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Hi there dance fans…welcome to Week 3 of Dance Your Ass Off.  Tonight our 10 remaining contestants will try their dance skills on the stripper pole, which many of them are nervous about.  Marissa announces that in the first two weeks, our dancers have lost a combined total of 117 pounds, which is awesome!

We take a little trip with our contestants to Crunch Gym in West Hollywood, where instructor Christina Fuentes teaches them some of the basic moves on the pole.  Tara is especially worried about having her kids watch her perform this time.  Everyone mentions just how sore all of the muscles in their bodies are when working with the pole, but they are having fun doing the moves.

Our first dancer tonight is Shayla.  She was pre-diabetic when she started on the show, but after meeting with Dr. H again she finds out that her diabetic tendencies have been reversed.  He does remind her that if she goes back to old habits she could become pre-diabetic again, so she makes sure to incorporate lots of fruits, veggies, and protein into her diet.  Shayla and Mario dance to “Don’t Cha”, and it’s a very sexy routine with great moves on the pole.

Mayte calls it a sexy tease and says the performance was great.  Lisa Ann says it was beautiful and sexy.  Danny says he was worried about the pole dancing this week, but Shayla has changed his mind.  The judges’ scores are 8-7-8 for an average of 7.7.  Shayla lost 2.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.16, making her overall score 8.86.

Ruben is up next, and he’s ready to work the pole, since he’s starting to feel better and a lot sexier.  He believes this is a big step for him.  He and Hilary perform to “I’m a Slave 4 U”, and they stay in intense character and have some great moves, including a very nice lift.

Mayte says they made it work.  Lisa Ann likes the interesting story that was told and calls it entertaining.  Danny likes the charcters, but says Ruben did not use enough of his upper body strength.  The judges scores are 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7, just like Shayla.  Ruben has lost an incredible 7.8 pounds for a percentage of 2.64.  This gives him an overall score of 10.34.

Trice is our third dancer tonight, and she really would like to see better losses on the scale.  She is still craving cheesecake, so the nutritionist tells her to have a couple of chocolate covered strawberries when she wants something sweet.  This is a great tip…I have the same problem with sweets!  Trice is noticing a difference in her energy level since she started eating better foods.  She and Jesus dance to “Milkshake”, and Trice really does shake it!  They also have some great floorwork.

Mayte says it was really good, but she’d like to see more pole work.  Lisa Ann tells her she is built for comfort, not speed, and should work on having more long, languid moves.  Danny also wants to see more with the pole, and he says that would also burn more calories.  Trice’s scores are 7-6-6, for an average of 6.3.  She has lost 2.9 pounds for a percentage of 1.11.  Her overall score is 7.41.

I do have to interject here that most of the commercials being run this week are much better for those of us that are trying to lose weight…Dannon yogurt and Cheerios are a big improvement over the Pizza Hut ads!  I do however, prefer Greek yogurt, because it doesn’t have all of the sugar and fills you up more.

Marissa calls on Miles to dance for us next.  He is disappointed in his weight loss from last week, so he is being more strict with himself and pushing harder.  He says one of his friends told him he already dances like a stripper!  Miles and Michelle perform to “I’m Too Sexy”, and they work the pole…with Miles ripping open his shirt and stripping down to American flag boxers…very cool!

Mayte loves the outfit, but would like them to hit harder.  Lisa Ann thinks they did well with the pole and couldn’t take her eyes off off Miles.  Danny is glad that Miles is not looking down anymore, and likes their great use of the pole.  They score him 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7.  Miles lost 4.6 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.83.  This makes his overall score 9.53.

Pinky is happy to be dancing next.  She knows she has to be more feminine and sexy, and feels very uncomfortable with the pole.  She thinks she is out of her element, so she comes up with an alter ego for the pole…Cosa Rosa, which is Spanish for Pink Stuff.  Pinky and Mr. Lucky dance to “Lady Marmalade”, and she really struts her stuff.  I love her back bends; I sure wish I could bend like that!

