Dancing with the Stars 8: Week 6 Recap from WriterMarie426

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Hey Everyone,

Our wonderful new friend WriterMarie426 has written another awesome recap for us tonight! She’s giving you her East Coast thoughts now, and I’ll be back with a West Coast recap in a couple of hours. We hope you’ll enjoy both recaps. Without further interruption, here’s Marie!

Good evening everyone, and welcome to Dancing With The Stars Week 6. We are at the halfway point of the competition with only 8 couples left. Our stars and their partners are dancing either the fast, fun and energetic Jive or the smooth, sensual Rumba. All of our dancers are smiling as they make their way down the stairs, ready to show off their moves after a long week of practice.

First up tonight we have Ty and Chelsie doing the Jive. Ty gets stressed during practice, saying he knows that when he is trying so hard to remember all of the steps his dancing starts looking mechanical. Chelsie brings in a couple of props to help him loosen up…a hula hoop and a mini-trampoline. They begin their Jive with some country line dancing type moves, and their dance looks a bit sloppy at first. Partway through the number their Jive kicks into full gear.

Len says Ty is charming but looks bewildered, and that even though it took them a while to get going, he knows that Ty is giving it his all. Bruno says their Jive was like a wild animal…the timing was rough and the steps were wrong. Carrie Ann thinks it was an exciting Jive, but they never quite found their footing.

Score: 18 (6,6,6)

Our first Rumba of the night comes from Shawn and Mark. Shawn is nervous yet excited during rehearsal, and feeling a bit self-conscious while trying to create a romantic Rumba at age 17. Since Shawn will most likely miss her own prom, Mark completely recreates prom at practice for her, which helps her get into the right frame of mind for her Rumba character. Their Rumba is sweet yet sensual, and they keep that mood throughout the dance with great splits and beautiful arm movements. They receive the first of several standing ovations for the night.

Bruno says the dance was angelic and pure, but with a hint of the devil thrown in. He would have liked a little more hip action. Carrie Ann believes she saw a little bit of discomfort from Shawn at the beginning, but then the Rumba came to life. Len thinks their dance is just right, not too tame but also not too hot.

Mark tells Samantha backstage that when he choreographed this Rumba he tried to keep it age appropriate for Shawn.

Score: 26 (8,9,9)

Tom says that keeping things age appropriate for Len gives the show a lot of room to work with.

Next we have Lawrence and Edyta performing the Jive. LT gets very frustrated during practice trying to learn all of the steps, which then makes it harder for Edyta to get him to smile and have fun with the dance. They get a visit from LT’s friend and former DWTS competitor Warren Sapp, who gives him a football-like pep talk to help. Lawrence states that he has nothing to lose and will just go out and have fun with it. They perform a really fun Jive, with a lot of great leg action and good timing.

Carrie Ann thinks they did a great job and that LT brought his groove back. Len likes that there were a lot of basic movements and that Lawrence showed his lighter side. Bruno says it was alive and kicky and their best performance to date.

Score: 22 (7,7,8)

Dancing our next Rumba are Melissa and Tony. Melissa was kind of disappointed with her Paso Doble from the week before, so Tony really works on getting her into her Rumba character. Melissa feels that this dance is coming together easier than the Paso did, and she is ready to make a comeback. They perform a very romantic, sexy Rumba, with plenty of intensity and dramatic movements.

Len likes the interesting choreography and says it was clean and precise, but would like to see it be a little less balletic and more earthy. Bruno comments that Melissa has a fabulous body and that she bends into shape easily, and that she just needs to go for it more. Carrie Ann loves the emotional quality, but would like them to work on sustaining their movements.

Score: 27 (9,9,9)

Next we have Lil’Kim and Derek dancing their Jive. Kim is really pleased with the chemistry she has with Derek, and he works on getting her ro make her arm movements bigger. During rehearsal he takes Kim to a Car Hop for burgers and shakes, where they check out the classic cars and Kim gets into the 50’s mood she needs for the Jive. They dance to “Jailhouse Rock”, quite appropriate for Kim as a shout out to her former prison mates…only in this scenario Kim is the warden and Derek is the prisoner. They keep their characters well, adding some Elvis moves and tons of energy.

