So You Think You Can Dance 5-WriterMarie426’s Recap

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Hey Everyone,

WriterMarie426 is back in action tonight with a recap for SYTYCD’s Top 20 reveal. Enjoy!

Good evening everyone, this is WriterMarie426, and it’s great to be back tonight to recap Vegas Week – Part 2. Thank you to Tink for taking care of this for me last night as I recover from my minor surgery.

After taking 172 contestants down to only 32, we are back at Planet Hollywood to find out who made the Top 20. There are 16 men and 16 women left at this point, and the judges must cut 6 from each group to reach our Top 20. Once again the panel making these decisions consists of Nigel, Mary, Mia, Lil C, Adam Shankman, and Debbie Allen.

Our 32 dancers sit backstage in the holding room as they wait to be called to the stage one by one. The first dancer to take that long walk over to the judges is Janette. She’s had a rough 2 weeks before coming to Las Vegas. She was in a car accident, and her boyfriend of 4 years broke up with her. Janette’s luck is changing for the better though…because the judges tell her she is in the Top 20!

Next to the stage is Diana, who has her lucky monkey waiting for her in the holding room. The judges tell her she is not moving on, but she has really improved and they would like to see her back next season.

Our first guy to walk out to the judges is Vittolio, who is originally from Haiti. He is told that he should bring more of his personality out…but he is in the Top 20!

For the next 30 minutes, the judges cut dancer after dancer. Then comes Kayla, who is supported by her grandparents in her dancing. She is told that she has moved every single one of the judges, and she’s in the Top 20!

After Kuponoh’i shows us his to do list for the day, he comes out to the stage. The judges appreciate that he has cut his hair and has improved so much since they saw him in Seattle. Kupo is in the Top 20…and he checks that accomplishment off his list.

We are shown that 5 more dancers have made it to the Top 20: Paris, Jeanine, Ade, Karla, and Jonathan.

Brandon walks out to the judges next. Mia tells him she is annoyed by him and doesn’t like his attitude. Debbie loves to watch him soar. Lil C is not impressed, and Mary is sick of listening to Brandon being torn down because he’s a wonderful dancer. 4 out of the 6 judges are for Brandon, so he is in the Top 20.

Tony waits backstage, thinking about his brother who is fighting in Afghanistan. When he comes out and finds that he has made the Top 20, he says his brother would be very proud of him.

We find out about 4 more dancers that have made it: Maksim, Caitlyn, Melissa, and Jason.

Next up is Ashley, who is audtioning for the 4th time for this show. The judges say she has emerged and become a fighter…and she’s in the Top 20!

Randi comes to the stage, and she is so nervous that she can hardly speak. The judges say she is uncertain but the power is there…so they are moving her into the Top 20. She is so thankful to all of them!

Alex, who is a member of the Miami Ballet Company, comes to see the judges. Nigel wanted to see if Alex could be let out of his contract with the Ballet, but they said no…so Alex cannot be on SYTYCD this season. He is crushed; he really wants to express himself with different styles of dance besides ballet. Nigel tells him to please come back after his contract is up.

Next is Phillip, who was sick last season and couldn’t perform in Vegas. The judges tell him he is in the Top 20!

We are down to 4 people in the holding room…2 girls and 2 guys. There is only one spot left for female dancers and one left for males. The judges have Deanna and Asuka come to the stage together, and they walk out holding hands to support each other. Asuka is the one who makes it into the Top 20.

Finally we are down to brothers Ryan and Evan. They also walk out to the judges together, and Evan is told that he is in the Top 20. Ryan says he is there to support his brother no matter what.

Tune in next week when the Top 20 dance for America’s votes. Good night everybody!

Keep Dancing,
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  1. Great recap. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. Enjoyed the recap since I missed the show. Thanks

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