More Dancing with the Stars tour talk

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Hey Everyone,

Well, it’s been over 24 hours since the last strains of “Dancing Queen” faded from my ears and we headed home from opening night, and I’m still struggling to find words to tell you how incredible this show really is. Maksim Chmerkovskiy really outdid himself with this tour. During one of the taped segments, they mention that the show was pulled together in about 2 1/2 weeks. That makes numbers like this one stand out all the more to me:

Here, it looks like they didn’t have the full stage set up yet, because for us, this number happens all up on the stage, and the woman comes down the stairs. What amazed me most about this is how Maks was able to not only showcase Fabian’s talent and his own, but tell a story in such a short time that was just comedic genius. He also found a way to make the show very seamless. You don’t see it in this clip, but the story ends with Maks getting the girl, and as they come off stage, Marlee enters and she and Fabian do their mambo from the show.

It was like this with every number. I can’t wait for someone to get footage of the “Come Fly with Me” segment and put it on YouTube so I can share it. You haven’t lived until you have seen Maks dressed as a retro flight captain, complete with two stewardesses on his arm! See you Monday with more news and notes from the ballroom! Remember, if you want to learn to dance like you’re seeing on the tour, come visit us at Ballroom Dance Channel! Right now, we have a free salsa lesson, just click on the button below and it will take you there!

Dancing with the Stars 2008-2009 Winter Tour Opening Night

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Well, I caved, and we went last night. Before we got there, I was kicking myself for spending so much money on the tickets. Like many of you, I wasn’t happy about the price increases! After seeing just the first two numbers, I realized it was worth every penny, and then some. I would have given the world to have been able to sit at one of those tables, but it just wasn’t in the budget. My head is still spinning the next morning with all we saw. If you are thinking, like I was, that “I’ve been here, I’ve seen this”, let me just tell you…YOU HAVEN’T! Maksim Chmerkovskiy has really outdone himself with this tour. I’ll be looking for YouTube footage to share my favorite parts with you over the next several days, but today I wanted to share with you a slideshow of the pictures we took from last night. It doesn’t want to embed, so please click on the link to have a look at the pictures! If you would like to share them, that is fine, but please give credit and a link to this blog. I’d appreciate it very much!

Dancing with the Stars opening night pics

Now, if all this tour talk just makes you want to get up and dance like it does me, may I recommend you stop by Ballroom Dance Channel? Remind me tomorrow to show you the clip of our samba lesson with two of the dancers from this very tour. Artem isn’t doing the whole tour as far as I know, but we saw him dance last night. Snow Urbin is doing the whole tour, and is just a joy to watch!

You know, I was going to NOT go to the tour…

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And then I saw this YouTube….

Now I’m trying to find someone to watch my kids so I can go to the show at Staples Center on December 27th. Anyone that is at the show in San Diego tonight, we’d love to hear from you after! Don’t forget to visit Ballroom Dance Channel to learn these amazing dances you’re seeing on the tour this holiday season!

Have you visited us at Ballroom Dance Channel Social yet?

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Hey Everyone,

Our blog is a few weeks old now, and I thought today was a good time to ask if you have joined us at Ballroom Dance Channel Social yet? If not, you should. We have great members like Sammi T, who has published many of the amazing interviews you see here lately, and Jiving Dane, who had that great interview with Charlotte Jorgensen not too long ago. We even have a mystery blogger that interviewed Santa! Of course, we’re not just bloggers at Ballroom Dance Channel. We are a community of people that love ballroom dance, and like to discuss it. We’re also starting to find that we have other things in common as well. We’d love it if you would join the community we are building, and help us create more fun in the new year!

Don’t forget to visit Ballroom Dance Channel for all your ballroom needs. Today is a great day to start with our free salsa lesson, just click on the button at the end of this post to be taken there!

Ballroom News and Notes, December 15th, 2008

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Hey Everyone,

Just a few bits of news and notes today. I hear via Dance Sport that Valentin Chmerkovskiy has selected his new partner. He will now be dancing with Dariya Chesnokova, competing in the Amateur division for the United States.

Val’s big brother Maksim Chmerkovskiy embarks on a new adventure this week. The Dancing with the Stars tour for the holiday season premieres in San Diego on Weds, December 17th, at the San Diego Sports Arena. This is Maks’ first year doing the choreography. Good luck to both brothers in these new experiences for them!

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, there has been quite a bit of buzz about the new season, which starts March 9th, already. So far we’re hearing Steve O of Jackass fame, Stevie Wonder, and Heidi Klum as stars rumored to be participating. I’d love to see Heidi Klum on the show, I think she would be a great partner for our Tony Dovolani, or for Maks! I’m very curious about the Stevie Wonder rumor, and would love to hear from anyone that has worked with a blind partner or student in a ballroom setting. I’m having trouble getting an idea of how he would know if he is doing a step correctly or know where he should be on the floor without being able to see it. I believe it would be wonderful to see it come together, I just don’t understand how it WILL come together. If you have given this some thought, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

I hope you will take a minute during this busy holiday season to visit Ballroom Dance Channel. What a great way to learn the skills you need to look great on the dance floor this New Year’s Eve!

Look how far we’ve come!

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Wow, what a change from then until now!

Please visit Ballroom Dance Channel for a modern take on the tango, taught by Nick Kosovich!

An Interview with Fabian Sanchez

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Our own lovely Sammi T recently interviewed Dancing with the Stars’ Fabian Sanchez!

I recently had the chance to talk to mambo champion Fabian Sanchez, who participated in season six of Dancing With The Stars. Although he and his partner Marlee Matlin placed sixth in the competition, they quickly became fan favorites. During our conversation, Fabian told me about how he got involved in the dance world, what it was like teaching a deaf student and what the future holds for him and his career.

For the rest of this interview, please visit Ballroom Dance Channel. While you’re there, why not give our free salsa lesson a try?

Dance Therapy

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Dance therapy is used to help people express their inner feelings through movement, rather than words. It also helps people improve motor and social skills using gym balls, mats and yoga as tools. It is believed that people can draw from inner conflicts by moving rather than talking because it helps the therapist reach issues that they may not have been able to by simply asking questions.

Please join us at Ballroom Dance Channel for the rest of this great article by Sammi T. Visit Ballroom Dance Channel for all the latest in ballroom.

Heads up, Tony Dovolani fans!

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We just wanted to let you know that Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko will be teaching as guest instructors for the Belmont, Massachusetts Fred Astaire Studio tomorrow from 1:30-10:30pm. Please visit the Belmont Citizen’s Herald for more information. Don’t forget to come back to Ballroom Dance Channel for your fix for all things ballroom! If you can’t make it to a coaching session, why not try our free salsa lesson instead?

Dance Talk Season 2.01 – Brightcove

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This is an older video from Ballroom Dance Channel, but Maks and Tony are always so entertaining!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Join us at Ballroom Dance Channel for your ballroom fix! Don’t forget to try our free salsa lesson while you’re there, just click on the magenta button below!

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