SYTYCD Vegas Week Part 1 by Marie

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Hello my fellow dance fans, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Vegas Week!  Tonight we will see how the first two days go for our 152 hopefuls.  Our judges for this week are Nigel, Mary, Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen, and Adam Shankman.

We begin the first day with solos, starting with Nathan Trasoras.  He auditioned last season, but was only 17 so could not move on at the time.  However, Nigel gave him a ticket to Vegas good for this season, so he is here to show what he can do now and how he has improved since that audition.  Nathan gives us a powerful performance, and the control in his spins is just incredible.

Next we see Ellenore Scott, who is very confident and looking forward to performing for America.  Her routine is fun and quirky at times, with some robotic ballet moving into full on ballet. She is both precise and clever, and the judges are quite impressed.

After 8 more dancers perform their solos, the judges bring out all 10 to line up for them.  Chance and Paige are cut, but the other 8 all make it through to the next round.  This pattern continues until all of the solos have been performed.

Shelby Skipper, also known as Skip, wows the judges and makes it through.  Allison Becker, our hearing impaired dancer, will not be moving on, and neither will Thomas Hamilton, who gave a good performance but just not enough for the judges.  Jacob Jason and Willem deVries, our same sex ballroom couple, dance together.  The judges love Willem so he is moving on, but Jacob is cut.

After the solo round, 41 dancers have been sent home.  The 111 remaining dancers are brought out on stage to be told that they now will being doing a Hip-Hop routine, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon.  Many of the dancers struggle with this genre, including Teddy and Gene.  They both do well and make it through this round, but 21 more dancers are cut.  Ryan Kasprzak has the judges split 3-3…since it’s a tie he gets to move on to the next round.  Ryan is relieved that he gets another shot.

It is now our second day in Vegas, and 90 dancers are left to perform a Cha Cha choreographed by Louis Van Amstel.  Anya is there to help him, and they demonstrate the routine that they want the couples to duplicate.  Louis has made this a very fast and difficult Cha Cha, and some of the dancers are totally lost.  Kristina accidentally winds up hitting her partner Billy in the nose with her elbow, and he is bleeding profusely.  He has to get the bleeding stopped before it’s their turn to dance, then since they are behind on rehearsal time they have to cram it in.

Our Krump guy, Russell Ferguson, is paired with Iveta the ballroom dancer.  He is nervous about Cha Cha, but she really takes him under her wing to help him learn the steps and moves.  When it’s their turn to dance, they are beyond incredible together!  Adam gives them a standing ovation and tells them they are HOT!

Although most of the dancers are doing well with ballroom, Legacy has trouble having to copy someone else’s moves and not do his own style.  He and John both will have to fight for their lives at the end of the day.  Billy and Kristina do very well considering the injury and limited practice time, and both move on to the next round.

Ryan, who had split the judges during Hip-Hop, also had trouble with Ballroom.  The judges all love him for what he does, but they must cut him.  They tell him to practice other styles more and come back again.

John dances for his life, but it does not impress the judges.  They don’t see any emotion or heart in his solo, and he is cut, along with Teddy and Skip.  Legacy really feels the pressure before his solo.  He shows off his spins and fast moves, but the judges want him to work on transitions.  He is moving on, but they want to see more from him.

Tune in next week, when our 77 remaining dancers compete for the Top 20 and trip to Hollywood.  What is in store for the rest of Vegas Week?  You won’t want to miss it!  Good night everyone, and keep on dancing!


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  1. Very good review, Marie!!!

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