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Hello there everyone, and welcome to the second part of Vegas Week on So You Think You Can Dance. After the first 3 rounds, we have 77 dancers left who are hoping to make it into the Top 20. Tonight’s show begins on the evening of Day 2, when the dancers are put through the paces by LaurieAnn Gibson. Her Jazz routine is incredibly difficult, and she is brutal with everyone. Most of the dancers are scared throughout this round. As the groups start performing for the judges, married couple Matthew and Karen are wondering if they will both make it through. Karen’s group is first, and the judges love her. She is sent to the next round. Matthew does not make it through in his group. Karen is quite upset, but Matthew tells her everything happens for a reason and he is there for her all the way. The Jazz round is rough for almost everyone and does not go as well as the judges had hoped. Nigel is beside himself, wondering what went so wrong! 6 more dancers are cut by 7 PM, including Iveta and Willem. Molly and Russell are in the next group, and the judges are extremely impressed with Russell. They find out he has had no formal dance training, but picks up other styles very well. Molly hurts her foot during the routine and even though she tries to get by with icing it, she winds up having to be taken to the hospital. By 9 PM, there are 69 dancers remaining in the competition. They are split into groups, who will pull a style from a hat and have to come up with their own routines. The stress is getting to all of the dancers, and the nerves are showing. Russell’s group is first with Broadway. They come up with a very theatrical, inventive number, and the judges put all of them through. Several others aren’t so lucky and don’t make the cut. Molly’s group has a unique challenge: They must come up with their routine while she is in the hospital, and don’t know if she will be cleared to dance. The choreography they invent must work with either 4 or 5 dancers, depending on Molly’s condition. She comes back with a bad sprain but is given the OK to dance, so everything must be re-worked to fit with her situation. They are quite clever choreographing around the injury, but Molly hates that she has to use a chair for part of the routine. The judges thought that they all hid behind the choreography and didn’t do enough dancing, but because of the situation all of them are sent through to the next round. It is now Noon on Day 3, and the dancers are learning a Contemporary routine from Mia Michaels. They are even more scared of Mia than LaurieAnn because they know how intense and brutally honest she is. Surprisingly, Mia has decided to approach things a little differently, and she goes through a calming exercise with the group. There is a lot more hugging from Mia this season too! The Contemporary round is going much better than the Jazz round. Kevin’s group really shines, and the judges think he is brilliant. When Legacy’s group dances, he winds up breaking down and crying at the end. Mia asks him why…he says he is so moved by doing her choreography and she has made him a better dancer. The judges agree with him and he moves on to the next round. Before the final choreography round, 11 more dancers are cut. The dancers that are left are feeling just like Legacy, and agree that this is a life-changing experience. The last choreography round is Broadway with Tyce Diorio. It is a physically demanding routine, and the dancers will need all the stamina they can muster to make it through. The dancers are split into guys and girls, and then further split into groups of 3. Another married couple, Ashleigh and Ryan, are both hoping to move on together. The girls perform first, and the judges believe Ashleigh is the dancer who has grown the most throughout this whole process. She moves on. Pauline, who almost made the Top 20 last season, hurts her ankle during rehearsal. The girls who make the cut spend some time chilling at the pool while the guys do their thing. Ryan is in the first group of guys, dancing Tyce’s hot choreography to Billy Joel. The female judges are all swooning…and all of the judges agree that his dancing is superb and send him on to the next round. Dominic, who we last saw in Season 4, is cut. The judges want him to learn how to perform in the moment and not just think about the end result. 38 dancers are left as we move to the final solo round. Pauline still doesn’t know what her fate is, due to her ankle injury. Billy performs a solo that moves Adam to tears. (How could you not love Adam…seriously!) Adam is completely overwhelmed by the emotional, brilliant solo. All of the dancers perform their solos, but we don’t learn any decisions from the judges yet. We will have to tune in next week to find out who makes the Top 20. Will your favorites make it to Hollywood? Until next week…good night everybody, and keep on dancing!!!


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