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Good evening everyone, and welcome to So You Think You Can Dance – Week 2. Paris and Tony left us last week, leaving the Top 18 to perform tonight. Cat introduces the 18 dancers, who will keep their same partners from last week to dance again this week. Tonight’s judges are Lil’C, Mary, and Nigel. We get to hear the judges’ views on the competition, and Lil’C believes this is going to be a roller coaster season. I have to agree…all of our dancers are such strong performers.

First up are Randi and Evan, who are doing the Jive. (Each couple draws a dance style randomly out of a hat to determine what they will perform each week.) This week each dancer is telling us something they have learned about his or her partner, so Evan tells us how Randi treats her dog like a child, even over the phone. Randi mentions that Evan is a gearhead and he built his own car from scratch. Louis Van Amstel is choreographing their Jive, and he says that this is his favorite Ballroom dance because the dancers get to show so much personality. We see a fast and furious routine, performed to “Shake A Tail Feather” by Ray Charles. Their spins and lifts are awesome!

Lil’C says they came out of the box like a bang, but tells Evan to bust out a little more. He says Randi is a firecracker. Mary believes the two of them were built for the Jive, and even though they are powerhouses it fell a little short for her. Nigel congratulates Louis on a great routine and is glad to have him on the show this season. He agrees with Mary, telling Evan to use less jazz style on this dance, but calls them a tremendous couple.

Cat reminds us that auditions for Season 6 are currently being held across the country. If you are interested in trying out for the show, please go to for more details.

Our second dance tonight comes from Melissa and Ade. Ade lets us know that Melissa has been married for 4 years, and that she and her sister are married to brothers. Melissa gives us Ade’s full name…I only caught his full first name, Adetokunbo. They are performing Jazz choreographed by Sonya. The routine is about a woman playing hard to get, and the man does not want to lose. They dance to “24 Hours” by Terry Poison, and give us a very aggessive and powerful performance.

Lil’C calls Ade everybody’s competition and is very impressed. He likes the way Sonya makes her dancers search inside of themselves, and tells Melissa she did a great job. Mary is going to give them tough love…it’s tough for her to find anything she didn’t love! She praises their style and technique, calling the routine quirky and cool. Nigel says they are fabulous, and likes how Melissa equaled Ade’s strength; if he didn’t know she was a ballerina already he never would have been able to tell tonight.

Caitlyn and Jason perform our first Hip-Hop number of the evening. Caitlyn tells us that Jason was obsessed with Michael Jackson as a kid. Jason is getting used to Caitlyn using baby voices and also her Velociraptor impression. Shane Sparks is choreographing their routine, where they need to act like they’re in love and show their chemistry. They perform a sexy, playful dance to “Missin You” by Trey Songz.

Lil’C says he did not love it and the routine left him feeling perplexed. Mary tells them they were not in sync and the chemistry didn’t work. Nigel disagrees with the other two judges, saying that Hip-Hop has evolved and Shane created a style that would make them look good… and they looked very good.

Next we have a Disco number from Janette and Brandon. Brandon finds out that Janette had the worst teeth when she was young, but says she is beautiful now. Janette marvels that Brandon has never worked out a day in his life; he has never pumped iron but his body is in great shape. Doriana Sanchez choreographs this dance, and she says it’s the fastest dance she’s ever done on this show. They perform a super high energy routine to “Loving Is Really My Game” by Brainstorm. I’m amazed by their incredible lifts and splits!

Lil’C sees the birth of progression in two amazing dancers and loves that they never broke character. Mary says that Doriana did a great job with the choreography, and she was blown away by the couple’s flexibilty and strength…then she screams. Nigel admits that if he could scream like Mary right now he would. It’s the best disco routine he’s ever seen and tells them they are brilliant.

