So You Think You Can Dance 5: Los Angeles and Seattle Auditions by WriterMarie426

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Hi Everyone,

We have another treat for you tonight, our own WriterMarie 426 has recapped the last batch of auditions for us, enjoy.

Good evening again dance fans, and welcome to the third and final audtion show of So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5. Our cities for today are Los Angeles and Seattle.

It’s our first day in LA, and our judges are Nigel, Mary, and Adam Shankman, who has judged and choreographed for SYTYCD before, and also choreographed the latest movie version of Hairspray. Last year’s winner, Joshua, is present for today’s auditions.

First up is Bianca, who almost made the Top 20 last season. Her mom flew in all the way from Michigan just to show her support. Bianca performs a classic tap routine, and receives a standing ovation from the audience and all 3 judges. Nigel likes her use of light and shade, calling her the consummate tap dancer. Mary says she is brilliant and the best female tapper that’s ever been on the show. Adam calls her a monster competitor and looks forward to big things from her. Bianca is going to Vegas!

Brynelle and Xavier are dancing next, and they are a brother and sister who say they have the best relationship and it shows in their dancing. Their routine is very dramatic, but they dance more like a couple than like siblings. They have some problems with their lifts. Nigel says this is the strangest brother and sister act he’s ever seen, and tells Brynelle that she dances like a little girl would. Mary says there was no base and no technique. Adam sees no power in the jumps and the extensions are not there. Neither of them is moving on to the next round.

We get to see Debra, who is a plus size dancer, but also is struggling with being an extreme Orthodox Jew…they do not allow dancing on the Sabbath or women dancing in front of men. Nigel likes her routine, but tells her she needs to use the right lines for her body type. Mary says she should never stop dancing, because she loves it. Adam tells her that he is closest to God when he dances, and God does not make mistakes, so even though it would not be her profession she should dance because it is her passion. Debra is not moving on to the next round.

After Debra we are shown several clips of some very strange auditions. The judges are getting frustrated.

Then comes Calico, who loves swing dancing. She says she is inspired by the man who invented the Lindy Hop, because he is 95 years old and still dancing. She performs with a partner, but he is not competing. Nigel says it was enjoyable, and it makes him want to dance with her. Mary believes that Calico should just dance on a social level. Adam says there was no presentation, but he would also love to dance with her. She invites him to come up and do just that! Adam performs the same dance with her that she just did, and he is awesome! Nigel and Mary call Adam to the mic, where past contestants judge him…they tell him he’s going to Vegas. Adam jumps up and down and acts like a real contestant. I just love it!

After Adam’s big moment we watch Asuka and Ricky, who perform International Latin Ballroom. They love the fact that because they are Asian they stand out at competitions. Asuka almost made it to the top 20 last time, and they are back to try again. Nigel loves their dance, saying that it’s hard to take your eyes off off Asuka, but Ricky held his own. Mary calls it absolutely breathtaking, and likes that he is grounded and masculine. Adam says Asuka is very special, but he loves Ricky too. Both of them are going to Vegas!

Later in the day, there are quite a few good dancers, which makes the judges very happy. Then they see Nathan, who quit dancing in eighth grade because people made fun of him. His brother talked him into dancing again because he knows Nathan loves it. Nathan performs a stunning modern ballet routine. Adam calls him impressive, and loves his great center and technique. Mary says he is extrordinary. Nigel likes his great control and says he is brilliant. Then he asks how old Nathan is…he is only 17. This means he is not eligible for the competition yet, but Nigel gives him a ticket to Vegas to hold onto for next season, because he is that good!

We move right on to Day 2, beginning with a wrestler named Sammy. The man who taught him to pop and lock is now in prison, and Sammy hopes his teacher will be able to see him dance on TV. Adam calls his routine awesome, praising his great stops. Mary says he is wonderful. Nigel loves his beaming smile. Sammy is sent to the choreography round.

Next up is Stacey, who does a very strange number for her audition. Adam says he’s never seen anything that looks like that. Mary calls it too crazy. It is decided that she is not moving on to the next round.

After Stacey we meet Amanda, whose dad has had MS for 13 years, but he’s been symptom free for the last six. He gets a lot of joy from seeing Amanda dance. She performs a very expressive contemporary routine. Nigel says he is grabbed more by her beauty than her dance. Mary praises her strong center and says she is extremely talented. Adam asks her about her dad, then tells her to use those feelings to connect with the dance. Amanda is going to Vegas!

