DWTS Week 3 by Sammi T.

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Hello and welcome to Dancing With The Stars week three! Tonight is Latin Night—the thirteen remaining dancers will take on the romantic rumba or the sizzling samba.

As they descend down the stage, I wonder what is up with Tom DeLay’s barber shop quartet outfit and drool a bit over Louie, he looks quite handsome tonight!

Samantha announces that Tom has a complete stress fracture in his foot and how it will effect the show will be announced later in the broadcast.

Mark and Lacey are up first with their rumba. She tells him he needs to slow and calm down because he usually the complete opposite.

The rumba is a bit faster than most but shows a sexier, feistier side of the dance. I actually really like it since it isn’t as raunchy as past rumbas and it kind of fits their personalities while showing how he has improved as a dancer.

Len tells him it was a bit hard and it lacked chemistry but he liked the one leg movements.

Bruno thinks it was anticlimactic.

Carrie Ann thinks he is lacking connection and wants him to find this sensuality.

Scores: 6-6-6 for a 18  out of 30.

Joanna and Derek are next with their samba. She wants to wow the audience and Derek appreciates her determination to try new things.

Their samba is FIERCE! Hot, sexy and well executed….they are BACK! It is going to be very hard to top this tonight.

Bruno says the good times are back—but wants her to work on her strength.

Carrie Ann wants her to work on her feet but thinks it was a sexy dance.

Len thinks it was good all around.

Scores: 7-8-8 for a 23 our of 30.

After the commercial break, Mya and Dmitry do the rumba. She jokes about keeping it professional.  She makes the studio as romantic as possible so they can set the mood of the dance.

Their rumba is much more romantic and slower than Mark and Lacey’s but HOLY CHEMISTRY! I think they have  some of the best chemistry out of any of the couples this season. The footwork, the sensuality—WOW!

Carrie Ann says she had chills the whole time! She think there may have been a lift, but she isn’t sure.

Len says that for him there was too much going on and would have preferred more simplicity.

Bruno says they put America in the mood for LOVE!

Scores: 10-7-10 for a 27 out of 30.

Melissa and Mark have the samba this week. He wants her to have some party energy and she is frustrated that she is pushing so hard but not getting anywhere.  She is, however, determined to bring out her competitive side.

The dance is fun and has a nice party feel to it—she really is improving and coming out of her shell.  She has great footwork and it was one of her better executed dances.

Len likes her foot and leg actions but wants a bit more rhythm.

Bruno knew she could do it!

Carrie Ann thinks she is improving but wants her to let go of her fear.

Scores:6-6-7=19 out of 30.

Louie and Chelsie are doing the rumba this week and he wants to show off how sexy he is.  Chelsie thinks they have a lot of chemistry and they are ready to rock the romantic rumba.

Romantic, sexy and I stand corrected—THEY have the chemistry tonight. The moves were all there, but the feeling they sent off was just so incredible.  All I can say is WOW!

Bruno wants them to work on some technical bits but loves their chemistry.

Carrie Ann also squeals over it.

Len complains about how disappointing it was.

Scores: 8-5-7=20 out of 30.

Debi and Maks take on the samba next. He brings in Mel B. to give her a pep talk, which inspires Debi to want to do better.

The dance has all the footwork, but it is still kind of lacking something—I can’t really put my finger on it. Passion maybe? I don’t know, I was just not feeling it.

Carrie Ann thinks it is too safe.

Len thinks it lacks flavor.

Bruno says it lacks connection.

Scores: 6-5-6=17 out of 30.

Donny and Kym take on the rumba after another commercial break.  He says this dance will show a side of him people VERY rarely get to see.

They are dancing to Endless Love—which Trista and Louis danced to their season. Is it me, or are they really recycling songs this season?  It is very simple and romantic, and has some nice basic movements in it.  It is not one of his best dances, but he still does a good job with it.

Len thinks they did a great job.

Bruno thinks it was a bit too Swan Lake, which leads to an impromptu make out session between him and Donny. I am a bit weirded out now.  Donny jokes that they might not let him back into Utah.

Carrie Ann thinks it was beautiful.

Scores: 7-7-7 for a 21 out of 30.

Samantha jokes he should have given Bruno tongue for a higher score.

Michael and Anna take on the samba. He too is determined to work hard this week, despite how frustrated he is.

He is so sweet and cute and seems so charming, but he really needs to work on his footwork.  However, what he lacks in technique, he makes up for in heart.

Bruno thinks he has the charm, but no rhythm. He says he needs to get back into gear.

Carrie Ann thinks he dances too small but the rhtythm is there.

Len was disappointed.

Scores: 5-4-5 for a 14 out of 30.

Natalie and Alec are assigned the rumba this week. She has trouble being sexy, so Alec brings in his wife Edyta to show her how it is done. She wants Natalie to focus on her eye contact and says she has permission to go all out on her husband.

The dance is very beautiful—they have nice chemistry and she has nice lines and movement in her hips and legs.

Carrie Ann squeals over how much she liked it.

Len thinks they did an excellent job.

Bruno shouts over how much he enjoyed it.

Alec jokes that Edyta is pimping him out.

Scores:  9-8-9=26 out of 30.

Chuck and Anna T. take on the samba this week. Their practice includes him getting pedicures with his daughter to relax, but Anna still pushes him to bring out his inner party animal.

The dance itself is fun, flirty and exciting—a bit stiff, but overall some nice footwork and great entertainment.

Len thinks they did a good job entertaining.

Bruno calls it a samba from zombietown.

Carrie Ann thinks it was rough, but a lot of fun.

Scores: 6-5-5 for a 17 out of 30.

Aaron and Karina are up next. They have the rumba this week and Karina thinks he is overdoing it and he wants it to come straight from the heart.

The dance is the perfect blend of romance, focus and good execution. He did trip at one point and was a bit sloppy at some parts, but overall it was very nice.

Bruno says it lacks fluidity.

Carrie Ann wants him to listen to Karina more.

Len thinks his arms were flinging about too much.

Scores: 8-6-7=21 out of 30.

Finally, the news about Tom and Cheryl.  He has stress fractures in both feet, but he is still going to dance. I don’t know if that is very brave or very dumb on his part, but I have to give it to him for trying.

I love how they are dancing to Why Can’t We Be Friends and wearing Democrat and Republican outfits. (Now the outfit makes sense!)  For someone with two broken feet, he is not doing too bad! I have so much respect for him trying and not wanting to let Cheryl down.

Carrie Ann thinks he is easy on the eyes when he dances, but it wasn’t as exciting as a samba could be.

Len says it was a job well done.

Bruno declares him a super trooper.

Scores: 6-4-5=15 out of 30.

Kelly and Louis perform the last samba of the night. She is very nervous after messing up last week, but Louis has faith that she is going to be fine.

They are dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” Really music people? REALLY?  The dance is flamboyant, and has all the spice and right moves to make it the samba of the night. Kelly is BACK!

Len wants her to work on her confidence. He says SHE needs to believe she is a good dancer.

Bruno sees a vast improvement and wants her to get rid of her slef doubt.

Carrie Ann thinks it is all there, but doesn’t want her to doubt herself anymore.

Scores: 7-6-7 for a 20 out of 30.

We get recaps of dancers and phone numbers to vote.

Who is your favorite tonight? Who did the worst? Who will land in the bottom two? Who will get the encore dance? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow night! Goodnight!


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