Asuka and Vitolio are up now with a Waltz. Asuka finds out that Vitolio loves motorcycles, and Vitolio learns that Asuka can blow spit bubbles. They both say that they never want to experience the bottom 3 again. Louis Van Amstel choreographs this Waltz, making it lyrical and spiritual while having Vitolio use the pain of growing up as an orphan to show the beauty of where he comes from. I was told a couple of days ago that I would need to have the Kleenex ready for this dance…and that was very true. It was so beautiful, danced to “Dreams Are More Precious” by Enya. Their facial expressions and emotions absolutely had me crying.

Mary finds it hard to compose herself…she is crying as well, finally saying that it was painfully beautiful and she loved the honest performance. She praises Louis for taking the pair to another level. Lil’C loves the sincere emotion and how they were not afraid to be vulnerable. Nigel says anyone who was not touched by that performance must be heartless and loves the way this couple is growing. He tells Louis what a great asset he is to the show.

Our next Jazz number is from Kayla and Max. Kayla sees that Max is the “house dad”…he cooks and takes care of everyone. Max discovers that Kayla loves to text, and she is extremely fast at it. They feel the pressure this week to perform up to last week’s level. This number is choreographed by Brian Friedman, and he designs this as Kayla being a princess and Max trying to steal her throne. They dance to “Hot Like Wow” by Nadia Oh. Kayla starts off on her throne, they dance together in a strong, quirky way, then Max does end up stealing the throne.

Lil’C says they did an amazing job picking up Brian’s choreography, which is not easy to do. Mary calls it quite a surprise, then screams. She tells them they are still on the Hot Tamale Train. Nigel is so happy Brian’s back with the show. He tells Kayla that she is a front runner and that Max kept up with her well. He likens Max to a Kevin Spacey character.

Our only Comtemporary routine of the evening is by Karla and Jonathan. Jonathan is amazed that Kayla is an awesome Hip-Hop dancer. Karla finds out that Jonathan loves to sing, but he is not good at it. This number is choreographed by Stacey Tookey, who works with SYTYCD Canada. This number is about a couple of strangers who meet accidentally and have to deal with temptation. They struggle during practice with the numerous lifts. Their song is “Falling Slowly” by The Frames. I love the romantic interaction, and they do a wonderful job with the lifts after all of that practice.

Mary says she has never said this in 5 seasons…but Jonathan did this style better than he does his own. She was spellbound by the couple. Nigel cannot believe it, but there were no false moves. He also says they have really shone. Lil’C praises their beautiful, perfect balance.

Our next dance is the Tango from Jeanine and Phillip. Jeanine finds that Phillip is a super nerd, and he collected reptiles when he was growing up. Phillip sees that Jeanine carries Spanky, her teddy bear, around everywhere. This Tango is choreographed by Tony Meredith, who is surprised by the couple’s lack of Ballroom knowledge. They dance to “Violento” by Bailango!, and they have trouble keeping their holds. They do keep the charcter throughout the dance.

Mary gives them an A+ for attitude, but a C- for technique. Lil’C says Jeanine was hot, but Phillip’s lack of confidence came through in the dance. Nigel says it was a tough routine, and reminds Phillip that when he lifts a lady the strain of lifting her should not come across in his face. He also calls this a learning process and says it was great entertainment.

Our final couple tonight is Ashley and Kupono with Hip-Hop. Ashley discovers that Kupono is obsessive-compulsive, and everything has to stay in order. Kupono learns that on Ashley’s first day of first grade, she vomited all over her classmates. Shane Sparks choreographs this one, making Ashley into Kupono’s shadow in the dance. They perform to “Imma Be” by The Black Eyed Peas. They have good unison except for a couple of breaks, and at one point the shadow steps out to dance on her own.

Mary says it was OK, but not memorable. Lil’C could tell that Kupono struggled, which made it hard for Ashley to mirror him as a shadow. Nigel says the routine stopped at the point that he started to enjoy it and he was underwhelmed.

Cat reminds the viewers to vote as we see a recap of tonight’s dances. Krystina DeBarge will be one of the special guests on tomorrow night’s results show. Who will be going home? Tune in tomorrow…good night everybody!


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  1. Great always!! You’re so talented Marie!!

  2. Great job as usual!!!!

  3. Enjoyed reading the recap.

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