Nigel says that she definitely learned from her last time there and that she’s terrific. Mary calls her a stunning, beautiful dancer. Tabitha and Napoleon commend her for not giving up and coming back to follow her dream. Arielle is going to Vegas!

Next we see Thomas, who has a partner help him perform the Bolero. The routine is very unusual, and the judges cannot help but laugh through the performance. Nigel is speechless, and Mary calls it novice level dancing. Thomas will not be moving on in the competition. After he is done, the day just falls apart from there.

Finally there’s a bright spot. Nina and Igor audition together, performing the Cha-Cha. They have great moves and spins. Nigel says they are a fabulous couple. Mary is amazed at the length and speed of their spin. Tabitha and Napoleon praise their control. The judges send them to the choreography round.

Our next dancer is Kellen, who performs a very moving routine with an umbrella. He says the umbrella represents his aunt, who had just recently passed away and always supported his dancing. This was his way of showing that she is still watching over him. All of the judges are very moved by his performance and say it was so good because you could tell that it really meant something to him. Kellen is going to Vegas!

Lastly, we see Chimezie, who does a car in traffic type routine. Nigel likes the fun choreography, and Mary says it was very entertaining. Tabitha and Napoleon like the performance but there wasn’t enough in the choreography for them. They send Chimezie to the choreography round.

Lauren choreographs again for the dancers. Chemezie and Igor move on to Vegas, but Igor’s partner Nina does not.

Our second audition city is Denver. Our judges here are Nigel, Mary, and Sonya…who was also a previous SYTYCD contestant.

First up is Kayla, who lives with her mom and grandparents because her dad left when she was young. Her grandparents are big supporters of her dancing dreams, and work extra jobs just so Kayla can keep up with her training. She performs a beautiful routine to “Blackbird”. Nigel says she brought it, and praises her great angles. Mary agrees with Nigel, and Sonya calls her smokin’ hot and inspirational. Kayla is going to Vegas, and her grandparents are overjoyed!

We see a lot of clips from the day’s auditions now, and most of them are so good that Sonya can hardly contain her excitement.

Up next are Misha and Mitchel, who are performing same-sex ballroom. It is definitely different to watch, but they also have a problem with a spin and wind up falling. Nigel likens the routine to watching Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory”. He doesn’t like them together, but he says that separately they are both good and strong. Mary says she was confused because they kept switching roles throughout the dance. Sonya is also confused, but thinks it was amazing. The judges send both of them to the choreography round.

In the choreography round, some of the dancers for the day make it to Vegas, but Misha and Mitchel are not among them.

Day 2 in Denver starts off with Allison, who does a Star Wars routine with light sabers, but is dressed as a lion. Mary says she did not see any actual dancing in the routine. Sonya cannot believe that Allison is serious. Nigel tells her that if she really dreams of being a dancer, she has a long journey ahead of her. Allison is not moving on to the next round.

After Allison, we are shown more strange audition footage from the day in Denver.

Our next dancer is Elias, who performs with his brother Enoch. Enoch is only 16 and therefore cannot audition himself yet. They grew up the two youngest of 14 kids, and the family was all about swimming and dancing. They perform an intersting pop and lock routine. Nigel calls it extremely entertaining. Mary likes the fun and charisma. Sonya says she could see them in dance commercials. Elias is sent to the coreography round.

Now we see Natalie, who auditioned last season with her roommate Katie. It came down to her and Katie for the final spot, and Katie was chosen. Natalie says that what happened last season motivated her to try harder, so she performs for the judges again now. Sonya is overwhelmed with emotion, saying that Natalie did everything right…she is so sincere that Sonya got chills. Mary is proud of her, praising her realness and connection. Nigel says she was superb and it’s an honor to watch her dance. Natalie is going to Vegas!

Brandon is our last dancer today. He also auditioned last season, and it came down to him and another guy. The other dancer was chosen, and Brandon bonded with Natalie because of their similiar experiences. At the end of Brandon’s routine, Mary is crying, saying he can touch millions of people with just a few moves. Sonya calls him wonderful, and Nigel likes his growth since last year. Brandon is also going to Vegas!

In the choreography round, Elias is told that he will not be moving on, but that he should get more training so he can come back and audition for them again in the future.

Next week, the judges travel to Miami and Memphis. I wonder what’s in store for the there? Good night everyone!


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