Next are Phillip and Arielle. Phillip made it to Vegas last time, but he came down with pneumonia and couldn’t perform. When Nigel sees him, he automatically gives him a ticket to Vegas without him even auditioning this time. We do see him dance though, since he is partnered with Arielle. The judges say they will only be judging her dance since Phillip is already moving on. We find out that Arielle and her parents were in a car accident where they were hit by a semi. She and her dad were OK, but her mom spent a long time in ICU. Phillip would take her to the hospital to visit her mom, and once she was finally in a wheelchair she taught them the choreography in 3 days, focusing on showing Phillip how to partner. Nigel likes the great choreography. Mary calls it clever and says she is a good dancer. Adam says she is a beautiful dancer and she brought out an even better dancer in Phillip. Arielle is also going to Vegas!

After the judges see quite a few great dancers, along comes Kevin, who is channeling Shakira. He even goes by the nickname of Shakiro. Nigel says comparing Kevin to Shakira would be insulting to her, and all he did was move his hips. Mary says he was not dancing, just shaking. Adam tells him to dance for fun, but that’s it. Kevin is not moving on to the next round.

Finally it’s time for the choreography round, and Sammy is among those who are moving on to Vegas.

We are down to Day 1 of our final audition city…Seattle, “The Emerald City”. Our judges are Nigel, Mary, and Mia, who’s been choreographing for SYTYCD for 4 seasons. She won an Emmy for Season 2.

First up today is Christopher, who brings a friend he’s known since seventh grade to help him audition. They call their style a mix of Argentine Tango, East Coast Swing, and International Tango. After their routine, Nigel doesn’t even know what to say, but finally manages to tell Chris that it looked like he was dancing with an ironing board. Mary cannot stop laughing, and tells them it was not good dancing. Mia calls it strange. Christopher is not moving on to the next round.

Our next competitor is Nick, who goes by “Nasty Nick”. He is an aspiring tattoo artist. He does a fast routine with some breakdancing, but stops before he should because he ran out of energy. Nigel asks him about his stamina and Nick gets very disrespectful with him. Mary tells him that he was a yes for her, but since he showed such disrespect to Nigel it’s now a no. Mia agrees with Mary. Nick apologizes, but he is still not moving on to the next round.

After this fiasco comes Dmitrious, who couldn’t wait to audition but now is losing his confidence. His routine consists mostly of a bunch of tricks. The judges are nervous that he is going to hurt himself. Mary says he does not have enough strength. Mia is scared, and couldn’t enjoy it. Nigel says there was nothing there. Dmitrious is not moving on to the next round.

As the day goes on, the judges get frustrated by the lack of good dancing and their energy begins to flag. Mary wishes everyone would stop playing it so safe and just go for it!

Finally they see Kelsea, with her dramatic contemporary routine. Nigel likes it, calling it zany. Mary loves the fun and musicality. Mia calls her a beautiful, disastrous weirdo, liking that she is refreshing and new. Kelsea is sent to the choreography round.

In the choreography round, only 4 people from this day make it to Vegas, and Kelsea is one of them.

Day 2 in Seattle starts with Kuponoh’i (which I hope I’m spelling right!) from Hawaii, and he wants to live up to his name, which means honesty. He dances an emotional routine with a chair. Mary is on the fence about him, saying he was strong but had some feminine moves. Mia says there is definitely something there and she has faith in him. Nigel likes him. Kupo is sent to the choreography round.

The judges are having a much better day, since they are seeing better talent than the day before. Then Nigel spots a familiar face. It’s David, who goes by the nickname of “Sex”. He auditioned in Season 2, and also every season since then.

Dancing next is Leonid, who is from the Ukraine and works on websites and data recovery. He jumps around a lot, moving fast and acting crazy. Nigel says it’s Leo’s personal rave party. Mary likens it to 3 and 4 year olds playing. Mia decides she’d like to see a battle between Leo and David. There is a strange dance-off between them, with the ladies deciding they like Leo better and Nigel actually disagreeing and going with David. He admires David’s tenacity and wants to send him to the choreography round hoping it will finally give him the reality check he needs. Mary finally agrees to that, but Mia does not. Leo is not moving on, but David is going to choreography.

In the choreography round, David is a mess and I feel sorry for the poor girl that wound up as his partner. David goes home, but Kupo is going to Vegas!

Get ready for next week, when our dancers hit Las Vegas. There are over 170 dancers that will be there, but the field will be cut to the Top 20. Good night everyone!



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  1. looks like a good show

  2. I took a break from my work on my third novel to watch the show last night. It was awesome! I loved the segment where Adam danced with Calico and pretended to be a true contestant. I was truly entertained by his dancing as well as his fun personality.

    Thanks, WriterMarie, for taking the time to detail all the events of the show for us! Keep up the good work!

  3. Another great recap!!!!

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