SYTYCD Results by Sammi T

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Hello, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance: The Results. Tonight sixteen becomes fourteen as two more dancers are cut.

After the group dance, Nigel gives a tribute to Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Ed McMahon. It is very touching and beautiful, especially about Michael Jackson. Nigel decides to celebrate him by playing ‘Thriller’ This not only brings back memories of us trying to do it in college, but of Drew and Cheryl’s paso doble during DWTS season 2.


Short and sweet:

Asuka and Vitolio are…IN THE BOTTOM 3!

Janette and Brandon are dancing another week.

Randi and Evan will join them, along with……Jeanine and Phillip and Melissa and Ada.

Karla and Jonathan are in danger, as are Caitlin and Jason, which means……Kayla and Kopono are SAFE! YES! My cousin’s wife and I love her and Evan and root for them every week.

After a hip hop dance number, we get to the solos.

Asuka: She is a very beautiful dancer with some amazing lines, but she is better at partner dancing than solo dancing.

Vitolio: Those leaps, my goodness!  Yeah, why is he in the bottom three again?

Karla: She does a great job as always, and adds some nice spins to her routine. She kind of reminds me of that Lizzie McGuire episode where she does rhythmic gymnastics. I have no idea why  I think that or why I just admitted to being a fan of that show.

Jonathan: Another incredible routine. Seriously, NONE of these people deserve bottom three!

Caitlin: She shows so much joy when she dances, which, coupled with her amazing routines, makes her have the whole package.

Jason: He nailed it too, this is going to be so hard tonight! No clue who is going home.

The judges deliberate, the Veronica’s sing, and finally we find out who is going home…..Asuka and Jonathan, which means Karla and Vitolio will dance together next week.

After montages, hugs and kisses, we find out American Idol will replay their Michael Jackson week episode in his honor.

Tune in next week for your final fourteen! Goodnight!

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