Bruno says he would like for Kim to “arrest” him…and the routine rocked. Carrie Ann jumps up from her chair and screams, praising the fantastic choreography and calling the dance “mind-blowing”. Len likes the fun and energy, but thinks that it was too theatrical and lacked jive.

Score: 28 (10,8,10)

Tom, seeing the major discrepancy in Len’s score, says he hopes there aren’t any markdowns that big on Len’s tax return.

Steve-O and Lacey come out for their Rumba. During practice Lacey tells Steve this is a dance of love, so he says he will give his fans all the love he’s got. Steve remarks that it’s hard to find that romantic connection with Lacey, since they are more like brother and sister. Lacey brings in Steve’s dog, so he can think about that feeling of love he needs to bring out for the dance. They perform a pretty good Rumba, a little choppy at times but with plenty of passion.

Carrie Ann says there is something oddly mesmerizing about their dance, and that Steve showed his honesty and vulnerability. Len states that there was no hip action, no footwork, and it was no good. Bruno thinks Lacey is hot and Steve has a puppy-like charm, but the dancing is bad.

Score: 16 (7,4,5)

Tom remarks that these are the most inconsistent numbers he’s seen since the bailout talks.

Gilles and Cheryl are up next with the Jive. Cheryl tells Gilles during practice that instead of being the sexy Gilles, this week he has to be the fun Gilles. He starts getting tense because there are so many steps to learn, so they go out to play soccer, which is one of his great passions. Cheryl tells Gilles to relate the kicking in soccer to the kicks in the Jive. Their Jive is fast and energetic, with great leg pumping action. They keep the Jive sexy while making it fun.

Len says there were a lot of good qualities, but that it was too frantic and wild. He also says he saw a mistake. Bruno also notices the mistake and thinks they need to keep it sharp, but it was fast and furious with Gilles giving 110%. Carrie Ann agrees with Len and Bruno, but says it was a good performance, with Gilles showing he can be more than just sexy. She also comments on wanting to seeing bigger arm movements. Gilles replies that the arms were a little difficult this week due to his shoulder injury.

Score 26 (9,8,9)

Chuck and Julianne are our last couple of the night, performing the Rumba. Julianne wants him to show his confidence, while Chuck worries about messing up because they are a real life couple. He doesn’t want to hear any comments about lack of chemistry. He has a hard time taking criticism from Julianne, so she takes him to the Santa Monica Pier, where they had their first date. They dance on ther pier, with Chuck remembering back to that night. Their Rumba is extremely sexy and intense with beautiful movements.

Bruno says he would like to see more of that, and even though the technique was not perfect and they need to be more precise it was a step in the right direction. Carrie Ann would like them to work more on their technique,but likes the passion in their dance. Len thinks it was more suitable for the bedroom than the ballroom, and it was too raunchy for him.

As Chuck and Julianne head backstage to wait for their scores, Tom reminds everyone that the group dance is coming up next week.

Score: 23 (8,7,8)

The evening ends with the dance recap and reminder to vote. Tom also announces that Rascal Flatts will perform on tomorrow night’s results show. Good night everybody, and tune in tomorrow to see which couple goes home!


DWTS Week 5 Results– by Sammi T.

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Hello and welcome to Dancing With The Stars: The Results. Tonight a dance off will determine who will go home, weeks shy of winning the mirror ball trophy.


The show opens with Lil Kim and Derek reprising their encore dance. It is every bit as good as it was last night, if not better. Had this been scored, I see no reason why it wouldn’t have gotten tens.


After a recap of last night’s dances, we get to some results. The first two couples safe are Shawn and Mark and Lil’ Kim and Derek.


Maks and Karina dance to Etta James’s ‘At Last.’ I love this song and their dance is absolutely beautiful to watch. I’m constantly amazed by the chemistry these two have. Those lifts were incredible!


Samantha talks to Ty and Steve-O about their chances. Ty wants to bring Carrie Ann her tiny dancer again. Steve-O says his dad says he needs a 12% edge from the audience vote to stay in if his dance off scores stay the same.


The next four couples to be called safe are Gilles and Cheryl and Steve-O and Lacey, Chuck and Julianne and Melissa and Tony. (By the way, congratulations on your award Julianne!)


After each star talks about how much their life changed since being on the show, Macy’s Stars of Dance Le Reve performs. It is a fantastic dance and so much fun to watch.


