Dancing with the Stars 8: Semifinal Recap by WriterMarie426

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Good evening everyone, and welcome to the Semi-Finals of Season 8! Tonight’s dances will determine which three of our four remaining couples dance in next week’s Finals. Each couple will perform two dances again this week, one Ballroom and one Latin.

We begin the evening with another superb pro dance choreographed by Louis Van Amstel, performed to “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”. Our four couples all come down the stairs smiling and ready for their dances.

Before any of the couples dance, we see footage of them discussing their breakthrough Ballroom and Latin Dances so far this season. Melissa and Tony look back on their Foxtrot and Samba. Gilles and Cheryl also choose their Foxtrot but then analyze their Paso Doble for best Latin dance. Tom asks Gilles if Cheryl’s “crankiness” is helpful to his learning the dances. Gilles answers that she is not cranky…she is The Boss, and he would not change a thing. Shawn and Mark talk about their Quick Step and and Paso Doble, and while Ty and Chelsie also believe the Quick Step was their best Ballroom dance, they choose the Lindy Hop for their breakthrough Latin dance.

We begin the Ballroom Round with Melissa and Tony dancing the Quick Step. At practice Tony gets Melissa to work on her feet, because he knows Len will be watching. Melissa has some trouble switching between the Quick Step and Cha Cha this week. By the end of the week, Melissa declares that Tony has gotten her feet whipped into shape. They perform a fun, classic Quick Step with beautiful footwork that is perfectly timed with the piano music.

Len calls it a delight, saying he likes the musicality and that Melissa’s feet are much improved. Bruno believes it was very good, but it wasn’t as exhilarating as it could have been. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, saying Melissa was not connected to her soul. She also states that she has to take a point off for the space she saw in their hold.

Score: 28 (9,10,9)

Gilles and Cheryl are next with the Waltz. Cheryl states that they took some risks last week that paid off, but they need to get back to basics this week. She does mention to Gilles that since Lil’Kim is gone, he has to be the one to shake his booty in the Latin Round. While working on the Waltz, Cheryl brings in Jonathan Roberts to help Gilles learn how the man should look – classy and sophisticated. Their Waltz is full of beautiful spins and romatic moves, and Gilles’ posture is perfect.

Bruno stands up, telling Gilles that he looked like a matinee idol and the dance was incredibly romantic. Carrie Ann states that people watch dancing so they can be swept into a world of fantasy…and that Gilles and Cheryl took the audience into a breathtaking fantasy world. She also praises Cheryl’s choreography. Len simply tells them he is giving them a sitting down standing ovation.

As they head backsatge for scores, Gilles has tears in his eyes, telling Samantha how much he loves dancing with Cheryl and he is enjoying all of the hard work they have put into it.

Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Shawn and Mark get ready for their Argentine Tango. Shawn says at rehearsal that breaking the rule last week was worth it, because their dance really entertained the fans. She feels challenged by all of the steps in the Jive, and a little bit scared of the lifts in the Argentine Tango. She really wants to be in the final. Their A-Tango is strong and sharp, with a lot of intricate leg work.

Carrie Ann says she sometimes worries that since Shawn is the youngest contestant that she will have trouble delivering the emotional content…but she delivered it! She loves the lifts, passion and precision. Len appreciates the maturity and intensity, calling it their best performance to date. Bruno calls her “Catherine Zeta-Shawn, likening her to the character in Chicago.

Score: 30 (10,10,10)

Our last Ballroom dance is a Viennese Waltz from Ty and Chelsie. Ty decides to payback Chelsie for his Rumba solo, so he takes her to learn how to ride a mechanical bull. They have Samba also this week, which Ty says is supposed to be a party but is more like a “pain in the ass”. Chelsie gets Ty to look smooth and graceful for the V-Waltz, and Ty wants to dance well so the fans can justify voting for him last week over a better dancer. They perform a very pretty V-Waltz, but there is some stiffness along with some rough movements near the end of the dance.

Len says no one has worked or tried harder than Ty, and even though there were a couple of issues during the dance it was fabulous overall. Bruno states that he can see why America loves Ty, but their Waltz was not smooth enough. Carrie Ann says she loves Ty, but she has to take off points for the wobbles in the dance.

Score: 25 (8,9,8)

As the judges continue to argue with each other, Tom says that the post show dinner reservations have been made…three tables for one.

As each couple gets ready for their Latin dance, we see hometown clips about their lives. Melissa and Tony get in position for their Cha-Cha, and we go to Dallas to learn more about Melissa. She loves her city and the family feel of it, and her family tells us how she is Texas tough and resilient. We also learn that when she became a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, she was shy at first but really opened up. Melissa says that what doesn’t kill her makes her stronger. Melissa and Tony’s Cha-Cha is crisp and fun, with extraordinary splits.

Bruno believes the dance was sensational at moments, but that feeling was not sustained throughout. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno. Len says he liked it, but it was not to their usual standard.

Score: 27 (9,9,9) TOTAL FOR THE NIGHT: 55

Gilles and Cheryl get ready for the Salsa as we see clips of Gilles’ life growing up in Cannes, France. Gilles says that even though Cannes is known for high society, he was raised in a tough part of town. He likes that French men are allowed to be romantic and emotional. His father was a baker who worked day and night, and Gilles learned his strong work ethic by working along side of him. Gilles and Cheryl perform a hot, sexy Salsa, with great footwork and hip action.

Carrie Ann stands up and dances, saying Gilles is at his best. Len is almost speechless, but does say he wishes he had an 11 paddle to hold up. Bruno states that Lil’Kim is alive and well and living in Gilles’ pants, and that Gilles deserves to be in the final.

As they head backstage, Tom announces that there will be a performance on the results show by Raphael Saadiq.

Score: 30 (10,10,10) TOTAL FOR THE NIGHT: 60

Shawn and Mark perpare for the Jive as we travel to Shawn’s hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. She says it is a small town with a big heart. Her family tells us she is a daredevil who learns things quickly. Her gymnastics coach tells how Shawn never gives up, and we learn that she had the flu while performing at the Olympics but still won the gold medal. Shawn and Mark’s Jive is fun and bouncy, with awesome spins and footwork.

Len likes that it was fast and fun, but there was not enough traditional Jive in it for him. Bruno calls it a strong performance, and that they gave 110%. Carrie Ann says it was a wonderful performance, but they lost steam toward the end.

Score: 26 (9,8,9) TOTAL FOR THE NIGHT: 56

Last up are Ty and Chelsie with the Samba. We see Ty’s friends and family in Stephenville, Texas, telling us that all Ty ever wanted since he was little was to be a cowboy. Jewel says that Ty is always focused and determined, and she’s glad we all get to see both sides of Ty…the strong side and the sensitive side. Ty and Chelsie’s Samba is good with their spins and rolls, but Ty does look a little stiff on some of the other moves.

Bruno says they put everything but the kitchen sink in their routine, and that Ty looked like he was dancing on a tightrope. Carrie Ann calls him the MVP of Season 8. Len says that Ty is smooth in Ballroom, but too quick in Latin.

Score: 23 (8,7,8) TOTAL FOR THE NIGHT: 48

Our evening finishes with the recap and reminder to vote. Also remember that tomorrow night is the final round of competition for the new pro dancer for next season. Good night everybody!


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  1. The show has inspired me to add core dancing exercises to my work out routine every day…I look forward to seeing the results

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  7. I missed the show and now I feel like I saw it. Thank you for the recap. Frances

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