Mayte says it was really good, but she would like to see more work with the pole.  Lisa Ann tells them she got chills, and wants to cry because she loves how Pinky has bloomed before our eyes.  Danny loves it, but advises her to tighten her core some more.  Her scores are 7-9-8, for an average of 8.  Pinky lost 2 pounds this week for a percentage of 1.10.  Her overall score is 9.10.

Brandon is extremely thrilled that Marissa calls on him to dance now, because this means he’s finally not in the bottom 2.  He visits with Dr. H, who tells him he has high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver…Brandon needs to be here more than anyone else.  He vows to take his health more seriously.  Brandon and Yesenia perform to “Shake It”, and I love their awesome bends.

Mayte thinks the dancing was weak.  Lisa Ann says it was not sexy enough, and Brandon needs to find more within himself.  Danny says there was not enough pole work.  Brandon’s scores are 7-6-6, for an average of 6.3.  He lost 4.3 pounds for a percentage of 1.91, making his overall score 8.21.

Tara is our next dancer, and her knee is feeling much better now.  Dr. H tells her that the more she moves, the better it will feel.  She says her kids will not be watching this routine, but her husband will.  Tara and Michael dance to “Promiscuous”, with Tara being very sexy in her schoolgirl uniform costume and doing some great pole work.

Mayte says she really felt how sensual it was, and likes how much she trusted her partner.  Lisa Ann loves what she brought to the routine.  Danny likes how clever they were with the pole, and says she has improved every week.  Tara’s scores are 6-8-8, for an average of 7.3.  She has lost 2 pounds for a percentage of .87, which makes her overall score 8.17.

Alicia dances now, which means that Karla and Mara are the bottom 2 this week.  Alicia was upset about almost going home last week, so she is staying focused and working hard.  She and Italo dance to “I Know What Boys Like”, and there are really great back bends, pole work, and splits!

Mayte is very impressed with her sensuality.  Lisa Ann says she was fully into the dance.  Danny calls it a great comeback.  Alicia’s scores from the judges are 8-8-7, for an average of 7.7.  She lost 2.3 pounds for a percentage of .93.  Her overall score is 8.63.

Before our bottom 2 dance, we see a sneak preview of the next season of Biggest Loser.  One of the new contestants is the heaviest woman that’s ever been on the show, weighing in at 476 pounds.

Karla dances next, and she says it’s hard for her to be more serious since she is a comedienne.  She really steps it up in the gym to compensate for that.  She and Jull perform to “I Touch Myself”, and their pole work together is great.  They end the rountine with Karla kissing him as he hangs upside down on the pole.

Mayte says they had an iffy beginning, but it got better.  Lisa Ann says Karla doesn’t always have to be the funny girl…she should just be who she is.  Danny could tell that she doesn’t think she’s sexy, and she needs to believe in herself more.  Karla has lost one pound for a percentage of .62.

Mara is the last dancer tonight, and she is scared of the pole.  She works really hard to overcome it.  Mara and Paul dance to “Cherry Pie”, and she shows off her hot attitude and great moves, especially on the pole!

Mayte says she worked it…and rocked it!  Lisa Ann calls it really nice, and loves how Mara attacked the pole.  Danny believes that Mara is mad that she wound up in the bottom 2, and it came out in her dancing.  He says her hard work really paid off.  Mara lost 1.8 pounds for a percentage of .71.

Karla and Mara are in danger of going home, and so is Trice, since she is currently at the bottom of the board.  Mara’s scores are 9-8-8, for an average of 8.3.  Her overall score is 9.01 and she is safe.  Karla’s scores are 5-6-6 for an average of 5.6.  Her overall score is 6.22, which puts her below Trice.  Karla is going home, but she says she learned so much and had an exciting experience.  Marissa congratulates Ruben for being at the top for 2 weeks in a row.

We see a preview of next week’s show, where our 9 remaining contestants will tackle Latin Week.  And…TWO of our dancers will be going home next week!  Tune in to find out who they will be.  Good night everyone!



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  1. Great recap!!!!!

  2. Hey everyone! We should have last night’s recap up very soon. I sent it off right after the show, but we couldn’t get it posted here yet. Thanks for being so patient!

    xoxoxo Marie :o)

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