Demi Lovato performs her new hit single, as Benji Schwimmer and Torri Smith
dance. I love their dancing and hope we see more from them in the future. But of course, I’m a huge Benji fan, so I might be a little bit biased.


Samantha interviews Melissa and Chuck. Melissa says she is happy with his scores and Chuck wants to make Carrie Ann scream with his rumba next week.


Ty and Chelsie are the last couple to be called safe, leaving David and Kym and Lawrence and Edyta in the bottom two. They will have to dance off to try and stay in the competition.


David and Kym reprise their Viennese waltz and it is a definite improvement from last night, although it still seems more like a rumba to me.

Len says he enjoyed it last night and it enjoyed it again tonight.

Bruno says he works well under pressure.

Carrie Ann also says he improved.

Score: 24 (triple 8s)

Lawrence and Edyta reprise their paso doble and although it is still good, it is not much of an improvement from last night.

Bruno says he really needs to go more with the music and to trust himself.

Carrie Ann likes watching his power on the dance floor.

Len thinks he can come out like he did last night next week he can really take it.

Score: 20 (6,7,7)


David and Kym are eliminated and now have to say goodbye. He gets a standing ovation. He loved dancing with Kym and meeting everybody. Kym says she loves his humor and is impressed with how much he improved.

The show ends with the two of them doing their last dance and everyone saying goodbye.

Tune in next week where the couples take on the jive or the rumba. Goodnight America!

DWTS Week 5

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Hello Dance Fans! As a special treat, we have a guest blogger, the lovely and talented WriterMarie426! Thank you Marie!

Hello ballroom fans, it is my pleasure to give you the recap for Dancing With The Stars Week 5. Our nine couples are dancing either the elegant, romantic Viennese Waltz or the dramatic Paso Doble – the dance of the bullfight.

The couples are all smiles as they descend the staircase and look ready to dance. Samantha is recovered and her voice is back to full strength.

First up tonight are Chuck and Julianne. In rehearsal Chuck says he is looking to have a breakthrough week, so Julianne works on getting him to stop playing it safe. The Viennese Waltz is known for its faster spinning movements which the couple execute well, but at one point Julianne seems a little too close to the footlight. It was not quite as smooth as I had hoped, but I saw a lot more passion out of Chuck this week.

Len says Chuck has finally come out of hibernation, but they need to work on finesse. Bruno says Chuck is emerging from the shadows, but needs to keep his confidence throughout the entire dance. Carrie Ann disagrees with Len and Bruno, saying that Chuck lost focus and things have not quite come together yet.

Score: 23 (7,8,8)

Lawrence and Edyta perform our first Paso Doble of the night. Just like the Argentine Tango from the week before, LT has a hard time connecting to the rhythm of the Paso. Edyta tells him at practice to approach the dance just as if he is hitting someone on the football field. During the dance his face is so intense that he almost looks angry. His body does not quite hold the same intensity as his face.

Bruno says their Paso started out like a block of granite, but then they got into gear. Carrie Ann tells Lawrence that a limited range of motion is holding him back, but the intensity was there. Len agrees with Carrie Ann, but says it is their best dance so far.

As Lawrence and Edyta head backstage, Tom announces that on tomorrow’s results show there will be performances by Etta James and Demi Lovato. LT tells Samantha that his friends want to bet him at golf and if he loses he has to give them lap dances. Samantha states that this would be a whole other kind of show!

Score: 20 (6,7,7)

Shawn and Mark are up next with their Viennese Waltz. Shawn got frustrated at practice while working on technique, and said she would be making a comeback after the judges were not happy with the Lindy Hop from last week. Their waltz was full of smooth turns and elegant spins, with a beautiful ending as Mark swept Shawn up and carried her off.

Tom is very moved by the dance, but worries that Carrie Ann will be hard on them about the lifts.

Carrie Ann says they proved that simplicity is the best route to success. The first lift was fine to her with no feet leaving the floor, and she says she will let the second one go due to “artistic interpretation”. Len likes the lyrical quality, but was not completely happy with the footwork. Bruno believes that Shawn is all sweetness and light, and that the dance had great flow and musicality…the only thing Shawn needs to do is watch her shoulders.

