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Hey Everyone,

Thankfully, the nasty weather has cleared out and I’m able to live blog SYTYCD’s Vegas Callbacks, night 1 for you! We have 172 contestants battling it out for only 20 slots, and it will be the best 10 of each gender that survive. This is going to be BRUTAL! Let’s get started, shall we?

In the first segment, we have Nigel, Mary, Mia, Lil C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen. Our first dancer tonight is Alex Wong, from Miami, FL. The hardest part of this show for me is remembering if they are doing something differently than they have in previous seasons. In this case, I don’t remember seeing solos before we saw group choreography last time, but I don’t know if it is new or not. We end up losing 45 dancers just after the solos!

Tabitha and Napoleon are choreographing and teaching the first routine, a hip hop. All told, we lose 37 more dancers in the hip hop round! We’re down to just 97, and only through one round of choreography! I told you Vegas was brutal.

Day 2 dawns with ballroom! Whoo hoo, I’m a happy girl. Choreography for the ballroom round is by Jean Marc Genereux, a waltz. 16 more dancers are victims of the waltz….

Next up is jazz, choreographed by Sonya. Unbelievably, we lose Natalie in this round. For those of you that don’t remember, Natalie and Katee from last season were the last two for the top 10 ladies, and they chose Katee. I’m heartbroken, but my only consolation is that maybe we’ll see her for the fall season, and she will learn and grow in this time. For now, we still have Brandon, who was with Natalie at the Denver auditions. One thing I don’t understand is how, if Sonya was so happy with them while they were learning this same routine, how the judges could be so unimpressed with Natalie as to cut her, and so unhappy with Brandon that they singled him out to tell him they expected more? At what point is the choreographer letting the dancers down? I ask this because I usually end up asking this same question several times throughout the season. We always end up losing people, or hearing that the judges didn’t like this or that routine, when the dancers don’t get to choreograph for themselves.

This is a twist…remember Gabi, our very first audition? She’s made it through so far, but with a lot of faltering. They have asked her to dance for her life at this stage to decide if she should stay. To continue, she will need at least 3 of 6 judges to agree to keep her. They are unanimous in their decision to keep her, but she HAS to be able to pick up more choreography, Nigel tells her. She’s on her last chance now, and I hope she makes the most of it, because she is AMAZING in her solos. I’ve never seen anything like what she can do.

Well, the poor dancers thought they were done for the night after the jazz round, but instead, they get to stay up all night and work on a group routine, to be danced tomorrow morning for the judges. This is going to get UGLY, mark my words. There were only a couple of really stand out groups, but for the most part, the routines we saw were lackluster. I guess this is where you find out who really has the stuff it takes.

Oh boy, Mia is choreographing the contemporary piece, and she’s been more than a bit contentious so far tonight. That was brutal for me, we’re getting down to people I really love. 54 are left, and we have to somehow get to 20. Sometimes I hate this show!

Tyce is doing the choreography for Broadway, which has been split into a men’s piece and a women’s piece. The ladies are up first, and West Side Story is what both groups are working from. By the time they are done with the ladies, we are down to just 16 of them. Of those 16, we still have to lose 6! One of the ladies we lost, I think it was a real mistake by the judges. The tap artist, she deserved to stay. She says she won’t be back again, but I pray she changes her mind!

The afternoon is all about the boys, again with Tyce doing the choreography. This is even harder, because all of the guys I had been rooting for out of this last group made it, and I know that some are going to get cut. Join us tomorrow when we’ll learn right along with you who made our top 20, and which ones get the cruelest cut of all!

So You Think You Can Dance 5 Recap-Vegas Week

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Hey Everyone,

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is a pretty good chance that our recap for Vegas Week part one may not be up until sometime tomorrow. Our usual recapper, WriterMarie426 has had something come up that she cannot recap this evening, and Tink is dealing with some unexpected weather issues that is causing intermittent internet outages. Please bear with us, and we’ll get a recap to you as soon as we can!

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