Score: 26 (9,8,9)

Next Melissa and Tony bring their Paso Doble to the floor. Since Melissa is always smiling, at rehearsal Tony has her work on being more aggressive and getting into the right character for the dance. She says so far this is the hardest dance for her. As she gets angry with herself, Tony tells her to use that feeling to get into the right frame of mind for the Paso. Their Paso Doble is extremely intense, and gorgeous with great extension.

Len tells Melissa that she is an excellent dancer and it was a difficult routine. He noticed two small blunders and thought the dance lacked aggression. Bruno likened her to Carmen and also noticed the minor mistakes but most of the routine was stunning. Carrie Ann says the choreography was fantastic, but they were a little off balance.

Tom reminds the audience to cast their votes for Design-A-Dance at abc.com before Melissa and Tony get their scores.

Score: 25 (8,8,9)

David and Kym dance their Viennese Waltz next. David jokes during practice that he’ll bribe the judges, and that maybe Len would like a nice bottle of wine. Kym praises David’s focus, and he says he wants to be flawless and waltz right to the top. Kym does a lot of fan work at the beginning of the dance, and for a waltz this routine seems very aggressive.

Bruno says they started well, but then David’s leg looked like a dog at a lamp post. He would rather have seen a more classic waltz. Carrie Ann feels there is a disconnect between them and they are not moving in unison. Len loves the story they told in the dance and thinks it was a good performance.

Score: 22 (7,8,7)

Before Gilles and Cheryl dance, Tom makes note of the fact that Sabrina Bryan had the first perfect score of the season when she was on the show. As the camera pans over to Sabrina in the audience, Tom also reminds everyone that she was eliminated the week after that.

Gilles and Cheryl practice their Paso at Gilles’ martial arts studio in order to find the right intensity for the dance. Gilles brings along his adorable young son to help him with his moves. Cheryl and a shirtless Gilles dance an intense and passionate Paso Doble with a lot of strong movements. They receive a standing ovation from the crowd, and also from Bruno and Carrie Ann.

Carrie Ann says it was breathtaking, and that they showed the core and essence of the dance and brought it to life. Len likes the passion and fire, but it was a little too hectic for him at times. Tom tells Len he just has “pec envy”. Bruno says they were going for the kill, it was more than just a dance and they nailed it.

Score: 29 (10,9,10)

Tom tells the audience that later tonight Len will be staring wistfully at his image in the mirror.

Steve-O and Lacey come out to do their Viennese Waltz. We see his buddies from “Jackass” come to practice to show their support and encourage him. They even dance a little bit with Steve. Their dance starts off with a mime routine, and was very pretty but not spectacular.

Len thinks it’s their best dance so far. Bruno said their timing was on tonight and it was a step in the right direction. Carrie Ann feels it was really sweet, but Steve-O needs to work on his posture.

Score: 18 (6,6,6)

Ty and Chelsie dance their Paso Doble next. Ty believes this may be his dance, because of the correlation between his sport of bull riding and the bullfighter in the Paso. He took Chelsie into his world and sat her on a bull. There was great cape work at the beginning of the routine and some good moves, but overall the dance looked a little stiff.

Bruno feels the steps were all there but the dance was too robotic. Carrie Ann agrees, telling Ty that he’s thinking too much during the dance and should be more free. Len says it wasn’t the greatest dance, but still better than they were the first week of the competition.

Score: 21 (7,7,7)

Our final dance of the night is Lil’ Kim and Derek’s Viennese Waltz. Kim has a busy rehearsal week and they wind up practicing around her photo shoot schedule. Derek feels that Kim struggled more due to being short on time this week. They perform a very romantic waltz, with flowing movements and gorgeous extensions.

Carrie Ann says she was beaming throughout the routine as if she were Lil’ Kim’s mom, and that she and Derek are perfectly matched and really compliment each other. Len likes the lyrical, floaty quality of the dance, but wishes there had been a little more content. Bruno says Kim is the only person he’s ever seen that could make the Viennese Waltz look sassy and sexy, and she was in total harmony with her partner.

Score: 26 (9,8,9)

The evening ends with a recap of the dances and a reminder to vote. Tom also announced that the dance-off is back for this week. Good night everyone, and may you have sweet dancing dreams tonight!

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